Community Debating Discussion #23 Rotten Tomatoes Vs IGN

htoutlaws2012 You know what this sounds like an excellent discussion to debate, today we dive into perhaps one of the more popular reviewing sites known around the world. In the film industry the massive hard ons that rated Forrest Gump a 7.1 The Rotten Tomatoes (audience boo's.) Their opponent, well known in the gaming world for being more ignorant than logical it is IGN (audience boo's forevermore).

Age Range of Experience: What background do these two have worth noting? Well for one Rotten Tomatoes has 5 critics they have been around for a longtime which in theory indicates they are in their 60's, 70's etc. IGN's age range from 20's to mid 30's why do I figure that right off the bat well... just look at a review, and tell how I'm not very off from that ideal.

Bias: In terms of bias which one sticks on the mind to me that goes to IGN. Simply because ''we love call of duty'' in other words lets give the series good scores even if Infinite Warfare was a giant DUD.
Meanwhile Rotten Tomatoes bias came from rating classic comedies with either bad, or mediocre ratings. Not far off, but in this case i'll go with the more recognized of the two.
RT: 0, IGN: 1

More Tolerable: Next is whose more logical in which both sites are almost at even. IGN does have some flaws of certain games while also they should maybe revisit notable ones IGN is way wrong... am looking at you Halo 4. This also applies for Rotten Tomatoes, there are rare instances they get the call wrong (like the refs yesterday, which is a different story). After looked... searched through analytically Rotten Tomatoes just barely beats IGN despite what I just said of their flaw.
RT: 1, IGN: 1

Repetition: This next issue has to do with repetitive type reviews in which let's say IGN gives something like Madden 18 a 8.6 which many argue is too generous considering its the same engine only updated roster, the rest you should know, them for Rotten Tomatoes they review an entire film series of a... I would have to say Baby Geniuses even though that's kind of a bad comparison. Point is if someone feels repetitive, and not in the way of interest in this case I say Rotten Tomatoes for sure. RT: 2, IGN: 1

Whose More Off The Scale: I already mentioned this, but whose more inaccurate in terms the rate of certain films, and or video games. The two examples are since it is various to say since they have their positives and negatives.
In the end i'll give this one to IGN, although I can see arguments for Rotten Tomatoes.
RT: 2, IGN: 2

Overall Overtime: Alright its tied even a piece we're at overtime the one that to me is slightly worse than the other. Lets look at the overall factor. Rotten Tomatoes is more semi script in reviews, an stick to what they know best, even though you've got haters awaiting response. IGN is actually always about gaming in fact I have showed you the types lists they have done in the past, and most those were very poorly made, and because of that the winner is IGN.
Final score RT: 2, IGN: 3

Now tell me which is more in your eyes?


Good job on the post. Going with IGN, have barely used either though. - Skullkid755