The Complete WWE Wrestlemania XXVII (2011) Review – Part II

Welcome to the Part II of my review for 2011’s great Wrestlemania. It is in this review that I will cover one of the most brilliant matches ever. That’s right. The Undertaker vs. Triple H in a No Holds Barred Match.

Michael Cole vs. Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler

One wouldn’t expect much of action here, would they? The feud was all about the drama. This PPV wasn’t the end of their feud. It continued for months more. Anyway, the crowd was all boos for Cole. The bell rang and Cole hid in his Cole mine. Jack Swagger attacked Jerry Lawler and Cole came out and he was in control. When Cole was given offense, the match failed.Later, Swagger was pissed off and came in the ring and he was given a stunner by Stone Cold Steve Austin who wasn’t having any of it. As the match progressed, Lawler had Cole in the ankle lock and he had Cole tap immediately but Austin waited for some time before he rang the bell. Then, there was a beer bash time (I won’t be explaining all of that). The General Manager reversed the winner to Michael Cole stating the reason of his victory that Austin was a biased ref. Austin delivered the stunner to Josh Mathews after he was thrown in the ring by a furious Lawler. Overall, the match was dumb except for the stunners.

Winner: Michael Cole
Rating: 1/5

The Undertaker vs. Triple H (No Holds Barred Match)

The whole thing took a long time – the entrances, the match and post-match. The crowd was very much hyped for this match. The entrances,were needless to say, amazing. Triple H got a brutal backdrop off the table and the Undertaker did the top rope Plancha. Both superstars looked even as they battled it out and all hell broke loose. They started countering one another’s signatures each time with their own. Triple H gave The Undertaker a powerful and brutal spine buster on the steps. It looked like it hurt. He put Taker even through the Spanish announcer table. HHH slam Taker with the chair and pedigree-d him for a near fall. Undertaker knocked down Triple H first with a powerful Last Ride on the corner and then the Tombstone Piledriver. Triple H managed to kick out of that surprisingly. Then, after some recovery, the Undertaker received a pedigree for the second time. He kicked out. He pedigree-d him yet again for the third time. It still didn’t work out. Then he used the chair and hell broke out when he repeatedly banged Taker with the chair shots which included one to the head. The crowd gasped, stood up and gave a mix of emotions. Then, to the crowd’s shock, Hunter hit the Undertaker with the Tombstone Piledriver. Absolutely shocking! He even did the after-finisher actof folding the arms and went for the pin and the Undertaker still kicked out.Amazing. Showing a confused look conveying, “What the hell must I do”, Triple H resorted to using his signature sledgehammer. Before he could attack, Taker countered him with a Hell’s Gate. He dropped down the hammer with pain and after a few seconds tried reaching it. Even after severing attempts, he failed to reach the sledgehammer. Hunter tried to power out but couldn’t. Finally, HHH tapped out. The Undertaker continued his streak for a 19-0. The match was great and deserves all of my praise.

Winner: The Undertaker
Rating: 5/5

John Morrison, Snooki & Trish Stratus vs.Dolph Ziggler, Michelle McCool & Layla

This mix tag team match featured the return of Trish Stratus after five years. Ziggler was downed by a Starship Pain by John Morrison and after the hot tag, Snooki butt splashed McCool in the corner and got the winning pin. After the match, Trish tried to hug Morrison but he ignored her.
Rating: 1/5
John Cena vs. The Miz (WWE Championship match)

The match was between the medium and slow paces and it didn’t have much of the flow that a main event should have. Later, Cena gave The Miz an Attitude Adjustment was Miz kicked out of it. The match continued out of the ring and Miz got his head banged on the cement. Miz then suffered a concussion. The match ended in a DQ but then The Rock came out and announced the match would restart as a no disqualification and no count out. The match restarted and they were back in the ring and Cena was rockbottom-ed. Miz took the cover and successfully pinned John. For the main event match, it totally sucked but it did have the best moment of the night- The “Electrifying” Rock bottom that led to the next Wrestlemania main event of “Once in a lifetime”. After the match was over, the Miz was attacked by the Rock and he received a spinebuster and a People’s Elbow. The Rock continued his celebrations.
Winner: The Miz
Rating: 1/5

So, finally, you’ve reached the end of my review. Thank you for reading.