My list of The worst video game fandoms

1. Fnaf. (Mostly Foxy fanboys)

2. Undertale (mostly Sans fangirls). Sans fangirls on YouTube are insane, they get so mean with the other fangirls and makes this pathetic excuse like: "Sans is mine" they think he's sexy when he's just a skeleton with no flesh or muscle and makes lots of jokes. Seriously what's so sexy about him?

3. Sonic. The fanart is ridiculous especially the r34 of Cream the Rabbit. It's terrifying don't look it up. There's also shipping wars going on and it's irritating to see. Then there's Sonic 006 fans and haters complaints about Elise kissing Sonic (the only reason why the haters hate the game)

4. COD. They praise it way too much. They hate Pikachu, Sonic, and mostly Mario because they're for "babies" which doesn't make sense. Dora, Barney, Elmo and others are for babies.

5. Final Fantasy VI. They want everyone to like the game. They also brag about how it's the best game when it's just their opinion. They also bash XIII, VIII, and mainly VI.

6. Daisy and Rosalina haters. Wow and you guys thought their fans were so bad well look at their haters. Those haters are technically the worst hatedoms in the Mario franchise. I think Peach has the worst on here only but's everywhere. The fanwar between them has gotten everyone hating Daisy and Rosalina. Their hatedoms act similar but are bit different. Daisy haters get so immature and think that everyone hates Daisy and if someone likes the character, they bully them just for that. They also whine about her three lines "Hi I'm Daisy" which she doesn't always say that. There's "Peachy" "It's-a me Mario" "WALUIGI time" "Luigi number one" those characters get a pass but not Daisy. They slut shame her, hate her for no reason, and think she's a clone. Oh I forgot that she gets way more hate in the Smash community. Say something good about her and see how many dislikes you get. Rosalina haters are hypocrites. They whine about how she's in more games when every character is in more games but she doesn't get a pass. They whine about her fandom being garbage when they act the same way as they do. They whine about how she's hentai (I have a feeling they might say that about Daisy next). They whine about her design that looks different from Peach and Daisy. They whine about her replacing Daisy when she's not doing anything. Worse of all, she gets major hate too in the Smash community just like Daisy. Also she gets way hatred in this website. Those haters are just trash.

7. Overwatch. I can't go anywhere because of perverts. There's lots of ships or perhaps shipping wars, Tracer haters that hate her maybe because she's a lesbian, too much porn just too much. I know there's r34 of everyone but this is worse. Everyone plays it mainly because of butts. Just cringey.

8. Smash bros. Melee fans will hate anyone who hated Melee. They claim Melee being the best game ever when it's just their own opinion. They bash Brawl because it has tripping. Smash 4 fans oh boy, those fans are so agressive, immature, phony, competitive and whiny geeks. They will hate any OP character because they can't beat them. Example? Bayonetta. They complain and complain and when they get their wish true, guess what happens next? They complain about something else. The Smash YouTubers makes them worse. Keef Crew is fine but the others....just no.

9. Kingdom Hearts. RikuXSora shippers. They hate Kairi because she's "interfering" with their ship when she's not doing anything. They bash a lot people who dislike or have no interest in Kingdom Hearts.

10. Final Fantasy VII. The only problem is the shipping wars, Tifa fanboys, and Sephiroth fangirls. Clerith vs Clouti, people bashing other who dislike Clouti or Clerith, rapid Sefikura fangirls, Kadaj's rapid fangirls that wanna marry him, a Sephiroth fangirl who named her son after Sephiroth, Tifa fanboys fapping to a FICTIONAL CHARACTER and saying that she's sexy when she's nice and shy, Loz haters that hate Loz because he's not hot, Aerith fans bashing others who don't like Aerith and calling them bad, Zack fans who also bash anyone who don't like Zack, and people hating Marlene because she's annoying. I don't see how annoying she is.

11. Waluigi. Oh boy you need to run because they are everywhere and they are really rude. They're like Daisy's and Rosalina's combined but worse. They don't realize he's overrated to the max. They complain about Rosalina replacing him in MK7 and Smash bros. They bash Daisy for absolutely no reason. They hate Mario because they feel like it. Some bash Luigi and call him a Mario clone. They hate Wario because he's "ugly, fat, and gross". They hate Birdo because they also feel like it. They bash anyone who dislike Waluigi and say that Waluigi is better than them. They also bully a lot of Mario character fans and I see that they bully Daisy and Rosalina fans the most.

12. Princess Peach haters. They are extremely annoying in this website. See the list "Worst Mario games" and you see many comments like "Peach ruin the game" "Peach is bossy and cranky" "Daisy could've replaced Peach" they need to realize that she's the reason why Mario games are fun. So they basically hate every game because Peach is in it and want Daisy, Rosalina, or Pauline to replace her. Daisy is too tough to get kidnapped. Rosalina can take care of herself, and Pauline isn't really doing anything so Peach is a good fit for a damsel. At least in Super Mario 3D world she was playable and in my opinion she was a better playable character than the rest of the other Mario casts. But even if in games where she's not kidnapped, she still gets hate because..."she ruined the game".