Top Ten British Comedians

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The Top Ten

Russell Howard
He's great - can't stop laughing once he starts - best ever!
Russel is fantastic he is my number 1 hands down

Funniest comic ever!
no one makes me laugh like russell!
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2Michael McIntyre
He makes me laugh so much. just thinking of his jokes makes me chuckle.
That man makes me smile whenever I see his face! No doubt about it! I love him and he is so hilarious! He makes everyone laugh around him and whenever I see him do comedy he always makes me laugh to the extent that I can't breathe!
The way he tells his already hilarious jokes makes them that much more hilarious.
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3Ricky Gervais
Absolute genius. Podcast king, great radio shows in past, cool standups and overall amazing TV series!
This guy is a true Genius. Always manages to make me laugh.
comedy legend smart comedy that always makes me laugh out loud
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4Jimmy Carr
Having a dark sense of humor is like a superpower, it comes with responsibility, the amazing ability that Jimmy has is, no matter how cruel or coarse the joke may be, he wants people to believe its only a joke and that there's nothing they should be worried about. I like that. Beautifully emphasizing that he's there only to "Release endorphins" and nothing else. Not only a master of the dark art, but an advertiser of its innocence.
This guy deserves to be in the top ten he is hilarious every one of his shows is unbelievably funny.
Also he doesn't go on big raves on stage that only feature about 5 or 6 jokes he just tells funny jokes one of his live shows is called nothing to pretentious its just called ' Jimmy Carr Telling Jokes' that's it!
Possibly the best comedian currently performing. Best ever at dark/shock humour in my opinion. Terrific for sick minded people like me.
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5Lee Mack
Funny as hell. Can't wait to see the next series of not going out and his next tour!
I'm so glad Lee is on here he is definitely one of the best comedians ever but I feel he is underrated.
You just have to watch not going out, would I lie to you or his tour DVDs to see he is on of the funniest men in comedy!
I'm so glad that Lee's on here, I feel that he is really under appreciated.
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6Dara O'Briain
Absolutely amazing comedian but he's not british, he's IRISH, get it right please
Amazing improviser and a very good comedian. Unlike some, he really knows his stuff. He doesn't slag off an audience but integrates it inside his act. A true Comedian.
Dara is the best comedian in terms of audience interaction. A thing which many comedians find hard to do.
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7Lee Evans
He makes my head hurt, my stomach ache and my jaw dislocated. It's a bit like being in a funny punch-up.


The best comedian over any 5 minute clip or whole carreer. Dwarfs mcintyre
Simply the best comedian I have ever watched. Unlike other comedians, the show is consistent all the way through and my body was aching from laughter!
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8Frankie Boyle
If Not the Best Comedian Easily, Number one in the Dark Comedy List By Far.
Makes me crack up all the time. The funniest of all time on mock the week dominated any program he went on "People said mel gibson couldn't be in braveheart he'd be a bad Scot - well look at him now a raging alcoholic"! Lol :P Awesome comedian
Frankie Boyle is not only a great improviser, but also knows his audience so well that he never makes long boring monologues, but rather short efficient quips that are more funny than all of the the other established comedians combined
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9Rowan Atkinson
Surprised how low he is. He is the all time greatest comedian to ever walk on this planet. Made millions laugh at the Olympics without saying a word.
He has this amazing magical superpower to make you chuckle... Just by entering the room/stage. When he changes his facial expression it reduces most people to hysteria and when he opens his mouth to say something... There is a risk that your head will explode. Oh and "Pa Pa".
Blackadder and Mr Bean he brilliant and very funny!
He should in the top ten! Not in the top twenty vote now or you vote for someone else... {^_^}
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10Sean Lock
Seam Lock is by far the best comedian there is. Yes, he can be a bit risque but his dry intelligent humour is second to none. Long may he keep us entertained.
Unquestionable. He is the best. There are few others here who even deserve to be on this list with Sean
Best comedian ever, he is the heart of 8 out of 10 cats and I can't watch the show without nearly dying!
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The Contenders

11Eddie Izzard
There's no single object or subject in the world, which Eddie couldn't make funny for all of us. His insight of everything, his curiosity are the most incredible parts of his deep and thoughtful jokes. Even for me, a guy from Russia
His comedy is so funny and yet sophisticated. (Which is probably why not as many people know about him because you actually need a well rounded education to understand him. However it makes his act even better and funnier if you get the smaller jokes) his observational comedy is brilliant. You can't stop laughing once he starts.
Only Russel Howard can compare in the type of comedy he creates; his surreal humour is brilliant. The best.
Go to love Jeff.
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12Hugh Dennis
Sep-ladder. He's brilliant should be NO.1 THE NOW SHOW! he's awesome! :D
cleverest comedian around
he's really funny and clever. I especially like him in outnumbered and mock the week. he's actually hilarious!
Why he is not higher up on this list I do not understand. He is easily the funniest guy on mock the week!

13Peter Kay
I am visiting London from Australia and my friend had taped a show of Peter Kay, which we watched one evening. I have never laughed so much in all my life, and I am 54, with a great sense of humour. Absolutely a wonderful evening. I have become his biggest fan. I'm telling everyone to check him out. Thanks Peter, you make the world a better place.
Peter Kay reminds me of Robb Wilton and those other older Comedians of the thirties and forties. Simply Sublime! Graham Cash Perth West Australia
Peter is so funny and down to earth with his humor. I keep watching his old TV re runs and there still as funny as ever.
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14Jack Whitehall
He is Brilliant in his sitcoms, I just can't stop laughing at them!
He is Hilarious and great humour in all of his stand up as well as sitcoms But I feel like he needs more publicity!

15Milton Jones
There's something about Milton Jones, something I can't quite put my finger on, that always makes my head explode with laughter! Just listen to him for two minutes and you'll never forget any of it!


He's mad and funny. On mock the week it is funny that some of the other comedians here don't always appear to find him funny, but the audience tells the true story. Needs to also open a shirt shop
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16David Mitchell
Greatest comedian in the UK without a doubt. Peep Show is a masterclass of sitcoms and he can make even the most drab panel show entertaining.
Mitchell may not do stand-up comedy like most comedians, however his sharp wit, intellect, slightly withdrawn personality, pessimism and OCD tendencies more than qualify him for my personal #1 comedian.
We have only just started to get "Would I lie to you" here in Australia. Love it - David Mitchell is the best.

17Miranda Hart
Just recently discovered Miranda Hart on PBS - Love her show - She is adorable! She is awkward, very tall and decidely clumsy but you can't help but rally for her! I want her as Number One. I have also seen the actual Miranda on interviews and she comes across as a nice person. I like that about her. Some comedians are very manic! She is elegant!
Fantastic and original, I love her sitcom, such fun!
Funniest women here (this is proved by how she is the only female in the top ten) and she always makes one laugh. Love.
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18Stephen Fry
I love David Mitchell, Bill Bailey, Eddie Izzard and Jimmy Carr but there can only be one which I choose. It has to be Stephen.

19John Cleese
So versatile - standup tour in Australia 2012 is fantastic. Films, T.V. - who could surpass Monty Python and Fawlty Towers - even the Edinburgh Festival! Magnifique!
He is absolutely amazing! He is responsible for both Monty Python and Fawlty Towers. Just to add to that, he has an incredibly memorable face and voice. What a pro!
He would be in the top 10 funniest people in the world! Funnier than gervais by a long shot. "Mr Fawlty, I love you, I love you! "
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20Bill Bailey
A veteran who has earned the rightful position of funniest, cleverest and nicest man in comedy. Asked my son who he would like to live with if he didn't live with me - his answer: Bill Bailey.
Live at Hammersmith was 90 minutes of class

21Jason Manford
Only heard him for the first time on T.V. here in Australia recently. Absolutely hilarious!
Move up to number 2 the kid is brilliant. He's not a joke teller he's a storyyeller without being foul.
Proves you don't have to be offensive or shocking, just funny.
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22John Bishop
The Best bar none he is a genuine very funny kind generous guy and probably the fastest in growing popularity! Oh ye and he's Scouse. YNWA
Probably the best of the best comedic commentators on real life

23Josh Widdicombe
So funny and underrated! The best comedian working now by a mile. He makes me laugh every single time.

24Peter Cook

25Ross Noble
Comes up with the craziest things when he's preforming, makes everybody laugh and incorporates the audience in his comedy.
If Ross is on a roll he can't be beaten for creating comedy on the fly, and surreal with it

26Tim Vine
One line wizard machine with impeccable timing
'Albino, can't say fairer than that'

Say no more..

27Harry Enfield

28Jon Richardson
This guy should be in the top 10! He's SO funny and relatable! Not to mention absolutely gorgeous and adorable! Amazing writer as well, I recommend his book.
He is hilarious, and I've just finished his book!
Just the best... Greatings from amsterdam

29Peter Sellars

30Simon Pegg
Spaced one of the funniest, and original comedy shows ever made. And Nick Frost is an excellent co-pilot laugh out loud.
Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead, Paul, Spaced, Big Train, etc. Simon Pegg is one of my favorite comedians ever! Him and Nock Frost are the dynamic duo!
Best comedian alive! Funny bloke, great accent and so ' nerdy! Love all his stuff.
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31Sacha Baron Cohen

Ali G and Borat changed comedia in Britian!

Ma name-a borat. You can't beat it

32Ken Dodd

33Billy Connolly
Billy Connolly has to be one of or the funniest man iv heard, when he talks about life in general he makes the everyday day events we all go through or have been in at some time hilarious with his undoubted quick wit and just a unique approach to explain these common happening's in a most amusing manner a genius
Very funny. Amazing life experiences, excellent story telling. Deserves way more recognition. Has been doing comedy way longer than almost anyone and still going. Surely he has influenced more people than anyone on these lists.
Best comedian I have ever seen. He cannot just be listened to, you have to watch him move around to really get what he is saying, he is very expressive and will keep you laughing throughout his entire standup.
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34Eric Morecambe
Too funny, too quick, too good!
Best Comedian ever! Him and Ernie make me laugh so much I fall over! There will never be anyone like him again and he is, in my opinion the funnyest person ever to walk the planet! His sence of Humor is unique and he can make a gag out of just about anything, I love his thing with the cup ("Sitting my Piano, The other day! " Hilarious! ) and all his jokes about Ernies wig and Des O'Connor's Singing are so funny! I have a lot more to say but my hands are begining to hurt so I gotta go! R.I. P Eric Morecambe

35Nick Frost

36Alexander Armstrong
I just love hearing him talk.


37Rhod Gilbert
This man is one of Britain's funniest comedians and I am utterly surprised at his low place on this list. All of his sketches have me on the floor trying to breathe, and he is always consistent. Totally deserves to be above the "funniest" comedian Russel Howard.
An angry, surreal welshman who never fails to make me laugh. His 'Suitcase' sketch is brilliant, and he points out all the stupid things which we ignore in day-to-day life
Watch the man with the flaming batten berg tattoo and you'll see why he deserves to be number one. Love his rants, an inspiration for me to manage my anger.
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38Jo Brand
Brilliant, inspirational, head and shoulders above majority of comedians in Britain today
My favourite female comedian.
Never fails to make me laugh.

39Jack Dee

I cannot believe he is not in the top-ten. His text my mobile jokes are absolutely hilarious! Totally awesome!

He is totally hilarious and never laughs at his own jokes, Brilliant.

His graveyard humor even gets the most cynical amongst us feeling like they just took an overdose of antidepressant. Great!

40Stewart Lee
Ultimately the best comedian. He stages his own shows and performs his own material on stage. There is no stand up comedian that can write so much material and also perform it live. There is no comedian of his calibre and I have yet to see an adverse prodigy?
The greatest comedian who has ever lived, maybe people won't realise his genius until it's too late. But I'm glad he's found it onto a list, revives a little hope in human taste.
He just hits your psyche and doesn't let go. Utterly incredible. Would be in the top 5 if this list wasn't based on popularity.
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41Johnny Vegas
Just listen to the radio episode of Genius with Johnny in. Hilarious off the cuff homour.
Stewart lee called him a genius

42Micky Flanagan
The original crafty cockney with the walk to match!
Just has me in stitches. Think he is very original, often surreal, often rude, NOT a feminist! Accent and looks are a part of his strange charm!

43Kevin Bridges
Things he says are so relatable. Great facial expressions and word choice. By far the best in my opinion.
Great Comedian. So much detail in his jokes. Should be top 20 at least
Grand performance and facial expressions. Charming!

44Omid Djalili
He's great - can't stop laughing once he starts - best ever!
Oh he should be in the top ten!

45Ed Byrne
Saw him live at the Edinburgh Festival. Just everything about him oozes pure comedic value. Not the most known comedian out there, but he's better than a large portion of top rated comedians. He's just a natural comedian. Born to do it!
Ed Byrne doesn't rely on shock and controversy, nor does he pull up a comedy persona, he's just funny. You can see his Alanis Morissette skit as proof.

46Joe Pasquale
He's a very good comedian he make me laugh haha!
He's funny but without being rude and sarcastic at the same time
I watched him in Ilfracombe. He is such a great guy!

47Paul Merton
Very clever with his comedy and never has to resort to cheap, crude jokes in order to be funny.
Paul Merton the funniest man in the UK, his comedic mind is as sharp as they come,

48Harry Hill

49Stephen K. Amos

He is hilarious and the way he dilivers his jokes are perfect and the way he can improvise comedy is outstanding with jokes appealing to all audiences.

50Ben Elton

Talks about environmental issues, sexism in comedy, and the macho male, love it!

51Tommy Cooper
Best natural stand a comic
Only man to make you laugh with bad jokes

52Bernard Manning
Still funny to this day. One of the "Grandads" of comedy although in this "new age" we live in probably one of the least favorite amongst the politically correct

53Noel Fielding
The funniest guy ever
He is so amazingly eccentric and I just love him to bits
Just because it's not normal doesn't mean it's not incredible
The most absurd and hilarious person I've ever stalked on T.V.

54Roy "Chubby" Brown
Best comic on the planet
how he isn't in top ten just proves how humour has declined with the current crop
got no time for these alternative comics
amazes me how they pack a place out
russell brand? What is the audience laughing at
must be easily pleased
CHUBBY BROWN is my number one
, his racist jokes are so funny, the way he talks and his puppets and golliwog dolls are funny the way he tells his storeis, and his swear world are perfectly timed
He tells his Jokes the way you want to hear then=m

55Al Murray
Good and getting better
In a different league.

56Karl Pilkington
Brilliant.. Such a normal level headed person but still so weird! :L
How can this legend not be near the top.
Funniest comedy ever when with Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant

57Frankie Howerd

58Catherine Tate
"She's just not bovvered. "
She is number one without a doubt.

59Michael Palin
As the most versatile member of Monty Python, Michael Palin wrote smart material, was incredibly good-looking, even in a dress, and could reach an impossibly high falsetto pitch without any warning. He is an all around gem.
Kind of surprised to see the top ten 'pythonless' :(
It's always hard for me to choose between comedians; Michael Palin, Graham Chapman, Hugh Laurie or Rowan Atkinson... But when it comes down to it, Michael Palin's writing and humour gets me every time.

60Richard Ayoade
I have been on another planet these past few years and only just discovered the IT Crowd. Richard is a comedy genius. I cannot get enough!
Surprised he's not here already. One of the funniest humans.

61Andy Parsons

62Kenny Everett
Ahead of his time. Pioneered special effects and made the best of the props available to him. Watched the show over and over. It just got funnier...

63Alan Carr
His jokes are funny. He's hilarious
An AMAZING comedian, the whole atmosphere he creates is simply awesome and you can't stop listening and laughing...should be number 1 not 56!
Much love from NZ

64Jasper Carrott

65Chris Addison
Top comic, hilarious on Mock the week, him and Hugh are the funniest now that Frankie has left.

66Dawn French
I think she is a very good comedian

67Phill Jupitus
Just watch him on QI

68Ronnie Barker

69Russell Brand

Simply amazing, shame about his prank call with Mr ross, effectively ruining his carear, but I challenge any person to watch the Big fat quiz of the year 2006 and 2007 and dislike him.

70Jerry Sadovich

71Naz Osmanoglu
Funny guy
Hilarious bear grylls impression
Best friends with mike tickell
Almost better than nelson mandela and mike tickell

72Frank Skinner
Filth & footy. Funny

73Ian Hislop

74Sarah Millican
One of the best I have seen

75David Hadingham
Seen this guy at London Comedy Store on a work night out, very funny man!
Not heard of enough, absolutely amazing!

76Joel Dommett
Laugh out loud... Just laugh out loud
"Brilliant laugh-out-loud sketches, combined with great flow and personality. A unique act of individualism; unmatched as a compère"

77Jennifer Saunders
Where are the women?

78John Finnemore

79Gina Yashere
She is so funny. Watch her Live at the Apollo gig about Americans and Nigeria. I laughed so hard I got a stomach ache. Why isn't she on this list already?! And why are there so few women? The top ten are all men! Let's get some more women on this list!

80Bennett Arron
One of the cleverest, funniest yet still relatively unknown comedians on the circuit. "Genuinely original and funny" The Times "One of the best on the circuit" The Guardian

81Ronnie Corbett

82Omid Djalil
Doctor, I think I suffer from Nigerianitis... ! '

83Richard Herring

84Charlie Brooker

85Lenny Henry

86Eric Idle
My favorite python. I don't really know why, but he just has a direct line to my funnybone.

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