yo. this is me!

gemcloben Hey! For those new to this site, or old and never notaced me, this is... Me. I shall tell you a little about me. There isn't much to know... Just... This. So, just read this... Then...

So, I like music. I have made 100 music lists, and the only ones to get 100 votes are the Jackie Evancho infested ones. So, they aren't that popular. Or great. As most people know, I am one of the biggest and most popular metalheads on this site. I also made a few classic rock lists, as I love that as well. I also make some tv lists, about shows no one heard of. Here are my fave of my own lists: best rock band line ups that never happened, best Slade songs, best rod Stewart albums, best Karl Pilkington quotes and metallica albums with the best riffs.

I also like to message users. I usually am just boring, but if you think I am funny... That is weird. I'm seriously average. But, then again, enough of my opinions of myself. I usually talk about music. Or random stuff. If you want to message me, do it. I like it when new people message me, as I know I haven't pressured then into messaging me. There are users who get known for messaging, but then there are the ones like me, who aren't anything special when it comes to talking!

I also like to post. I think posts are what make me a little popular, as only 3 users wrote more HQ posts than me. But, here are some of my series: thetoptens meets the Simpsons, where toptenners are forced out of thetoptens and and up in Springfield, it is not a very good series, album reviews, where I review albums, I have only done 2 so far, but I will resume it soon, thetoptens chat show, my latest series, where I interview toptenners, and then my only 2 successful series. Thetoptens big brother, that inspired puga, Therandom, ISP, dapperpickle, Turkeyasylum and anyone else who used the voting system. And my most popular (in the top ten series of all time, and called the most underrated series by Turkeyasylum, keycha1n, puga and petsounds. It is called room 101. Where I put things I don't like in room 101. It had 10 HQ posts, and only positronwildhawk and superhyperdude had a more successful series (in terms of amount of most HQ posts).

So, now you know a little about me, scroll down, click that blue link to my page and click a little button that has the word "follow". If you don't have an account, get one then follow me! Thank you for your time!


Just out of interest, what do you actually need to do to make a post HQ? Am I doing anything wrong? - IronSabbathPriest

You message me a lot but you are not boring. I always enjoy having our chats. It's so long our chat thing with some messages coming from. March! - visitor

I don't think you're boring - bobbythebrony

Are you gonna do a Q&A? Just wondering. - visitor

I did an ask gemcloben post. - gemcloben