Angry Outlaw #34 Drake of the 99 Dragons & Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon

htoutlaws2012 Previously on the Angry Outlaw... greetings outlaw hope you're enjoying yourself. It's best for you to retire, and with time looming the internet will be free no more, until then happy holidays.

His the meanest outlaw in all of america, he does not hold on anything or anyone, he'd rather stick it up there's and go screw a limp wang, then talk about the dreaded terror of furious strength in full power of rage there is stopping the angry outlaw, he is the angry! angry! Outlaw!

Outlaw: Hey pot head!
Pai: How were you able to reach me?
Outlaw: Nevermine that I ask for permission to do one last episode.
Pai: Well you found much access just to say that sure, but here's a catch i'll be monitoring you if say anything negative about these two games i'll give you personally. In honor of the china festival in the new year, you are hearby to play these, I will not hesitate to pull the plug on you're beloved work, Until then enjoy.

(Few days later)

Quest of the Dragon: Well, well, well... I knew these would be the usual suspects I did mention them in past episodes, but now here we go I guess. Let's start with Bruce Lee in which was released a year before Drake came along, and overshadowed completely. the plot consists of Bruce in his mid 20's going after the black lotus while also making sure the golden relic does not fall from the crime organization... what is this the Black Dragon yeah that's original (sarcasm). The gameplay feels incredibly redundant where after a few minutes you'll feel like taking a nap and realizing I just slept through boredom. Well it does give extra which seems worth it. Oh, and this is a beat em up thus it's very strange to fall into a sleep with a game like this is unexpectedly. After progressing you must upgrade your fighting style use which is you're default. Eventually I got facing the bosses who are ungodly difficult this is insane. This makes Jet look like a god compared this, and yet they put Bruce Lee in a UFC so unrealistic. No way I can't beat it next game.

Drake of the 99 Dragons: Now we get to a real contender from 2003, seriously how can a comic book-ish game be this ugh... abominable exactly? who is on a quest to avenge his murdered clan, the 99 Dragons, by recovering their ancient Soul Portal Artifact from antagonist Tang. Tang intends on using the artifact to harvest the souls of dead beings and power his undead cyborg army.'' They start you off a sample bot, and you must beat this bot to proceed. Then onout we are introduced to his master who sounds even more cringe then our protagonist who is the best thing so far in this whole game. It gets better when Drake thinks his indestructible and goes ''Have I become... INVINCIBLE! Nothing can stop me now.'' Immediately runs through a glass window, and wakes up to realize what he just did was dumbfounded also why does Drake even have guns in the first place shouldn't he I don't know have to fight in hand combat that probably would of been a great adjustment to this absurdity. As I slowly progressed it started to get ungodly impossible to get passed the bosses especially claiming up to the last guy just awaken back Drake's master is just insane enough in the idiotic story. The game is literally implying you will die, die, and die infinity many as if your playing multiplayer on any inserted first person shooter, but that's different this is just single player that focuses on its main arch which in its self lacks logic. The game is a pile of a confusing mess all around, and that results in an ending that is nothing special. is this possibly worse than Big Rigs maybe not, but its up there for sure just by awful story based alone... Before I do end this once, and for most all let me just say didn't congress overturn you're devious deed mr. Pot?

Pai: Let's see if you are right.
Outlaw: Go to CNN
Pai: Don't believe a second that is fake news.
Outlaw: Alright go to MSNBC
Pai: Awe! Curses you are free I must make new arrangements to this at once. This is not the last you have heard of I Ajit Pai.

Well internet dictator is gone for now, and since i've come to i'll compare these two games I just played even though I really shouldn't considering Drake is by far worse. Sure Quest of the dragon tarnished the legacy that was Bruce Lee, but that was nearly as intolerable as Drake that was just a game you wouldn't wish on any person i'd avoid any masochists who brings up the name itself. I'm the outlaw its good to be back in the new year.