My Take On Homosexuality

I believe that love has no gender, male-male, female-female, or male-female. They still do some of the same things. They live together, may raise children together, love each other, and do basically everything similar, the only change is gender.

I think that putting religion in to this and using perspectives as facts use to govern everyone of all religions is not good. The Bible is not pure facts, neither is anything like that. Just because the Bible says gays are a sin, do you believe that? Sorry if I sound like I am bashing christianity, because I am not trying to.

Saying things like gays are made by satan or idiots is not right. Because they can be very intelligent and good people. Just because someone is romantically attracted to a different gender does not make then worse than other people. Imagine if you were one of them. Would you like being viewed like that?

They also can have children - adopting, or vitro. They raise them like any other person even though they are homo sexual, proving there is not that much difference.

Judging people based on there sexuality- Just like gender, race, age, country of orgin, or more, is unacceptable. My favorite singer was bi sexual, and it is sad to se people hate his band because it is "gay" or say he deserved to die because he is gay. Freddie Mercury was a very talented man and bi sexual. Seeing he recieved that judgement is sad.

Overall, I am a big supporter of LGBT.

I mean because something is not as excepted does that make it bad?


I agree with this. - ProPanda

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Gay hate is stupid and I hate how gays are mistreated in society, like the Afghan who killed many people in the Orlando shooting. - TwilightKitsune

You can help who you fall in love with. - PeachyBlast