Top 10 Creepiest Courage the Cowardly Dog Villains

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1 King Ramses

Here are a couple of reasons he may be no. 1. 1) CGI. 2) Eerie voice by director John R. Dilworth. 3) Letting locusts eat people when they are herbivores. Other than that, there are some things good about this guy. First off, he started the different animation era. Then the body movements on this guy. #hilarious. If you pay attention to his body, he has an large upper torso, but meek like legs, which is never used again a Courage episode. But I think what King Ramses did to the thieves is the locusts send the cats to jail, then when Eustace got greedy, Ramses put him in his slab as a temporary jail. Don't know why Courage is an ally of his an the Courage the Cowardly Wiki, but I don't care!

2 Freaky Fred Freaky Fred is a fictional character from the Cartoon Network animated series, Courage the Cowardly Dog.

God this guy scares me. Not just the way he looks, but the way he talks. Not just that, but in the scenes when he is giving Courage the haircut from hell, the music, man... and another thing that creeps me out, is that if you look at the scenes when he is giving Courage the haircut from hell, take away the shaver, look at his hand movements, the way he says "Naughty" over and over again, and how Courage doesn't let him shave his backside... memo to Fred: were you trying to molest Courage via shaving him? He's so freaky... wow I didn't mean to make it that long... but I still think that Fred is the scariest of them all.

3 The Blue Thing

About a year ago (2013) I first saw "you're not perfect" scene I was planning to see the entire episode but I ended up seeing... Well this. When I first saw it didn't scare me that much (the same year creepypastas really scared me). And now looking back at it That's when I started to get disturbed, it's Pretty terrifying and extremely disturbing. I just can't believe it in a kids cartoon and the that's the last episode (aired in 2002). Looking at it I think it looks like some blue deformed fetus. On a YouTube video a guy typed in "it's satan's uterus"?! I couldn't think straight for 3 days and only had a 3-6 hours of sleep that's how creeped out I was looking back at it

4 Katz Katz is a fictional character from the Cartoon Network animated series, Courage the Cowardly Dog. He frequently appears as a recurring antagonist in the series . His first appearance was in the episode "A Night at the Katz Motel" .

Why isn't he at least no. 2?! He is the most sinister and also recurring villain of the show. I would consider him as Courage's archenemy but he wouldn't hesitate to kill Courage, but ANYONE who gets in his way! Also his accent makes him sound like a James Bond villain! I love this guy. Needs to be higher on the list.

Katz is obviously the best! Who else would be evil enough to make evil jam, breed evil spiders, and attempt to destroy a submarine to promote his own business?!?

This is the villain I remember seeing the most throughout the series. The creepiest thing about him was his voice, though.

5 Spirit of the Harvest Moon

I was 7. So far none of the other villains even fazed me. Then... This guy appears. I've never cleared a room so fast in my life. I had to beg my brother to go in the room and turn off the T.V. because the harvest moon spirit was THAT terrifying! He's sorta disturbing to look at now, but man... He really was the single most scariest villain in the show.

This is actually one of my favorite episodes because I thought it was funny when the moon said get out and then Muriel said that's not nice and then he said you did not let me finish and then said it is time to hit the road and muriel said that's not much better. Also when Eustace said would you look at that and Muriel thought he was talking abot the spirit even though it was the leaking pipe. Also when they were arguing for the 10 minutes they had to grow something.

6 The Great Fusilli

Got comeuppance when he turned into a puppet. The alligator was funny and was fooled real easily, I thought that was silly. But the end was arguably creepy, as Courage was using his owners who were puppets to live normally. however discontinuity happens a lot in this show so it probably wasn't meant to last that way.

It's the infamous ending that was really creepy courage is seen playing with Muriel and eutsace as puppets and doesn't realise that they're dead. When I first saw this thought "was courage insane/out of his mind?! " Although I still like the "stupid dog you make me look bad"

7 Kitty (The Mask)

To me, I never understood subliminal texting or anything, only that gangster dogs were abusing Bunny... but man, the scariest thing for me about this episode: the uncanny valley's masked kitty. She is so creepy and that's why the beginning music and scene are the scariest for me. Also one of the scariest episodes in general.

She is just creepy. The mask, the gliding sheet, but mostly how she looked into Muriel's window in that one scene.

She's somewhat creepy, but good. She's not scary to me.

8 The Stitch Sisters

I'd never seen Courage but I just babysat kids for two days who watch it nonstop. No doubt in my mind that this is the creepiest thing I've seen in a long time.

They have 2 heads. What the hell. That is disturbing.

They literally require you to forget everything to join the club

9 The Violin Girl

Everything is all innocent enough and then "BBLLZZK! " The violin girl really scared me (now "you're not perfect) and I had the exact same reaction in a simpsons episode when homer runs away from the alien and screams "YAHHH! " I was like that

This was the most disturbing thing I have ever seen. Minus blue guy, return the slab and the bananas. I am a ten year old girl. And I am not lying.

Holy crap! She didn't really do much, but man, she was freaky.

10 The Bed Demon

More of a mixed bag, the plot here is scary and demonic but the demon that uses Muriel has some funny lines.

Not that I support the occult or anything. That's just evil and ungodly.

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11 The Queen of the Black Puddle

When I first saw this episode when I was really little, I already had a fear of bathrooms/bathtubs. This episode did NOT HELP at all. Still scared of her and I'm 21.

I don't know what it was about her, perhaps the fact that she was portrayed perfectly outward, but pure evil on the inside. She always made me uneasy.

Freaky fred scared me the most but the queen was a close second. She just looks so creepy and can you imagine her just rising out of a puddle? *shudder*

12 Dr. Zalost

Eh. He's not that scary in my opinion

13 Mad Dog

This one is the only scary one because I understood very well what he was doing and that was probably abusing bunny and kitty sexually, mentally, and physically. If I had seen it when I was younger it probably would have been okay. But I saw it when I was 12 and knew much more.

I was misled while younger and was a pervert, however I repented my ways after it hurt some people, sadly. This guy though, doesn't repent. Quite sad what misuse of yourself does to others...

This monster is actually a pimp and a domestic abuser. It's strongly implied that he's use to killing people and breaking the minds of women. he's completely irredeemable, unlike Katz and Rameses. How worse can you get?

14 The Chicken from Outer Space

There are many reasons this guy is scary. First, he turned Eustace into a psychopathic chicken in the pilot episode. Next, when he comes for revenge, he's HEADLESS! Finally, he rips heads off, and left Eustace headless for that traumatizing ending.

In conclusion, the chicken is TERRIFYING!

This guy wants to remove Courage's head, and stick it on his neck. That alone is disturbing

They should've ate him. Good villain though, reccurs a few times.

15 The Mummy Baker
16 Cruel Veterinarian

Oh man, he is sociopath. He is making experiments at animals, and his passion is sending doggies to another planet (he send even courage's parents). And in his lab rooms we can see some scary stuff, holy god he's crazy scientist. And in my imagination this creppie dude make experiments on even katz, le quack and duck bros! He is total horrid psych, but still definitely my favourite baddie in this cartoon! by the way I add him on here

I'm kind of glad that he get brutally mauled by dogs he spent to another space.

17 Clutching Foot

This morning, me and my brother watched King Ramses Curse and clutching foot. We were (suprisingly) not scared of king rames curse, but we were so disgusted by this grosteqe episode, we could'nt even watch the whole thing, and it was boring.

Scarier than King Ramses Curse, which I didn't find scary.

18 Windmill Vandals

This actually scared me more than the blue guy the first time I saw this episode. felt so dark.

19 Dr. Le Quack

Dr. Le Quack is so the best, such a funny character, so sly and smart!

20 Dr. Gerbil
21 Errol Van Volkheim

King Ramses wasn't the one who scarred me as a kid it was this guy!

22 The Banana People

How are they scary? The most scariest part (which wasn't really scary) was when the banana people got eaten by the apes.

23 Eustace Bagge Eustace Bagge is a fictional character from the Cartoon Network animated series, Courage the Cowardly Dog.
24 Benton Tarantella
25 King of Flan
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