My Two Cents On: PPG 2016

TheReviewer20 Hello there. This is TheReviewer20 here, giving my opinion on the PPG reboot. You want the short version or the long version?

(someone whispers in TheReviewer20's ear)

Apparently, now that I gave you the option, I have to say both. Let's start off with the short version

Short version:
(To the tune of "Who's Got The Power?")
Theyyyy suck!
They suck sooo much
(they suck)
They suck so much they broke records!
They really suck, they suck a lot
They suck!
Who's ratings suck? Their ratings suck!
Breaking records on how much they suck
They won't stop!
Whose show suck? Their show sucks!
Theyyy suck!

Long version:
Let's start with the animation. It's very inconsistent, like toon force. The animation can range from tolerable to downright insulting. The animation, when not insulting, is way too shiny for my tastes. One thing I liked about the original is that it was easy on the eyes.

The main characters have been flanderized. Not as much as the Teen Titans have, but still a lot.
Blossom went from a level-headed leader that was tidy to a shouting chibi who has a crush on an OC and is overly clear. Bubbles went from a sweet little girl who could stand up to bigger powers to a copy of Starfire from TTG, just without the speech impediment. And Buttercup went from a tomboy that unintentionally hurt people to a try too hard teenager in a kid's body. The voices aren't bad, though. It's just that they're given such bad scripts.

Speaking of scripts, the writing of PPG 2016 is horrible. Who writes these things?

Apparently, I can't find the writers. If you can, please PM then so I can include them in this post.

What else am I missing? Oh yes, the twerking. I wasn't angered by this like most people were. They were simply trying to pander to their chosen demographic. There were other, better ways to do it, but I didn't care about it. It's the fact that they did it again after everyone complained about. It was like a middle finger after the middle finger.

The positives about this show? The voices aren't bad and they plots for each episode are interesting, to say the least. But, overall, it's just a shoddy successor of a memorable cartoon.

Best Episode: Presidential Showdown (great satire of the 2016 America Election)

Worst Episode: Horn Sweet Horn (go see TwilightKistune's review on that episode for explanation)

Final Score: 1.5/10


Agreed. - visitor

Twerking and horrible animation. Also the powerpuff girls have changed their personality. What an utter insult to original powerpuff girls. Great post. 10/10 Those girls really suck. Even teen titans GO is way better. At least the theme songs were good - visitor

I never really liked the Powerpuff girls anyways and I probably wouldn't like this reboot - Frodomar49

If anyone's curious, the post is called 'The Powerpuff Girls Have Taken It Too Far'

Good rant and also they removed Miss Bellum because she was 'inappropriate' for children. So Miss Bellum is bad but twerking, a teenage princess kissing toddler Buttercup on the lips and mocking transgenders is okay? - TwilightKitsune

Agreed, this show is atrocious. God forbid a child seeing Miss Bellum and a tooth flying out but apparently twerking underage girls and an episode that mocks transgenders is apparently okay. How do parents let kids watch shows like this? - visitor

The reboot is so problematic that I can't even explain it. In fact, it's the worst show currently airing on CN. This show makes Teen Titans Go! look like a masterpiece. - Eraser