Scarred For Life: FNaF 3

Welcome back to Scarred For Life. I'm your host and we are here to discuss a game that most FNaF fans consider to be the worst game in the franchise (apart from FNaF World). But is it really as bad as they say? Let's find out.

Plot And Story:

The basic story is that a night guard that got a job in Fazbear Fright, The Horror Attraction. What he didn't know was that the dead souls from Freddy Fazbear's Pizzaria were haunting the place and that an animatronic called Springtrap was here and they were out for vengeance. This was very similar to FNaF 1 and 2. It wasn't unique at all. The only things that changed from the first 2 games were the characters trying to kill you and the protagonist.


The graphics aren't good. They aren't Foodfight or Energon levels of disgusting, but it isn't Transformers Prime or FNaF 4 level of beautiful either. Compared to the other game, this is easily the least visually pleasing. The phantoms are the sane animatronics from previous games with minor changes and with some sort of black charred color on their skin. Springtrap was the only thing that was unique and even then he was dull and boring. The camera footage was the same blatant static and hallways and, like the animatronics, only had a few minor changes with a sort of charred black color on the walls. Nothing looks new anymore or anything that's worth looking at.


It was the exact same as the first 2 FNaF games with a few more mechanics. Admittedly, I did like the concept of luring Springtrap away with the fake child voice, the fact you needed to keep your eyes on fixing things like ventilation, audio and so forth, also the fact that Springtrap is the only one that'll kill you and that you can swap cameras between the halls of the horror attraction and the vents, but nothing else was new. There were hidden mini games. That was taken from FNaF 2. Keeping your eyes on the doorway and the vents to watch for Springtrap? That was from FNaF 2 and FNaF 1. It wasn't bad in any way, and it wasn't glitchy and all that but it was not very fun at all.


*sigh* No one has any remote personality. We do later see some fragment of personality from Springtrap but that's from FNaF Sister Location. Springtrap here was bland and showed no personality other than just wanting to kill you. The phantoms were also bland and showed no motive or personality other than wanting to kill you. We can't sympathize Michael in this game like we could in SL since he doesn't show anything that makes us feel anything other than rage for the characters here, since every phantom was annoying and made me rip my hair, especially Phantom Mangle, Phantom Puppet, and Phantom Foxy since you literally cannot escape them. Not even the our protagonist has personality, and he's supposed to be the character we have to play as and root to win but he's just as if not more forgettable than the antagonists.

Positive Aspects:

We've only discussed the terrible things in this game, so let's discuss the good things. They introduced Springtrap, a fairly interesting and powerful character. If he wasn't introduced, I would never completely in FNaF World since Springbonnie and Springtrap were my offensive attackers in that game and we won't have the dramatic reveal at the end of SL. They also had new concepts that were nice enough. And while the characters looked disgusting and bland, I admit they did expressed the outcome from the day Michael died. And Scott at least tried to explain what happened. Yeah, it wasn't so believable but he did try, so he earns some credit.

My Opinion:

This is the 2nd worst installment in the franchise in my humble opinion. It was a blatant remake of the first 2 games with a few things introduced and switched around. However, despite all this, credit has to be given where it was due. It introduced a character that was turned into an amazing one and it did interest me a lot. Now I really want to know what happened next thanks to the SL clip. Because of all of that, I place FNaF 3 on the 7th place, right above FNaF World.

Placing Board:

🥇Teen Titans Go (0/10)
🥈Transformers Energon (0/10)
🥉Bayformers (2/10)
4. Justin Bieber (5/10)
5. Sonic 06 (6/10)
6. Ben 10 Reboot (6/10)
7. FNaF 3 (6/10)
8. FNaF World (9/10)
9. RWBY Chibi (9/10)

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