Weeb Rants: Battlefield V

I am a big fan of Battlefield. I love its gameplay of 64 player combat, the realistic mechanics of the guns, and the sheer destruction and the graphics of the game. My first game was Battlefield 1, which I play when I go over to my friend's house to play, and I got Battlefield 4 on the PS3 for myself as well. I never got tired of it, nor did I ever hate the gameplay.

Now, when Battlefield V came out, I was pretty skeptical. This was because 2017 was an awful year for EA, as Mass Effect Andromeda turned out as a huge disappointment, and everyone getting pissed at Star War Battlefront 2's horrible loot box system. But I thought to myself: "What if EA really does learn from their mistakes?" So I cling onto my hope and waited for their next game: Battlefield V.

On May 23, the trailer finally released on YouTube, and the first thing I did that day was to click on the video and bask in the glory of the Frostbite engine. But when I clicked on the video, I was greeted by a controversial like-to-dislike ratio. I thought "Maybe they disliked it because it's EA?" I then proceeded to play the video in fullscreen. The trailer finished, and with a huge sigh, I closed down the computer and left the room.

anyways, I was extremely disappointed by the trailer. It is not because of the graphics or the gameplay, no, it was fine. But I was completely disappointed by the sheer political correctness they tried to display. To start off, we see a barrage of women storming into a house loaded with machine guns.

The problem with this is that WOMEN WERE NOT FRONTLINERS DURING WORLD WAR 2!!! Battlefield 1 did have a couple women roaming the battlefield, but it was able to keep its history right, with female soldiers mostly being snipers. But here, we have women in the frontline blasting their LMG away at the men on the other side. If the game was modern themed, female frontliners would have been fine, as many women serve in the active military today. But this is supposed to be a World War 2 game. Back then, most of the women were either A: workers of the factories supplying the soldiers, B: Spies or snipers, or C: the fraction of the USSR army. Having women loaded with heavy weapons and killing everyone in their path is a true insult to veterans of the World War 2. However, the worst scene in the trailer is when a buff woman with facepaint and robotic arm drives a cricket bat through a man's skull. I'm not an expert on World War 2, but I'm pretty sure there aren't any female cyborgs wielding a cricket bat fought in the battles.

And how do the devs respond to this? Long story short, they responded with "If you don't like it, don't buy it." Ok EA, I'll follow your advice.

To add insult to injury, they made an announcement that BATTLE ROYALE MODE will be added to the game. Guys this is ridiculous. I get how innovative and fun battle royale games are, but really? You really gotta jump on the bandwagon? It's always the "skydive off a plane and the circle closing in" mechanic. If you're gonna do a battle royale game, maybe not be such a copycat and make it a little original? At least Fortnite added a building mechanic to the game, but this game, on the other hand, does nothing to be different aside from blue zones being replaced by fire.

I honestly cannot believe that the devs are this stubborn to listen to their fans. Their number one job is to satisfy the customers, but they did nothing to achieve that. All they did was make the game "politically correct" and continue beating the dead horse that is the battle royale genre. Now I see why EA is so hated. All they care about is money, and not about the fans. They are the greedy dirtbags they are known for. I had faith in you EA, but this installment completely shattered it. I have officially turned my back on you. I will not buy another game of yours until you bring something that makes the gamers happy.

As always: #NotMyBattlefield


Is it bad that I smashed my Batman Forever copy - iliekpiez

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Oh no they didn't there cashing in on the battle royale craze. (*facepalm) - htoutlaws2012

How the Battle Royale craze will be at E3 next year
EA: Pay 29.99 to get the Battle Royale mode. And and extra 4.99 to get full graphics.
Ubisoft: Succesor to Rainbow 6 Siege will also have a Battle Royale
Bethesda: You see how Fallout 76 went down? Yeah to fix it all up. We will release SKYRIM for the NINTH time WITH battle royale.
RockStar: Highly anticipated sequels. We see how much you guys loved Red Dead 2. Now we will be FINALLY annoucning Grand Theft Auto 6 which includes a battle royale.
Microsoft: Now after Halo is dead. Now we will revive it with Halo 6 which will feature a Battle royale instead of a campaign
Sony: wow we released so much good exclusives in the last few years. And with The Last of Us 2 coming soon we wil add a BR to that.

To be honest people are overreacting to this.I agree it should be historically accurate but that doesn't mean they are SJW's if they don't do it. - DarkBoi-X

They probably did to sell more games - iliekpiez

*have women in it - iliekpiez

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