Problems With The Site

I actually like thetoptens, But... there are things wrong with it.
1. Merging lists.

I was trying to make a list about BAD ANIMATED CARTOON NETWORK AND NICKELODEON SHOWS, But then it said "Your list of worst animated shows from Cartoon Network and nickelodeon shows is a duplicate of Top Ten Cartoon Network Shows" But all I did, I called them the "Worst animated nickelodeon and Cartoon Network shows" Anyways I deleted the remix.

2. Trolls.

They didn't cause the troll invasion, by the way, TROLLS ARE ALL OVER THIS SITE. When you make a list about bad music that affects 2016, They will basically submit David bowie's songs. Remember the worst albums list? Remember the Worst songs of 2015-2017 list? Remember the worst songs of 2016 list? They were all affected by the trolls.

Literally every music lists were affected by alot of trolls. LOTS OF LOTS OF trolls....

3. People who bash you for liking a thing.

When you like My Little Pony and Frozen, you get bashed by people! ModernSpongeBobSucks was bashed by alot of people all because he likes SAO. In my opinion I like sword art online, but hey, it's my opinion! Anyways, don't bash people all because they like frozen, sword art online, and even my little pony.
I will act like one of those guys:

Hate my little pony, sword art online and frozen now!
Basically this is how these guys react to an opinion.


4. Disgusting Lists.
I don't know if this year has disgusting lists on thetoptens... But look at the list named...

"Girls You Would Want To See Naked"

The List is perverted and really disgusting! Seriously, the title though! The list is really disgusting me.

5. Comparison lists.

I don't REALLY KNOW If this year has comparison lists or not, but POOP and LIL WAYNE? Adventure Time and EBOLA? The Lego Batman Movie and ZOOTOPIA? What is next? Reasons why Spectacular Spider-Man is better than Bubsy 3D? I am literally confused. These things have nothing to do with anything, seriously. POOP AND LIL WAYNE!??!????!!!????????!!???!!!??!?!?!!!????? Will there be Eminem and Breaking Bad? Will there be Sanjay and Craig and Evanscence? Seriously, these types of lists make no sense at all! It's just a type of list where you have really stupid reasons. Just seriously.

Anyways, my next post will be a review on a video game, So fullwalking2 out!


Pretty good post. Could use a little improvement, but I love the effort put into it. And I'm glad we have the same thoughts on the problems surrounding this website. Also, I'm really thankful for you defending me against SAO haters. Either visitors or even some users would keep harassing me and even stalking me just for liking the show, so I'm really glad there's people like you standing up for me. Keep up the good work, man. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I hope there will be more people defending you against SAO haters. - Fullwalking2

I agree with every point you've made. But yeah comparison lists are utter cancer, that are still being made even now. I bet next people are going to compare fidget spinners to water or urine to Jake Paul. That's just how bizarre people will go to compare things. - visitor

What about toy story to the nutshack? - Fullwalking2

Or EBOLA to Donald Trump the list goes on. - visitor

Or computers to the emoji movie. - Fullwalking2

Maybe a Steven Univerde thing coming up - visitor

Or a fred thing. - Fullwalking2

please NO - visitor