Top 10 Hottest Women in the World

As we celebrate women's accomplishments and strive for gender equality, it is also essential to acknowledge the diverse beauty that women possess. Women have been admired for their physical appearance since the beginning of time, and the modern world is no different. From actresses to models, musicians to athletes, there are countless women who have captured the world's attention with their striking beauty.

In this list, we will explore ten of the hottest women in the world. These women have not only taken the world by storm with their captivating looks, but they have also demonstrated their talent, intelligence, and grace in their respective fields. Whether it's their stunning features, magnetic personality, or impressive achievements, these women have undoubtedly earned their spot on this list. So, without further ado, let's take a look at the top ten hottest women in the world.
The Top Ten
1 Scarlett Johansson Scarlett Johansson is widely considered one of the most attractive people due to her exquisite features and versatile acting skills. She has appeared in a variety of genres, from independent films to blockbuster franchises like Marvel’s “Avengers”. Her ability to portray a range of characters coupled with her striking appearance places her among the most desirable women globally.

ScarJo just has that girl next door vibe that I like, and her voice matches. I wouldn't say she is a perfect 10 (it doesn't exist) or drop-dead gorgeous, but she is as close as it gets in my book. She's as natural and authentic as it gets in Hollywood. I think she'd just be a cool gal to hang out with, and she likes older guys, so I'm still hopeful... LOL.

What always gets me is how she is so unassuming in appearance. It doesn't seem like she is a posh or glam type, just very down to Earth. Her curves always come as a surprise because she usually doesn't flaunt them. I find that all the more attractive.

While her being the actual hottest may be debatable, she's on EVERY top 5 list. I don't like how easy it is that she's always one of the top contenders but... come on look at her?! Truly one of those rare timeless ones. Hair, eyes, cheekbones, lips, smile, sultry voice, skin tone, killer figure too (especially with the whole preference for "thicc" nowadays) she's the right size (I think they could be real body parts too! ). Absolutely stunning. Plus she's Black Widow.

Scarlett Johansson has amazing curves. She is absolutely gorgeous, and her blonde hair is beautiful. I'm voting for her because she is incredibly sexy, and also because it amazes me that she is only five places above Rihanna, who is nowhere near as sexy as Scarlett.

Scarlett is sexy looking, although I would add it doesn't appear she wants or wishes to be regarded in that manner. She is the epitome of most men's desires, but isn't a sex demon that would fulfill them. I still rate her very high on sexuality though.

2 Kate Upton Kate Upton is celebrated for her classic American beauty and has gained international acclaim as a model and actress. She has appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue multiple times, exemplifying her status as a sex symbol. Upton's curvaceous figure and vibrant personality have made her one of the most desirable women in the world.

There's this Bon Jovi song from their third or fourth album (Keep the Faith), and the song is called "Woman In Love." One line of lyrics is, "See, I've slept with romance; I've danced with lust. Ain't no woman like a woman in love." This woman is the only one (out of these) who could make me "dance with lust." Another song from Slippery When Wet, called "I'd Die For You," is kind of self-explanatory. I'd die for a couple of these women/girls, but if I had to pick from all of them, what is it? Ninety or a hundred women/girls to save from a suicide bomber, anyone else would stand little if not no chance against this goddess/angel on earth. And I don't like her for her body parts, unlike most of the guys posting here.

Her breasts are what makes her sexy because they're so huge. I just want to squeeze and bounce them. I don't know why people want to see her naked. I personally think it's gross to see all that, but I think how her breasts just sit in the cups of the bikini top and just push the cups down makes them stand out as sexy. I don't like seeing naked boobs because they look saggy, but when they are held just by the cups but they're almost coming out like that is perfect. Especially how the cups push her breasts together. It's just perfection in my opinion.

Notice that almost everybody else on this list has had so much plastic surgery that it kind of makes them look worse instead of better. Or they have to wear a ton of makeup for... I don't actually know. To attract men? To make them believe they're beautiful? I'm not saying that Kate didn't have plastic surgery. She just had a little. You would be able to recognize her if you saw her in her college yearbook. (Do you even get a yearbook in college?) Anyway, she's attractive in a more natural way than others. I'm not going to point fingers, but I think we know who I'm referring to.

I want to feel her heavenly boobs for hours, and after that she will say, " take off your clothes too, I love you and if we don't have sex right now-" but she got cut off, for I was already on the ovaries and we were already kissing. Then she handed me a bottle of lotion and I rubbed on her squishy, bouncy, effortlessly flawless boobs and then her hot, amazing thighs and then her wonderful, chubby butt. Look at me rambling. All I want to say is Justin Verlander is lucky.

3 Megan Fox Megan Fox is globally recognized for her stunning appearance and has appeared in numerous blockbuster films. She gained significant attention for her role in the “Transformers” series, which showcased her beauty and acting ability. Apart from her looks, her assertive and bold personality has earned her a spot among the hottest people in the world.

Megan Fox is the sexiest female celebrity in the world. She is a nice brunette with hot eyes and a great look. She is absolutely a better starlet than that greedy cockroach named Kim Kardashian. Megan might be in her next movie soon after having a baby. The movie she's hoping to play in is called Fathom, and it will be much bigger than Michael Bay's Transformers movies. Maybe we could use spray cans to spray on billboards around Los Angeles, New York, Miami, and other places that say, "Megan Fox is AWESOME!" Jealous all you want, Kim K., but at least she's not as greedy with money as you are. Go, Megan Fox, Go!

If you want to know what Fathom is, you might want to look it up on Google, Bing, or Yahoo to find out. Megan Fox might be in that movie soon, as it is based on a comic book created by Michael Turner.

Everything about her is sexy! Everything! Her hair, her eyes, her lips, her face, her body, her ass, her voice, and even her name is sexy! I mean, MEGAN FOX! That's such a hot name! She is so incredibly hot and an amazing actress! She's makes any movie watchable! I've had a major crush on her since the first Transformers to where she was awesome and sexy in it. She is undeniably the hottest chick on the planet and is most definitely my dream girl! Love you, Megan! Always will!

Even when she was in high school, without makeup and plastic surgery, she had remarkable beauty! A perfect oval-shaped face, great bone structure, gorgeous eyes, and a feminine figure...

Unlike Angelina Jolie; thin, bisexual, masculine, perverted, and completely overrated as an Illuminati robot on drugs!

I genuinely believe that only gay men and idiots could prefer someone other than Megan!

Oh my God! Megan Fox is number 7?! You can't tell me she's not qualified for number 1! She has everything I could possibly dream of having in a girl: a nice body, sexy legs, a great butt, and the most beautiful face with cat-like eyes! You people are crazy, or no, you must be insane not to rank her as number 1! Jesus, what has happened to America's taste in beauty?

4 Jessica Alba Jessica Alba is an American actress, businesswoman, and model, known for her remarkable looks and talent. She became a sex symbol after roles in films like "Sin City" and "Into the Blue", showcasing her alluring presence and acting prowess. She also co-founded The Honest Company, a consumer goods company, showing her multifaceted personality and drive.

Her acting is pretty horrible, yet I watched her because that face is quite easy on the eyes. She reminds me of Christina Aguilera (though I think Christina looks better now as a thicker Snicker snack, hehe). Her skin tone and cute face with the pouty lips do it for me. Nice legs too. It's a shame that this Latina does not represent LA cultura... apparently, she doesn't speak a lick of Spanish. She loses a lot of attraction points for that. SMH... Still, she is undeniably a little baddie.

Well, she knows that she is one of the hottest, along with everyone else who has eyes. The thing is, is she as beautiful inwardly? Most wouldn't care, but one without the other is certainly a sign of sadness. I would like to think that she is the whole package. Hell! I don't know why I'm wasting my time commenting on Jessica Alba, someone whom I don't know nor ever will! I do not really watch much TV, but the little I have viewed of her, she is a true talent, beauty, and inspiration for all young women to aspire to be!

I just Googled Sarah Brightman and Amy Lee to see how anyone could actually be above Jessica Alba, and I almost laughed my ass off.

She is very beautiful because she looks more like an Asian woman. She has a very sweet smile and sexy cute lips. Her eyes are stunning, and she also has a hot body. Jessica is not just beautiful, but she has many talents and knows how to present herself.

5 Selena Gomez Selena Gomez, with her girl-next-door charm and elegant features, is considered one of the most attractive young celebrities. She gained fame as a Disney Channel star before transitioning to a successful music and acting career. Selena's youthful appearance and multifaceted talent contribute to her reputation as one of the hottest and most sought-after personalities.

I love Selena Gomez so much. She is drop-dead beautiful. She should be in first place; she is perfection. There is nothing at all that I dislike about her. Her face is gorgeous; she has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. I am completely in love with her. Her outfits are always cute, her makeup is always great, and her hair is stunning. I absolutely adore her. If I ever met Selena, I would probably faint or cry tears of joy (I hope someday I will find out which). I love you, Selena <3!

This girl rocks and she should be number 1, and she is the most beautiful person ever!

If you don't believe it, then search it up and find out because just by looking at her, you will agree with me. And if you don't, then say it to my face! She rocks and rocks her face, and she will forever and always do so. But just keep one thing in mind: to keep calm and be a Selenator! But to be one means that you will have to be loyal to her, never let go of her, and always love her.

Everyone is talking about how hot the others are, but Selena is purely beautiful. She is extremely talented, having directed her own music videos, being able to sing like an angel, dance like a queen, and rock her Justin Bieber breakup like a warrior. Also, she's one of the nicest celebrities out there. She is very intelligent and is a role model to kids everywhere.

Selena Gomez is the most beautiful girl I have seen on television. In my opinion, Selena is very beautiful, and in my top 5, she is definitely in my 5. She has the perfect face that I have ever seen. Justin has to be one of the luckiest guys. I'm not a Justin fan, but he has my respect for having such a beautiful girl with him. She is a good actor besides being beautiful.

6 Shakira Shakira is a Colombian singer known for her sultry voice and hip-shaking dance moves. Her international hits like "Whenever, Wherever" and "Hips Don't Lie" have showcased her dynamic performance style and stunning looks. Shakira's unique blend of beauty, talent, and charisma has solidified her status as one of the most attractive and influential artists globally.

First things first, Shakira is a frigging goddess! These people make me want to rip out my eyes. Why?

Second, literally no one can beat Shakira, especially when it comes to movements. Need I sing the song explaining how her hips don't lie?

Third, is the picture not enough to make you believe me? That's not even all of her! She is the literal total package.

Fourth, male or female, no matter what! Everyone, at some point in their life, wants to bang Shakira. It does not matter if you are sixteen or sixty! At some point, you feel like it.

Shakira is the one lady who could make me go lesbian, haha. I love her voice; it's unique and sultry. She's naturally beautiful, no makeup needed. Let's not forget those hips! The way she dances and moves is incredible. Not to mention, she's down to earth, giving, and caring. Inner and outer beauty, no competition!

Shakira's thighs is the best thing that has ever happened to the world! They are extremely sexy, no, they are more than that, they are perfect! More than perfect!

I think that she's a beautiful woman and a talented singer. Maybe in the future I can be a talented woman like you. You are very sexy and the best, you are like Angelina Jolie but you are more perfect. Maybe my vote can push you to do more and more over.

7 Mila Kunis Mila Kunis, with her exotic looks and expressive eyes, has been a constant fixture in discussions about the most attractive celebrities. She gained popularity for her role in “That '70s Show” and has since showcased her acting range in both comedic and dramatic roles. Kunis's unique aesthetic and compelling performances have earned her widespread admiration and appeal.

Hands down, Mila Kunis.

Ashton Kutcher is a lucky man to have this wonderful, beautiful lady.

She is so cute and adorable. I love her movies.

She has talent and beauty. That's what I love about her.

I absolutely loved her in "That '70s Show" too. Not bad for a 31-year-old, also.

Cool woman, I cannot imagine any actress who is more cooler and likable than Mila Kunis. Most actress has zero personality while Mila has it inside and out (full package) better than Scarlett Johansson, She's not even hot at all! It's her body and her lips which is not that great at the first place. But I'd have to say that she is leaning more towards beautiful and cute rather than Hot (which is definitely a better title as it is genuine and pure not slutty) like most of the girls in this list.

Mila Kunis is absolutely stunning. I mean, yeah, some of these other girls are pretty attractive, but none of them have anything on Mila. She is probably one of the most beautiful actors I have seen yet. Why she is only 10th is a mystery to me.

I fell in love with her straight away after watching her in Ted. She is just so hot, beautiful, sweet, funny - you name it! She's so sexy that it's easy enough to forget that she was also Meg in Family Guy.

8 Katy Perry Katy Perry, with her vibrant and whimsical style, is considered one of the most striking figures in the music industry. She has released numerous hit singles, captivating fans with her colorful music videos and elaborate stage performances. Perry's bold fashion choices and remarkable beauty, combined with her musical talent, have earned her a place among the world's hottest personalities.

NGL... I own one of her albums almost purely for the inserts, and I always catch myself double-taking whenever I happen to catch one of her videos. The one where she is dressed up in a cloud... wowee! To me, this is what "thick" really is. Sometimes, she even borders on chubby, but her proportions help her pull it off. This is just one of those "girl-next-door" types that reminds us that you don't need to glam it up and get plastic surgery. Natural beauty can still be top tier, folks!

Katy Perry is so beautiful that I sometimes watch her music videos (muted because I can't stand the lyrics) just to see her dance and smile at the camera. She's more or less an ideal female prototype, so genetically perfect that she looks like she might be an alien herself.

The important thing is she's beautiful inside. You just gotta ignite the light and let it shine. Come on, show 'em what you're worth. Thanks, Katy, you give us (minority RAs) some part of me, an ignition spirit.

She shows her natural look and her pretty insides. Why is she not number one? I even got a poster of her! By the way, she has an amazing voice along with her face.

9 Angelina Jolie Angelina Jolie, with her distinctive lips and sharp cheekbones, has long been regarded as one of the most beautiful women in the world. Beyond her physical appearance, she is a highly accomplished actress, having received multiple awards for her performances in films. Furthermore, her humanitarian work and advocacy amplify her appeal, making her an icon of beauty and compassion.

Hotness doesn't necessarily express outer attractiveness (although she is the best in that department too). She is so sophisticated, so natural, so nimble, so glowing, so outstanding that no one can compare to her. Love from Lebanon.

She's hot because she is beautiful, mysterious, and also because of her humanitarian efforts. None of these girls on this list care about the world like Angelina. They are just pretty, and that's all they are at this point in their lives. Angelina should be respected for her humanitarian work and her projects like A Mighty Heart and her directorial debut. She's smart and gives back. How could that not be the sexiest thing?

Best choice on terrible list, she possesses beauty and brains. But come on, some on this list are laughable... Gillian Anderson, Pamela Anderson, Amy Lee? These women aren't in the top 500, let alone top 10. The ones added later are much better choices. Oh, and Sarah Brightman, Helen Mirren, etc. They might be on there if this was women over 50, but come on!

What more can we say about Angie? She's better than everyone here except for maybe Jessica Alba, who's also gorgeous. Adriana Lima should be up in this poll as well. Vote for Angelina Jolie because she's hotter than fake people like Megan Fox, who needs plastic surgery to cover up her true self. That's a fact. Anyone else who denies that is a loser.

10 Adriana Lima Adriana Lima, a Brazilian model and actress, is celebrated for her exotic beauty and striking features. She gained international fame as a Victoria's Secret Angel, showcasing her incredible physique and stunning looks. Lima's captivating presence and enduring appeal have positioned her as one of the most desirable women globally.

Gotta check this lady out, she is freakin' hot. When I saw she wasn't #1, my mouth dropped. Take a look at the body she has and those eyes. Everything about her is sexy! That's the kind of woman I want to be.

Adriana is the most beautiful and hottest woman of all time, and she is the most beautiful supermodel in history. She could be the number one, a nearly flawless angel. I mean, she is the perfect one.

How are Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande above her? What the hell? Adriana is of the most gorgeous women out there! I love her features. Not many come close to her beauty.

Probably my favorite Brazilian female supermodel. She's very attractive for a mixed girl, even though I'm mostly into European girls.

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11 Taylor Swift Taylor Swift, the award-winning singer-songwriter, is acknowledged for her striking looks and influential style. She has captured the hearts of millions with her catchy tunes and relatable lyrics, while her tall, slender frame and captivating smile have enhanced her global appeal. Swift’s combination of musical talent, elegance, and poise has made her a standout among the hottest personalities worldwide.

Beautiful inside and out, golden blonde hair, bright blue eyes, tall, the most perfect legs, lovely voice, and incredible talent. One of the most misunderstood celebs ever.

How do people find her ugly? How is she at 11 on this list? She is gorgeous inside and out. She also has a lovely voice. What more could you ask for?!

She is so hot and sexy. I just love her. Her voice is so good, her looks are gorgeous. Her new hairstyle is awesome. She is the goddess of beauty. Guys, come on, vote for her! What the hell is a gorgeous female like her doing here? She should be on top. Taylor Swift, you rock! Your songs are amazing, and you are definitely the hottest female ever.

Taylor Swift is a doll. She reflects hope and love! Her beauty lies not just in her ever-gorgeous face but the poise she has maintained even after exponential success. Her music emancipates the listener from other thoughts, and listening to her gives me joy! And her devotion to her music is commendable!

12 Jennifer Lawrence Jennifer Lawrence has been lauded for her relatable charm and natural beauty. She has delivered critically acclaimed performances in various genres, earning her several accolades, including an Academy Award. Lawrence's striking looks and unpretentious personality make her one of the most attractive and beloved actresses in the entertainment industry.

Truly a work of art. Her body is out of this world, and her hotness is beyond human comprehension. Also, she is beautiful inside, funny, and nice to people on set.

Jennifer Lawrence is my number one. What an amazingly beautiful woman she is! She has the cutest lips and the most expressive eyes. Kayley Cuoco is second, Mila Kunis is third, Keira Knightley is fourth, and Lucy Hale is fifth. They all possess a natural beauty that other women on this list lack.

What is significant about Jennifer Lawrence is that she doesn't strive to be "hot" because that is not her priority. She seeks interior beauty within herself, which is the reason I consider Jennifer the most beautiful woman.

She's really pretty. I'm surprised to see her all the way down here, over Emma Watson and Sarah Brightman. I mean, like, get real! And Britney Spears over her as well? I mean, what has the world come to?

13 Emma Watson Emma Watson is revered for her sophisticated and graceful appearance, coupled with her notable acting talent. She gained worldwide recognition as Hermione Granger in the “Harry Potter” film series, growing from a child actor into a graceful and intelligent woman. Watson’s combination of beauty, intellect, and advocacy for women’s rights has made her an international icon.

The most beautiful woman in the world. She should be in first place. I don't know why she is not doing movies, but she has already made masterpieces like Harry Potter and Beauty and the Beast.

I love Emma Watson, really. I'm just raging at The Top Tens for putting her on 24th! You put Rihanna before her! For goodness sake, she criticized almost all the Muslim population in her stupid song! Unlike the rest of the ugly women here, Emma Watson is an amazing actress and she doesn't need makeup to look beautiful! She is a Hermione Granger inside and out! She supports females and doesn't just shake her sass and call out to all those hot boys, "Hey, I'm sexy so come get me!" She should be number 1!

Emma Watson is one of the most stunning individuals to ever grace this planet with her presence. Everything about her, from top to bottom, is perfect beauty. And I hear that it isn't just on the inside. She is also a genuinely nice person, beautiful on the inside too. How people haven't voted for her is a mystery. She should come as an extremely close second to Selena Gomez. Come on, people! Vote for this wonderful person!

Emma is so gorgeous! I just don't know who would think she's not! She's the prettiest person in the world and she does not need makeup to look pretty!

14 Beyoncé Beyoncé, a multi-award-winning artist, is recognized for her radiant beauty and dynamic performances. She initially rose to fame as the lead singer of Destiny's Child before launching a hugely successful solo career, marked by her incredible voice and stunning visuals. Beyoncé's groundbreaking style and commanding presence have solidified her status as a global icon of beauty and talent.

Beyonce Knowles at 16? She is the most stunning, gorgeous woman on this list! Jessica Alba and Shakira are both beautiful, but nobody is a patch on Beyonce! All the other people above her should not even be in the top 20! Beyonce is phenomenal, and she has the most amazing body! People, please just type Beyonce into Google Images, and you will be stunned! And I don't get the huge hype over Megan Fox... I mean, she is quite beautiful, but really? She's not all that.

She is my idol and to others too. She is kind, funny, and has a bubbly personality. She has a great family now. She does so much to make everyone happy. Every word I sing is brought out of my soul thanks to Beyoncé. There is no way I could thank her enough for being such a great inspiration, even though she may be part of the Illuminati. I strongly believe that even if she weren't, she would still be in the position she is now.

What? What! She should definitely be number one. And to all you haters saying she is a booty-shaking fake, get a life. You're jealous! If she is so horrible, why is she being called the Whitney Houston of her era (by the way, Whitney is voted and chosen as the greatest female singer of all time)? How could Taylor Swift be in front of her? She is ugly without makeup. And Selena, I understand her being in front of Taylor, but Beyoncé is a total package. How could these girls be in front of her?

Now, the cutest women in the world, I maybe could understand, but hottest... We're talking about body too. How is Jessica Alba in front of Beyoncé? You know what, I'm out.

Why is she at 14?! She should be at No.1. And some of you guys are insulting her because you're just jealous that you're not sexy like her, and some are just mad because you can't have her. But anyway, HANDS DOWN! Beyoncé, you are a true queen. You never let ANYONE outshine you, girl.

15 Marilyn Monroe Marilyn Monroe, an iconic figure of the 20th century, was synonymous with glamour and sex appeal. She became a global sensation due to her roles in classic films, her sultry singing voice, and her unforgettable image. Monroe's unparalleled beauty and tragic life story have cemented her legacy as one of the most enduring symbols of beauty and allure.

I believe she should be at least in the top 25! I'm appalled at the fact that she is this low on the list! Marilyn Monroe is amazing! She is such an inspiration, being adopted, and she was amazingly smart! A reader, lover, kind person, beautiful woman, great singer, actress, and overall an amazing woman! Her physical appearance was beautiful! She was gorgeous! Her curvy body is what I wanted to be forever! Marilyn is my inspiration, was beautiful, and is my favorite celebrity! So glam...

In most similar lists on this subject, she usually tends to be in the top 5, if not, in fact, number 1. I guess it shows the general age of your voters. I'd bet that most of the women who are ranked before her won't be there in a few decades, unlike Marilyn.

The epitome of beauty, but probably lower on the list than she deserves because she passed away a long time ago and people are thinking about the now.

Although she died, she is still alive in people's memory forever. She was the greatest actress of all time. No one else can become like her again.

16 Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez, or J.Lo, is a multifaceted artist known for her sultry voice, incredible dance moves, and age-defying beauty. She has conquered both the music and film industries, with numerous hit songs and acclaimed movie roles. Lopez's enduring appeal and glamorous style have established her as a global symbol of beauty and talent.

JLo is the sexiest woman I have ever seen. Her body and looks are perfect. She makes my loins dance. If I were a single yet younger man with money to burn, I would definitely burn it on Jennifer Lopez. I have loved her since the first time I saw her performing in the movie Selena. I would walk on flaming coals just to get one kiss from Jennifer Lopez.

Jennifer, I'm Bob Tassone from Lorain, Ohio, and I'm so in love with you. You're beautiful, Jen. Xoxoxoxo.

You may dislike her music, but don't be delusional about her fantastic look! She's one of the most graceful and beautiful women in the world! Nothing can change that. Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Angelina Jolie are over her? Seriously?

When you have looked as good as she does for as long as she has, you must come to terms with how beautiful she really is.

Jennifer Lopez is ageless because for someone like her who's over 50, she still looks younger than her age.

17 Rihanna Rihanna, the Barbadian singer, is revered for her edgy style and stunning looks. She has achieved international fame with her chart-topping hits and innovative music videos, showcasing her distinctive voice and aesthetic. Rihanna's fearless fashion choices and magnetic presence have earned her a place among the most influential and attractive personalities in the world.

RIHANNA is the most beautiful. The sexiest and the hottest woman in the world. Rihanna is the best woman I ever seen in my life and if I become a singer, I want sing a song together. I love her more than anyone else in the world.

Rihanna is the most beautiful the sexiest and the hottest woman in the world. With this woman I feel very strange and I love her more than anyone else in the world. Rihanna I LOVE YOU.

The most amazing woman in the world. I totally have a celebrity crush on her. Her face is total perfection. I love her skin tone, and it looks so smooth. She is epic.

She has million dollar legs! And has one of the prettiest faces I have ever seen! Her body is amazing!

18 Natalie Portman Natalie Portman is renowned for her delicate beauty and intelligent screen presence. She has portrayed a variety of characters in critically acclaimed films, earning her numerous awards for her performances. Portman's graceful appearance and considerable acting talents have positioned her as one of the most refined and attractive actresses in Hollywood.

She's such a cutie! Petite, cute in the face girl next door. When I first saw her in one of my favorite movies of all time, Leon: The Professional, I knew she'd grow up to be a fine woman. She just has this raw attraction that draws you in without being aggressive or forced.

Not only is Natalie very physically (sexually) attractive, but her personality and character are also very attractive. It's blinding, and I'm jealous that I'm not her, which upsets me considering how low I am compared to how important she is.

Her role in Star Wars, especially, helps showcase female empowerment to a primarily male fanbase.

Black Swan reinforces it.

Everything about her is attractive.

I've had a crush on her since Thor 2 and was fairly ticked that she wasn't in Ragnarok. Yes, I liked Jane Foster more than I liked Thor or Loki. Actually, I don't know any roles Natalie Portman has had aside from Jane Foster. She's an angel on Earth (which is ironic since she's Jewish but believes in no afterlife).

Natalie Portman shouldn't be all the way down here, but those of you who have voted for her know what true beauty is. If you're reading this, you should vote for Natalie Portman. She's what we'd really call true beauty, on the inside.

19 Margot Robbie Margot Robbie, with her luminous beauty and versatile acting skills, is regarded as one of the most attractive actresses of her generation. She gained widespread recognition for her role in "The Wolf of Wall Street," showcasing her ability to portray complex characters. Robbie's exquisite looks and exceptional talent continue to captivate audiences worldwide.

Margot is a bit on the skinny side for my tastes and she doesn't have any exceptional curves per se... but there is just something about her that makes her so damn sexy. I've watched some bad movies just to get a glimpse. Still can't put my finger on it but whatever she's doing, it works!

She is really beautiful! She should be number one, not number 42! Not only was she smoking hot in The Wolf of Wall Street (or in literally every picture!) but she was gorgeous in Suicide Squad as well. Whenever I see a picture of her, I'm like, "Damn!" and I almost faint. I swear, look up a picture of her and tell me she isn't beautiful. Also, she has a nice butt (you can see it in Suicide Squad and The Wolf of Wall Street) and beautiful blonde hair, and the most gorgeous eyes in the world. She's really sexy and funny too!

Robbie is on the same level as the top 6, minus Kate Upton and plus Jennifer Lawrence in my opinion. She is absolutely stunning, incredibly stylish, and it seems she has a wonderful personality, which all contributes to her rating on the hotness scale. Margot Robbie is on the edge of perfection, to say the least.

Back before Suicide Squad was released in theaters, I couldn't help but watch all her interviews and movies. Oh my god, she's so hot. This is kind of weird to say, but she's been in my dreams a few times.

20 Candice Swanepoel Candice Swanepoel, a South African supermodel, is known for her statuesque beauty and striking features. She gained international fame as a Victoria's Secret Angel, representing one of the most prestigious brands in fashion. Swanepoel's dazzling looks and graceful presence have made her one of the most sought-after and admired models in the world.

Okay, I love Adriana Lima and the other Angels, but Candice is the cherry on top for me. I remember seeing her when I was very young, and I wasn't even too aware of the Victoria's Secret fashion shows, but I just know how gorgeous she is! She has the perfect body for Victoria's Secret. She's like setting examples for the future Angels! I swear, her body is just so absolutely the sexiest in Victoria's Secret! No. 1 in the world!

She's the most perfect woman ever, why is she 57? Maybe you've never seen her! So go and search on the internet... Such a natural beauty! Candice and Adriana Lima are the only girls for whom I would become a lesbian!

If she isn't the hottest woman alive, she is probably the hottest blond ever. She is the proof that being hot doesn't mean having a body full of silicone. She is natural, and her face looks like an angel.

Rank 37 for Candice? Maybe!

We're talking about the hottest, not about the most beautiful.

When it comes to voting for the most beautiful, she is definitely number one.

21 Jessica Biel Jessica Biel is renowned for her athletic build and graceful appearance, often highlighted in her diverse roles in film and television. She rose to fame with her role in the family drama series "7th Heaven," where her performance and distinctive looks captivated audiences. Jessica Biel's captivating beauty and considerable acting talents make her one of the most admired personalities in Hollywood.

Truly a beautiful woman! Her features are stunning! Hard to think anyone is rated higher than this... I'll take one of the two Jessicas, please... Alba or Biel! I'm not nervous around beautiful women... but I think I would be pretty silly and tongue-tied around either of them!

Jessica Biel is what I would say is the epitome of perfection. When you combine great health, sex appeal, and beauty, you get Jessica Biel. Other women all seem weak in comparison. Blade Trinity!

She can climb into my bed any day or night. She is all woman, with looks and a killer body.

So much natural beauty! Great model and actress. Jessica will always be my favorite!

22 Ariana Grande Ariana Grande, with her petite frame and powerful voice, is considered one of the most beautiful and talented young artists. She has achieved immense success with her catchy pop hits and impressive vocal range, captivating fans around the world. Grande's sweet demeanor and stylish appearance have contributed to her status as a modern icon of beauty and talent.

She is by far the sexiest, most beautiful female alive. Words cannot describe how perfect she is. She is number one. These other women can only wish that they looked as good as she does.

She is one of the hottest new female celebrities in the business. She will definitely be coming into her prime in the coming weeks.

Love her or hate her, you can't deny that she is pretty. You can hate her, but stop calling her ugly because you are clearly just jealous.

She has a beautiful smile, and there are many more amazing pictures than the one that was chosen, LOL. But she is gorgeous, and her hair, even though she had problems with it when she had to dye it red for a show, now looks awesome. The bangs also fit her very well. She's both beautiful and sexy.

23 Jennifer Love Hewitt Jennifer Love Hewitt has long been celebrated for her classic beauty and charismatic performances. She gained popularity in the 1990s with roles in teen dramas and romantic comedies, showcasing her appeal and acting skills. Hewitt's charming presence and enduring beauty have kept her in the spotlight as one of the entertainment industry's most beloved actresses.

I clicked this list believing that I'd see Jennifer way down low, but I'm so happy and surprised she's in the Top 25! For me, she's the most beautiful celebrity of all time.

Yeah, yeah, yeah... She has a forehead you could land a 747 on, but she is still beautiful. Like a fine wine, she has aged well. I know the immediate thought is that it's her boobs, but I think the total package is there.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is so hot. Have you ever watched the movie Can't Hardly Wait? When I watched that movie, I fell in love with her right away. That movie is a classic. I don't even put her in my top ten hot females; she's already #1 to me.

If you cannot see that this woman is one of the sexiest women on this planet, you better get glasses. It is a disgrace to put her above the tenth spot in the ranking.

24 Kate Beckinsale Kate Beckinsale is synonymous with ageless beauty and refined elegance. She has showcased her acting range in various genres, from action-thrillers to romantic comedies, earning admiration for her performances and stunning appearance. Beckinsale's sophisticated style and enduring beauty have solidified her status as one of Hollywood's most attractive stars.

This pick is shocking to me because very skinny girls are not attractive to me. Kate doesn't have real curves or the typical knockout features a man looks for, but her face is gorgeous. I love that she can pull off so many different hairstyles and bring a different type of sex appeal and edge with each one. I am partial to her in a more goth or emo style (like in Jolt or Underworld), but no matter what, she is absolutely stunning!

Well, I really don't find women in movies or pictures to be beautiful. I know they look good, but I have dated a few women that model. I have gone to the photo shoots and, although, the women I dated were stunning in real life, there were some women that were average, at best in real life, but they did look very good in pictures. So what I am saying is people look different in pictures. A lot different. But out of all of these women, Kate Beckinsale is far more beautiful than the rest. Take a look at her waist guys. But when I first saw her, she stood out right away.

She is a truly English rose. She's smart, talented, classy, a lovely and very sympathetic woman in real life. Always nice towards her fans, and above all, the most beautiful woman in the world. She's the real number one of this list. People, vote for her! Thank you.

Sexy, beautiful, talented, and just keeps getting more and more beautiful. She is more attractive at thirty-nine than she was at twenty-nine or twenty-one for that matter. About the only person I will go to a movie to see just because she is in it.

25 Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Aniston is universally recognized for her timeless beauty and friendly demeanor. She became a household name due to her role as Rachel Green on the hit TV show "Friends," where her hairstyle became a global trend. Aniston's all-American charm and radiant appearance have kept her in the public eye as one of the world's most beloved beauties.

All I have to say is that, as much as I used to love Angelina Jolie, I think physically she is a downgrade from Jennifer Aniston. Brad must have been hypnotized by the boobs. Bwahaha!

Anywho, if you have any doubts about her beauty, check out Meet The Millers. The scene where she's dancing in a bra and panties will make you a believer! She has a cute little rump, I must say. White girl bubble butt, perhaps?

Jennifer is the hottest woman that ever graced Hollywood. She has the face and the most perfect little body a female could have. Great legs, the perfect midriff, and God, what a butt! And oh, what a set of perfect, just the right-sized boobs! I don't think another female I know of can claim all these number one perfect attributes. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give her the only 10 I know of.

I was struggling to choose. I was thinking about Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson, etc., but I chose Jennifer Aniston. At the age of 51, she still looks beautiful, and, you know, she's Rachel Karen Green.

This woman is way hotter than every single person who is placed above her. Even at age 50, she's still beautiful. The fact that she's not number one is false; the fact that she's placed 19th is a disgrace.

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