Top 10 Worst Double Standards

For those who don't know, a double standard is a rule or principle that is unfairly applied in different ways to different people or groups. Some of them are so stupid and hypocritical that it's amazing how they're accepted by society. None of these are in any particular order. If you have one that bothers you the most then feel free to add it.
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1 If you whitewash a character, everyone calls you racist, if you blackwash a character, you're praised for diversity

I found a video of some Japanese women saying they are glad they made the Ghost in the Shell characters white. Joan of Arc as a black woman is just ridiculous.

I am now starting to think a black person will play live-action Kim Possible.

I'm a non-white, and I made an entire list dedicated to this.

2 A woman hitting a man is funny. A man hitting a woman is not.

Since when is people hurting each other funny?

Anything to get the current top opinion down a place, that just made me sad to see :( :(. But this one I can agree on- I don't think beating up guys is 'funny'. Violence is not cool, unless it's self-defense (I.e. he's taking a swing at you)

I don't think casual violence should be accepted unless it is truly deserved at all,

3 Not being attracted to fat people is bigoted, but not being attracted to short people is totally acceptable.
4 If a black person calls a white person a “cracker”, it’s perfectly okay. If a white person calls a black person the n word, it’s racist.

And let's not forget when a black person calls another black person the n word when they're referring to a friend. Oh, and black rappers using the n word in some of their songs. I just don't get it. Why would Americans of African descent use a word that insults their own race as a way of everyday conversation? I understand it's free expression, but the ways it's used by most African Americans is kind of vulgar, if you ask me.

Racial slurs in general are not okay!

5 Killing a man is wrong, but killing in the army is okay.

I'm not saying that we should murder, I'm saying that we need to kill in self-defense, especially if we were in a situation where there's people trying to kill us.

The different is, if you a murder a random person, that person did nothing to you and did nothing to deserve being killed. but if you murder someone in a war, that people signed up for the army knowing they could be killed.

6 It's okay if your son goes out with two girls, but it's not okay if your daughter goes out with two boys.

Come on! Not all guys are perverted pigs who prey on a woman's body. Have a little more faith in us why don't ya?

7 If a Christian man drives a car out of control into a crowd - "12 Injured as Driver Goes Out of Control". If a Muslim man drives a car out of control into a crowd - "Islamic Terrorists Attempt to Kill Hundreds".

I feel really bad for Muslims since they get an awful reputation for being bloodthirsty terrorists (and this is especially bad for my best friend on this site who is also a Muslim).

8 A woman showing her breasts in public while only covering her nipple in a sexy dress is acceptable, but a woman breast feeding her baby is not.

Babies need to feed on the mother's milk because milk contains a lot of nutrients that are essential for growing babies and children. If you don't like seeing a woman trying to feed her child them simply walk away. It's not like she's gonna breastfeed her baby for the next 24 hours while she's out in public.

9 When you hate someone, everything that they do is wrong, but when you love someone, everything that they do is right.

This one is not good. Halsey is my favorite singer, but it is not right that she copied Lana Del Rey.

10 We make fun of other people's children, but it's not right to make fun of our own.

It's not right to make fun of anyone. Didn't you learn that in first grade?

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11 If a man sleeps with a whole lot of women, he's a stud. If a woman sleeps with more than one man, she's a slut.

No men don't get praised for sleeping with other women. And people who shame women for this are other women.

Maybe it's just me, but wouldn't that technically make the man sexist in a way? Just saying.

12 Religious people are healthy and passionate while atheists are crazy, confused and evil.

This actually began to reverse about 25 years ago, and for at least the past decade it is exactly revered. Atheists are allowed to attack and ridicule religious people at will in virtually every setting, and they actively do so without fear of any kind of reprisal.

I don't hate religious people at all but society needs to know that we atheists are in no way evil or corrupt. We do care about living moral lives. We just don't like how people have used to religion to do bad things.

I really despise this idea, it's incredibly bigoted!

13 If you're conservative on the internet you get praise, but if you're a liberal, you're called an SJW

Pure hypocrisy at its finest. More often that not, I'm more likely to stumble upon a place where you're called out for being a liberal and generalized as an SJW. Sure, there's some places where you're called out for being a conservative and generalized as a redneck who doesn't believe in global warming, but social media seems to have more people mocking liberals than conservatives. A few examples include YouTube, Twitter, and... TheTopTens too, actually.

That's actually not true. Circlejerking happens everywhere in many different types. I've been to places where being liberal was "evil" and other websites where being conservative was "evil" there!

What's so bad about caring about equality, healthcare, care for the poor, etc? What's so bad about progressing society?

14 School bullies can antagonize you, but you're not allowed to antagonize them back
15 You can't wear a band shirt if you're not a fan

But why would you be wearing that shirt if you aren't?

16 Child abuse by parents is wrong, but child abuse by teachers is acceptable

Why is nobody aware of this?

17 If a girl admits she is bisexual, it's considered hot, but if a guy says he is, it's considered closeted gay.
18 Minorities can show pride in their heritage, but a white person doing it is considered racist
19 When a Neurotypical says one thing but means something else, it’s “communication” when an Autistic person tells you the truth, it’s considered “Bad Communication”
20 Censorship is heavily shamed if done in America, but not if it's done by Europe
21 When Disney rips someone off, it's business, but when someone rips them off, it's betrayal
22 We make fun of people posting selfies on Facebook, and then we post them ourselves.
23 Everyone cheers when a mongoose or honey badger kills a snake, but cries when a snake eats a rodent for food

Not me. I HATE rodents in general so of course I LOVE anything that eats rodents for food cause that's one less thing to worry about

24 Fans are expected to respect opinions, while haters are allowed to disrespect opinions
25 Ads and products that are sexist against men are just a joke, but ads and products that are sexist against women get banned.
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