Full-fledged List Analysis - Ten Words to Describe TopTenners in General

NuMetalManiak Some time ago I said I would analyze this list. Well here you go I guess. Words can hurt, by the way.

1. Hypocrites: At least once we've all been hypocritical, even the ones that never admit to being as such. Still though, your hypocrisy should never be used to get a rise out of others here.
2. Opinionated: We want to defend our favorite things and hate on other things we simply do not like. That's just normal.
3. Closed-Minded: And yet sometimes, being opinionated leads straight to this. Though I'm not sure if a hyphenated word ought to count. And why talk about Top 10 followers?
4. Funny: It'd be nice if more positive words were on this list.
5. Biased: Same thing as opinionated.
6. Cool: Cool kids exist everywhere. But space out your term. There's cool kids and there's "cool" kids. Try to differentiate and figure out who doesn't belong.
7. Excellent: This is the Bill & Ted catchphrase. *air guitar noise*
8. Imperfect: Do yourself a favor and do not be perfect, because that's impossible. You have flaws, and if people keep pointing them out when you know you can't fix them, well their just biased/opinionated. Otherwise this shouldn't bother anyone.
9. Smart: Well not everyone here is smart, but what can we say. Trolls do tend to come and go to this site often. The smart users are the ones who stay and provide meaningful content.
10. Nerds: You say this as if it was a bad thing. Don't be on the opposite end of the spectrum.
11. Great: Yay, more great words.
12. Awesome: TheKirbyCreeper999 isn't the only member who's awesome. Why don't we take a nice look at the Users list and upvote the ones with the best content AND followers at the same time. Those are the awesome users (hint, vote me).
13. Immature: You are thinking of trolls and the few users who have annoyed others and wouldn't leave. Ignore or block them.
14. Mean: This is honestly a third-grader term.
15. Annoying: Much like this item.
16. Whiny: The immature users. Some of these list items need to be consolidated.
17. Political: "those who know the least tend to vocalize their opinions the most" Hmm that is quite true, the same ones only watch national news looking at everything a certain president does or any tragic fear-mongering event. to get their political know-how without actually studying government and knowing both parties are actually a NECESSITY along with checks and balances. And if they think that's too hard, they'll just hate on America as a whole just for some scapegoat reason or something.
18. Hateful: Opinionated with negativity is right. But it's not something TopTenners do all the time and also something you really should stop paying attention to if it really bothers you.
19. Hipster: This is a word I hate and associate with people with beards (for men) or wide-rimmed glasses and dyed hair. How many users actually fit this bill? Hipsters are the people who are always the most closed-minded.
20. Jealous: Some people race for the stats to go up when it doesn't even matter.
21. Questioners: The questions lists are not bad.
22. Rude: To whom, exactly?
23. Fighting: In general, fighting. Not sure what to make of this one. And it's more words vs. words online.
24. Jerks: Not really a good insult for us here, is it?
25. Idiots: Whoever is adding these items, #18 fits you perfectly.
26. Harsh: Like really now. Also people deserve harsh criticism if they fail to understand multiple times.
27. Stupid: You're basing this item on the instance that everyone here loves Eminem. I'm one of the few that doesn't.
28. Unbearable: Why are you attempting to bear it then? Leave the site and don't come back if that's the case.
29. Inaccurate: No, most of the information is accurate, unless the wrong item is on the wrong list.
30. Misinformation: Just read what I said above. This word doesn't fit the "general" clause by the way.
31. Arrogant: Much unlike yourself, whoever added this? Oh wow, you're not just hateful, but hypocritical.
32. Narcissist: I love this word, it shows how much people love themselves. But then again, it is YOU whoever added this who obsesses over us more than yourself. Maybe get a life or something.
33. Honest: There we go, about ten words in, finally something positive for once.
34. Butthurt: Already ties in with opinionated, closed-minded, nerds, whiny, and jealous.
35. Attention Hogs: This doesn't count because it is two words.
36. Secretive: No one should be finding out the secrets of others on this site. That's like leaking information that shouldn't be leaked.
37. Sexy: Yes
38. Ignorant: Whoever is adding these items tends to be considerably more ignorant than whoever's being described.
39. Tasteless: You've already come up with enough synonyms for "I hate users" that most of these words just fall apart.
40. Trolls: Everyone here is a troll? Wrong.
41. Illiterate: I analyzed all items on this list with good English, and most users here are definitely good at English. Therefore this item is objectively false.

Like anything involving generalizations, this is an awful list mostly because a lot of it is truly negative in spades towards just about every single user who doesn't even deserve it. Also many of the words are synonyms, meaning you can consolidate half this list into one word.


37 made me crack up - TwilightKitsune