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1Pretty Little Liars

This is the best show ever because its there are many twists like we thought noel or jenna's the a but all of the sudden we know mona's the first A reveal. We never thought its mona because she also receives received like messages from A during season 1. Its the best show because many girls like me never thought toby was A too, which give me a stress. This show is also interesting because the producers like giving us a math test where we need to solve alison's death or if she's not we need to watch this show for proofs if she's not really dead. I think many teens can watch this show because this show's giving us how dangerous it is to keep a secret like we can get in a trouble or someone might revenge us if we tell secrets. We need to vote PLL!

I think that Pretty little liars it the best show I have ever seen. It has many twists in it like for example when we thought that noel or jenna is A but all of the sudden it became mona. I really like it as well because everything that happens in the story leads you to so many questions. The first time I watched it I got hooked to it. I'm really obsessed with it, so if there is someone who hasn't watched it yet I suggest you should because it's amazing.

This television show is really breath-taking. You never know what will happen next. If you start watching this show, you will never leave. When I first started watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix, I stayed on my laptop for 2 days as I finished 3 seasons. This show is just the best! You should give this show a try but just watching the first episode. After that first episode, you'll become an addict to Pretty Little Liars. And that's a promise.

Love the drama, love the suspense, just love the overall confusion of the show. Just always have you guessing

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2The Fosters

Just an amazing show. Good story line, good acting by the characters, and it has the potential to be one of the best shows on ABC Family. The show itself is funny, but serious at the same time. The teenage problems they face can sometimes be used to relate to the audience.

I recommend people to watch it! It's much more than it seems. And, just because it doesn't involve some crazy plot twist/mystery like almost every other show on ABC, doesn't mean it's not worth watching! A nice show that doesn't need to involve murders, mysteries, or lies.

When I finished watching Pretty Little Liars I started watching The Fosters and I thing it is an amazing show. Both Pretty Little Liars and The Fosters are great so if you haven't watched them yet I suggest you should because they're amazing shows that will get you hooked up till you watch it till the end.

This show is amazing. It has the power to grab your heart and never let it go. Every time I watch this show, it's like coming home. The characters are so so real yet so so loveable, and the relationships between all of the characters, not just the romantic ones, just give you explosions of butterflies in your stomach. This show has the potential to be one of the best shows of this generation. I can't wait to see what they do next.

Absolutely a great show, definitely one of my favorites. Good story like and great people on the show.

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"Twisted" is such a GREAT show! I hope this show has a long run on ABC Family. It certainly deserves it. It's definitely become one of my preferred shows. It's intriguing and interesting and mysterious. There's so much suspense built into the story and between the characters. There's so much you just can't predict so it just keeps you guessing. The plot of every episode keeps you entertained. Also the friendships and romantic relationships are awesome. There's the perfect chemistry among the characters. You definitely feel everything that's going on. They've done really well with the writing and choosing the actors they've chose. EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS SHOW JUST WORKS! LOVE IT.

I like the characters of Danny and lacey. The potential the storylines can have. I just want better execution in the writing on portraying each character as equals and sticking to the premise that the produces said the show was about Danny Desai reconnecting with his childhood best friends and the basis of the show is the friendships. I need to see the Lacey being treated equally to Jo (show her family and her story, not jo's, centered around them, so her having a life outside of Danny and Jo, she has done more things than Jo so treat her equally since she is a main character) I vote for this show because the idea and premise was promising. I just want better execution of those ideas, not revolving around Jo the whole time, every episode, but each character equally.

This is my absolute favourite show. It has such a great story line and is so intriguing, there is never a boring moment. I would honestly pay for this show to be renew because it is that good. The relationships and friendships make you smile and wanting more and Avan Jogia is in it so I think it should be a given to watch this show. THere are so many unpredictable things around the corner and it is just so bloody fantastic. The whole show just is written so incredibly well and the actors do it justice to the T. LITERALLY THIS SHOW IS PERFECT AND THERE SHOULD MOST DEFIANTLY BE ANOTHER SEASON IF NOT 100000000. BEST SHOW.

I loved the show I wished they would bring it back everything I like a show they take it off daddy was so good with Jo. And lacey played a good part

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4Switched at Birth

Never expected to like a show from ABC Family, since I'm not a teen anymore. But with SAB, it's just different. Interesting story, great actors and characters, really fun to watch, there are a lot of interesting and different than what you usually get storylines every week.

Very interesting story... Good story telling... Very best drama.. Good acting, direction. Everything is ally good about it and best is it keeps one interested in the story.

I also really loved Jane by Design and Make it or Break it. But of the currently airing shows this is my favorite. It has really open my eyes to how beautiful sign language is.

Love this show! Makes me want to learn sign language.

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5The Lying Game

Really an amazing show. I am so impressed with it. The makers of the show clearly take their work seriously. The show is surprisingly realistic, especially for a show about twins who switch places.

Love this so much like love love love love love love love ;love love this show so so much like really much emma is so much nicer, sutton is just mean epically. Thayer and sutton should go out

I only started watching this recently... And I love it! Just want you guys out there to know that I'm not being peppy... I am being serious. They better renew THE LYING GAME for a 3rd season... Or else it looks like the ABC Family are going to lose a lot of viewers! Remember... The numbers are not going to drop unless you make them!

Its really a wonderful show.. One of the best shows I have ever watched...

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6The Secret Life of the American Teenager

It was so sad to see this show end like it did she didn't marry Ricky and she left john but at least he was with his father and she just goes to collage. I wish it did not end like that I was literally crying when they graduated and she told Ricky she was not marrying him and when she just walked out the meat shop door and how is she gonna basically go live with been when she was engaged to him but broke it off and her friends kinda left her in the dust. BUT I LOVED THIS SHOW SO MUCH

I got hooked WAY to long after it started! Thanks for this it makes me feel like someone else in the world enjoys this DAMN AMAZING show!

A really, really good show! I watch it all the time without my parents, of course.

I really like this show is definitely my favorite ABC family

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7Baby Daddy

I love Baby Daddy. It's filled with cute guys (and girls) and it mixes comedy with also some family love. I love the first episode so much when he is alone with baby Emma it is too sweet and all around amazing

I Love this show so much it like he started out as a one night stander and a drunk with no responsibilities and then he grew up and started to take care of his beautiful daughter Emma. Ben is such a good dad

I binge watched all 3 seasons in about 1 week and it's adorable! Can't wait for season 4 to come out...

Love this show so funny!

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8Jane By Design

Amazing is the closest word to describe this beautiful, majestic show. Fashion, drama in high school. Comparing two different worlds that are so connected to each other in ways no one could have imagined. Please keep this show going. It is sophisticated and beautiful! I am completely impressed and I adore every minute of it.

Amazing Show of all time. I wish it was not cancelled. This is my favorite show next too Lying game and people 3333 PLEASE BRING THIS SHOW BACK PLEASE!

Jane by design is the best show ever their is drama and it keeps you on the edge of your seat for the hole episode and it keeps you wanting more. the only downfall is they cancelled the show before they made a season 2 and I can't find the last episode for the life of me but other then that this is a fantastic show.

I loved this show! It was good, clean family cinema. Vibrant set and the characters had depth. Bring it back like yesterday!

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9Make It or Break It

BEST. SHOW. EVER. Enough said. Why was it canceled is beyond me...

Best show you will EVER WATCH. I watched it NON STOP on netflix and I wanted to be apart of that life I became obsessed and you will too

Love this show so much. The best T.V. show ever. Please have the T.V. show back on. Please

So Sad that this show was cancelled. please bring it back. I beg you!

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I love it! One of my all time favorite shows

I am so sad they stopped the show it was one of the best shows

Something about it bothers me... And I'm not sure what it is. - MoldySock

It's a really beautiful show

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11The Nine Lives of Chloe King

Nine Lives of Chloe King was the best show in the world. It was original and it always left you wondering what will happen next. Especially the finale. God, ABC Family either needs to stop making good shows or stop cancelling them. My vote is for the stop canceling. THIS SHOW ROCKS! #1!

I really love the show the nine lives of chloe king and I don't like that there canceling it I think I'm gonna die if it goes away because it's my favorite thing to watch

Good show so sad abc family keeps cancelling great shows like kyle xy and makes up crappy un cool shows

Best show why they cancel

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12Once Upon a Time

This show is so amazing! It's starting to get old so there are some mistakes in the plot but I feel like I'll never get tired of it. The first seasons are always the best, but the new ones are also great and that's rare in series that are on for more than 3-4 seasons. I just love how well developed the characters are, and how good the plot twists are. Adam and Eddy are doing an awesome job! My heart's been broken more than once, I found myself crying and hyperventilating way too many times.

This show is new. But it's turning out good

Number 16?! ARE YOU SERIOUS? This show is awesome! The fairy tales have so much more depth! Mysterious! It should be second on the list.

Great show. Only seen the first 4 seasons but I was hooked.

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Amazing. Never has ABC Family offered a show with so much depth. Both guys and girls could get into the show and everyone was able to find a character that they connect with. Why must ABC Family always let go of the gems they create and instead bring in trash like Pretty Little Liars or Secret life.

Best show ever. I have never felt such an emotion watching any other ABC family serie. It's moving and amusing. You are so likely to connect with any character and eventually love it. Actually, every character has its own personality, makes mistakes and grows up. Also, the plot evolves constantly through a deep and funny moments at the same time. You definitely will regret not being part of their greek system!


It's so amazing and I feel like I know them so well!

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14Melissa & Joey

I love this show so much just still waiting on it to come back on try to make it very fast I'm ready to watch...

I love this show, can't belive the way season 4 ended! They should start production again and make season 5

Best show ever! It needs to hurry up and come back on!

I love Melissa and Joey. They're the best couple ever!

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Please don't cancel this excellent show. It is a bright spot in an otherwise boring lineup. Smartly written, funny and poignant all in one show. The girls are so talented and Sutton Foster is fantastic. This show just needs more advertising sent it's way. If more people were aware of how good it is it would be in your top 3. Looking forward to the next season. Sincerely. Diane Deighton

This show is so refreshing! It has great characters, amazing talent and a brilliant story line! It's touching, comical, funny and it's real. Reaches a lot to lots of people in the audience. Not to mention the awesomeness of Michelle's sarcasm =) An amazing creation from Amy Sherman-Palladino

I really hope more episodes are released. This is the best show ever! Enough said.

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16Kyle XY

I absolutely live Kyle xy! I have NO idea why they would cancel the best show ever! It's so relatable! It has romance and mystery but it's not like a the other cliche shows out there! Don't get me wrong I like those too but Kyle was different! He was so cute, and funny, smart, relatable... What was I saying? Anyway, there have been SO many times in real life where I have literally said "I need Kyle! " No joke! I have watched this show, the whole series, three times. Plus certain episodes even more than that! Plus I got my entire family to watch it to! They LOVE it! I really don't understand why abc family would cancel this show! It was AMAZING! And if you don't think so, I think you need to visit a doctor!

This show is amazing it would be #1 if they continued

#1 for ever! Best show of ABC Family! Too bad they cancelled, still a truly unforgettable show, the way you can relate to the characters, the way the story develops and not to mention how great the actors were, ABC 'Jumped off a cliff' when they decided to cancel this amazing show, there are still good shows, but this one is off the charts!

Simply the best show ever.

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17Gilmore Girls

Gilmore girls it's the best show EVER! the end was kinda a surprise for the actors because it was cancelled and the actors found out when it was not renewed so they didn't know that it was the last chapter, but you definitely have to give it a shot, it's amazing to see all the characters, the good plot, and the incredible story of Lorelai and Rory, I have watched it so many times, and I'm so excited that it is going to be picked up by Netflix for 4 new episodes to finish the show as the producer Amy Sherman-Palladino wanted.

I love this show because everyday I wake up then when I'm getting dress I turn on this this show is turned for waking me up

so cute its about family and romance and will get you so hooked! MUST WATCH!

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First I thought it was okay but when you get into it and commited to watching it... Amazing. Not exactly a thriller but its like an episode of pretty little liars Halloween special in every episode, not just Halloween. Can't wait until winter premiere!

Brilliant T.V. show, already obsessed!

-joined with pretty little liars

Great show, especially if you know what "Pretty Little Liars" is which I do. So I had amazing time waching Ravenswood too. Can't wait until new season. xx

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19Full House

An amazing show about a big family struggling with many different problems: bullies, child abuse, drinking, and even deaths of a loved one! A must-watch!

Best show ever and I still watch it! This show really helps through rough times, teaches lessons, and is just HILARIOUS! I love this show so much!

I love this show and I think it should be #1

Love it can't see how that do it

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2010 Things I Hate About You

I wish they made a season 2 of this because I'm so in love with the show.

This was an AMAZING show. SO sad it ended. Hot guuys, great scripts, and an plain out AWESOME show. They REALLY should bring it back. Like at least a reunion movie or something!

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