The Powerpuff Girls:Revenge On Dora The Explorer(Part 2): Meeting Dora

The Powerpuff Girls were basically being dragged and being pushed and forced by the gravity of the portal machine. There was neon blue and orange stripes that were so bright, it will make your eyes burn. The girls felt so thrilled like if they were riding a suspensful or scary ride and really wanted to just arrive to Dora's world. Then, after 5 minutes of traveling to another dimension, the girls finally saw a clearing in a tiny hole to the other world as they kept getting closer and closer. The girls fell on the ground feeling dizzy and confused, grunting as they got up to their feet. Then finally Buttercup moaned as she got up "Man, that was the weirdest thing that ever happened in my life, I never want to go back to traveling dimensions."" I know, I feel so dizzy", Bubbles responded as she touched her head from the dizziness. Her eyes were rolling from side to side, Blossom and Buttercup did the same thing. Blossom then said once she got her grip" Too bad we have to go through that again in order to go back to Townsville".

Then a shadow of a human and another creature came, which was a girl and a monkey. Dora, the girl, was walking while swinging her arms back and forth, and Boots, the monkey, did the same thing. They were singing a song about going to some certain place that goes like "Come on vamonos! Everybody lets go!". Boots and Dora were very awful singers, with their voices making people's ears want to explode. Then on the other hand, the girls were walking around to see where they were, staring from one place to another. Most of it was just a forest with flowers, butterflies, and dirt paths that made the place dusty. Once the girls heard distant voices coming along their way, they stopped to hear what it was. Blossom whispered "What is that sound?" Then Buttercup pointed out "It is coming from over there". She pointed to her right and then the girls saw two figures appear in their way. When Boots and Dora saw the three figures of little girls with large eyes and no fingers or noses that are short, Dora and Boots freaked out and came to a halt.

Then Dora asked "Who are you? Aliens?" Then Buttercup burst into rage, then Bubbles cried and Blossom got upset. Blossom got angry and answered, "How dare you called us aliens! We are humans!" "Yeah football head!" Buttercup answered. "Why did you call me football head?!" Dora asked Buttercup. Then Buttercup answered, "You called us aliens, so you needed some payback!" Bubbles was crying about the humiliation, she was crying at the fact that Dora called her and her sisters aliens. "Anyways, let me get my map, can you girls help me call map?" Dora asked the girls. Then all three girls said,"No!" Then Boots said to the girls, "How rude!" "You and Dora can do it all by yourself you idiots, you do not need us!" Bubbles responded to Boots. Then Dora asked the kids watching her show, "Say map!" Boots shouted out "Say map! Say map!" Then the kids annoyed by the show answered "Map!" Blossom said, "Ugh, why do you talk to the screen?" A piece of paper popped out of nowhere. A tune all of a sudden came out, then Map began singing "I'm the map! I'm the map!" Buttercup was so irritated by that song that she snatched map out of Dora's hand. Map cried, "NOOOOOOO!" Then Buttercup ripped map into shrets, and she used her laser beam to make Map into sparks of ash. Blossom, Bubbles, Dora, and Boots all looked shocked and stared at Buttercup. "Why do you have a useless, talking piece of paper?! I mean he is just PAPER! If you want a map that talks then get a GPS!"

Dora was angry at Buttercup and said "You destroyed my only map! Now buy me a new one!" "Heck no! I ain't buyin ya nothin'!" Buttercup said in a Southern accent. "Well, lets just leave here and you two shut your mouths up already!" Blossom mentioned. Then Bubbles kept staring at Dora's backpack desperately wanting to know what was in that small, purple backpack. Then Bubbles asked Dora "What is in your backpack?" Then Dora looked nervous and felt like hiding her backpack "Ugh, nothing at all, nothing you need to know". Then Bubbles snatched the backpack out of Dora's back and sneaked in through her backpack. She took out a rope, then a book, then a pair of binoculars, a inflated floating boat, two giant snow suits and a magnifying glass. Bubbles turned her head torwards Dora and said "How can you fit this much stuff into such a small backpack?" Then the backpack named Backpack began to sing "Backpack! Bacpack!" The girls gasped and said "This backpack can talk and sing!" Buttercup began yell out loud "Shut the heck up, Backpack!" Buttercup really hated the songs that they play in Dora The Explorer, they torture her as the music and singing plays. "Like you can sing any better, dork, and I can talk and fit many stuff in my backpack". "At least I can sing better than you and do not call me dork!" Buttercup took all the stuff out of Backpack, with the help of Blossom and Bubbles, then they released the stars that came out of the star catcher next to the backpack. One star said "We are free and no longer the slaves of Dora!" Dora tried to convince the stars to come back as they flew away, but she failed. Then Buttercup took Backpack, who was empty and was no longer heavy to a nearby garbage can. Backpack wailed "NOOOO! PLEASE ANYTHING BUT THE-!" But it was too late and Buttercup threw Backpack into the trash.

Dora was once again mad at Buttercup, but this time, even more furious "That's it, you keep taking my stuff away you intruder and you keep destroying them, c'mon Boots, lets go away!" Then a hissing noise came out of nowhere, and some silent footsteps. A shadow and a creature came behind Dora and Boot's back to sneak up on them. That creature was none other than - SWIPER! Then Swiper the fox tortured Dora and Boots by threatening " Where is your stuff?!" as he stared deeply into the eyes of Dora and Boots. His sharp eyes, his dark blue bandana, and his orange and yellow skin creeped into the souls of Dora and Boots. Then Blossom answered "Buttercup, the girl to my right, destroyed Dora's map and threw away her backpack". Swiper turned to look at the girl with the short, black hair in a flip, those wild, neon, light green eyes that looks like the eyes of a cat, with pale skin that is paler than her sisters, wearing a green dress with a black belt and white socks with Mary Jane shoes just like her sisters, and same body shape as her sisters. Then Swiper told her "Oh man! That is probably the best thing I have ever heard! Not even I could do that! You should be part of my team!" Then Buttercup answered, "Really? I would like to join so we can go against Dora and that bratty little monkey , you probably hate Dora and Boots too." "Yes, I do hate them, that is why I try to steal their stuff" Swiper responded. Then Bubbles and Blossom added " We are with you, Buttercup and Swiper".

Swiper said "Alright, lets start a fight between Dora's team and my team!" "Good idea Swiper! Lets give Dora the Explorer a knuckle sandwich so she can learn her lesson!" Buttercup encouraged Swiper. Then Dora, with a sly and angry facial expression, who only had Boots with her, decided to call all her friends. "Hey, kids, can you call Benny, Isa, Diego and Tico? Say Benny, Isa, Diego and Tico". Then no kids had called them. Dora got mad and then decided to yell the top of her lungs "TICO! BENNY! ISA! DIEGO!" Then a light green iguana in a scooter came, a blu bull with a nose ring and a bandanna came, a boy with brown hair and a beige vest and blue shirt, dark blue shorts, and an orange backpack, and a purple squrriel with a colorful, striped vest and a yellow car came by to join Dora. Bubbles, shocked and worried, said "Oh no! They got more animals and people on their side, what are we going to do?!" Then Blossom turned to look at Bubbles' sky blue eyes and told her " Don't worry, we have superpowers, they don't,we will defeat them". Then Swiper's team and Dora's team came closer and closer to each other, staring at each other with brave eyes. Then Dora said "Are you ready?!" Buttercup, feeling more braver then ever responded "We are ready! IN ONE! TWO! THREEEE!"


Poor Bubbles, gets insulted by that football head - visitor

Yeah, that is why Buttercup called Dora a football head. That was mean of Dora to do that, plus since she is dumb and has a negative IQ, I made Dora think that the girls were aliens. - visitor

I died of laughter at the part where Buttercup rips map up, that part is too funny. - visitor

Buttercup looks aggresive in this story
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She is supposed to be, since she hates Dora the most. Dora was mean to them first and called them aliens. - visitor


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