Top Ten Worst Video Game Fanbases

There are a lot of video game fanbases but a lot of them are got annoying or just stupid fanboys. Rate up which one you think is dumbest of them all. These are my top ten worst/annoying video game fanbases in the world.
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1 Call of Duty Fanboys Call of Duty Fanboys

Hoo, boy. These people... THESE people... Okay, let's get something straight. Call of Duty isn't exactly a terrible game. Is it basically the same game each year with new flashy graphics attached? Yes. But some of the games were pretty decent. Now the fans? *sigh* Okay, here we go. 1. THIS GAME DOESN'T MAKE YOU MANLY. You can think it, but it just isn't true! 2. Nobody wants to listen to your music blaring from your iPod. It's okay if you want to listen to your music, go ahead, but don't blare it to the rest of the people playing. 3. Some of them say Nintendo is for kids. Yes, some games like Kirby and even the New Super Mario Bros games are. But that is their point! They are to introduce you to gaming. You also are looking past games like Conker's Bad Fur Day and ZombiU. 4. If you die, you die. Don't go on cursing for 15 seconds because someone got you. And finally 5. Graphics aren't the focus of a game. Some bash other non-shooter games because they don't have perfect graphics. In a ...more

This fanbase is hated for a good reason.

First of all, the people that make it up are either:

a)high school drop outs

b)unemployed that either stole it or bum it from a friend

c)ghetto idiots who think they're "hard"

d) little kids who think "guns are cool! "

Second, the people who play this game are blind to all other, BETTER, games. They have deluded themselves into thinking it's the pinnacle of gaming, when in fact it's gaming that panders to the LOWEST common denominator.

Third, these idiots claim that each game is unique and better than the last. This again is attributed to the second point. These morons don't know what "progress" is. Really, all each game is is re-release of what was made six months before(and yes, these people will $60 for the same every time), with a few added bells and whistles that add little depth to an already depth-less game

Fourth, these animals(that is what they are) are obnoxious. Go online with ...more

The fans call it the best game ever, most of them are little kids and they consider other games 'kiddy' or crap. Also the games are practically the same crap with only some of them good enough but the fans so dearly want to defend every one of them, even Call of Duty: Ghos.

Call of Duty fanboys on Nintendo music videos are super annoying. They're the cause of most dislikes on those videos, and Nintendo fans such as myself are always hating on them, even though... I don't know.

2 Five Nights at Freddy's Fans Five Nights at Freddy's Fans

It was a fun and jumpy game, in till it clogged up my recommended videos on YouTube, channels reaching 1 million subs because they do a top 10 every day! Lets get onto the Fan base, it is full of fan boys and girls that find the game really fun because a big YouTuber played it, half of the fans haven't even played the game! They get all into the theories even though the game probably has no back story but the developer probably goes off what the fans say... The fan base is full of fan boys, 12 year old girls and people that have a kink over metal

The general idea of this game was pretty cool- in my opinion, but I just couldn't stand the fandom anymore. I think it's insanely overrated and childish. I say childish because its attracting a wide majority of younger audiences (for some reason) and the idea of murdering children and stuffing them in cute suits seems... very overused. Not that it's common, just the whole "murdering innocent things" trope is kinda annoying.

Where do I begin with this horrid fanbase? A lot of fans just go crazy for a simple "horror" game with bad graphics made my one person. One person. I mean it has a good storyline, but it's not the best series. Plus the game gets really corny after a while. They say Foxy's a good guy when he's not, and it's so popular, that there's a teaser for a movie. I hope they don't make a movie based on FNAF because it doesn't deserve one. And worse, there is horrible fan art of FNAF porn. There was even one where Foxy and Bonnie were pregnant and some Mary Sue OC named Princess Rainbow DJ was, too. The objective was to ask questions about the pregnant animatronics. I mean, it's like the whole fanbase is drunk or something. I can't stand these fanbases. Not to mention their theories.

Oh, where to start? The fanbase is full of ridiculous and perverted fantasies about your a low-graphic horror game about kids getting murdered. They make ridiculous Fanfiction about the animatronics falling in love. You can have an OC fall in love with the "Purple Guy" who is a ruthless killer. You can have sex with them in certain Fanfictions. My gosh, they need to be stopped.

3 Sonic Fanboys Sonic Fanboys

Fnaf fandom? Try Sonic. I'm a sonic fan myself, but I'm not active in the fanbase. Go to Deviantart, and search up anything Sonic, you will be scarred. In itself, Sonic is really fun and full of creative characters, but take those and mix them with overly perverted 13 year old girls on Wattpad and you get absolute garbage. And it doesn't end there. The sonic fans are constantly complaining about how bad the games are. Now I know Forces wasn't good, but, chill, Sonic will never be what it used, too, even I recognize that.
The shipping wars get intense. I'm a shipper, but I won't fight over it. Knuxouge and Shadouge fans will go head to head like maniacs. Don't even get me started on Sonamy.
All in all, Sonic is amazing, but the fanbase sucks BAD.

I am a Sonic fan. One of the more sane ones that respect other franchises. I do know that Adventure 1 to Unleashed was my childhood, I played these games when I was a teen, Sonic Rush is my favorite game of the franchise, but there's still some fans that complain about new games when the franchise is on hiatus so Sega could focus on other franchises. "Make Mania 2! Adventure 3!" (loudly belches.) Just screw these guys.

Sonic is a blast but come on now, the fandom rivals FNAF. They are toxic, perverted, and all in all disgusting. Go to Wattpad. You will find one shots—OF SONIC! I also found one that said Shadow made Sonic pregnant. What?! Oh, and what else? Sonic fans don't even like their own games. They hate on EVERYTHING. If it isn't a classic game then it's GARBAGE. and let's not forget about the shipping wars! These 12-year-olds will do anything to defend a ship—A SONIC SHIP! sonic is a video game series, not a cheesy romance.
Jejejdkenennd UGH

I'm hesitant to even say that Sonic has a fanbase because the "fans" throw more hate on the Blue Blur than the haters. Every fanbase is gonna have more than its share of creepy fanart and mary-sue OC's, but only the hardcore Sonic fanbase is so entitled that they spend more time complaining about Sonic games not being made exactly like they want than they do actually playing the games. The "fans" of Sonic are repulsed at the very notion that characters other than Sonic himself and, on very rare occasion, Shadow, Blaze, and maybe Knuckles even exist. They reject the idea that a Sonic game released on a system with a name other than 'Sega Genesis' has the capacity to be good on any way. They ignore anything positive and only focus on what they don't like. Ironic that "fans" try to paint the series as a burning cesspit of trash when they themselves are more than fitting of that description.

4 Minecraft Fans Minecraft Fans

I actually remember going on to a European Minecraft server (I live in NJ, USA.) and joined up with some Russian and German teens playing the game. Then, soon enough, some British teens who say the "C" word a lot came online and bullied my teammates. They also dissed my video game tastes as they seem to be PlayStation 4 purists. And I have a Nintendo Switch console. I then ran away to my treehouse that I built, with my friends coming over. I think those British teens show how Minecraft can affect a young mindset and can lead to this. I think Minecraft is a great game, I just think that many kids go way too far with this game.

Its way too popular, everyone thinks its like the best game ever even though its not original at all, since there had been several games just like it before. The graphics make me want to pull my eyes out, which is weird because for some reason people love the graphics, even though it looks like literal diarrhea. I mean I like retro graphics, I'm a big fan of pixel art, but... bad 3d graphics are just disgusting. And since minecraft has been made there's been WAY better games that are just like it, but everyone just wants to play minecraft. I mean Terraria was way better, but starbound is like amazing, and these rabid fanboys are completely uninterested in anything else. And I can't go on youtube or any gaming related website without having to see or hear about that god awful game. Its honestly not even good in my opinion, I tried playing it, and I had never played any game that was similar to it before, and I couldn't get into it at all. Yet somehow when Terraria came out I got super ...more

I'll admit I love Minecraft, but the fanbase is horrible. People always make songs about the game, and some are awful, and people can't respect others. I've played Master Builders on a popular server called Mineplex once, and got into a huge fight with three idiots. One for constantly building porn, and the others for harassing me for no reason. I was kind of new back then, so I hardly ever used the Report book. Plus on Hypixel, yet another popular server, I got kicked out of someone's house for three dumb reasons: (one I can't remember, but I can clearly remember the other two.) One for being "rude", which I was stating my opinion on a game, and the other for my skin being bad. I hate people sometimes. There are tons of trolls on the game. And the fanbase, don't get me started on that. They act like drunk people.

Keep in mind that these people not only are obnoxious and toxic, but are pretty much responsible for forever scarring the game's reputation. Minecraft used to be a cool little indie game that everybody wanted to try out, and now it's something that people are embarrassed to say they play. The playerbase now consists mostly of stupid children that are younger than the game itself, and if these people are the first you see when looking at a game, is it really hard to see why it is so unfairly hated?

Although I do think the root culprits are disgraceful youtubers like Sky does minecraft, and any of the other annoying high school drop-outs with their nauseatingly fake enthusiasm and baby-esque humor. These people made their content specifically for children, because they are the easiest and most exploitable target, and in doing so, they invited all sorts of juveniles to come and splatter their existence all over the game. And now that kind of person is the official "Minecraft Fan". ...more

5 Super Smash Bros Fans Super Smash Bros Fans

From a Fanbase perspective, Super Smash Bros. is akin to that of a super-attractive prostitute and everyone is really horny for her, which ends up attracting a lot of jealous people who either aren't as lucky to get laid, or just aren't as pretty as her.

But in all seriousness, I am a fan of Smash and it's shaped a lot of my nostalgia. However, ever since reaching adulthood, I've found myself becoming more and more detached from the series, and most of it is to do with the fandom, who have constantly proven themselves to be among the most self-entitled, obnoxious, pretentious, and salty communities that I've stumbled across. There are good fans, of course, but when most of the voices are coming from the worst, there's not much to express. All I want is to simply enjoy the game and experience, not to walk into debates complaining about certain characters (take a shot for any time Waluigi is mentioned), tier-lists, and complaining about how the newer games suck because of ...more

"The part of the fanbase is the melee fan. They just complain that the new fighting system sucks (Even though the new fighting system is much better than meeles)". You basically did exactly what "melee fanboys does". We are pissed because Nintendo don't support our game and these new kids calls their new fighting game better because it has more characters. There are new moves/glitches being learned to this day. The smash 4 community is full of trolls who tries to trigger us just look at the other comments. "Melee crowd that still jerks of to the GameCube controller". How does it feel when a 15 year old controller beats your brand new 50$ wii

I hate it when overly competitive players hate items and non-standard stages (like FD and Battlefield) saying there's no skill involved with them and that they ruin competitive gameplay. Sakurai himself said that Smash Bros. was meant to be a party game, not a big man competition.

I dislike people who are way too good at the game and you can't even fight back let alone win... and I'm pretty damn good at Smash Bros...

Oh, and how could I forget Dreamcrushers on forums who tell you that your ideas and dreams for Smash Bros. content are impossible or unlikely at best? On the other hand, there's people who want anime characters, but that's just crazy since they aren't even video game characters. That's what M.U.G.E.N is for!

Whenever a character that I am OK with joins Smash for real, all they ever do is just winge and complain! It gets on my nerves so much it drives me insane! They are so ungrateful and they would rather be that way forever. All because they still want Sora and Waluigi to be playable in Smash Bros for real! Seriously! I mean seriously! These manchildren only want Super Smash Bros to be all about those 2 that don't deserve to join Smash at all. That's right. Right next to Steve, Scorpion and Shaggy, Sora and Waluigi are the worst character suggestions for Smash Bros Ever!

6 Fortnite Fanboys

Seriously, this is coming from a 12 year old, but I HATE fortnite... It's so annoying and I can't go anywhere in public without seeing or hearing something about that irritating game... I got bullied just because I hated it. And the dances aren't even original! They legit stole most (if not all) of the "dances"! I swear, if they date touch the peace and tranquility smug dance from a hat in time somebody's getting punched. Why waste hundreds of dollars on garbage? I lost 4 friends because of it. This should be number one on the list. And don't we already have enough gun games as it is?

Fortnite is arguably the most overrated game in years. The fan base around it is made up of prepubescent kids who will threaten anyone who dislikes Fortnite, and constantly blabber about how "it is much better than any other Battle Royale video games".

Annoying people doing annoying dances from the game are like a cancer to all social medias, and you cannot get rid of the Fortnite feed, no matter what you do.

Hopefully new and upcoming FPS games will gain in popularity and leave Fortnite in the 'Worst Video Game Fanbases' history.

This stuff appears in every popular movie nowadays. I heard even Sonic: The Movie 2020 will have a Fortnite reference. So it will definitely beat Five Nights at Freddy's in consequitive popularity time which is from 2014-Late 2016 and Fortnite from 2017-Present. If Sonic has Fortnite, Mario will be next to have him or any other character floss or do other Fortnite dances. For example, Chuck from the game Angry Birds did the hype emote at the end of The Angry Birds Movie 2. Even other characters not from games like Wreck it Ralph himself, Bart Simpson from The Simpsons, Bluey herself and co and the Yellow shirt kid from Good Boys and more doing these idiotic dances. When Mario flosses, my whole childhood will get ruined and the same for someone I know will happen if Curella de vil does the floss also. Enough with the Fortnite bandwagon, media companies!

I just Hate the popularity of this game with a burning passion. It's nothing but a ripoff that wants your money for useless stuff (or cosmetics) that has NO effect on your skills whatsoever. I can't believe gamers complain about micro transactions in video games (like a mobile game for instance), but be willing to spend over $100dollars over some damn in-game currency named V-bucks for emotes and "skins". This fanbase is not terrible, but stupid in fact.

7 PC Master Race Fanboys

Oh my god, I want to put all these idiots in a room and punch them all. These people will put the PC on a pedestal to anyone who will (or even won't) listen. They will smugly point out all the flaws of the consoles and console games, and how their gaming experience is SO MUCH BETTER because they play on a PC they've foolishly sunk $1000 into while most people struggle to pay their damn rent let alone by video games. Where was your PC when Arkham Knight came up? Oh that's right, because it's NOT PERFECT. Us unwashed console gamers got to enjoy that game for six whole months without any problems.

As a mobile gamer (which isn't my fault, in a way) it gets annoying being called out for it, for having such a weaker, regulated version of a PC, with, I'll admit, crap games. However, it's like comparing a senior in high school to a freshman; While being a senior has all the cool stuff, like the chances of getting out of high school quicker and the popularity, that doesn't mean you can't absolutely enjoy being a freshman.

Stupid PC Elitists. While the console fanboys are children that quarrel, at least they aren't STUCK UP JERKS who call the console fans peasants for liking a console. They talk about how you can't have fun on a certain hardware and act like kings. They want you to be just like them and be judgemental jerks. PC Elitists suck. Don't join this fanbase. PLEASE.

These guys are some of the biggest degenerates I have ever had the misfortune of coming across. All they do is brag about their personal preferences. I like PC gaming too but these guys are ridiculous. At least you can play with friends on a console. Please just let that 2014 meme die already.

8 Undertale Worshippers Undertale Worshippers

Disgusting. Nobody wants to see a skeleton and a goat do it. They ruined an amazing game. The AUs are stupid and don't even get me started with the fan art. DISGUSTING.

What a great game, so many nice characters, amazing soundtrack, deep story, and so much skeleton porn. Wait skeleton porn!?! Oh no no hi where am I? Could this be, an Instagram account names sans_love_sans? That ladies and gentlemen is an example of an extreme undertale fan. Undertale is great, fun and enjoyable. Some fans are good as well. Some learn to play the songs and just like the game (like me, I'm not the best at the songs though). But when you see your friend who loves undertale, watching goat porn, you know how bad the fan base gets. Many undertale fans are like that, many of them have unhealthy obsessions with a fine game and this causes it to be tainted with, well how do I say this, excessive ammounts of necrophilia and beastiality. So please, if your a person who tends to go a bit to far with their fan base stay out. If your not, (or can control what I said previously) please take a look at this very fine game, you will not regret it (if you do, sorry. I'm not great at ...more

Reading these comments remind me that the Undertale haters are even worse than the fans. This, for example;

"It isn't as good as Ocarina of Time. The GameFAQs poll was weird because the fanbase invaded and spam voted. If there is a larger sample size, the results will be different. It's a good game, but not revolutionary like Super Mario 64 and the aforementioned Ocarina of Time."

They compare it to OoT and SM64, completely unrelated games, acting like they're objectively better, and evidencelessly (if that's a word) blames the fans for spamming votes. Seriously?

I love the game itself, and draw fan art about it (not bad artwork, I'm not those types of people,) but other people... Well, they have a very unhealthy obsession about the game, and ship many characters with each other. Not to mention Rule 34, there is SO much now. The only ship I'm ok with is Undyne and Alphys, because it's canon. People also ship THEMSELVES with Sans, which isn't ok. Most of the fandom has Sans fangirls, and draw terrible art and animations, then posted on Youtube (mainly.) So, what I'm trying to say to the fandom, is to PLEASE take it down a notch.

9 Nintendo Fanboys Nintendo Fanboys

Nintendo Fanboys have to be the most toxic, annoying and obnoxious community in gaming. They think that every game that is not made by Nintendo or another Japanese company suck. They always sound so superior around other gamers and they feel like their taste in games is better. I keep hearing stuff like "You can never go wrong with Nintendo! " or "Nintendo are so innovative! " Well, guess what! Some people don't like the childish look of Nintendo games and the concepts that the company keeps recycling. We like games that look more realistic, that have complex gameplay and scenarios. If you like the style of Nintendo, that's fine, but don't start thinking that you are better than others.

Nintendo handhelds used to be good only because of Pokémon, but now because Pokémon games are very similar to previous titles, lack design, very few originality and the competition from mobile phones has made them seem like a bad investment.

Nintendo consoles were never good to begin with.

But the reason I despise Nintendo is not that they are overpriced for the value they offer, but because of the fans. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. And so, if people hate Nintendo, there has to be a consumer group, however niche, that like Nintendo. However these groups seem to be so arrogant and so ardent a followers of Nintendo that it makes these people have more in common with cult followers, then with people trying to defend a console.

Botw is not the best Zelda game it's a far cry, phantom pain, Ubisoft knockoff that doesn't revolutionize anything I mean seriously name one thing Zelda botw did that other games didn't do. It has no real dungeons the dlc is lying crap( oh you wanted story add on, well sorry we just added more shrines, but hey here's a motorcycle in a medieval Zelda game! ) Magic's been replaced by technology love it when that happens. There is almost no variety, music is absent or stinks( barring hyrule castle theme) ps I hate piano chords now if you want nature go outside! But now Zelda is going to be like every other game... oh and screw weapon durability!

You guys.."
Then why do I see adults on YouTube playing Mario/Pokemon/Metroid games? I know you are going to answer 'Nintendo panders to children trapped in adult bodies'.Hello, check your facts again.All the Nintendo games have the E on the back Of the box, which means its for family and everyone's enjoyment! Oh, I'm not some Nintendo fanboy who hates games like halo and Call of Duty. I'm one person who is interested in games like them. Thank You.

10 Waluigi Fanbase Waluigi Fanbase

When I think of Daisy haters, Waluigi fanboys are the first to come to my mind. It seems like most people who bash Daisy and her fanbase love Waluigi and think he's the greatest thing to ever exist. Sure Daisy's fanbase isn't great either, but Waluigi's fanbase is worse. It's kind of funny how some Waluigi fans will bash Daisy and Rosalina for being Peach clones, yet wouldn't Waluigi also be a clone following this exact logic? Luigi and Wario would be Mario clones, and Waluigi would be another Mario clone and a clone of Mario's two clones. Most Waluigi fans are real jerks to anyone who doesn't like or worship the WAH god. Daisy and Rosalina fans seem to be their favorite people to target. So it's perfectly okay for Daisy's fanbase to be treated terribly just for liking Daisy, yet there's nothing wrong with Waluigi's fanbase, after they insult Daisy fans because *insert Waluigi meme*?

The Waluigi memes are old and repetitive at this point. Most memes die out quickly, but Waluigi ...more

They always spam "Too Bad Waluigi Time!" "Waluigi Numbah One!" "Where's The Wah?" everywhere and they keep bullying Sakurai for not adding Waluigi in Smash. Honestly he does not deserve to be a playable character in Smash because of how immature and spoiled his fanbase is. They are only obsessed with him because of his memes.

Waluigi: This has gone far enough, Pac-Man.
Pac-Man: Daisy's in Smash now! Just leave her alone!
Waluigi: I can't do that! She's seen too much. You both have.
Pac-Man: It doesn't have to be this way.
Waluigi: I have no choice! Times have changed. Assisting isn't enough anymore.
Pac-Man: But harassing Sakurai and kidnapping Daisy mains?!
Waluigi: I'll kidnap a thousand Daisy mains before I let my reputation die and I'll silence anyone who gets in my way!
Pac-Man: NO!

I am here to defend the Waluigi fanbase. Many people consider this fanbase terrible when it really isn't. In fact many of the fans are nice people that make funny memes about. But every fanbase does have its dark side. A very small part of the fanbase does threaten people including Sakurai. But overall I feel that the hatebase overreacts to a pretty tame fanbase. Though I believe that over generalization for these games is quite unfair

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11 Console Fanboys Console Fanboys

Constantly moaning about PC fans and also with other console fans. That's right. They argue amongst themselves. Love Sonic? People in the fanbase hate you! Love Mario? People in the fanbase hate you! Love PS4? People hate you! Love XBOX360? People hate you! Console fanboys are full of hate towards people outside and inside the fanbase. They constantly fight over which franchise and console is better. Even which company is better. I barely see the difference between a XBOX 360 and PS4, they're both expensive black rectangles. In the PC fanbase, nobody cares about what laptop you have. Have a Lenovo? Nobody will love or hate you for it. You may find someone who has the same type, but they just see it as something they have similar. Have a Dell? Same thing. Phone fans also do the same arguing as console fans, but arguing over phone brands. What about if people stop saying 'such-and-such phone company or console is better' and give the facts and let people decide for themselves? Or just ...more

PC or consoles, both have something: they want to start a war over something they can simply enjoy without uncessary bashing the other..

I can understand their preferences, but the whole,

"consoles are better", "NO, PC is better", I can also point out to the Youtube community for having such comments..

no need to scream your preference, PC, consoles, just enjoy the machine you use.

For me, I just go for the best sounding consoles with the best exclusives and stuff like that, console fanboys on the other hand just blindingly give their money away the company they are loyal to even if it sounds bad. It's stupid but I guess if they're happy, I'm happy.

Do I prefer certain consoles to others? Certainly. Do I slightly prefer a pc to a console? Yes. But at the end of the day, does it really matter? It's like choosing to eat food off of a bowl or a plate. Let's just all agree that 8th gen sucks and just shut up.

12 GTA Fanboys (Grand Theft Auto) GTA Fanboys (Grand Theft Auto)

Whiniest people ever, broken into factions that like Grand Theft Auto online and factions that hate it, and they're at each other's throats. Any deviation from SA or IV, including SA and IV, are bad to them. Grand Theft Auto fans will call out any open world game with 3D movement and vehicles (or even just horses) as a Grand Theft Auto clone and dislike it for "copying Grand Theft Auto". The dumbest and most annoying children and adults I've met are part of this fanbase.

They constantly complain about the online component of the game and assume that since Rockstar made over a billion dollars within the games first week the company no longer needs money. This is illogical because there was a 5 year gap between the last two Grand Theft Auto games meaning their profits aren't as high as they seem.

If you read my comment (it's at number 8) You see that I said that Grand Theft Auto is good...for the most part. The game is good but the kids on the game they cry if you hurt them a bit or do anything don't believe me well there's no reason why you shouldn't believe me just search up on YouTube "Kids raging on Grand Theft Auto" BAM!

Mostly 6-8 year olds. What kind of parents do they have?! I want to kill them, but they'll probably kill themselves soon after they get their own car and crash it into someone on purpose.

13 Game Theory Game Theory

What is everyone's problem with game theory? They've made some of the most complicated yet great theories on video games. They actually go into large amounts of detail instead of two steps in. He has always been the smartest youtuber that I know about. Hell, very few can actually prove his theories wrong!

"Game theory is the worst thing to happen to video games since the video game crash"

-King boo, September 29th 2015.

That is not something I said. But what I did do, Is I screencapped this comment because I never, Never have agreed so much with anything in my life.

It's like, He just perfectly summed it up.

I honestly like matpats funny personality and smart reasons, (although even he can trip up sometimes...) It's just his fans that if you don't agree with him than you are automatically wrong.

Yes. I even like his fnaf videos, but I do understand the cry out against them Matpat is milking them quite a bit to get some theories out but I can actually live with them.

I hate it when people dislike Game Theory because of the FANBOYS. GT was never hated until the FNAF fanboys started presenting his opinions as fact. There's a reason why he ends every episode with, "It's JUST a theory, a GAME theory! " (Notice the emphasis on the word 'just').

The entire reason why GT was created was to entertain users with popular video games. Think of GT as one of those Big Food or UFO documentaries. They use factual evidence, real sightings (in our case, the game developers' words), and use real experts in the more scientific way of things (Biologists, Astronomers, etc. Again, in our case, it's reliable internet articles/videos). At the end of the day, however, it's YOUR choice if Big Foot, the Loch Ness Monster, or the mythical subject at hand exists, just like Game Theory.

I mean, it's really cool to see that Toad COULD be a parasitic creature, but then there's that disclaimer at the end: "It's just a theory, a GAME theory! " Scientifically ...more

14 Xbox Fans Xbox Fans

They think that they're the coolest people in the world if they have an Xbox, and make fun of people who have Playstation, or a Nintendo console. One time a boy in my school (I'm going to middle school now.) who has an Xbox One, said that my friend was poor just because he had a PS4. Xbox fans are WAY WORSE than PS fans. They think anyone without an Xbox is a loser and that they are idiots.

Such fanboys even when Xbox one was openly worse than PS4 they still started the console wars. Just buy what your friends have.

Ok so I know Xbox is awesome, but those fanboys are scumbags, they are PC Microsoft gamers. Shame!

Xbox is my least favorite console for a reason!

15 Cuphead Fanbase Cuphead Fanbase

Serious people if you hate cuphead so much I see the same exact comments on every top ten featuring cuphead I'm 100% sure its 1 person spamming, at least be honest about it don't go out a say "Cuphead gross" say something like the fanbase ruined a good game, and why would you hate cuphead if you haven't played it yet, and you're saying it ruined 1930 cartoons, it's called "Inspiration" like the character cuphead is inspired by a Japanese propaganda cartoon cup with Mickey's clothes.

Look, I love this game, I have played it. But its Fanbase really ticks me off, I never though that the fangirls would start shipping themselves with Cuphead and drawing other disgusting incest art. Also what the heck is with this Bendy x Cuphead ship, it literally makes no sense. For Christ's sake Cuphead is a game based on 1930s Cartoons, not an anime.

To be honest, it's a great game just like Undertale, but the fanbase ruins it for me, with its rule 34, shipping Cuphead with Mugman, like, why would Cuphead make love with his own brother that's just disgusting. They're also fanfics of Bendy x Cuphead, I mean not in a good way, this is what happens if you fuse bad fandoms together.

When it comes to old cartoons, Cupheead fans will bust in and said "IT'S CUPHEAD". A huge disgrace to old cartoons, even that "Somebody stole my spaghet" (The Three Bears) was even here. I never play the game but I love the art style and the animation though.

Let's say that this fanbase knocked the door of the Fleischer's brothers and they say, "CUPHEAD! ".

16 Roblox Fans Roblox Fans

Besides the fact the game sucks, the fans are atrocious. The kids have the mental capacity of a pile of armadillo crap and they have more ego than Donald Trump himself. Usually, most of it is overused 2012 MLG memes combined with ignorant Minecraft role-players who spend their parents credit card to buy in-game currency because they're spoiled brats. Did I mention most of these kids can't take criticism and can't take others opinions? They act depressed 9/10 times and god bless you if you have the strength to call someone out. They'll just report you, as we all know is a tactic everyone in this game uses. At least it doesn't have voice chat.

There are Online Daters who when you confront them they either role-play their way out of it, or just saying "fxxck you." 80% of the ROBLOX players are full of kids who still reference MLG memes. In games like Auto Rap Battles or pretty much any game that you have to vote for whoever is the best at whatever they're supposed to be doing, the friends of one of the players who are competing automatically vote for them, even if they are complete garbage. Not to mention there are these cafes who are full of depressed 16 year olds who take their cafe too seriously, and one of them; Soro's-- had one of the head "workers" copyright striked a person's video for using their logo and supposedly not modifying it in any way, even though it was modified. In cafe groups some of the workers support the Online Daters, and they also instantly kick anyone that has a weird avatar.

There's this guy on my bus. Let's call him Kevin. He's on my bus, and every single day, he talks about how ROBLOX is the best and only good game. He also rambles about how he likes to play Royale High. He also will hate on anyone who doesn't like android phones.

I'm sorry, but I love ROBLOX and I stop any Oders. Also, people can roleplay if they want and it's generally a friendly community. Whenever someone is mean, they just end up making themselves look stupid, so please stop attacking our fan base!

17 Final Fantasy VII Fans Final Fantasy VII Fans

I personally think that the whole fanbase is terrible. While the Final Fantasy VII fans will avoid anything that isn't 7, the other fans will bash any final fantasy that isn't turned based and say that all games after 7 are bad. I personally liked Final Fantasy 7-12. They hated 12 simply because it wasn't turn based (not a valid reason) and the characters since they were kinda bland (which is a valid reason) but that doesn't mean that it is a bad game. I think that the only bad main Final Fantasy is 13 and 14 (A Realm Reborn is alright but I don't really care for it due to being too casual which turned me off from the game. )

I don't like how Final Fantasy VII fans want to criticize the new games because they didn't have a turn-based battle system, or that the characters weren't memorable enough. Square Enix does put a lot of effort into making their games amazing, and have to say, I love every game there is. But in general, a lot of final fantasy fans are annoying and they complain if any Final Fantasy game doesn't follow the same aspects as any other.

Cloud is one of the two whiniest emo wuss characters in existence, the other one is in the same game and spends all his time acting like a whiny momma's boy. The entire game is basically who can whine the most.
People actually try to call Squall emo... it's like they don't know what the word means. Squall is an introvert, not an emo, he bottles his emotion. Cloud whines about every little detail. Hell even Advent Children addresses his whiny-ness.

VI is worse. They complain and complain and treat other FF like garbage. I'm glad there's a list about them. Plus if you bash 6 and it's fans, you're gonna get insults. That's what 6 fans cling to the stories and stuff. Who tf cares? 6 is not the best game that's an opinion not a fact. Go ahead and troll me and stuff. I'm just sharing my opinion.

18 LOL Fans (League of Legends) LOL Fans (League of Legends)

This should be number #1. Leauge of Legends fanbase is worse than Nintendo fanbase, COD fanbase, Roblox fanbase, MC fanbase, and FNAF fanbase combined!

Frankly, this game was engineered for toxicity. Not to mention among all the decent-looking characters they just HAD to add derpy, trolly like teemo.

I am not trying to be racist or anything but it litterally depends on what county you play this game on. If you play on the SEA server like I did, You have the worst fanbase in the existence of humankind

Their fandom is funny because of the frustration reactions they get into when they lose.

19 Overwatch Fans Overwatch Fans

They call every game at all similar to Overwatch a ripoff. *cough* *cough* Paladins *cough* suffered the most.

Yes like the idiot named tracer757 calls all games a ripoff of overwatch. He even said infinity war is a ripoff of overwatch

Bring up TF2 to an Overwatch fan, and the violence will go nuclear. Bring up Overwatch to a TF2 fan, same thing.

There is an article in wikipedia called "overwatch and p-nography" (censored because I always censor). not kidding.

this means it's time to stop

20 Bendy Fans Bendy Fans

I simply cannot believe how popular this game has become. I think it maybe because of the old cartoon style going on. (Most old cartoons nowadays have bad fanbases, or at least just their modern-day fanbases are bad)

This fandom is pissing me off. Way to mush fan girl putting shipping and Crossover.

Honestly this is the least cringy out of the sour batch of indie fanbases.

I'd say it's the bottom. So it's still enjoyable without a cringe fanbase

I would not be surprised if Cuphead gets a massive fanbase as well once it comes out in September, due to so many people going gaa-gaa over it's old cartoon style.

21 Among Us Fanboys Among Us Fanboys
22 Final Fantasy VI Fans Final Fantasy VI Fans

It's not the best game geez. They always criticize newer games and say how it will never be as good as 6's. They also send death threats to those who can't stand them. I'm glad someone made a list about them. they deserved it

The worse ones are Kefka fans.

Yeah they are annoying

23 Persona 5 Fans Persona 5 Fans
24 Daisy Fans Daisy Fans

A lot of them here are always bashing on Rosalina and Peach and begging for Nintendo to ban them from all games. They keep wanting Peach to be replaced with Daisy but then Daisy would be the damsel in distress that is always kidnapped and can't defend herself. Peach and Rosalina are major characters in the Mario franchise so they are not going anywhere.

There are things I dislike about the fandom.
I had many arguments with them and it's so unpleasant.
When I was a Rosalina and Peach fan, there are 3 Daisy fans that stalk me. My name was Rosalina and Peach and I had a YouTube channel. They stalked me and was ready to attack if I post a video of Daisy. I can't stand how rude they are. Then I made positive comments about Rosalina and they tried to go against my comment and shove Daisy down my throat. One Daisy fan asked why I hated Daisy and I said "Because of the fandom" guess what they said after that? "That's too bad." Then paragraph after paragraph they explain how Rosalina is worse when they are acting like them.
There's another one that didn't like me because I didn't like Daisy. I was like, "You know what screw you Daisy fans"
Then on Deviantart they are WORSE. You see them complaining about Rosalina taking Daisy's spot and Rosalina getting too much praise and saying rude stuff about Rosalina that I was just like ...more

I'm glad people are starting to notice how bad they are. When they say "Rosalina is a Peach clone" they provide stupid reasons why she's a peach clone mainly because of the looks. Her eyes are more slanted than Peach's and her lip color is different plus Rosalina's lips are thinner than Peach's. Then they go on how Rosalina is hentai because of that Mario sticker like what? How is that seductive? It's just a sticker - I mean going on to the point. At least Waluigi fans makes jokes but Daisy fans go too far with their hate. They basically hate everything even Nintendo because they didn't put Daisy in the game. That's all you people care about! I like all Mario characters but the fans are trash and Daisy's fanbase is the best way to describe them.

Then on here, they made Rosalina number one on "Most Overrated Video Game Characters" Then made tons of negative comments about her. Then they whine about how much Daisy gets hated so much. Um hello guys look at yourselves and see that ...more

It's so annoying when they just take their hatred so seriously?! Why do people find them okay? They're attacking Rosalina fans because they like the character. They think Rosalina is a Peach clone when they have no evidence and now they've made 30 comments just right above us. And no ParkerFang is not a rapid Rosalina fanboy, she's just likes Rosalina and Daisy that's all.

25 Nintendo Switch Fanboys Nintendo Switch Fanboys

They have this obnoxious entitlement mentality, something I have never seen in my 20+ years of gaming. Not even PC elitists are this extreme when it comes to "port begging". At this rate, the Switch fanbase is similar to a cult. What is worst that gaming companies are taking advantage of this, porting old games at full-price, which is very scummy in my opinion, but the Switch fanboys will buy them regardless because they can play "on the go". I love Nintendo and I enjoy the Switch, but this has the worst fanbase in gaming history.

Please stop asking for games to be ported on your pathetic, overpriced, glorified tablet!
It's getting annoying at this point!

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