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I think Ryanrimmel has made a good list here, about something that really annoys us fans of metal.

Fans of pop I have no problem with, they're missing out but that's their choice, but I HATE when they slag us off for our music or our music itself. I adore my girlfriend obviously, but even she associates metal with screamo and just says that I listen to screamo bands, when I don't, I listen to METAL bands there is a difference. People just have an opinion on all heavier music as the same when it's really not, and also think it is the devil's music just because it is heavy. If anything, pop is more like the devil's music, because it discusses topics like being a slag and stuff, and artists get immediate fame just for a bit of dancing and singing over a backing track. Rock and metal bands have to WRITE their own music, PLAY their own instruments, PUT TOGETHER and record their own music and tour extensively for a fraction of the fame and wealth. We already lose out like that, so LEAVE US ALONE. If you don't have anything positive to say about us or our music, don't say anything at all.

We DON'T worship a devil. We are nice people. We're not necessarily depressing, or this or that. Problem is with people, they cast their judgement without having the knowledge or experience to do so. Especially kids, most of whom just jump to pop and slag rock and metal off without giving it a chance. I think you'll find that rock and metal are awesome.

good list that addresses an important topic.

Thank you for reading.


Thank you so much for posting this. People really need to wake up and realize that metal is truly an art form and can talk about many positive things about life. Show this post to everyone you know. - visitor

Metal being the devil's music. The worst theory ever! - visitor

Who the hell came up with that ridiculous theory? - visitor

You people do know that Christian Metal exists right? - visitor

Metal lyrics are more intelligently written and focus on things like war, apocalyptic stories, horror stories, fantasies, politics, mythology, and are pretty much about life. There are even some metal songs that are about celebrating life!

Now do you think metal is all the same and has no real meaning to it whatsoever? - visitor

Most metal artists have claimed to be Christian and do not at all worship the devil. - visitor

You're right. In fact, I've heard that Tom Araya, the lead singer of Slayer, is Catholic! I'm not kidding. Go look it up and you'll see I was right. - visitor

Stupid close-minded mainstream saying that all metal is nothing but screaming and devil worship and takes no real talent whatsoever. - visitor

There's even bands that do both growling and clean singing most of the time. Just listen to Opeth or Eluveitie and you'll see what I mean. - visitor

It really irritates me on how people say Heavy Metal is the devil's music.

I don't think so. Most Mainstream Pop about drugs, partying, and sex IS the true devil's music. The kind of music that influences bad behavior, ruins society, you got Miley Cyrus doing porographic performances onstage.

This country has gotten so stupid. It doesn't even deserve to be called a Christian nation because of garbage (mainstream music) being sold so that people will reenact the partying and sex in the songs. I really hope all of this will end soon. - visitor

Don't you people know that CHRISTIAN METAL EXISTS? It does! Now will you please stop saying that metal is the devil's music because it's NOT at all!

Sorry for typing in caps but I just wanted them to be big enough to wake people up and realize that this rumor of metal being the devil's music is an extremely stupid rumor that needs to die. Maybe for once, someone will hear. Or better, they will actually listen! - visitor

It really pisses me off when some ignorant close-minded idiot walks up to me and says "You listen to Metallica? Ew! That's devil music! Miley Cyrus is a better role model for kids! " And I'd be like "Shut up! It's my favorite band and I can listen to it all I want dork! " Plus, kids should NOT be listening to Miley Cyrus or watch what she does onstage! That kind of stuff will screw up you kid for life. It really will! - visitor

Ironically, Pop influences the worst kind of behavior than Metal does even though Metal lyrics are darker in tone. But still, people letting their kid listen to songs about drugs, sex, and alcohol really blows my mind. I really do hope that people wake up and realize that the kind of stuff their letting their kid listen to is absolute garbage that is a negative influence on society. - visitor

The theory of Metal being the devil's music is the stupidest theory ever. - visitor

Metal will NEVER die! Deal with it! - visitor

Check out Dstcoyote22's video on Heavy Metal vs Pop and you'll truly see why metal is better than most modern pop. - visitor

It's really stupid that people say metal is the devil's music. You people do know that christian metal exists right? Want proof? Listen to these metal songs right here and come back and tell me if they were satanic.

It is Time-HB
Thorns-Demon Hunter - visitor

Most metal artists do not at all condone violence or any kind of bad behavior in people. Artists like Slayer and Marilyn Manson are just normal people in real life and they don't condone violence in people at all. - visitor


What Christians think I do:
Burn down houses and destroy everything in my path.

What the government thinks I do:
Cause violent massacres.

What society thinks I do:
Hurt people and hurt myself.

What idiots think I do:
Worship Satan.

What I think I do:
Rock out to some pretty awesome music.

What I actually do:
Live my life as a normal and happy person who doesn't hurt people or cause destruction. - visitor

Metal is not all screaming and loud music. Check out Dream Theater and tell me if it's screaming and loud music. - visitor

I don't know what's worse. The elitist metalheads or the ignorant mainstream who think metal is the devil's music. - visitor

Metal is not satanic. Most metal artists like Ozzy Osbourne and Tom Araya claim to be Christians. - visitor

Metal is not at all satanic and not all metal artists are satanists. Want proof? Well you know the band Slayer? The band with the satanic looking album covers, blasphemous lyrics, and heavy guitar playing? Well guess what? The lead singer of that band, Tom Araya, is CATHOLIC. I'm not making this up. I'm really not. Look it up and you'll see I was right. - visitor

People say metal is all the same noise. Screaming, growling, and loud and fast music.

Uh, metal is more diverse than pop believe it or not. It has a lot and I mean a LOT of subgenres. Here's some of them listed below.

Heavy Metal.
Thrash Metal.
Speed Metal.
Progressive Metal.
Symphonic Metal.
Industrial Metal.
Power Metal.
Viking Metal.
Nu Metal.
Alternative Metal.
Traditional Heavy Metal.
Death Metal.
Black Metal.
Glam Metal.
Folk Metal.
Avant-Garde Metal.
Rap Metal.
Christian Metal.

There's more subgenres but it would take forever to list all of them. - visitor

Metal is not satanic. Most metal artists have claimed to be Christian. - visitor

Metal is not about killing and destruction. There are metal songs that are apocalyptic stories, horror stories, fantasy stories, romance stories, political stories, mythological stories, and other kinds of stories in general. - visitor

There are metal songs that have deep, meaningful lyrics. Songs that have dealt with subjects like death, heartbreak, stress, and are pretty much about life! And believe it or not, there's some that are even about celebrating life! And are about hope and triumph! Yes. There are metal songs about hope and triumph that do exist. - visitor

A few kids I know in real life say that metal has no positive message whatsoever. There are a lot of metal songs that do have positive messages and are pretty much about hope and triumph and celebrating life.

Here's a list of great "positive" metal songs to show you that metal is not at all a bad influence:

Wildest Dreams-Iron Maiden
Until the End-Avenged Sevenfold
Nothing Else Matters-Metallica
Anthem-Iced Earth
Bridges in the Sky-Dream Theater - visitor

There are metal songs that have dealt with topics such as death, suicide, coping with loss, stress, and are some that are pretty much about life. There are even some great personal metal songs as well.

One of my favorite personal metal songs is Build Me Up, Break Me Down by Dream Theater.

"Today I will be your savior
Tomorrow a demon
You crave my erratic behavior
And watch my every move

Obsession at all cost
You'll be the death of me
Broken and torn apart
Why can't you let me be? "
-Dream Theater-Build Me Up, Break Me Down - visitor

Metal is not all about destruction. There are metal songs that talk about things the artist has went through in his/her life. They're pretty much the artist's feelings being put on paper. Not at all about killing or breaking things.
There are some great personal metal songs listed here if you wanna check them out.

Poet and the Pendulum-Nightwish
Somewhat Damaged-Nine Inch Nails
Bleeding Me-Metallica
When All is Lost-Symphony X
Save Me-Avenged Sevenfold - visitor

A lot of people thought Marilyn Manson was talking about drugs, partying, sex, and violence in his song This is the New Sh*t, but it's really a song that's against drugs, partying, sex, and violence. - visitor

There are some metal songs that are based on books and actual events.
Here are some Iced Earth albums that took a lot of influence from novels and historic events:

Horror Show-Horror novels
Dark Saga-Spawn (Comic Books)
Glorious Burden-Historic battles
Burnt Offerings-The Divine Comedy - visitor

For those of you who still say "pop rules! Metal sucks! ", I quote this from filmmaker Sam Dunn. The filmmaker of the documentary Metal: A Headbanger's Journey.

"Ever since I was 12 years old I had to defend my love for heavy metal against those who say it's a less valid form of music. My answer now is that you either feel it or you don't. If metal doesn't give you that overwhelming surge of power that makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck, you might never get it, and know know what? That's okay, because judging by the 40,000 metalheads around me, we're doing just fine without you."

-Sam Dunn - visitor

You people should definitely see the documentary Metal: A Headbanger's Journey. It's a great documentary. - visitor

Metal is 100,000,000 times better than the poop and crap (whoops, I mean pop and rap) you hear on the damn radio. Old pop and rap was better. - visitor

Most metal artists aren't psychotic killers or anything like that. They're normal people like you and me. Heck, Chuck Schuldiner (the father of death metal! ) claimed that he was a lover of life, friendship, and animals. Now does that sound like a bad person to you? - visitor

Metal talks about a lot of positive things. Here are some positive metal songs.

Nothing Else Matters-Metallica
Life Won't Wait-Ozzy Osbourne
Never Too Late-Three Days Grace
Coma White-Marilyn Manson
Wildest Dreams-Iron Maiden - visitor

You people should definitely check out Ryanrimmel's list of the Top Ten Reasons to Love Thrash Metal. - visitor

Pop lyrics are all about partying and attention grabbing while metal lyrics are more realistic and deep. Most lyrics in pop music are TERRIBLE! They don't have any meaning to them whatsoever. Just read some of these lyrics from Nosy Neighbor by Akon and tell me if they're not immoral and inappropriate.

"My binoculars on
Alone staring out of my window
I see the best creation of a woman
That I ever saw in a long, long time
Some say it is wrong
But what if she knows that I am spying on her
Would she strip down naked and entertain me

Oh my god she's doing it
Taking it off (x5)
She's getting naked (x4)"
-Akon-Nosy Neighbor

And these kinds of songs are more acceptable? And metal lyrics are considered a worse influence? So it's alright to be a creepy pervert who spies on women? WHAT IS WRONG WITH SOCIETY?! - visitor

Akon is indeed a terrible artist. - WonkeyDude98

Most pop artists fade into obscurity while some of the most famous metal bands are still playing and still making music. And people are still listening to them. - visitor

Pop nowadays is awful and way more immoral than metal. Just listen to these inappropriate pop songs that people listen to.

We Can't Stop-Miley Cyrus
Young, Wild & Free-Wiz Khalifa
Nosy Neighbor-Akon
Wiggle-Jason Derulo
Anaconda-Nicki Minaj
Tik Tok-Ke$ha
Like a G6-Far East Movement

Seriously, why are songs like these more popular? It's not good music! Partying, getting drunk, and doing other kinds of stupid crap is NOT a good way to live your life! - visitor

When you realize that morons prefer living by songs like these instead of meaningful songs like Master of Puppets (Metallica) and Hallowed Be Thy Name (Iron Maiden) you'll say "WHAT THE SERIOUS HELL?! " - visitor

I can already imagine God saying "I gave them metal, but they still listen to Nicki Minaj? " - visitor

Saving... - visitor

Metal talks about all kinds of different topics. There are even some good romantic metal songs.

You Complete Me-Stabbing Westward
All I Need-Within Temptation
Love You to Death-Kamelot
I Walk Beside You-Dream Theater
Only the Broken Hearts-Sonata Arctica - visitor

Modern pop sucks. We need to tell the world. - visitor

Don't get me wrong people, there are some modern artists that I do like like Lady Gaga, Eminem, and Kendrick Lamar, but people like Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Jason Derulo, Lil Jon, Iggy Azalea, Skrillex, and Diplo all need to be GONE from the earth!

It's the fact that stupid ignorant people think heavy metal is the devil's music and that pop is a more better influence. Are you serious? Are you really being serious right now? I'm not forcing you people to like heavy metal but what I'm saying is OPEN YOUR EYES! You're listening to mindless, generic, and simplistic music about partying, drugs, sex and the usual crap. Metal talks about a lot of meaningful topics. Heck there are even some metal songs that are about celebrating life. You people just need to get some glasses or whatever and see that heavy metal is not the devil's music and that it's not a bad influence.
You people also know that christian metal exists right? - visitor

Most metal artists are normal people in real life who wouldn't even harm a fly. One my favorite artists Marilyn Manson (who isn't necessarily metal but has made some metal sounding stuff) gets accused of being a satanist while in reality he's a really nice and really smart guy who doesn't at all encourage people to do bad things. Heck he doesn't even worship the devil! - visitor

Some of the music blasted on the radio nowadays talks about stuff that's even worse than songs about horror stories and other subjects that many people put down so much as being quote "too dark". Just stuff that sounds even scarier than any scary stuff you'll hear in a horror song. - visitor

I just want to beat up the parents who let their kids listen to modern crap about drugs, sex and partying. - visitor

Music has been so dumbed down nowadays. Always talking about the same damn thing over, and over, and OVER again! Seriously I'm sick of hearing this stuff. I really am. I'm just saying people are really screwing themselves up because of these songs you hear nowadays. This isn't good music. It really isn't. I just wish it would all end already. - visitor

It really boils my blood on how people say artists like Black Sabbath, Slayer, Korn, Marilyn Manson, and Rammstein are bad influences while music about partying hard and getting drunk gets socially accepted. I mean come on people! You're already listening to music that encourages bad behavior. And those artists I just mentioned, they're far better role models than what you think. I know they're not really for everyone but you can't just judge something by what it looks like. You need to really understand it and not judge it by it's looks. - visitor

I agree with everything you said. Especially when you mentioned Marilyn Manson. I love Manson. He's one of the most misunderstood artists of all time and people really should understand him more better. - visitor

Pop stars make porn. Metal bands make music. - visitor

You people know that christian metal exists right? - visitor

What people think when I listen to heavy metal:

"Holy crap! He listens to heavy metal? He's a devil worshiper! He's gonna kill everyone in the neighborhood. Quick call the police! "

What I'm really like when I listen to heavy metal:

"I'm just a normal peace-loving person who wouldn't even harm a fly." - visitor

I absolutely hate it when people say metal's a more bad influence. I bet you people listen to violent rap music but turn around and say that metal's too violent. You people are the biggest hypocrites I have ever seen! - visitor

It just gets me really angry of how people say stupid and ignorant crap like how heavy metal's the devil's music. It's NOT the devil's music okay?! Stop saying stupid s*** like that already! Do you people even know that CHRISTIAN METAL exists?! - visitor

The only true devil's music you hear nowadays is the popular music about partying, sex and drugs being played on the damn radio. - visitor

When will the stupid rumor of rock/metal being the devil's music finally die? - visitor

Who the hell came up with that stupid idea of metal being the devil's music? - visitor

I'm so sick and tired of people bragging about how metal's satanic and too violent. I really am. WILL YOU PEOPLE JUST SHUT UP ALREADY?! You're making yourselves look like close-minded idiots! I bet you people listen to Eminem's songs about killing his wife and raping his mom yet you turn around and say metal is too violent. Hypocrite much? - visitor

Metal will never ever die no matter what. - visitor

Seriously people, not all metal is screaming and violence. Want proof? I recommend you check out Nightwish or Dream Theater or other progressive/power metal bands. - visitor

I know metal isn't for everyone, but even I'm getting sick of hearing that metal is satanic. Open your eyes already people. Don't you know that Christian metal is an actual true thing? There's even unblack metal (Christian black metal). - visitor

Pop stands for Putrid Obnoxious P*ssies.

Metal stands for Magnificent Engaging Talented Artists people Love. - visitor

It is stupid when ignorant morons call my favorite music satanic. If I wanna listen to Ministry or some other metal band then let me listen to them! It's none of your business. It's not like those kinds of bands are hurting anybody. - visitor

People don't understand why rock and metal fans exist. And if the song has a scream in it then Jesus, it's apparently "screamo" and they're like what. What do they know - EvilAngel

They know nothing. They're always close minded to the fact that metal lyrics are 100% more meaningful and educational than the garbage ass pop and rap they listen to. There's some pop and rap I like but NOT today's mainstream pop and rap. And I agree that metal is really misunderstood and that people need to get out from under their rocks and understand it better. - visitor

I get called a satanist all the time just because I like metal. Those close minded idiots don't even know that Christian metal is real. - visitor

I'm a metalhead and I like some pop, but I absolutely despise today's pop. Seriously, it should be banned from the radio because of the risque and inappropriate stuff in the songs that's even worse than the horror stories I've heard in metal. - visitor

This is why I hate the mainstream. They never know what's different so they just keep asking for the same crap. Metal has some of the most meaningful lyrics I've ever heard in my life. Lyrics that deserve to be heard and acknowledged. - visitor

You guys should really listen to the song This is the New Sh*t by Marilyn Manson. It makes fun meaningless, mainstream pop music. - visitor

I agree with what you say. Modern pop and rap sucks HARD. Especially modern rap. If you guys want some good rap, I recommend you check out Aesop Rock and MF Doom. - visitor

People are so stupid. If they were to look at the front cover of albums like Kill Em' All (Metallica) and Antichrist Superstar (Marilyn Manson) and accuse them of being satanic just because of the cover, then they need to get their heads out of their asses. - visitor

I prefer indie and punk rock, but I respect metal 100%. - visitor

Well put EvilAngel. Well put. - visitor

I actually like metal being underground. So that way record companies won't ruin it. - visitor

Ignorant motherf*ckers going around saying that metal is satanic. Well they can screw off for all I know. - visitor

Why is it that people go around saying that Marilyn Manson is a bad influence yet Justin Bieber always gets into trouble and Miley Cyrus sings about drugs, sex and partying? This world is so idiotic that it isn't even funny. - visitor

They can screw themselves forgot they were all knowing haha - Forsaken

MTV is responsible for brainwashing today's youth on telling that Metal is the Devil's music. - visitor

Rock is my favourite genre followed by metal, and neither are bad or satanic or any of that crap - EvilAngel

And we have a user here spreading false information about metal because she hates it. - visitor

While I hate metal, the ''metalheads" stereotype is silly. - WonkeyDude98