Top 10 Best Inbetweeners Episodes

The Inbetweeners is a British sitcom that captured the hearts of audiences worldwide with its cringeworthy, yet relatable portrayal of teenage life. With its unique brand of humor, the show quickly became a cult classic, earning a legion of dedicated fans. After three seasons and two feature films, the series came to a close, leaving behind a legacy of unforgettable moments and characters.

In honor of the show's success, with your help we've compiled a list of the top ten best Inbetweeners episodes. From the gang's misadventures at school to their awkward encounters with the opposite sex, each episode is a hilarious masterpiece that showcases the show's comedic brilliance.
The Top Ten
1 Bunk Off The boys decide to skip school for a day to buy alcohol and hang out at Neil's house. Their plan takes a turn for the worse when Neil's father unexpectedly returns home, and they must scramble to avoid getting caught.

Every moment is funny. Isn't it ironic how the first episode in its series is #1 on this list? This is #2 on this list like it's the second episode in its series and the same with Thorpe Park and the night out in London

Every moment of this episode is hilarious. My favourite by far. 'Well that, was dreadful.'

Simon's Dad: Your've had an eventful day bunking off school, buying alchol illegally, defacing carly's drive and insulting Neil's dad, have I missed anything? "
Will: We also hit a spastic with a frispy

2 The Field Trip The boys embark on a field trip to Swanage with their classmates and Mr. Kennedy, their geography teacher. While on the trip, they engage in various misadventures, including an unsuccessful attempt at impressing the girls and getting into trouble with their teacher.

"You just punched a fish to death".

The field trip has to be the funniest episode. It turned the inbetweeners into
something completely different. More funnier and more intelligent. This is the
one that changed the show in a good way.

3 Home Alone Simon's parents go away for the weekend, leaving him home alone. The boys take this opportunity to throw a party at Simon's house, but things quickly spiral out of control as uninvited guests show up and the boys struggle to manage the chaotic situation.

Best episode by far, when they were all hiding in wills house I was pissing myself

4 The Camping Trip The boys plan a camping trip in an attempt to bond and have some fun. However, their lack of preparation and outdoor skills leads to a series of mishaps, culminating in a disastrous night in the wilderness.

The final episode might of not been the most highly loved episode but the atmosphere of it all is fantastic. One of the final scenes in the tent is really sad
even though it was completely gross. Its sad because it's the finale of a really
great series. R.I.P Inbetweeners.

The puking scene in the tent was pure gold!

5 The Duke of Edinburgh Awards The boys sign up for the Duke of Edinburgh Awards program to improve their college applications. They struggle with the program's challenges, including volunteer work and outdoor activities, leading to a series of hilarious and cringe-worthy moments.

... The scene where Will asks Simon to have a look at his "bald old fella" is my absolutely favourite scene of all

6 Will's Birthday Will celebrates his birthday, and the boys decide to throw him a party. Despite their best efforts to make the event memorable, a series of mishaps and awkward situations unfold, turning Will's birthday into a less-than-perfect celebration.
7 Caravan Club Simon's family invites the boys to join them at a caravan club event. While there, the boys attempt to impress the girls they meet, but their efforts lead to embarrassing situations and a series of comedic misfortunes.
8 The Gig and the Girlfriend Neil secures tickets to a gig for the boys, and each of them tries to find a date for the event. Simon ends up with a new girlfriend, Tara, but his attempts to impress her result in awkward and embarrassing situations.

"I'm not trying to be dramatic, but I think I might be dead. " this is just in general the best one because of its ability to make all 4 of them seem... Virginal when it comes to drugs, especially will. Will's the funniest by far in this episode!

So funny when they smoke the pot.

Hanging out by some bins, near a skip, in the cold, doing drugs, oh its very cool, very cool indeed

9 A Night Out in London The boys venture to London for a night out, aiming to experience the city's vibrant nightlife. They face various obstacles along the way, including getting lost, dealing with difficult bouncers, and trying to navigate the complexities of the London club scene.

Absolutely hilarious and brilliant episode with so many funny bits in it

10 Thorpe Park The boys visit the Thorpe Park amusement park for a day of fun and excitement. Their adventure takes a series of unexpected turns as they face long queues, lost tickets, and a desperate quest to retrieve a lost piece of jewelry.
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11 The Fashion Show The boys get involved in their school's charity fashion show, hoping to impress the girls and boost their popularity. Despite their best efforts, they find themselves in a series of embarrassing and hilarious predicaments throughout the event.
12 Exam Times As exam season approaches, the boys struggle to balance their studies with their social lives. They face a series of challenges, including last-minute cramming, exam anxiety, and the pressure to succeed in their academic pursuits.

Mr. Gilbert- Phil! I need the bathroom!

Hilarious! Always laugh!
RIP inbetweeners, you are my boys

13 Work Experience The boys embark on work experience placements to gain practical skills and boost their college applications. However, they quickly discover that the professional world is not as glamorous as they had imagined, leading to a series of comedic and embarrassing situations.

The garage scene where Will obliviously insults the working-class mechanics there is one of the funniest scenes in T.V. history!

14 Trip to Warwick Simon, Will, and Neil join Jay on a road trip to visit his girlfriend at the University of Warwick. The boys encounter various obstacles along the way, and their journey takes a series of hilarious turns as they navigate the unfamiliar environment of a university campus.

To me, this is the most cringe-full episode.

15 First Day Will starts his first day at a new school and struggles to fit in with his peers. As he navigates the social hierarchy and befriends Simon, Jay, and Neil, the boys begin their journey of awkward teenage experiences and comedic misadventures.
16 Xmas Party The boys attend their school's Christmas party, hoping to make the most of the festive season. Their efforts to impress the girls and have a good time are met with various obstacles, resulting in a holiday event filled with awkward and hilarious moments.

I loved this episode, for once they actually have a good night (kind of).

17 Will's Dilemma Will faces a dilemma when he is offered a place at a prestigious school. Torn between staying with his friends and pursuing his academic ambitions, Will must navigate the complexities of teenage friendships and make a difficult decision about his future.

Not the best episode in the series it has to be said but it's still funny

18 Girlfriend Simon starts dating a girl from school, but his efforts to maintain a successful relationship are thwarted by his own insecurities and the influence of his friends. As the boys offer their misguided advice, Simon faces a series of comedic challenges in his quest for love.
19 This is BS The boys become convinced that their school is engaging in unfair practices and decide to take matters into their own hands. Their plan to expose the alleged corruption leads them into a series of misadventures, ultimately resulting in more trouble than they had anticipated.
20 Pilot The pilot episode of The Inbetweeners introduces the main characters and sets the stage for the series. Will, a recent transfer student, befriends Simon, Jay, and Neil, and the boys begin their journey through the highs and lows of adolescence, encountering various comedic situations along the way.
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