Top 10 Saddest Death Note Deaths

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1 Death of L

Why did L not simply ask Soichiro Yagami to check his family and his son's browser history when Light was at school? Would it not reveal him looking up the names of criminals that recently were killed with heart attacks? Not to mention, should the time of death have been recorded for deaths occurring before Light experimented with time of death, it would be stunningly close to the time and date Light looked it up(recorded in his browser history). If L got a permit for bugging and putting cameras in the house, how could he not get a simple search permit? He could have solved it that much sooner by doing the same in every household with a law enforcement employee and at least one school aged student within. In addition, Light's habit of locking himself in his room during the time of the heart attacks would further incriminate him.

L was such an inspiring and amazing character, and many fans agree with me too. He was intelligent and cunning, and always knew the rival's moves which lead him to reach closer and closer to solving the mystery. It broke my heart when he fell off the chair, and Light ran to save him, as his blank eyes actually showed some emotion in them before they glazed over.

At first I didn't care about him that much because he wanted to defeat Light and the story would ended. When he died I realized how much I liked him. But anyways he is a neutral character, not a good guy. He isn't the good guy. The definition of good guy not fits him. That is one of the reasons why I like him.

He died to save humanity. He was a good guy, and good guys never deserve to die. He also was honestly the best character, after his death, the story line became stupid because it was just about Light's success at being 'L two'

2 Death of Light Yagami

I would argue that Light's death is the saddest in the anime. We all know he was a loathesome serial killer, but whether you like or hate him, you can't help but pity him, especially when he was in the state of desperation and calling the names of Misa and Takada. We see that he had regretted his actions, wishing he had never encountered the death note in the first place, things would've ended much differently, he truly is a tragic character. L's death was sad, yes. But Light's had really hit me hard. I've been a emotional wreck for some days about it

I cried for days after watching him die. He realized he f-ed up, and then dies in the claws (hands? I don't know) of ryuk and Near on the staircase representing that he can not go to heaven or hell, as he is in the middle of the stairs. Light is by far the character I cried for the longest time for in death note.

It's terrible because I feel that when he was dying, he finally realized what he'd done wrong and that he shouldn't have killed L, who was actually his best (and only) friend.

Light... is complicated. His life was ruined by the death note. He refuses to believe this, but he had the worst luck imaginable. His death was expected, but sad how he saw the one person who was his only true friend, but he killed.

3 Death of Naomi

Only trying to find out what happened to her husband, but killed, in a way so cruel that her body was never found and she was in a completely depressed state while Light taunted her.

4 Death of Soichiro Yagami

He was just a father trying to love his son, and protect his family. He sadly died knowing nothing of his son's awful deeds as Kira.

He died believing that his son wasn't actually Kira, and he never wrote a full name in the Death Note, so his soul rests happily in peace.

Bro, this was super duper sad. Even if Light said he would kill anyone to get his goal achieved, deep down he did care for his dad, L, etc.

It's sad because he died a proud father. Proud of his son. But it turns out that Light is in fact Kira. A father's dream is dead.

5 Death of Rem

I love Death Note and I am extremely sad about how it all ended.

Killed by love, probably the saddest death in any anime.

6 Death of Raye Penber

This was terribly sad.

7 Death of Takada Kiyomi

It's kind of sad she couldn't tell Light was using her. I thought it was obvious

8 Death of Mello

L's was the saddest one in my opinion but Mello should by higher up! I thought Mello's death was one of the sadder ones! It was sadder then Naomi Misora. This should be at least number three.

Mello was my favorite character.I wanted him to win! Anyways,he helped Near with catching Kira.Without him,I tink Near would not catch him. His personality is like mine. He is the chocoholic just like me...I think he was misunderstood... He deserved much more! I hate Takada! His death scene was so heartbreaking and schoking to me...

9 Death of Watari

He reminded me of Alfred... I miss him.

10 Death of Misa

I think it's one of the saddest is because she was dragged through all of this mud because of Light. She was dumdum but still bruh

She may of not been my favorite, but she truly had nothing anymore.

You call it saddest! for me it's the happiest death of death note!

I liked her so much and I never find her annoying.

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11 Death of Matt

Matt's death showed us the significance of Kira. Mindlessly killed for a dumb reason. By far the most heartbreaking part of the entire show.

12 Death of Near (alternative)

All though I didn't really care about Near, and thought he's just a recreation of L with white hair, it is decently sad anyways.

13 Soichiro Yagami

He in my opinion was a great model of a dad, and all Light wanted him to do in he last moments was to write of Mellow...


14 Death of Aiber
15 Death of Mikami
16 Death of Lind. L. Tailor
17 Death of Matsura
18 Death of Hirokasu
19 Kiichiro Osoreda
20 Death of Petra
21 Death Note Death Note is a Japanese television drama anime series based on the manga series of the same name by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. The show is centered around Light Yagami - a promising highschooler and aspiring detective with a strong sense of "justice".
22 Death of Sir Nighteye
23 L
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