Top 10 Most Iconic Cartoon Characters of All Time

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1 Bugs Bunny Bugs Bunny is an animated cartoon character, created by the staff of Leon Schlesinger Productions (later Warner Bros.) He is one of (if not) the most famous cartoon characters, and he is in the show Looney Tunes. His famous quote is "What's up doc?". He is a gray colored bunny with big teeth and big... read more

Some of my friends, family members, and myself think that you would never want to mess around with Bugs Bunny. He is too smart and could be a very dangerous cartoon character to be around!

Bugs is so smart and talented, plus a huge entertainment to watch. I remember the days when I used to watch The Bugs Bunny Show all day.

Bugs Bunny, while no longer relevant as a cartoon today, is still recognizable even to modern kids.

2 Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse is a funny animal cartoon character and the official mascot of The Walt Disney Company. He was created by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks at the Walt Disney Studios in 1928. The first cartoon featuring Mickey Mouse was the iconic "Steamboat Willie" released in the year 1928.

You cannot call yourself a fan of anything cartoon-related if you don't know who Mickey Mouse is. Mickey is the one who basically ignited the movement for cartoon characters all over the world. Not to mention he appeared in the world's first animated feature with sound and music. If it weren't for Steamboat Willie, we wouldn't have 99% of the movies with sound and music we have today.

Mickey Mouse is and will always be one of my lifetime favorites (along with Minnie Mouse and their friends). I have been able to, for over seven years, still speak in the voice of Mickey Mouse. I am 31 and always think about him, still watch shows that have him, like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Have a Laugh, Mickey Mouse (show), Mickey and the Roadster Racers, Mickey's Mixed-Up Adventures, and more!

3 Homer Simpson Homer Jay Simpson is the main protagonist of the American animated television series The Simpsons as the patriarch of the eponymous family.
4 Scooby-Doo Scooby Doo is a famous fictional dog character from the show Scooby-Doo Where Are You? He is the protagonist of his series .

Scooby-Doo! Haha. A dog detective who loved Scooby snacks. The way he ate them made me want to eat too. Haha. Plus, I learned a lot from this cartoon! Can't forget it. Will never forget it.

Nothing can beat this classic Great Dane! One of my favorite childhood shows.

5 Jerry Mouse Gerald "Jerry" Mouse is a fictional character and one of the title characters in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's series of Tom and Jerry theatrical cartoon short films. He is a mouse that gets chased by Tom, but tries to trick Tom so he won't catch him.

My favorite, the Tom and Jerry show. It never gets old. I started watching it when I was five, and now I'm 15, and it's still the same. As funny as before. No cartoon can ever come close to these two. They should have been in the top 5 at least (no offense).

Jerry is the most iconic cartoon character. He was my favorite in my childhood. His tricks entertain everyone, and he is also funny. He possesses many skills and is way cooler, better, and the best character compared to that rude Tom.

6 SpongeBob SquarePants SpongeBob SquarePants is a fictional character and the titular character and protagonist of the American animated television series of the same name.

SpongeBob is the most well-received modern cartoon icon to date. He had an early slump in quality due to his creator's departure, then a brief jump in quality due to his creator's return, and now back to a probable slump due to his creator's death. But SpongeBob's influence and greatness are forever remembered by his fans.

Some may say SpongeBob is annoying, but I think that's a bunch of nonsense.

Out of all the characters here, nothing can beat SpongeBob. Even if I like Looney Tunes, The Simpsons, etc., SpongeBob has been a part of my childhood and will always be in my heart.

7 Donald Duck Donald Duck is a cartoon character created in 1934 at Walt Disney Productions. Donald is an anthropomorphic white duck with a yellow-orange bill, legs, and feet. He typically wears a sailor shirt and cap with a bow tie.

Donald and his duck brethren rose in popularity enough to influence the designs of the Warners from Animaniacs. Also, if Disney had to give Mickey a non-bad-guy comedic partner, it would likely be the duck that gets all the bad luck.

I grew up watching Donald Duck even before I heard of Mickey Mouse. He is one of my favorite characters of all time.

8 Fred Flintstone Frederick "Fred" Flintstone, is the main character of the animated sitcom The Flintstones, which aired during prime-time on ABC during the original series' run from 1960 to 1966. Fred is the husband of Wilma Flintstone and father of Pebbles Flintstone.
9 Daffy Duck Daffy Duck is an animated cartoon character produced by Warner Bros. Styled as an anthropomorphic black duck, the character has appeared in cartoon series such as Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies, where he usually has been depicted as the best friend and occasional arch-rival of Bugs Bunny.

Daffy is known to be Bugs Bunny's comedy partner. However, Daffy proved he could make it without Bugs in solo cartoons like Duck Amuck, a cartoon classic. Of course, when people think of a Looney Tunes short, you can't say rabbit season without saying duck season. *gunshot*

10 Bart Simpson Bartholomew JoJo "Bart" Simpson is the oldest child, and the only son, in the 1987 show The Simpsons. He was created by Matt Groening. His hobbies are pranking people including Lisa Simpson and Homer Simpson.

It was hard deciding between Bart and Homer to represent The Simpsons, one of the longest-running cartoon series. However, Bart is a notorious cartoon icon. Many adults during the early Simpson years didn't appreciate kids coming to school with shirts with this rascal on them. In a way, that only made Bart even more of an icon.

Kids all over my school have Bart Simpson stickers all over their laptops.

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11 Betty Boop Betty Boop is an animated cartoon character created by Max Fleischer, with help from animators including Grim Natwick.

This should be number 10. She may be sexy and have funny hair, but the entertaining "Betty boop boop boop!" and her several cultural appearances, like in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?", make her iconic.

12 Tom (Tom and Jerry) Thomas "Tom" Cat is a fictional character and one of the title characters in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's series of Tom and Jerry theatrical cartoon short films.

No one for Tom? Only me? Wow, don't you believe it! I thought he was the best and funniest one in the cartoons! He may not be the best, but I really felt sorry for my number 2 favorite cat (Sylvester being number 1), so I voted for one of the best Hanna-Barbera characters.

Tom is an iconic cartoon character. He is very funny and has useful skills, which indicate he is a very great iconic cartoon character.

Love him just as much as Jerry (being a cat lover helps as well). Just can't have one without the other.

13 Goofy Goofy is a funny-animal cartoon character created in 1932 at Walt Disney Productions. Goofy is a tall, anthropomorphic black dog with a Southern drawl, and typically wears a turtle neck and vest, with pants, shoes, white gloves, and a tall hat originally designed as a rumpled fedora . Goofy is a close... read more
14 Snoopy Snoopy is a character in comic strip Peanuts. He first appears in the strip from October 4 1950. He often sleeps on the top of his dog house. He belongs to Charlie Brown. He was created by Charles M. Schulz. He also appears in all the specials and the 2015 Peanuts Movie.
15 Kyle Broflovski Kyle Broflovski is a main character in the animated television series South Park. He is voiced by and loosely based on co-creator Matt Stone.

Kyle is the greatest South Park character. He's honest, self-respecting, and authentic, and helpful. He's just like Arnold Shortman in Hey Arnold, really, a good kid. Kyle has a nice personality. I like that he's genuine.

16 Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown should be in the top 5. Peanuts is underrated.

17 Alvin and the Chipmunks Alvin and the Chipmunks is an American animated television series featuring The Chipmunks, produced by Bagdasarian Productions in association with Ruby-Spears Enterprises from 1983 to 1987, Murakami-Wolf-Swenson in 1988 and DIC Entertainment from 1988 to 1990.It aired from 1983 to 1990 on NBC and is... read more
18 Optimus Prime Optimus Prime is a fictional character from the Transformers franchise. Optimus Prime is consistently depicted as having strong moral character, excellent leadership, and sound decision-making skills, and possesses brilliant military tactics, powerful martial arts, and advanced alien weaponry.

My favorite character ever. Optimus Prime is the coolest being ever created. Why can't he be real?

19 Felix the Cat Felix the Cat is a funny-animal cartoon character created in the silent film era. The anthropomorphic black cat with his black body, white eyes, and giant grin, coupled with the surrealism of the situations in which his cartoons place him, combine to make Felix one of the most recognized cartoon characters... read more
20 Barney Gumble Barnard "Barney" Gumble is a fictional character on the American animated sitcom The Simpsons. The character is voiced by Dan Castellaneta and first appeared in the series premiere episode "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire".
21 Minnie Mouse Minerva "Minnie" Mouse is a cartoon character created by Ub Iwerks and Walt Disney. She was first drawn by Iwerks in 1928, as was Mickey Mouse. Her former voice actor Russi Taylor (1944 - 2019) voiced her for 30 years & also married Wayne Allwine (1947 - 2009), the former voice of Mickey Mouse. Minnie... read more

Really, I only chose Minnie because of Mickey. She doesn't hold up much as a character but is more ingrained in animation than the other characters on this list. Remember, we're grading how iconic these characters are, not how much you liked their cartoons.

Also, who are Horrid Henry, Carl Carlson, and BoBoiBoy?!

22 Bender Bender Bending Rodríguez is a fictional character who is one of the main characters in the animated television series Futurama. He was created by series creators Matt Groening and David X. Cohen and is voiced by John DiMaggio.
23 Garfield Garfield is a comic strip cat, created by Jim Davis in 1978. Garfield is well-known in many countries and has appeared in over 2.500 newspapers. He has also had 2 live-action movies, 3 CGI-movies and two animated TV shows, Garfield and Friends (1988-1994) and The Garfield Show (2008-2014)... read more

Garfield is amazing. He does everything I want to do every day: eat, sleep, eat some more, watch TV, sleep some more, and kick Odie off the table. What's not to love?

Garfield is lazy, sarcastic, and loves lasagna. There's literally nothing to hate about him.

24 Popeye Popeye the Sailor is a fictional American cartoon character created by Elzie Crisler Segar. The character first appeared in the daily King Features comic strip Thimble Theatre on January 17, 1929, and Popeye became the strip's title in later years.

While I wouldn't put him in the top 10 due to his dwindling fame (no thanks to his reboot movie being canceled), Popeye is still somewhat fresh in the minds of cartoon fans. Maybe it's his catchy jingle, his lessons to children to eat their vegetables (even spinach), or how he represented the US Army around WWII when American pride was dangerously high. All we know is that despite all these years, people still remember this one-of-a-kind sailor man.

Promoting health and wellness to young folks - can you beat that? And also, those macho forearms would give Popeye the ultimate advantage in any arm wrestling match with any other cartoon character in the history of cartoons.

25 Eric Cartman Eric Theodore Cartman, often referred to just by his surname, is a main character, as well as a major antagonist and occasional antihero in the animated television series South Park, created by Matt Stone and Trey Parker, and voiced by Parker. He is one of four central characters in South Park, along... read more

Personally, South Park set a standard for adult animation. If any character would be considered the face of this crude and borderline offensive yet topical and occasionally plot-rich series, it would be this sociopath of a kid, Eric Cartman.

I would've voted for Kenny, but he hardly talks intelligibly and was probably already killed.

He comes up with the best schemes.

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