Enough With This Hypocrisy Already!

I'm gonna make this post as short and simple as possible.

One reason I came back is that I got way too annoyed by a certain double standard that I really had to let it out (it also inspired me to make the list of Worst Double Standards. There wasn't a list like it on here so I had to make one myself), and standard is people saying that the right age to date is 20. Sorry but that's still not a proper age. Why? Because even at 20 you're still treated like a kid. How you may ask? Well you still can't get into clubs, you can't rent a car, your brain can't take alcohol, even the Singapore film rating system has a 21+ rating. I also mentioned on a previous list that my sister's 20-year-old boyfriend is currently in a children's hospital. They won't let him back in when he turns 21. I bet ya that there are some 20-year-olds who still live with their parents and have the mentality of an immature teen. It is possible ya know.

I'm already aware that certain health groups have different definitions on what's considered an adolescent and what's not. For example, the World Health Organization defines adolescents as those aged 10-19, I personally don't agree with that because adolescence to me still continues in age 20 because that's when your body is still developing but whatever, it is what it is and I can respect that (also there's some debate that adolescence ends at age 25 because that's when the brain finally stops developing).

And back to dating at age 20. In my honest opinion, I don't think that's a proper age at all. But people for whatever reason still go with it? So let me get this straight. Scott Disick dates a 19-year-old girl (Sofia Richie) in his 30s and everyone flips their lid, but Camilia Cabello (who is currently 20) dates a 30-year-old man (Matthew Hussey) and nobody bats an eyelash? Where's the logic in that? Where's the consistency? Cabello still isn't legal enough to do anything just like how Richie isn't either. I'm pretty sure her and Hussey can't go to a bar together mainly because Cabello is under 21 so how is this relationship even gonna work? I am just so sick of people thinking adolescent means 'teenager'. It doesn't! Adolescent means a person who's in the process of developing from a child into an adult. I just really wish people would stop getting the wrong idea.

Now hear me out. I'm not trying to stop Cabello and Hussey's relationship or anything (everyone's free to date at any age they want as long as nobody's getting hurt). I'm just saying that people really shouldn't date those who are 20 because if anything it's borderline hypocrisy. Why? Well I read a comment on YouTube one time and the person said that dating at 18-19 is bad because they're still not legal enough to do other things and that the proper age to date is 20. Uh, even at 20 you're still not legal enough. Have you ever thought of that? It really is hypocritical and it's one of the absolute worst double standards I've ever seen in my entire life because it's encouraging hypocrisy.

Keep in mind that this is all my opinion. You're still free to date whoever you want (just make sure they're legal adults and not underage children). I'm just saying that hypocrisy is bad and that we shouldn't be encouraging it at all. Seriously.


Well-rounded statement my friend. My thoughts on these relationships is a mixed bag for me, but I do agree with you on this basis. - CrimsonShark

I see what you mean. I wouldn't necessarily make these relationships illegal but if you are gonna date someone that young then at least give them enough knowledge and experience on how certain things work. - visitor