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Their music are awesome.. Every time I played their songs, they gave me spirits.

I believe that BUNKFACE will be the best band in Asia... I love you bunkface

Best band in Malaysia. European wanna be. Keep calm. Stay Bunkers. Stay tune with Bunkface

Bunkface song is about world and life

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Bittersweet can get in top 5.. Come on guys.. Disagree is suck.. Hujan deserve at number 1 because they have a really good guitarist (ag coco).. The time also didn't cool at all..


The best melody ever~ complicated chording. Universal and not consist of only rock music but all, jazz. Seriously, Hujan is the best in my optioning.

The combination of guitar skills, creative lyrics and good showman-ship make Hujan the best! This band gonna be legend! Trust me..

To me all the hujan's song have an identity.. each of the song using different notes.. beside that how they branding their band such as do a local brand.. to me hujan is totally superb.. and I can give 5 stars

Hujan is the best indie group, it should be number 1 not bunkface

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4Azlan & The Typewriter

There the best ever...


Weird to NOT see this band in the top 5. Full of originality, multi-genres, on of the earliest (first perhaps? ) english-singing indie band to be popular!

Butterfinger is Malaysia version of Nirvana! The Best!

Its 2015 but this band is really a different from the others for me,

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LEGEND! This band is in the different class.. Can't compare them.. Butterfingers also.. Living legend.. Their music are really inspired.. Come on

Best moment for me is listen to OAG's songs...

7One Buck Short
8The Azenders

The band vocalist is sam bunkface... The band is awesome

Great band..Wonderful music in Ladies and Gentleman

9The Times

Nice form of music, the lyrics are simple so as the music..

Only truly indie love them because they know..

Just the best...

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10Selamat Pagi Gadis

The Newcomers

?Bambino Kiss

Finally, something that gonna innovate our scene.

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12Laila's Lounge

Revolution Of Nation Underground scence

16The Lipstik

this band bring us the new thing that will inspire us all barely in this industry.. rock on dude!

18Gigi Kopak
19Oh Chentaku

This band from kota tinggi johor. Genre punk rock alternative.

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1. Bunkface
2. Bittersweet
3. Azlan & The Typewriter



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