Scarred For Life: Powerpuff Girls Reboot

I’m pretty sure you’re all familiar with this one. The Powerpuff Girls was a dear classic to all and is extremely awesome. But now it fell to the Reboot Diease. Also, I’m so sorry that this took so long. I had to do this in my spare time where I wasn’t homeworking, projecting, studying, and schooling the f**k out of myself.


The only thing good about the characters are that the main three Powerpuff Girls, Bubbles, Buttercup, and Blossom, seem more individual. Now before you come to my doorsteps with torches, pitchforks, napalms, and machetes, let me explain. I found the original Powerpuff Girls similar to one another. That’s not saying that they weren’t different, because they were. The new Powerpuff Girls were more different, but I’m not saying they were better than the originals. See, they were unique in that way where you would want to murder them in slow, painful ways. Blossom is nerdy as hell to the point where it was just annoying and she’s a horrible leader, Buttercup is supposed to be “hip and cool and edgy”, but she failed trying and it’s worth noting she says “dude” more times than a sane person ever should, and Bubbles is acts like a spoiled brat that has no care in the world except if it helped her in some way. They try so hard to make everyone awesome and cool and badass, but they fail spectacularly, like every time a company tries to make something hip and cool. Seriously, when has that ever succeeded? The voice acting was atrocious. Most of the recurring characters are more or less the same, just a thousand times stupider. The original Powerpuffs had a shapeshifting manipulative demon as an antagonist, but the Reboot has a giant fly. Okay...

Design And Visuals:

In my opinion, this show suffered the least changes when it came to design and it’s less noticeable. However, I’m not saying that the show doesn’t look bad, because it does. Anyone that isn’t a recurring character looks like they’re from an alternate dimension. So the Powerpuff Girls look so out of place. The teacher, who was a recurring character, was drawn in her original art style, but she looks so blatantly different. Also, there are a bunch of animation errors. Like “self-detuct mode” as the show spells it. The show bombards you with a swarm of colors trying to impress you, but it doesn’t and it ends up looking generic amongst all the current Cartoon Network shows.


Okay, let’s get this over with. The morals are...being nice, interesting. There’s one episode where Blossom and Buttercup fight over who gets to go with Bubbles to see a boy band. What’s the moral they give out? Well, it’s apparently “forget your friends and bring an animal to replace them”. I don’t think that’s a good message. Then there’s the infamous transgender episode. I’m not going so in depth about it since the internet has already covered that a billion times, but it’s too relevant to not mention. Also, it’s isn’t funny or clever to throw in random bits of pop culture, like smartphones, memes, dabbing, and Bubbles saying “yas” and “no me gusta”. It’s absolutely cringeworthy. Seriously, why did they actually do this?

My Opinion:
I honestly don’t see why they rebooted the series so it can have its name ruined. Don’t give me the excuse of the original being brutal and violent and filled with action, because that’s what made it so good in the first place. We’re Cartoon Network thinking, “God forbid a child seeing a tooth knocked out but underaged girls twerking are fine” or something?

Placing Board:

🥇Teen Titans Go (0/10)
🥈Transformers Energon (0/10)
🥉Powerpuff Girls (0/10)
4) Sonic Boom Rise Of Lyric (1/10)
5) Bayformers (2/10)
6) Justin Bieber (5/10)
7) Sonic 06 (6/10)
8) Ben 10 Reboot (6/10)
9) FNaF 3 (6/10)
10) FNaF World (9/10)
11) RWBY Chibi (9/10)

Next Up:

I’ll think of something.


The PPG 2016 is one of the worst CN shows ever. Why is Buttercup so rude and annoying? Why is Blossom a perfectionist? Why is Bubbles a CRAZY PSYCHO WHO WHINES AND DOES NOT KNOW WHEN TO SHUT UP?! Bubbles in the reboot makes me want to strangle her. Why did they ban Miss Bellum, make the girls twerk and rap, Buttercup kiss a dumb blonde princess, and Bubbles dress as a prostitute? They ruined my favorite show. - visitor