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1 Spencer and Toby

Toby and Spencer have been through hell and back through the torment A (aka Charlotte) put them and their friends through and still managed to fall back into each other's arms. The love and connection between them just shines so brightly like the sun, even when Toby got engaged to Yvonne five years later and Spencer briefly got together with Caleb.

Spencer was there for him when Yvonne died on their wedding day, and when she was kidnapped by her identical evil twin Alex (aka A.D.) and their mother, Mary Drake, Toby was able to tell which of the twins was Spencer as she was his epic love - the only girl for him. And in a recent episode of the PLL spinoff, PLL: The Perfectionists, fans were told that Toby and Spencer eloped, finally! So happy!

2 Hanna and Caleb

I honestly don't get how they aren't #1 on this list. They are the only couple on PLL to get an award and, from what I've seen, the most voted for as "best couple." Caleb is so loyal and protective of Hanna, and he's willing to sacrifice himself for not only her but her friends as well, showing how close they are. Ashley also happens to love Caleb, unlike the other Liars' parents.

They love each other so much it hurts, and it's a fictional show for God's sake! He was the only person she trusted to tell about A, and he revealed his past in foster homes to her. Another thing is Ashley Benson and Tyler Blackburn have so much chemistry on and off-screen. They were rumored to be dating countless times. Honestly, what's not to love about them?

3 Aria and Ezra

Ezria, what can I say? I've been in love with this couple since I saw the pilot. Their relationship is so complex but still so simple - they're soulmates. They can forgive each other even after the biggest heartbreaks and darkest secrets. They stand behind each other and would do anything for each other.

Their rain kiss is the best scene ever in PLL, so many feelings all at once. I just don't know how to write my feelings down about them. It's the first ship I ever had and my only OTP. It brought me into this perfect world of fandoms, and I could not be more grateful.

4 Mike and Mona

She really loved him and his face last night... goddess, it broke my heart! This is the reason I believe they had true feelings for each other: Mike and Mona, two lonely, broken people who found a little piece of Heaven together. In each other, they found peace and redemption from their pasts.

They love each other so much and support each other. I love them. Even though we don't see as much from the other couples, we see they found something special and believe in each other.

They are so cute together. I love their chemistry, no matter their two-year age gap.

5 Alison and Emily

From the moment they met, they only saw the good in each other, even when nobody else could. Even though they were separated, they never stopped believing. Despite what people said, they knew that they loved each other. The other couples are cute, but they had to reassure each other of their love. For Alison and Emily, they didn't need words to describe their connection.

Sometimes you just know when two people on this Earth are blessed enough to find each other. You know they belong together. Even when Emily thought Alison was dead, even though they suffered hardship, their love wasn't scarred. Alison and Emily have a bond that can never fade.

6 Spencer and Wren

I don't know why, but I just love them! As for Spoby, I just can't even. Like, their relationship is so messed up to me. I liked it back in the season 1 and 2 days, but when the whole Toby-is-A thing happened, they just got back together like that. After the fact that Spencer was in Radley, like it was all okay?!?

Then after that, it was so downhill. His character became boring, his lines suck, he's aggressive with Spencer, he is gone all the time, etc. I could go on all day. It would be so funny if Spencer and Wren were together after the time jump. I would love it!

7 Emily and Maya

I don't care if Maya is dead or not. They were always the cutest. Maya taught Emily so much. Everybody else's boyfriend worked for A and had a part in trying to hurt the girls.

Maya was just as much a victim as the rest of the girls, maybe more.

Emaya is that couple that puts each other over everything else and supports each other through everything. They have been through the most in their relationship, and unlike Ezria, they aren't illegal. It was truly love at first sight.

My favorite couple. I can't get over them, regardless of Maya being dead. I just have high hopes she's not because I love Emily being with her. She seemed deeply in love with Maya instead of Paige. I don't know, just love them. I can relate so much.

8 Aria and Jason

Come on, everyone knows Jason's hotter than Ezra and obviously has more chemistry with Aria. It would be so sexy if they were together. Jason is just so attractively bad, and it's sexy. Their relationship would be dangerous while it's fun. Best match.

Aria and Jason would be magic. I know she had all the history with Ezra, but I know it became harder and harder for her to resist Jason. And that one time they kissed, it just seemed right.

This is a very sexy pair. Aria and Ezra are so boring. I snooze every time they're on screen.

9 Lucas and Hanna
10 Emily and Sahara
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11 Ashley and Ted

They are a perfect couple, and Ted cares about Ashley so much. He paid for her one-million-dollar bail.

Love them together! Ted is such a sweet guy.

Aw, these two were actually really cute until Jason came between them.

12 Emily and Toby

I loved their bromance in season 1, but when Spoby happened, Toby got so incredibly annoying. And I'm sure he is a great person, but I don't like Keegan's acting at all - especially in romantic scenes.

Most people will probably hate me for saying this, but I wish they had done it like in the books: Paige and Caleb don't exist, Ezra has to go to jail for being with Aria, and Toby is dead. I just don't like any of the four main relationships... Jake and Aria, Travis and Hanna, and Alex and Spencer were much better than Spoby, Ezria, and Haleb. Emison is okay, though.

I also don't get how you can prefer Ezra, Toby, and Caleb over guys like Mike, Wren, Jason, Travis, and Jake... This is just my opinion, and I don't mean to offend anyone. And sorry for any possible mistakes. English isn't my first language...

13 Alison and Lorenzo

I think that Lorison could have actually happened if Alison hadn't stolen Lorenzo's ID card to sneak into the police department.

Lasted so short, yet I wished they were endgame. Why?

14 Jenna and Shana
15 Pam and Mr. fields
16 Ella and Byron

Seems like y'all are forgetting about the parents, that's why I'm adding this one! Anyways, they were so cute together. WHY did they have to get divorced? GRR!

17 Noel and Aria

I'm obsessed with Noel and Aria! I'm happy to see that this made the list, as people usually hate Noel. I LOVE them in the books and show! In both, Noel genuinely cares about her.

They are practically the best couple in the books, so they could do just as good on the show.

Noel and Aria and Hanna and Mike were so awesome in the books. Ezra and Caleb are just weird.

18 Caleb and Miranda
19 Aria and Jake

They are so cute together. She is finally getting over Ezra, and that is because of Jake. I mean, I loved Aria and Ezra, but I think it's time for Ezra to let Aria go and be with Jake. She has moved on, and he should too - and this time not with one of his students, and for that matter, not a minor either.

Aria and Jake are cute together. Wish they were still together!

Ezria is boring. Jake is hot and supportive! He's got so much potential.

20 Sean and Hanna

I thought Sean and Hanna were so cute together. I don't know why there are so many Sean haters out there. I thought Sean was such a good guy. I was cheering for them the whole time and was upset when they broke up! I definitely like them together. Cutest couple!

21 Spencer and Caleb

Hanna is such a ditz (not to mention a spaz). She is the character I like the least on the show. Caleb is far too good for her, and I was pleasantly surprised to see him and Spencer hook up. Toby, on the other hand, is completely boring (yawn!). They just need to phase him out of the show altogether.

I love Hanna and Caleb, but I think mostly because Caleb is an amazing boyfriend. He's literally the best. I enjoyed watching him and Spencer getting it on!

These two were perfect for each other. They were both smart. Hanna didn't deserve Caleb, and Toby didn't deserve Spencer. Spaleb for life.

22 Emily and Paige

How is Paily not higher? Paige and Emily were one of the main characters in the show. They had a shaky start, but Paige is sweet and I always thought their relationship could really work out.

Favorite ship of all time! They are just so cute together. They should be way, way, way higher.

Amazing! Paige cares for Emily so much!

23 Aria and Wes

He is everything. He is so cute, oh my god, and anyone that watched Wizards of Waverly Place has a special place for him in their heart. And if not... fake fan!

I so hope they bring him back to the show. These two are so cute together.

24 Spencer and Alex

I really liked these two. They were a great match.

Spencer and Alex were cute together. I was so upset when they broke up, but Spencer does have Toby now.

25 Melissa and Ian

Melissa and Ian were a really strange couple, but I suppose it did add to the drama.

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