The Anime America Incident Is A SHAM!!!

After writing a new series called Characterization and a new entry in The Bad Artists I decided to tackle the Anime America Hoax that has infected this site as a whole. To give you a brief overview of the hoax, This "incident" started when Anime America issued death threats to random youtube viewers who disagree with them. That is how simple this hoax is, A youtuber sent death threats to their viewers. Now despite how grave the matter, you should keep in mind that this "incident" is nothing but a lie. I finalized my evidence gathering after some brief moments of asking users on this site. Now let's get straight to the point.

Now ask yourselves this question, I would assume every Youtuber has the knowledge of the saying "Once you upload something to the internet, it cannot be permanently deleted", So now the question for you guys is that " Why would Anime America make death threats, Death Threats not being discriminatory or racist like Keemstar or Nicole Arbour if they understand it will never be permanently deleted". Even if they flushed their comment sections to rid them of the evidence of their doing, someone and somewhere on the internet would have screenshots of their comments and then reupload them somewhere else, never to be seen by Anime America but viewable to the hundreds of anime fans who now make a mockery of the situation.

Did you know that the people closest to the person who made these claims in the first place do not even know the situation? Yeah I message 2 users on this site close to the person who made the claims who is ModernSpongeBobSucks who at some lists complains about this youtuber's Disrespectful behavior. I will not say their name but since you guys will be reading this article I made. There is another person who I asked but stayed silent who is Hoxton but since a friend of mine IRL know Hox, He asked him about the incident, Gets to the brief rundown of the incident but when asked for screenshots, Hox does not have any screenshots to give. You should know the importance of archiving these comments right?

The evidence gathering for this incident is so hard to obtain that I include it as part of the evidence of it being a hoax. Now a visitor said on this website that he searched the incident on google but circled back to the same site, Now I decided to do the same thing and the first result is, if you look up the articles, they have nothing in relation to AA. If you delve into the other pages, you get nonsense as well.

I would throw this absurd piece of evidence about the value of professionalism. This critic values professionalism based on their videos being scripted, decently animated and raises valid points. Now would a professional ciritc like AnimeAmerica throw their image in the garbage bin just to get back at those fans who hate their show. I suppose not because similar to the FouseyTube and RiceGum drama were it was suspected and proven fake because, why would anyone film themselves in a fistfight against a random dude. Similarly, why would anyone waste their time making death threats because of an difference of opinion.

Now I would not like to accuse someone because based on my conclusions, someone has been pretty naughty today. My conclusions indicate that these grave accusations were given because someone could not take their opinion. This is evident considering his comments about Anime America were about disrespect and abusiveness and not about the bigger problem with Anime Ameirca which is bias.