Top 10 Worst Video Game Fanbases

There are a lot of good video game fanbases, but there are also a lot of them that are annoying or just stupid fanboys. Rate up which one you think is dumbest of them all. These are the top ten worst, most annoying video game fanbases in the world.
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1 Call of Duty Fans

Hoo, boy. These people... THESE people... Okay, let's get something straight. Call of Duty isn't exactly a terrible game. Is it basically the same game each year with new flashy graphics attached? Yes. But some of the games were pretty decent. Now the fans? *sigh* Okay, here we go.

1. THIS GAME DOESN'T MAKE YOU MANLY. You can think it, but it just isn't true!
2. Nobody wants to listen to your music blaring from your iPod. It's okay if you want to listen to your music, go ahead, but don't blare it to the rest of the people playing.
3. Some of them say Nintendo is for kids. Yes, some games like Kirby and even the New Super Mario Bros games are. But that is their point! They are to introduce you to gaming. You also are looking past games like Conker's Bad Fur Day and ZombiU.
4. If you die, you die. Don't go on cursing for 15 seconds because someone got you.
5. Graphics aren't the focus of a game. Some bash other non-shooter games because they don't have perfect graphics.

In a game like Call of Duty, you don't have to focus as much on controls and gameplay. With Mario games like Galaxy and 3D World, you have a lot of differences between the two. In Galaxy, you had to make sure that the gravity mechanic worked everywhere, the controls were easy to use, and the power-ups each had a reason to be used. The same goes for 3D World. You may not have the gravity of planets mechanic, but you have 5 characters to choose from who each function quite differently from the others.

In the new Call of Duty, you have multiple characters, but they all play exactly the same with the guns. Sorry if I sound negative, but these people just need to realize these things.

2 Five Nights at Freddy's Fans

It was a fun and jumpy game, until it clogged up my recommended videos on YouTube, with channels reaching 1 million subscribers because they do a top 10 every day! Let's get onto the fanbase. It is full of fanboys and girls who find the game really fun because a big YouTuber played it. Half of the fans haven't even played the game! They get all into the theories even though the game probably has no backstory, but the developer probably goes off what the fans say. The fanbase is full of fanboys, 12-year-old girls, and people that have a kink over metal.

3 Sonic Fans

There are two sides to the Sonic fandom. The nice side, which creates wholesome and funny artwork and other media. And there's the not-so-nice side, which is the one you probably know about. I'm part of the nice side, but there's just one thing. The 'Nice Side' keeps to themselves, while the 'Not-so-nice Side' is the one that messes things up for everyone else. Because everyone hears about the weird side of the fandom, they assume that is what the entire fandom is like. But the two sides barely meet and actually dislike each other greatly.

4 Minecraft Fans

I like Minecraft, but the fans are the most annoying people on Earth. It's filled with mindless 6-8 year olds who will bash anyone who says anything negative about Minecraft, and of course, every single aspect of the game and every single player. These folks are just trying to be cool and MLG without actually playing. And the fans will bash you if you try to say anything negative about Minecraft.

Then there's the Minecraft YouTube videos. There are nooby trolling videos which have almost nothing in them and stupid parodies of popular songs as well. All of them are about diamonds or Endermen or whatever about Minecraft and have very little creativity.

Finally, the Minecraft community is sensitive to certain kinds of people. There is enough proof to say that there are so many radioactive kids who are only interested in Minecraft. So horrible.

5 Fortnite Fans

Fortnite is arguably the most overrated game in years. The fanbase around it is made up of prepubescent kids who will threaten anyone who dislikes Fortnite and constantly blabber about how "it is much better than any other Battle Royale video games."

Annoying people doing annoying dances from the game are like a cancer to all social media, and you cannot get rid of the Fortnite feed, no matter what you do.

Hopefully, new and upcoming FPS games will gain in popularity and leave Fortnite in the 'Worst Video Game Fanbases' history.

6 Super Smash Bros Fans

From a fanbase perspective, Super Smash Bros. is akin to that of a super-attractive individual, drawing intense interest from many. This often leads to jealousy among those who feel left out or less favored.

In all seriousness, I am a fan of Smash, and it has shaped a lot of my nostalgia. However, since reaching adulthood, I've become increasingly detached from the series, primarily due to the fandom. They have consistently proven to be among the most self-entitled, obnoxious, pretentious, and salty communities I've encountered. There are good fans, of course, but when the majority of voices come from the worst, it dampens the overall experience.

All I want is to enjoy the game and experience it without getting dragged into debates about certain characters, tier lists, and complaints about how the newer games don't measure up for "nostalgic" reasons. Lastly, it seems Smash is everywhere, even when you want nothing to do with it. While it's a fine crossover, I don't consider it the pinnacle of digital media and fiction, let alone crossovers. As mentioned earlier, I like Smash, but there are times when I'd rather focus on something else.

7 PC Master Race Fans

Honestly, I'm a PC gamer, and I sometimes joke about how console players are peasants and PC is the true master race, even though I don't actually mean it. I have a lot of consoles and am into Halo and Super Smash Bros. The consoles I have are an Xbox 360 S (will get rid of on July 29, 2024), a PlayStation 3 Super Slim, a Wii (got rid of on January 30, 2019), a Nintendo DSi (got rid of on March 31, 2017), a PlayStation 2 Phat (got rid of on March 31, 2016), an Original Xbox (got rid of on April 15, 2010), a GameCube, a Nintendo 3DS (got rid of on March 27, 2023), a PlayStation Vita, a Wii U (got rid of on March 27, 2023), a PlayStation 4, and an Xbox One. But I like to play on my Xbox 360 and PlayStation 4 the most, and I'm even planning to get Call of Duty: Black Ops III in the future.

8 Undertale Fans

What a great game, so many nice characters, amazing soundtrack, deep story, and so much skeleton porn. Wait, skeleton porn? Oh no, where am I? Could this be an Instagram account named sans_love_sans? That, ladies and gentlemen, is an example of an extreme Undertale fan.

Undertale is great, fun, and enjoyable. Some fans are good as well. Some learn to play the songs and just like the game (like me, I'm not the best at the songs though). But when you see your friend who loves Undertale watching goat porn, you know how bad the fanbase gets.

Many Undertale fans are like that, many of them have unhealthy obsessions with a fine game, and this causes it to be tainted with, well, excessive amounts of necrophilia and bestiality. So please, if you're a person who tends to go a bit too far with their fanbase, stay out. If you're not (or can control what I said previously), please take a look at this very fine game. You will not regret it (if you do, sorry. I'm not great at guesses).

9 Nintendo Fans

Nintendo fanboys have to be the most toxic, annoying, and obnoxious community in gaming. They think that every game that is not made by Nintendo or another Japanese company sucks. They always sound so superior around other gamers, and they feel like their taste in games is better. I keep hearing stuff like "You can never go wrong with Nintendo!" or "Nintendo is so innovative!" Well, guess what! Some people don't like the childish look of Nintendo games and the concepts that the company keeps recycling. We like games that look more realistic, that have complex gameplay and scenarios. If you like the style of Nintendo, that's fine, but don't start thinking that you are better than others.

10 Console Fans

Constantly moaning about PC fans and also with other console fans. That's right. They argue amongst themselves. Love Sonic? People in the fanbase hate you! Love Mario? People in the fanbase hate you! Love PS4? People hate you! Love Xbox 360? People hate you! Console fanboys are full of hate towards people outside and inside the fanbase.

They constantly fight over which franchise and console is better, even which company is better. I barely see the difference between an Xbox 360 and PS4. They're both expensive black rectangles.

In the PC fanbase, nobody cares about what laptop you have. Have a Lenovo? Nobody will love or hate you for it. You may find someone who has the same type, but they just see it as something they have in common. Have a Dell? Same thing. Phone fans also do the same arguing as console fans, but they argue over phone brands.

What if people stopped saying 'such-and-such phone company or console is better' and just presented the facts, letting people decide for themselves? Or just let them buy any phone or console, like the PC fans who don't mind what brand of PC someone has?

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11 Waluigi Fans

When I think of Daisy haters, Waluigi fanboys are the first to come to my mind. It seems like most people who bash Daisy and her fanbase love Waluigi and think he's the greatest thing to ever exist. Sure, Daisy's fanbase isn't great either, but Waluigi's fanbase is worse. It's kind of funny how some Waluigi fans will bash Daisy and Rosalina for being Peach clones, yet wouldn't Waluigi also be a clone following this exact logic? Luigi and Wario would be Mario clones, and Waluigi would be another Mario clone and a clone of Mario's two clones.

Most Waluigi fans are real jerks to anyone who doesn't like or worship the WAH god. Daisy and Rosalina fans seem to be their favorite people to target. So, it's perfectly okay for Daisy's fanbase to be treated terribly just for liking Daisy, yet there's nothing wrong with Waluigi's fanbase, after they insult Daisy fans because *insert Waluigi meme*?

The Waluigi memes are old and repetitive at this point. Most memes die out quickly, but Waluigi memes are still kicking around today. I used to think the "WAH" thing was funny... back when it was new. But now it's old and kind of annoying. You can't really escape Waluigi's fanboys as they're always posting WAH in comments of Mario videos on YouTube. There's nothing wrong with liking Waluigi, but his fanbase is atrocious. If you thought Daisy and Rosalina had bad fanbases, you haven't seen Waluigi's fanbase.

12 Game Theory Fans

"Game theory is the worst thing to happen to video games since the video game crash."

-King Boo, September 29th, 2015.

That is not something I said. But what I did do is I screencapped this comment because I never, never have agreed so much with anything in my life. It's like he just perfectly summed it up.

I honestly like MatPat's funny personality and smart insights, although even he can make mistakes sometimes. It's just his fans who believe that if you don't agree with him, you are automatically wrong.

Yes, I even like his FNAF videos, but I do understand the outcry against them. MatPat is milking them quite a bit to get some theories out, but I can actually live with that.

13 GTA Fans (Grand Theft Auto)

Whiniest people ever, broken into factions that like Grand Theft Auto online and factions that hate it, and they're at each other's throats. Any deviation from SA or IV, including SA and IV, is bad to them. Grand Theft Auto fans will call out any open-world game with 3D movement and vehicles (or even just horses) as a Grand Theft Auto clone and dislike it for "copying Grand Theft Auto".

The dumbest and most annoying children and adults I've met are part of this fanbase.

They constantly complain about the online component of the game and assume that since Rockstar made over a billion dollars within the game's first week, the company no longer needs money. This is illogical because there was a five-year gap between the last two Grand Theft Auto games, meaning their profits aren't as high as they seem.

14 Cuphead Fans

Serious people, if you hate Cuphead so much, I see the same exact comments on every top ten featuring Cuphead. I'm 100% sure it's one person spamming. At least be honest about it. Don't go out and say "Cuphead is gross". Say something like the fanbase ruined a good game.

And why would you hate Cuphead if you haven't played it yet, and you're saying it ruined 1930s cartoons? It's called "inspiration", like the character Cuphead is inspired by a Japanese propaganda cartoon cup with Mickey's clothes.

Look, I love this game. I have played it. But its fanbase really ticks me off. I never thought that the fangirls would start shipping themselves with Cuphead and drawing other disgusting incest art. Also, what the heck is with this Bendy x Cuphead ship? It literally makes no sense. For Christ's sake, Cuphead is a game based on 1930s cartoons, not an anime.

15 Roblox Fans

Besides the fact the game sucks, the fans are atrocious. The kids have the mental capacity of a pile of armadillo dung, and they have more ego than Donald Trump himself. Usually, most of it is overused 2012 MLG memes combined with ignorant Minecraft role-players who spend their parents' credit card to buy in-game currency because they're spoiled brats.

Did I mention most of these kids can't take criticism and can't accept others' opinions? They act depressed 9 out of 10 times, and God bless you if you have the strength to call someone out. They'll just report you, as we all know is a tactic everyone in this game uses. At least it doesn't have voice chat.

16 Final Fantasy VII Fans

I personally think that the whole fanbase is terrible. While the Final Fantasy VII fans will avoid anything that isn't 7, the other fans will bash any Final Fantasy that isn't turn-based and say that all games after 7 are bad. I personally liked Final Fantasy 7-12.

They hated 12 simply because it wasn't turn-based, which is not a valid reason, and the characters were somewhat bland, which is a valid reason, but that doesn't mean that it is a bad game. I think that the only bad main Final Fantasy games are 13 and 14. A Realm Reborn is alright, but I don't really care for it due to being too casual, which turned me off from the game.

17 Xbots (Xbox Fans)

They believe anything positive about the console without looking up if it is true. They spread lies and can't back up their claim with reliable sources.

They are still denying that the console has no value compared to Wii U, PS4, and PC, and are rather satisfied with Halo and time-exclusives.

Xbox suffered from the Duke controller being oversized, but after the S controller, it was better.

The 360 suffered from the Red Ring of Death due to Microsoft rushing the console's release, but once that was fixed, there was the Kinect, which was awesome, even if no one cared.

The XB1 was a great console, except that it was marketed more as a cable box than a home console, not to mention the DRM issues. It was a disaster.

18 LOL Fans (League of Legends)

I am not trying to be racist or anything, but it literally depends on which country you play this game in. If you play on the SEA server like I did, you encounter the worst fanbase in the existence of humankind.

Frankly, this game was engineered for toxicity. Not to mention, among all the decent-looking characters, they just had to add derpy, trolly characters like Teemo.

Their fandom is funny because of the frustration reactions they have when they lose.

19 Overwatch Fans

They call every game at all similar to Overwatch a ripoff. Paladins suffered the most.

Bring up TF2 to an Overwatch fan, and the violence will go nuclear. Bring up Overwatch to a TF2 fan, and the same thing happens.

There is an article on Wikipedia called "Overwatch and Pornography" (censored because I always censor). Not kidding. This means it's time to stop.

20 Bendy Fans

I simply cannot believe how popular this game has become. I think it may be because of the old cartoon style. Most old cartoons nowadays have bad fanbases, or at least their modern-day fanbases are bad.

Honestly, this is the least cringy out of the sour batch of indie fanbases. It's at the bottom, so it's still enjoyable without a cringe fanbase.

This fandom is irritating me. Way too much fangirling, putting shipping and crossover to the extreme.

21 Among Us Fans

"Lelelele sus is so funny, ex dee!"

Seriously, I can't go five seconds on the internet without seeing those stupid blobby crewmates or hearing the term "sus," no matter how unrelated the topic may be to this argument simulator.

22 Final Fantasy VI Fans

FF6 is the most overrated FF in the series. While not bad, it's more middle of the road.

There are two major problems with the game. Firstly, there are too many party members and only enough screen time to give them a moment for character development, so they come across more as caricatures than actual characters. Secondly, the story and writing are that of a Saturday morning cartoon. It deals with some pretty heavy themes but in the goofiest way possible, which really detracts from it.

I think the majority of people claiming it's the best are only repeating what others on the internet have said and didn't play it for themselves.

23 Daisy Fans

There are things I dislike about the fandom. I've had many arguments with them, and it's so unpleasant.

When I was a Rosalina and Peach fan, three Daisy fans stalked me. My name was Rosalina and Peach, and I had a YouTube channel. They stalked me and were ready to attack if I posted a video of Daisy. I can't stand how rude they are. Then I made positive comments about Rosalina, and they tried to go against my comment and shove Daisy down my throat. One Daisy fan asked why I hated Daisy, and I said, "Because of the fandom." Guess what they said after that? "That's too bad." Then, paragraph after paragraph, they explained how Rosalina is worse while they were acting like them.

There's another one who didn't like me because I didn't like Daisy. I was like, "You know what? Screw you, Daisy fans."

Then on Deviantart, they are worse. You see them complaining about Rosalina taking Daisy's spot and Rosalina getting too much praise and saying rude stuff about Rosalina. I was just like, seriously? Then I commented on someone's "Hi I'm Daisy" post. I said "Hi I'm Daisy" is overrated because the fans always say that. Then some fan harassed me and then blocked me afterwards so I couldn't harass back.

Another incident was on Swaggot's video "Hi I'm Daisy Rosalina diss." A bunch of losers attacked me because I said something about Daisy being hated because of them. It was so bad that I deleted that comment. And now on here, they're worse. I can't believe how a good character could have such a destructive, obnoxious, whiny, moronic, horrible, cancerous fandom.

24 Tracer and Widowmaker Shippers

These people ship two characters who are enemies. They hate each other. I hated this ship ever since before Blizzard revealed Tracer to be with Emily, not Widowmaker, who just wants to kill her. I hate this ship so much because they weren't meant to be together, even though they hate each other.

25 Doki Doki Fans

Weeaboos and kids ruin it, spamming "Just Monika" even though it's meant to make fun of them and visual novels in general. But that didn't work, and they took it seriously, thanks to MatPat. Now, there are nine-year-olds in the anime community.

Doki Doki Literature Club is worse than the Princess Peach haters. If they see a yandere video, post, or someone who has the name Monica, the annoying fans spam the word Just Monika. In fact, it is supposed to be spelled MONICA, not Monika.

One of my favorite Tumblr users was forced to draw DDLC content, and I feel bad for her. Also, the Mambo No. 5 song was ruined because of a boring and stupid animation meme that featured DDLC.

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