Top 10 Best Sopranos Characters

Alright, so ya know, when you’re talkin’ 'bout shows that really shook things up, "The Sopranos" is what everyone’s yappin’ about, pullin' everyone in with those real twisted characters and all the wild stories, you get me? You might find yaself sucked into our crazy mob world, where things get pretty wild and ya never know whether to laugh or to be scared outta your mind.

Who do ya think are the best Sopranos characters? This is where you get your say, where you pick who’s the real deal in this show.

Maybe your fave is the big shot, the one who’s in the thick of it, makin’ things happen, or maybe it’s the little guy who spices things up a bit. Could be someone who lives for the hustle, the real hard cases, or someone who shows ya there’s a bit of good in this mad world. Whether it’s about their wild personalities, the tough choices they gotta make, or the things they spit out, it’s your picks that show who’s really runnin’ things here. Remember, it ain’t just 'bout the heroes we all cheer for, but also the baddies we love to boo.
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1 Tony Soprano Anthony John Soprano is a fictional character and the protagonist in the HBO television drama series The Sopranos, portrayed by James Gandolfini.

Evil mobster who killed his nephew but also a loving father who has been known to feel guilt or do someone a good turn now and then.

Of course, he is. Maybe even the top character in TV history. The show was so concentrated on him that this list should be a Top 10 besides Tony.

The greatest TV character of all time. Gleason is #2.

2 Paulie 'Walnuts' Gualtieri

Paulie was a manipulative, borderline sociopath who was dismissive of others' feelings and always seeking approval from his criminal boss, Tony Soprano. He started out as a loyal soldier in the first two seasons but started to resent Tony's favoritism toward his nephew, Christopher Moltisanti, and Ralph Cifaretto, who was a better earner than Paulie could ever hope to be.

Paulie was also an incredibly spiteful person as he tried to have Ralph whacked for the smallest things. After being arrested on charges of gun possession and feeling isolated from the family, Paulie outright betrayed Tony by trading secrets with New York underboss Johnny Sack, which Tony later discovered and plotted to kill Paulie for. However, Tony let him live, as he, much like the audience, knows that Paulie is a snake, a rat, an ass, and a bully but loves him anyway.

3 Christopher Moltisanti

Christopher is a really lovable scumbag who takes pride in his murders and frequently takes out his anger on his girlfriend Adrianna La Cerva. He thinks he's entitled to more respect than he actually deserves, yet somehow you feel great sympathy when the equally scummy Paulie Gualtieri punishes him. Christopher is an extremely witty individual with a tough-guy exterior who secretly feels lonely and insecure, something his uncle Tony Soprano used to manipulate Christopher into being loyal to him.

Christopher's loyalty was so great he sacrificed Adrianna after she turned rat, something he felt a lot of remorse for. After falling off the wagon and going back to drugs due to taunting from Paulie, Christopher was considered a liability to the family by Tony, who coldly killed his surrogate son.

4 Corrado 'Junior' Soprano

As uncle to crime boss Tony Soprano, Corrado Junior Soprano's life was full of tragedy, starting when his brother Johnny Boy Soprano died. While Junior's morality was questionable at best, you had to feel bad for the guy. It's obvious he did love his nephew, but Tony was seeing a therapist, and Junior had to fulfill his duties by ordering a hit on Tony. The fact he was being manipulated by Tony's mother, Livia, also helped build audience sympathies.

Junior is an old-school mobster, seen when he refuses to break Omertà after being arrested at the end of season one. Junior felt remorse for his treatment of his nephew, insisting Tony make peace with Livia for the sake of his nephew's mental state.

Junior did briefly conspire with Richie Aprile against Tony but ultimately betrayed him due to a mix of business interest and genuine love for his nephew. Junior then got diagnosed with cancer, beating it only to fall victim to dementia which made him erratic, shooting Tony because he thought Tony was an old rival. Junior then died from this disease, with David Chase somehow making us feel sorry for him.

5 Livia Soprano
6 Brendan Filone

Brendan Filone is shot clean through the eye, "Moe Greene Special," and it's the most powerfully climactic scene, coupled with the "All Through The Night" montage. Best death scene + he was my favorite character in the series run.

He had the best story in season one and was the most useful plot device character, as well as being executed in the most memorable way.

7 Silvio Dante

Silvio is a more complex character than it seems at first glance. He'll murder without remorse, yet has a system of honor, always following the old codes, and loved his family deeply. However, he always cheats on his wife and is pervy enough to own a strip club. I think he is probably the most loyal of Tony's crew, other than maybe Christopher. Props to Steven Van Zandt, who doesn't get enough credit for his nuanced portrayal of his character.

He's the kind of guy I'd want to have in my crew, a true friend, and loyal to the end.

8 Matthew Bevilaqua
9 Sean Gismonte

Sean surprises Christopher. Wazzup! Bang! Get that mo$&@&! *+ Seatbelt! The seatbelt was stuck, and Chris retaliated. Sean dead with a bullet to the head and smoking Glock in his hand as the car slides and crashes, with Matt fleeing the scene and bullets riddled on the pavement. Amazing scene.

10 Bobby 'Bacala' Baccalieri Jr.
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11 John 'Johnny Sack' Sacrimoni

How come 1-episode-rs are on #2 and #3, and Johnny Sack sits here at 23? Geez. One of the best characters on the show. And I just realized Melfi is 24. Has anyone voting here even watched the show?

12 Carmela Soprano
13 Ralph Cifaretto
14 Dino Zerilli
15 Adriana La Cerva
16 Salvatore 'Big P***y' Bonpensiero
17 Joe 'Peeps' Peparelli
18 Tony Blundetto
19 Dr. Jennifer Melfi
20 Dominic 'Fat Dom' Gamiello
21 Gerry Torciano
22 Jackie Aprile Jr.
23 Jack Massarone
24 Artie Bucco

I like Artie's character, not because his personality is particularly interesting or compelling, but rather because he has a way of bringing out the soft side of the murdering thug, Tony Soprano. Tony's plan to burn down Vesuvius was immoral, but he was (in his own way) trying to do something good for his childhood friend.

Tony's love for Artie is also clear when he invites him to live with him. Who else but Artie Bucco could insult Tony, beat up one of his associates, aim a gun at him, etc.? To put it simply, Artie and Tony's affection and blind spot for him prove that our favorite mob boss still has some good in him.

25 Phil Leotardo
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