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Oh hello guys, I was busy being too giddy and happy today and just when I was about to play that ukulele music on the background, I was happy. So anyways, I wanna give you guys some tips about life. You see, when I was, like, six or some crap like that, I was raped by my dad and ever since then I wanted to stay away from everyone and I still have the scars I have to day on my wrists but I'm not showing you it because I'm too damn happy! Just look at my room! It has a stuffed bear in it, I'm straight but I still have a 60% feminism voice and my favourite things are love stories!

You know what I just love? Cooking! You know what else I love? Africa! Let me tell you a story of how much I love Africa. I gave all my tears in a bucket and gave it to the African soon-to-be Americans and I chopped off my dog's legs for the little kids to eat. Animal cruelty is just mean, don't think I did that to my dog because I was cruel, I did that to show support and I did asked my dog's permission to do so, he said 'Woof, woof, woof!' which means 'Yeah fam, you can do it. All I wanted was to watch Sky Sports for the rest of my life.' Just look how happy my dog is! Yeah, he's whinging a little bit but that's just the emotional drive he's having. If anyone says it's different, fans, just block them and get their channel taken down!

Now for my trips and adventures I had, I was a boy and then all of the sudden, I was a girl stuck inside a dude's sexy body! Transexuality is just not right for me though.... I hate f**s. No, not gay people, I meant smoking! People who smoke are idiots and if you smoke, please unsubscribe to me! I don't want my channel to be fogged by your smokey bacon breath! That's why I'm going to do an ad campaign to stop people from putting that fine Cuban cigar in someone's delicate lips. Look how social I am! Look how joyful I am! Now introducing my butt buddies!

We're going to do a challenge that for every question you get wrong will have to strip their clothes one by one. Definitely not gay, people. All you haters are an abysmal bully! Please get out of my life! All you beautiful fans out there, block them now! Do it silently though because it's not like I want to be exposed by the masses! It's called 'cleaning up the resources and turn it to something positive', it's recycling the air and keep the site fresh and free of horrible smogs!

That's all I've got time for, need to go and see if I can still get that sex change done!


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