Top 10 Most Hated People Living in 2021

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1 Bill Cosby William Henry "Bill" Cosby, Jr., is an American stand-up comedian, actor, and author. He is most famous for his contribution to the TV show "The Cosby Show", of which he produced and starred in. His other works include "Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids", "Kids Say the Darndest Things", and "I Spy", among others. He has been accused by over 50 women of sexual assault. These charges include rape/date-rape, sexual battery, child sexual abuse, and sexual misconduct. He has denied all of these claims. Later, he was found guilty of aggravated indecent assault. The conviction was overturned by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania in 2021.

I know from the circumstances his trial and conviction was unfair, but if you expect me to believe that an average Joe in the same circumstances would get his conviction overturned, you must think I'm high.

He got released because of his skin color clearly. He admitted he did the wrong thing back then too.

He should be NUMBER ONE because he is disgusting, hurting innocent women & ruining their lives!

Even though he made fat Albert (amazing show in my opinion he's still a dirty rapist.

2 Donald Trump Donald John Trump (born June 14, 1946) is an American businessman, television personality, politician, and the 45th President of the United States. Born and raised in Queens, New York City, Donald J Trump received an economics degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1968. In 1971, Donald Trump took charge of his family's real estate and construction firm, Elizabeth Trump & Son, which was later rebranded as The Trump Organization. During his career as a businessman, Donald Trump has built, renovated, and managed numerous office towers, hotels, casinos, and golf courses. He owned the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants from 1996 to 2015, and has lent the use of his more.

It is easily Donald Trump. What a despicable human being. He was a terrible (the worst ever) president. He denounces anyone/anything that doesn't agree with his warped mind, He instigated the insurrection of the Capitol and then told the people involved that they were "lovely". He ruined this country with his mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic. He spewed lie after lie every day either through social media, press conferences, etc. when he was president. He is rude, dumb, arrogant, immature, and repugnant. What a clown! Putin, Trump Jr., Marjorie Taylor Greene (mental issues), and Tucker Carlson are all idiots that belong on this list, also.

Orange Sphincter was with a doubt the most egotistical and misogynistic sissy that has ever been elected president. He has no real political platform and only ran for president to enrich himself. He has only been a Republican since 2009 when he switched because he didn't like Barack Obama. The scary thing is that he will undoubtedly slither out of his legal troubles yet again and have a reasonable chance to be reelected by the geniuses that put him there the first time. Make America Dysfunctional Again.

There are a lot of hated people in the world. Anyone directly associated with Donald Trump is either an idiot or a despicable human being. This guy is a clown. The main reason he's running for president again is to try to escape all the legal proceedings out there. He is a crooked, corrupt con man who fooled millions of people in 2016 and even several in 2020, but if the American people are not sick and tired of this clown yet, that doesn't say much for them. We should send Trump, Cruz, Tucker Carlson, Marjorie Taylor Green, Don Jr., Bill Cosby, Ron Johnson, JD Vance, and several others to Russia where they would fit in better. Women like Sarah Palin, Kari Lake, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert, Nikki Haley, etc. are not just bit----, they are cun-- who are not only insecure, but because their lives are miserable, they strive to make everyone else around them likewise. With the exception of a very few, the whole current Republican party is a joke.

Shame on you if you voted for this loser. If you really loved your country you wouldn't love him. I know it was a difficult choice at the last election to choose between loser#1 & loser#2 but clearly this guy is the bigger drop kick of the two. I suppose I can't be too critical being that your government has been infiltrated & corrupted by the gun manufacturers and corrupt rich politicians then what more can you expect than the poorest choice from the poorest choice. If this is the person at the top of the political pile then imagine the crap below and around him. America pull your socks up and stand up straight because you are GREAT but you're really not showing it. Good luck and ✌️ peace to all my brothers and sisters.

3 Kim Jong-un Kim Jong-un (born 8 January 1983) is a North Korean politician who has been Supreme Leader of North Korea since 2011 and the leader of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) since 2012. He is a son of Kim Jong-il, who was North Korea's second supreme leader from 1994 to 2011, and Ko Yong-hui. He is a grandson of Kim Il-sung (who was the founder and first supreme leader of North Korea from its establishment in 1948 until his death in 1994) and the first leader of North Korea to have been born in the country after its founding in 1948.

Hi! I'm the cheery and fun Kim Jong-un, and I've got a great idea! How about we start with taking a picture of myself frowning, because I'm truthful and want to give people real facts! Then, let's starve a couple million people just for the heck of it, and because I can't see the gross waste of human life in this- because I don't got no brain!

Seriously, how is a comedian higher on this list than Kim Jong-Un?

He is worse than Donald Trump also he won't remove dumb or strict laws then he won't allow Americans to Visit North Korea also he hasn't been Saving Money for Years to make his own Country North Korea lose so much Money then he won't unprohibit Connection and making it Anyone can't Access to Wifi. I hope he gets killed or die.

Threatening a nuclear attack on the US because he thinks he's a god and can bully those outside his own country is reason enough to hate him.

Kim Jong-un is one of the worst leaders ever in the 21st century. In a decade of his rule, the citizens starved to death and doesn't give rights while he enjoyed the wealth. This is so unfair.

4 Joe Biden Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. (born November 20, 1942) is an American politician who is the 46th and current president of the United States. A member of the Democratic Party, he served as the 47th vice president from 2009 to 2017 under Barack Obama and represented Delaware in the United States Senate from 1973 to 2009. more.

Huh. Lets see, I wonder WHY he's hated, do you know? Lets check. First of all, why are you giving free baby food? Second, why are you mishandling and sniffing kids? Third, WHY did you throw us into a damn RECESSION? Fourth, even Trump was A bit better. He maintained A good economy for 3 years, and we only picked Biden to kick out Trump from office. Fifth, we should be in the second roaring twenties. We should be A rich nation with A great leader, great oil industry and many jobs, etc. BIDEN did it, not the republican party.

You took A country over that was starting to run efficiently. A base, you had to move forward and really make things great, or greater. But no, you all decide to do opposite of what all of us would do. Maybe just not touch a thing. Or if you want to make changes, make little changes, but no, instead let's do it all at once. Let's make it clear, you did this our economy, not the republicans, and not COVID. The country should be in the raring 20's about now, not the start of a Great Depression. History repeats itself. Our country is over 200 years old and we together can't figure it out by now. And by the way, we wouldn't have a shortage of baby food in our country is you didn't authorize giving free baby food to the border disgrace! You allowed happen on you watch. Peace out, from a family that came into this country legally. With papers, not WOP!

Biden didn't win because he was mentally or physically capable of being the president America needs. No, he won because more people despised Trump, and in his place, we became stuck with this dementia-ridden tool who hasn't been functional since the 90's.

There are so many incidents I could name off involving Biden, when he sniffed and creepily mishandled children, or how he bragged about children fondling his leg hair? What the hell is going on, America?!

Ruining America since he became a politician and now he can't even point to his own feet without directions. Nothing but a corrupt criminal.

5 Vladimir Putin Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin (born 7 October 1952) is a Russian politician and former intelligence officer who is the president of Russia, a position he has filled since 2012, and previously from 2000 until 2008. He was also the prime minister from 1999 to 2000, and again from 2008 to 2012. more.

I hate this guy. He thinks that Russia should be Better then everyone else. And here's the thing. Even though no one is doing much business in Russia, the Russian people are suffering. But him and his Goons, where do you think they get most of their money other then stealing. Illegal activity. He will be the reason why Russia crumbles. Not the Russo Ukrainian war, him. He will be one responsible for the largest Market crash in Russias history. Putin said that Joseph Stalin, The White Terror who murdered Millions of his own People, was a Russian hero. Rot in Hell Putin, it's the only place you fit in.

A KGB agent who gained the favor of the ruling class in Russia following the void that was left during reconstruction of the Russian economy with the collapse of the Soviet Union. Once elected as ruler of Russia all other elections became a matter of formality to ensure that he remains the figurehead of the Russian ruling class. Putin has continually invaded other countries adjacent to Russia that are sovereign nations. Among those nations is Georgia where Putin was repeatedly repelled after invasion. Another country is Ukraine where he has mercilessly taken steps to target schools, children's hospitals, and bomb shelters where women and children sought refuge. He has kidnapped thousands of women and children in the process if removing them from Ukraine. He has never demonstrated any compassion nor empathy. He is power hungry toward bringing other peoples and nations under the rule of his fist.

He should be in the top three at least (not just him but even more so Kadyrov, Lavrov... and loads of other hateful Russians who vote against Biden just because he's the president of the United States and those the latter frighten Putin's Russia...).

A psychopatic ultra hypocritical murderer and ultra robber gangster. Probably only second to Xi Jinping in being a living person doing evil to mankind

6 Derek Chauvin Derek Michael Chauvin (born March 19, 1976) is an American former police officer who was convicted for the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Chauvin was a member of the Minneapolis Police Department from 2001 to 2020.

A cold blooded killer who took joy in killing people and used his position in law enforcement to be quite prolific in his racist and homicidal endeavors.

You are a racist! George Floyd had a life, you know. Oh, I'm sorry. You wouldn't know because you don't have a brain. I think Dollar Tree sells brains, but you wouldn't be able to afford it.

For the people who think floyd died of overdose: Even if he didn't kill George Floyd, he got AWARDS in the past for shooting people. keep that in mind

I can't believe he killed an innocent Black man & his wife is defending him?! His wife is just as racist as him!

7 Xi Jinping Xi Jinping is a Chinese politician currently serving as General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, President of the People's Republic of China, and Chairman of the Central Military Commission.

I can't name a single positive thing about this "person." While we whine about Trump and Biden on this list, Xi Jinping is reenacting the Holocaust with the Uyghur people for one, one of the largest ongoing genocides in the world, hell, might be the largest ongoing genocide. He continues to oversee the other cultural genocide in Tibet that his heirs gave to him, he has infiltrated just about every industry and sector in the world economy, he utilizes crime and debt traps to make other vulnerable countries tributary states to China, he oversaw more than likely the creation of the devastating pandemic that just ravaged the world for 2 years, he supports other horrible regimes like Putin's Russia and Kim's North Korea. There's no positives to this guy at all. Xi Jinping is calculating, manipulative, cares little for human rights and the liberty of others, and most of all he is pure damn evil, and I'm getting sick of Biden and Trump getting all the attention on this list. Biden is an ...more

Hiding the escape from the Wuhan lab instead of telling the truth and preparing the world for the pandemic is just another thing the Chinese Communist Party can claim as its one real success in the last two years. Xi is just another CCP member out to feather his own nest and bugger the rest of the people. Lock downs don,t work but to admit they are a huge mistake would be a huge loss of face. What a pathetic creature banning Winnie the Pooh, a harmless creature.

Turned super fast growth, rather free China into a sadistic murderous prison and destroyed its growth . How more it is to say?

If Disney decides to tear down Epcot's China pavilion and replace it with a Taiwan pavilion, he'll throw a massive Queen of Hearts-sized tantrum.

8 Ellen DeGeneres Ellen Lee DeGeneres is an American comedian, television host, actress, writer, producer, and LGBT activist. DeGeneres starred in the popular sitcom Ellen from 1994 to 1998 and has hosted her syndicated TV talk show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, since 2003.

Her real life toxic behavior makes me more than glad that Disney got rid of Universe of Energy in favor of the far superior Cosmic Rewind. Also, I hope she is NEVER chosen to narrate the next version of Spaceship Earth (Lupita Nyong'o should do it instead).

With her show being cancelled due to her being cancelled on Twitter, it's suffice to say she isn't going to be loved no more.

I used to love Ellen but then I found out what she did to her employees. I hate that rude, selfish worm.

She is so mean on Ellen's games of games and her talk show.

9 Amber Heard Amber Laura Heard (born April 22, 1986) is an American actress known for her roles in the films Never Back Down (2008), Drive Angry (2011), The Rum Diary (2011), and for portraying the DC Extended Universe character Mera in Aquaman (2018) and its upcoming 2023 sequel. She has been appointed as an ACLU ambassador for women's rights and as a Human Rights Champion for the UN's OHCHR. more.

Here's thing about Heard. She ruined Depps career with her fake stories that everyone thought were real. Disney fired him, Wanner Brothers Fired him, she ruined his entire career. Even though Depp might have 10 million dollars from her, she destroyed everything he worked for. Decades of hard work gone because of this despicable piece of Lying Crap.

A disgusting fake #metoo non-victim hiding behind the movement to bully and physically abuse her own husband, then being found guilty of this in a six-week slander and defamation case, only to carry on her lies of innocence.

Imagine being an abusive gaslighter, being called out for it. Being glad that people see you for what you are and then continuing to do it.

Because she is truly wicked to the core. I don't care if her dog stepped on 100 bees - she is an abuser and a liar and rode on the coattails of genuine survivours purely for her own narcissism and greed.

10 Mitch McConnell Addison Mitchell McConnell Jr. is an American politician serving as Kentucky’s senior United States Senator and as Senate Majority Leader.

Has continually changed the rules in the Senate according to what party controls the House of Representatives and/or what party controls the Executive Branch. His state of Kentucky has continually been the highest recipient of welfare, food stamps (SNAP), and SSI. He sometimes speaks of democracy yet has no practices nor policies on record to support his claim. He has been responsible for the suffering of hundreds of millions of Americans. He has never expressed compassion nor empathy toward the inequities of legislation. He has resisted the investigation of anything Republican and spurred investigation into everything Democratic. He is devoid of honor.

Most egregious hypocrite in politics. During Obama presidency, "We (the senate) won't vote on a Supreme Court nominee during a presidential election year" **Feb. 2016** BUT in Oct. 2020 during Führer Trump's presidency he rams through Trump's far right nominee just WEEKS before the presidential election. He didn't try to make an excuse, only saying "The republicans control the White House and senate so we are going forward with this nominee." A PROUD LIAR and HYPOCRITE. There's a special place in Hell waiting for him.

Republican partisan politics is ALL he cares about, and America be damned.

Mitch McConnell, seen here watching a bunch of indigenous people get hung

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? Klaus Schwab

Trying to control the world... Father ex-Nazi... Managed to give much of the world a poison, uh, I mean vaccination that would not only sterilize but potentially debilitate or kill. Harming the population of the world while saving himself and patting himself on the back. Horrid man!

At this point I'm waiting for this bugger to die so I can finally live in peace. Narcissist

? Bill Gates William Henry Gates III (born October 28, 1955) is an American business magnate, software developer, investor, author, and philanthropist. He is a co-founder of Microsoft, along with his late childhood friend Paul Allen. During his career at Microsoft, Gates held the positions of chairman, chief executive officer (CEO), president and chief software architect, while also being the largest individual shareholder until May 2014. He was a major entrepreneur of the microcomputer revolution of the 1970s and 1980s.

Same as Klaus Schwab, they're in bed together, the shower together, tossing salad together... harming the population of the world while sparing themselves...

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11 Marjorie Taylor Greene

Instead of the American flag behind her a Red Black and White flag with a swastika in the middle would more represent her values.

Horse face total embarrassment to the human race. The education of a quarter of an ameba. What a useless worthless EXCUSE OF A PERSON!

She is a bully to teenagers who have been in a school shooting. She runs her mouth constantly but not intelligently.

Without her political position, she would be treated like the fool she is.

12 Donald Trump Jr.

He claimed in 2014 that all of the Trump properties were supported by the Russians. He has hunted rare and endangered species for trophies. He intentionally infected other people with Covid-19. He played a key role in the insurrection on January 6, 2021.

How did trump get a girlfriend to make a son?

A richard off the old block.

Coked up psycho

13 Cardi B Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar (born October 11, 1992), known professionally as Cardi B, is an American rapper. Born and raised in New York City, she became an Internet celebrity by achieving popularity on Vine and Instagram. From 2015 to 2017, she appeared as a regular cast member on the VH1 reality television series Love & Hip Hop: New York, which depicted her pursuit of her music aspirations. She released two mixtapes—Gangsta Bitch Music, Vol. 1 (2016) and Vol. 2 (2017), before signing with Atlantic Records in February 2017. more.

She's annoying, her music isn't very good, and she's definitely a criminal. But, as far as I know, she hasn't done anything to warrant being placed above life ruining psychos, child molesters, and rapists.

Cardi B? Is that some kind of whipped topping, or a breakfast cereal, or what?

My girl Candace Owens already exposed this clown so forget about her.

She's not a monster but her music is just mediocre and annoying.

14 Dan Schneider Dan Schneider is an American actor, television and film writer, and producer. After appearing in mostly supporting roles in a number of 1980s and 1990s films and TV shows, Schneider devoted himself to behind-the-scenes work in production.

This man has been the focal point of every child star's trauma in Nickelodeon. First, Amanda Bynes, he took a special liking to the young girl and was filmed being inappropriate with her in 1.) a hot tub, 2.) on set, and in general, he has been exposed for hosting pool parties that exclude the parents of these child actors.

Why would there be a pool party with children, and without the guardians? Maybe because this creep doesn't just like feet, but he's interested in exploiting the children.

Let's be completely honest, none of his shows have EVER been anywhere near as good as Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide.

Nasty. I can still stand to watch some of his shows, but I can't watch Good Burger anymore, for the simple fact that he's in it.

Dan "Show me your toes or you got no show" Schneider is a creep and I'm glad he got fired from Nickelodeon.

15 Nancy Pelosi Nancy Patricia D'Alesandro Pelosi is an American politician who is the Minority Leader of the House of Representatives, representing California's 12th congressional district.

I can't stand this drunkard and complete waste. There should be a limit on how many years you can serve and it shouldn't be 200 like this person

I really despise her wasted more time trying to impeach Trump than actually accomplishing anything. The 2nd impeachment was especially dumb because you knew Trump would be out of office anyway like 2 weeks after wanting to start an impeachment trial like what's the point of that?

I hate this witch for almost bringing all of the USA into a war with china. and that she almost pulled all of us into World War 3.

The cause of many problems in America.

16 Hillary Clinton Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton (born October 26, 1947) is an American politician, diplomat, and former lawyer who served as the 67th United States secretary of state from 2009 to 2013, as a United States senator representing New York from 2001 to 2009, and as first lady of the United States from 1993 to 2001 as the wife of President Bill Clinton. A member of the Democratic Party, she was the party's nominee for president in the 2016 presidential election, becoming the first woman to win a presidential nomination by a major U.S. political party; Clinton won the popular vote, but lost the Electoral College vote, thereby losing the election to Donald Trump.

The most crooked and vile figure in politics today. She's the forefront of silencing victims, promoting hate, and taking out those who oppose the Clinton family or their ideologies. Despite appearing as Mrs. Pillsbury with her leather couch skin, she's truly a wickedly vile woman.

The most intelligent, compassionate, skilled and underrated woman that ever lived. She's received such disgusting disparagement from the republicans for thirty plus years. She's lovely and amazing and would have been an exceptional president. Love Hillary. Perfect role model.

"Crooked Hillary" lost the 2016 election for a reason, while Trump did do bad with COVID, no one saw it coming, on the other hand, the things Hillary was going to do bad were obvious from square numero uno.

Most corrupt politician in America, second only to the faux husband and partner in crime.

17 David Duke David Ernest Duke is an American white supremacist, white nationalist politician, antisemitic conspiracy theorist, Holocaust denier and former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.

The KKK should be called the WoT, aka, Waste of Time.

Being in the kkk makes you worthless for life.

18 Brett Kavanaugh

A child molester, a criminal, an unvetted Justice of the Supreme Court who wields decisions far above his capacity. He is bereft of impartiality and incapable of decisions based upon facts that are contrary to his predetermined prejudices.

Leftists proved once again they would happily lie about a person and try to ruin their lives if they happened to hold a differing political viewpoint.

His being a PROVEN scumbag goes back to the Paula Jones civil case against Bill Clinton. He worked anonymously and pro bono for the Jones team to set up a perjury trap for Bill Clinton. All fine and dandy but Supreme Court Justices are not supposed to be POLITICAL OPERATIVES! That's why the court is a non political check on the other two political branches of government. And he probably sexually assaulted women

An innocent person wouldn't react the way this person did to all the allegations against him.

19 Tucker Carlson

The mouthpiece of the enemy if the United States. An entertainment spokesperson for Fox News which has repeatedly claimed to be for entertainment purposes only as a defense in multiple court cases. Devoid of facts, Tucker Carlson is one of the most visible Russian agents seeking to destroy the Constitution and democracy.

Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson seems to be incapable of empathy, and can apparently say anything and get away with it. The fact that people listen to this man is mind boggling.

Fox News has a lot to answer for bringing a group of creatures from the sewers and promoting them to newsreaders and pundits.

Why is this liar allowed on American TV, surely you should have to be truthful most of the time if you have a national audience. This clown has surely committed treason by not supporting anti Russian policies

20 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (born October 13th, 1989), also known by her initials AOC, is an American activist and politician. She served as the U.S. representative for New York's 14th congressional district since 2019 as a member of the Democratic Party.

She is such a liar and always trying to create laws that give government power and control over people. One of the most disagreeable persons ever to me.

AOC is an absolute train wreck of a politician. She's the dumbest person in politics, aside from Kamala, Biden, and Mitch.

"Eat the rich," dress was incredibly ironic considering she's associating with some of the most prosperous and well-off people in society. Yeah, let's eat the rich, Alexandria.

Tries too hard to be hip and cool. Congressmen need to be professional and know what they are doing. She needs to go back to bartending.

Easily the stupidest person ever elected to the US House of Representatives. More dumb than Maxine Waters, if possible...

21 Sean Hannity Sean Patrick Hannity is an American talk show host and conservative political commentator. Hannity is the host of The Sean Hannity Show, a nationally syndicated talk radio show. He also hosts a cable news show, Hannity, on Fox News.

Clearly, and pretty much admittedly, a hack. The minute a political commentator takes the stage at a presidential rally, they lose all credibility.

He has no journalism degree. He claims to be presenting facts and news. Every time Hannity or Fox News has been sued, their defense in court has been that they are for entertainment purposes only. He is a mouthpiece against the people of the United States of America.

If he could take his lips off Trump's butthole for a one or two seconds, he could compose a comprehensible thought or statement. But by now he's so addicted to Trump's ass juice, he die from detox if his supply was cut off

Anything Fox-related is just slanted brain washing for the ignorant.

22 Chris Brown Christopher Maurice "Chris" Brown (born May 5, 1989) is an American singer, songwriter, dancer and actor. Born in Tappahannock, Virginia, he was involved in his church choir and several local talent shows from a young age. He is most well known for his physical assault towards the singer Rihanna in 2009. He is also known for many hit singles, such as "Kiss Kiss", "Run It!", "Forever", "Deuces", "Look At Me Now", "Loyal", "Ayo", and "Back to Sleep".

This abuser did not learn his lesson from the Rihanna incident. I know this was long ago already, but he clearly has no respect for women and has recently been investigated by the LAPD for hitting a woman.

Hurting women. Wow, that tongue of yours if leaking your brain cells.

He'll smack anyone who doesn't believe the should be on this list.

Woman beater who never learned his lesson.

23 JoJo Siwa Joelle Joni Siwa, also known as Jojo Siwa is an American dancer, singer, actress, and YouTuber. She joined the masked singer in 2020.

Once she gets her purity rings undone, she will fade into obscurity and trashiness.

She is 18 years old!

24 Gwen Berry

You're mad she's not patriotic enough? Look, she's in the wrong for her racist remarks but I'm sure she doesn't actually think less of them as people, and she's allowed to not like America.

She's been the punching bag as of late due to her protests against the US flag at the Olympics Try-Outs, but after rediscovering an old photo of her holding the US flag and even older tweets of her calling out Mexicans and Asians, she is definitely hated.

If you can't respect the flag of your own damn country you don't deserve to represent America.

Love it or leave it! I'm proud to be an American!

25 Chrissy Teigen Christine Diane Teigen is an American model, television personality, author, and entrepreneur. She made her professional modeling debut in the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2010 and later appeared on the 50th anniversary cover alongside Nina Agdal and Lily Aldridge in 2014.

She's a disappointment. This botox-filled creature spewed her self-hatred onto others, telling them to "kill themselves" and preaching hate. Why do I hate her?

Simply put, Chrissy is a fraud. She claims to be a plus-size model but the only plus on her body is the excessive plastic surgery.

I knew I NEVER liked Chrissy Teigen in the first place! She is really mean, an attention seeker but I don't hate her either!

Ridiculously useless with inflated sense of value. My world doesn't change just because Chrissy has feels.

I never thought she was pretty. Well I did think she was pretty ugly

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