Hidden Gems #29 Wrestling Mpire Remix, Legends of Wrestling 2, Fire Pro Wrestling Returns, and more

Today's list of games are all very similar, and they are simply wrestling games, back in the day I use to play a tomn of these when they were creative unlike today's WWE' inset title year where its basically the same thing over and over let's move on or i'll rant way too long about how much I can support that statement.

Wrestling Mpire Remix: The first of these here wrestling games is Wrestling Mpire Remix which is the most difficult to talk about. To begin with the characters are all parody internet names you see people say such as Brook Lazer which is obviously ''Brock Lesnar.'' Its actually kinda funny what names they gave some of the wrestlers who are there obvious counterpart. You have most of the match-types in, and for a PC game it response fairly good, and the real story of this game is its Royal Rumble match which has to be one of the most entertaining 60 minute simulators ever no other wrestling game is like this where the match simply does not go back to the main menu you get to see some extra backstage pass if you will its actually pretty hilarious. I say get the game if your into simulated parts of any game, and this is just pure gold. 7 out of 10

Fire Pro Wrestling Returns: Awe yes Fire Pro Wrestling Returns for the Playstation 2 has to be up there with the all time best, while not the most known wrestling title to casual gamers this game went all out in terms of the many wrestlers in the game all having suto names which can be easily changed if your willing to spend that much on a game like this. You can even create a ring back in 2005 that was innovative before WWE '12 ended up coming around this was doing way before 6 years before that. The match types are all namely creative, and choosing these make it believe that your picking a very good match type of brutal hardcore mentality on your opponent. The entrances look very unique for the time definitely a lot more original in that aspect. The games A.I are no joke in this game so don't led up on em otherwise you will get beat real quickly for playing it the first time sure I got but I got pretty close this game requires a lot of practice especially all the wrestlers you end up going against of your choosing. The general story is you need to build on your promotion, and make it the best wrestling company to watch with all that you have in your power to make it just that. In other words its a lot like GM Mode, but yeah you could chose the ring type even in the story which I find cool, and if you care to a referee you prefer. Create a wrestler is very well done in terms of what you look for in reimage a wrestler not found in the game, or if you wanted to make on for yourself. Overall this game just had it all, and 12 years its still one of the all time best that I feel not many people had back then. 9 out of 10

Legends of Wrestling 2: This is gonna come off as strange, but Legends of Wrestling 2 gets way too much flack for being apart of the legends of Wrestling series in which many will point to as bad as the others well that's not true this is the best one in the whole series by far. It had a cool cutscene, and underrated soundtrack, to top if all off you had a pretty fairly decent size of legends to play as. Some you have to unlock within the games story which is not terrible by any means. Its basically pick whoever your favorite wrestler is, and pick whatever region you wish to fight for that one promotion, and the irony in this is some of those made up characters are suppose to be a real life boss counterpart. The thing I always though was very interesting about the games in general is they would have like one wrestler that was from that current for instance Rob Van Dam was in the first game never because well WWE signed him to a long term contract so in the next game that Eddie Guerrero who also had the same type of deal I always thought to be very intriguing how acclaim was able to get those type of guys to be in there game so soon. Now I get it the one big killer in this game is well the gameplay is not the greatest out there understandable, but everything else i do like about the game personally. This game does have a great amount of game types to try out, and if you wanted simulated action well you could be bored outta your mind because the wrestlers fight like the PPV is 5 hours long the ironic in this game to current WWE. I say if your curious as to why the series was mostly bad well the first game was very buggy, and slow it is where here it does not screw around, and it actually works for me its faster when it comes to executing a move that is one vast improvement of the game. Another good thing this has that first failed is the entrances at least there walking while I always though that was pointless where here everybody has there own type of way to get to the ring. I say give it a chance if its in your collection, but don't go for 1, and Showdown those are not that goo compared to this. 6.5 out of 10

King of Colosseum 2: Now here's game I bet very few have played in King of Colosseum 2, nobody knew of the first game, but for those who played the second game will tell you how criminally underrated this game is. The opening cutscene looks great, and while most of the spelling is in Japanese there is a way to adjust the names like how Fire Pro Wrestling had done similarly. While not a well known roster like the other, but just enough to realize while Shinsuke Nakamura, and Samoa Joe are in this game ain't that an interesting piece of history. What I like most about this game is that the facial expression of the competitors is almost way too close to the actual intensity they bring to the ring. Unlike other wrestling games it does have like a UFC type takedown added to the gameplay which is pretty cool, although the commentary is in Japanese they seem to bring in actual expression to what they unlike today's wrestling game which is also a plus in my book, and the most importantly the gameplay which controls pretty smoothly enough to the point there can almost nothing, but to really say for this game is it perfect perhaps not, but its one I think many people overlook. 7.5 out of 10

Crush Hour: The last one, and to be fair its really not a wrestling its more so a car combat game with a wrestling license to it, and that's what they once tried WWE Crush Hour which I think is heavenly underrated for being a ripoff of Twisted Metal. Its one of those so bay, but hypnotically bad you can't stop playing the game just to get it over with I always got pulled into this game. There are 9 cars to unlock, as well as match types which are all that have there gimmick style like for instance the Cage is pretty much getting a contract, and getting it to its destination while not getting destroyed by the other three pursuits. I pretty much beat this game twice, and one thing I never understood is how to unlock Kevin Nash. Nobody really knew at the time how to do it until looking up on the internet which who had fast computers in 2003? Oh right the opening cutscene reminds of oh pre WWE Network I swear seeing this again, and again is all it reminds me of in this irony of it all coming to life a decade later. The commentary is bad, but imagine pasting on actual things Jim Ross said in real life now that would be entertaining. the controls are surprisingly good for a low budget title. You would also try to find different ways in destroying cars as much as the limit is given in which case the minimum for the part would either be 10, or maybe 20. I always that the bigger cars were always the hardest to take down because you would have to maneuver in a way not to get bull rushed in there grasp. The season mode of the game is pretty much you fight through all these gimmick match types which are all weird, and eventually you take down Vince McMahon for good in a final battle. While its not that great of a game which its not for those who did like it i'm not gonna go against for those who though it was bad idea from the start I get it ultimately I fought was alright attempt at being a cash grab one, and only type deal that probably would not work in the long run. 6 out of 10

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