Cattle Decapitation's Forced Gender Reassignment Music Video Review

Hello, Today I'm going to review a Music Video for the song "Forced Gender Reassignment" by American Deathgrind band Cattle Decapitation.

First I would rate the song 4/5 for theme, beat, melody, atmosphere, and other good elements, 1 point lost for the sexual themes and some cursing.

As you can see, the music video for the song has been taken down a couple of times on YouTube and was even refused on Vimeo so Cattle Decapitation puts the video on a website called and that's where it can be viewed.

As of March 30, 2017 the video is up on YouTube though there is a chance it might be taken down again but we'll see about that.

I will explain the plot of the music video (it's rather short) and give my thoughts on it.

The video starts outside a house in which several people launch a religious-like protest about homophobes. Moments later, somebody fires a gun and the crowd disperses in panic. The assailants later capture 3 people, 1 woman and 2 men, strip them naked and locked them in a basement. A man then wears a mask and proceeds to tie down the victims while he performs a surgery on all 3 of them. In several scenes, you see the man slashing the private parts of his victims (one scene even shows him removing the woman of her tampon, indicating she must be mensturating) and cutting them off while the band plays in the background shots. The 3rd victim was raped and severely impaled by a power drill and he probably died as a result. In the middle of the video, the male victim cries out to God about his suffering and the surgeon tells him to shut up as the surgery continues. Eventually after the surgery, the two gender switched protesters, being given a lesson about being beyond normal humility walk away in pain into the sunset.

My thoughts?:
Now what are my thoughts on the music video? It was SO disgusting and violent indeed. No joke, I actually watched it but it's sexual violence made me cringe numerous times though I even left a comment about the video. But I watched it again, knowing it's just a video and it's not real but it's STILL intense, probably more intense than MLP's Cupcakes (which I haven't watched yet). I recommend you guys not watching it, especially younger ones, you'll not like it. I can watch it all I want because I can stand to it a bit now.

Side note:
The fact that this Music Video is below Justin Bieber's Baby and Boyfriend sickens me, would you rather watch this video or a harmless (but still kinda crappy) video of Justin Bieber? I would rather watch Justin's videos over this one, I hope you would too and NO MORE JB Jokes, OK? I'm tired of them. Sorry for some irrelevance here but I'm just convincing that you should vote this instead of a harmless Music Video by Justin Bieber.

That's the end of my short M.V. review. I hope you agree with this post, Thank You. :)


I accidentally posted this 4 times! It's because instead of going to my home page to edit it, I just clicked the "GO BACK" arrow so I created this post 4 times, my mistake. ;D - Neonco31

The sound of it makes me vomit - TwilightKitsune

Unatural and unclean! - Neonco31

It's certainly not for newbies or kids. - Ananya

I have never liked this band. Sure their great musicians but that still doesnÂ't excuse their songwriting. Their music is nothing but a pile of mess to sit through along with their onedimensional tryhard vocalist. And this is coming from a guy who thought Carcass Reek of Putrefaction was a masterpiece. As for the video...I have seen worse. - Mehguy2000

Don't really give a damn about JB's videos, but this video by Cattle Decapitation is solid and hilarious - visitor

I saw some snippets.
N E V E R A G A I N - Hotheart123