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1 English Monarchs Song

The best one! I know the whole chorus: William, William, Henry, Stephen...

The song listing all of England's monarchs.

2 Blackbeard's Song
3 Henry 8th Song

Divorced, beheaded, and died. Divorced, beheaded, survived. I'm Henry Vlll, I had six sorry wives, some might say I ruined their lives. Lol. So funny. I love it. My favourite bit was at the end, when he was like, "Lucky Catherine the last stayed alive. I mean, how unfair." So one of my favs.

Henry's wives and what horrible end they came to.

4 Charles 2nd Song
5 Richard 3rd Song

Aw. Poor King Richard the third. I will never ever believe Shakespeare again.

6 Victorian Workhouse Song

Victorian tomes child labor.

7 The Monk's Song

Hunky, chunky, funky monkey, get down! I love this song, It's so fun to sing.

Monks sing breaking their oath of silence.

8 Pioneers of Transportation Song

The evolution of transportation.

9 Dick Turpin Song

Not only is he fit in this, but it's also generally really catchy. Love it

It was supposed to show you he was no romantic hero and you shouldn't like him, but it just made everyone get a crush on him instead

10 The 4 Georges - Born 2 Rule

This was the first one I ever heard in the series, and it is still my favourite!

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11 Mary 1st Song

There's no doubt about it, this is my favorite HH song ever. Love the moves, the lyrics, and the tune. This song so deserves to be higher! Vote it please.

Mary tells the truth about herself.

12 Boudicca Song

Boudicca! Her history is cool to learn. Love this song.

I like this song. Very catchy.

This song is badass

This was it lit

13 Greek Thinkers Song

The likes of Play to sing.

"I studied in Plato's academy, taught Alex the great, I know everything me" amazing

14 George IV Solo Career

Lol. This is hilarious. I like loopy George lll so much! (I'm writing in Roman numerals here, so don't be confused) This is such an awesome song!

15 Pachacuti Song

I love this song a lot! Pachacuti is so funny and cheerful. It deserves higher. So awesome.

I love this song!

16 Evil Emperors Song

I love this song. So awesome.

This song is my jam!

17 Literally: The Viking Song

Yes. I love this song, except for the bit when they said, "you offered friendship but we wanted more". It's just mean. Like, people said peace, but vikings were just like, nope. We declare war. But other than that, this song is so awesome.

This song is my Jam, but then all of the horrible histories' songs are my jam.

18 The Raf Song

Whenever this one comes on, I'm up and on my feet, ready to dance.

19 Cleopatra Song

I love this song so much! She's funny. The way she killed off all those people, and them say they died under mysterious circumstances. Lol.

20 Spartan High School Song

I love it. A great song for sure.

Very catchy. So underrated.

Bets one ever

21 Historical Love Rats Song
22 Aztec Preists Song

10 I flipping love it

"We're Aztec Priests so mind your head, our prisoners always one of dead, our favourite colour is blood-red, we're not nice". Lol. I love this song.

23 I'm a Knight!
24 Flame Olympic Song
25 Charles Darwin Song
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