The Powerpuff Girls:Revenge On Dora The Explorer (Part 1) Plan The Revenge

The Powerpuff Girls were extremely bored one dreadful, tiring afternoon with no crime to fight on Wednesday. Bubbles said" I am so bored right now". Her eyes were really droopy that they almost slipped off her face. The girls did not say anything until Buttercup mentioned "Hey, do you wanna watch some T.V.?" Then Blossom and Bubbles in unison cried "Yess!" Them Blossom grabbed the remote and turned on the T.V.. Then she said "Lets see what is on television right now". Then Blossom clicked the button to the channel Nick Jr., then all of a sudden, a colorful show with a loud, atrocious song came on. The intro of the show was a song that went like "Do-Do-Do-Do-Do-Dora!" Then Buttercup, Blossom,and Bubbles cringed as they listened to the horrendous song. Buttercup said" This song is torture and is making my ears bleed, can't Dora realize she can't sing and can she shut up?!" Bubbles replied" I agree, this song is so annoying that it makes me want to rip off my ears!" Blossom then replied to both Bubbles and Buttercup" Yeah, this song may be bad, but lets just see the show so we can know what it is like".

The girls silently were watching as the show started slowly. As soon as the show progressed, Dora began asking "Do you see the tree?" when it was right in front of her big, oval head. Buttercup answered " It is right in front of you Dora!" Then Dora asked "Where?" " IT IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU DORA! CAN'T YOU SEE OR LISTEN TO ME!" Buttercup yelled out with bursting anger. Then Dora asked again "Where?" THATS IT! CAN YOU PLEASE SHUT UP! I CANNOT STAND YOUR SHOW ANYMORE!" Buttercup screamed at the top of her lungs with burning passion. Then she began to crawl up and grab the whole entire TV, Blossom and Bubbles began to panic as they watched. Buttercup harshly threw the TV out of the house right near the doorstep. The TV dropped and broke into a thousand pieces of glass. Bubbles was like "Whoaa Buttercup, you just broke the TV. Well, at least we do not have to watch that awful show anymore". "Oohhh Buttercup, you are going to get in trouble," Blossom said it like she was going to snitch on Buttercup. Buttercup replied" Who cares if I get in trouble, just as long as we do not have to watch that torture anymore, it's fine".

"We have to find out some way to cancel Dora The Explorer", Blossom was thinking. Then Bubbles wondered "But how?" For about more than a minute the girls were thinking, and at the same time, staring at each other. Then Buttercup answered "Maybe we should build a machine to go into Dora The Explorer's world?" Then Bubbles added "But we don't know how to build".Then Blossom rose up and said, "That's it! Lets go up to Mojo Jojo and tell him to help us build it". Then Bubbles said "Ugh, but he is evil and he would no way want to work with us". Then Blossom replied "Lets just convince him to do it". Then the three girls each raised their arms torward each other and huddled.

Then the girls quickly flew out of the house door, leaving a streak of neon pink, green, and blue, which created a rainbow almost all over the city of Townsville. Then the girls finally arrived to Mojo's lair, which sat on top of a volcano. Then the girls flew up the the steps of the volcano and when they rosed to the top, they landed and wiped their feet on the door rug. Then Buttercup began to bang on the and called "Hello! Is anybody here?!" Then a deep, fast talking voice answered "Who is it"? Then with rubbery footsteps he walked to the door and saw the faces of three little girls with large eyes. He freaked out and said "The Powerpuff Girls?! What are you doing here?!" Then Blossom finally explained to Mojo Jojo why they came to his lair. Then Mojo replied "I hate that show Dora the Explorer! I sometimes wish I can destroy that show! That is a great idea, girls! And I will only make that machine so you can destroy that atrocious show". Then he paused a few seconds then he continued. "I, Mojo Jojo, will build your machine, but if you do not destroy that show, then I will have to destroy you girls". Then the girls paniced and gave worried faces. "Alright, lets get to work!" Mojo Jojo suprisingly yelled, then Buttercup suggested "Yeah! We can help you build it even though we cannot really build stuff, you can tell us what to do and we can try to do it." " I agree", Blossom answered. "Me too!"Bubbles said. "Me three!"Mojo said.

The Powerpuff Girls and Mojo Jojo worked hundreds of hours on the teleportal machine. From screw driving to hammering to scientific experiments, it took forever to build that complicated machine. The machine took days and days to build until on Tuesday (the teleportal machine was started on Wednesday). It took almost the entire week to do it."Well, we are finally done after days and days of work", Mojo said with tiredness and with dreariness. Blossom mumbled "Yeah" then fell face flat on the floor. Then Bubbles and Buttercup did the same thing. The girls fell asleep and were snoring like a pig, Mojo then fell asleep as well for the whole afternoon and sunset. Around 7:30, they all woke up with droopy eyes and get up on their feet since they slept on the ground. Then Mojo suggested "I think you should go to the portal right now and stop Dora as soon as possible". Blossom agreed "Yeah, we should go right now to the portal", Then Mojo warned the girls "You need to destroy that atrocious show or else I will destroy you girls, clear?" "Yes,clear", all three girls agreed. Then Mojo walked up to turn on the machine and start it and said "Are you ready?!" Then the girls said "Yes!" and got ready to jump into the portal which was as bright as the sun. Then Mojo wished them "Good luck, girls!" Then the girls jumped into the teleportal machine and disappeared into nothingness but blue and orange brightness.


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