Top Ten Best Candy Bars

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The Top Ten

That was my favorite candy when I was a kid. Still is. You have to love the crunch and caramel in every Twix bar. MM
The Gods were angry at man. They saw the corruption, the evil, and the tyranny in our world. There was no good in our race so they planned to eradicate us off the planet. The future was bleak and as the black clouds of a raging tempest gathered overhead, one man knew he most prove our worth. The man worked tirelessly to show the good in man, he urged his people to assist in the production of something to symbolize good, but no one cared. They laughed and ignored his cries, while eating their bland chocolate bars. But this one man saw the only items worth living, caramel, chocolate, and cookies. He quickly produced the symbol of purity and love, named it "Twix" and offered it to the Gods. As they tasted his creation they smiled, and decided man is not all bad, and allowed us to live so twix may continue. So forget not the work our ancestor did to ensure our survival, eat a twix and you will be reminded of the inherent good in this world. Life is good. Twix. It's all in the mix.
Chocolate, caramel, biscuit = Twix - the best candy bar ever!


[Newest]The smell and taste is amazing
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If you don't love this you're insane! BEST CANDY BAR EVER! It has so many flavors to choose from! Unlike any other candy bar you can choose from more flavors than every one!
love the new white chocolate
Take a break take a kit kat! I never get tired of that commercial gotta love every kitkat from white to chunky.
[Newest]Variety of flavors, bigger than others, best commercial. Tastes amazing.
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Love snickers. Once I had bought a pack of snickers; however my mother traded it with my aunt for dairy milk. I mean come on!


Best chocolate bar I don't know why Twix is number 1 Snickers should be number 1
Snicke is the best! I eat them none stop! They are bars of awesomeness! AMAZING. FLAVORFUL. Chocolate. Carmel. With last but, not least COOKIES!
You probably mean twix Snickers has chocolate and caramel and nougat.
[Newest]So good best in the world
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4Milky Way
Milky Way is the best! I love how the nougat melts into the caramel and chocolate. It makes the perfect candy bar. Nothing is better than the Milky Way!
It is creamy with caramel that melts in your! what could every taste better? milky way is number one on my list and it will number one soon on yours, try a milky way!

Its your favorite!
Caramel and nougat and chocolate... What could be better?


[Newest]How is Twix number 1? Milky Way all the way

5Hershey Bar
You can't beat the Original
I LOVE HERSHEY! I love the dark chocolate type. It's the best! It's number 1 on my list.
I do not like any of these candy bars except for Hershey, Kit-Kat, and Crunch. But I like this one the best


[Newest]Just love plain chocolate!

With other candy bars, you get tired of them and you start to crave cheese. But with Butterfinger, you just crave more Butterfinger. I always look at the empty wrapper and remember my wonderful candy bar. YUM!
this has always been my fav cb ever and I mean ever and I'm only a kid
Butterfinger is probably like the best one on here! Love 'em.
[Newest]I love butterfingers candy bars.

Absolutely DELICIOUS! I LOVE IT! Isn't number 1 on my list but is AWESOME out of all these candy bars. WOHOO! Wish it were ONE!
Gosh. BEST CANDY EVER, GUYS. HOW DID IT NOT MAKE TOP TEN? Oh my god. Just eat it. It ps absolutely amazing, yummy crsipies
Not too fancy not too much:)
just the right sized orginal chocolate snack for me!
[Newest]Its crunch whats not to love I think this is number one

83 Musketeers
Three musketeers taste so good I could marry them if I could choose one food to have for breakfast lunch and dinner I would diffidently pick three musketeers because I love the filling stuff inside and the chocolate outside and put together it taste even better it taste like heaven that is how much I like three musketeers I mean whoever invented them is a genius because they are so good if three musketeers didn't exist I don't know what I would do because I eat them when I am sad and lonely in kindergarten my would pack one in my lunch every day just to get me to actually go to school but the teacher took it away every day and she ate it she told my mom I was allowed to eat them in school but that was just so she could take them away and she could get free candy and she made me cry I never forgot that time
Chocolate overload! Perfect for chocoholics such as myself. I lost count of how many I ate during my college classes!
3 Musketeers VS. KIT KAT
3 musketeers is better than kit kat because so many people ate so many of them they can't keep track of how many they ate during college. . They melt in your mouth like your in a dream. They also are really tasty. Plus it has squishy chocolate inside.
[Newest]I think this is the only nougat chocolate bar I like. I just don't care for Mars bars.

9100 Grand
I don't always eat candy bars, but when I do, I prefer 100 Grand!
100 grands are amazing but the bar isn't very big so they definitely need to make the bar bigger or else they aren't going to have very good sales in the next couple of years
LOVE this one, but for some reason I can only find it in certain stores. Ralphs, Vons, those places near me don't sell them but THANK GOD for the 99 cent store. Cheaper there too!
[Newest]The 100,000 candy bar has a mix of favors unlike any other. Love it.

10Hershey's Cookies and Cream Bar
THIS IS so GOOD! If I could have a million at one time I would eat them non stop they are amazing and no candy beats it no matter what people say! This voting is crap unless you vote jerseys cookies and cream!
Yuuuummm... by FAR my favorite chocolate bar... HOW COULD YOU NOT LOVE THIS!
[Newest]Hershey's cookies a cream bar should have been first

The Contenders

11Mars Bar
yum yum yum yum yum yum yum


Blows the Milky Way out of the water. Tastes so much sweeter, harder, and better.
My little brother loves this and me to, they are very good but not as good as the one above, mars is still tasty and is good.
[Newest]It's gonna be what

12Mr. Goodbar
The perfect candy bar. It should be number 1. I believe it would be more popular if they advertised it more. I never see commercials for Mr. Goodbar.
Best combination of flavor.
So good! Hershey, please promote this bar so people will realize it is amazing.
[Newest]Most over looked of great candy bars. Should be in top 10 at least.

Best chocolate ever. The crunch and sweetness of it is just so amazing and everyone should have it all of the time
I'm pretty sure this candy bar was sent from the gods. It's so delicious and yummy! It melts right in your mouth and has the awesome crunchy toffee. I think imma go eat Heath bar now.
Amazing bar. The English Toffee and creamy Milk Chocolate just blend together and make a heaven-like feeling in you mouth. By far the BEST tasting candy bar ever.
[Newest]It's amazingly crunchy and sweet and chocolate.

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, the best candy ever. I cannot believe it isn't in the top 5. I'm Loving Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Truly scrumptious & delicious. My grown Children try to get me the biggest Reese's Cup they can find. One Year my Son bought me a Giant Reese's Peanut Butter Heart. My Son passed away in April 2012. I Loved him so much. I have two other grown Children & they are always trying to Find a bigger Reese's than the Heart, but they haven't found a Bigger one. How about a
Giant Reese's Egg or Rabbit for Easter.
Maybe people don't think this is a candy bar. That is the only reasonable expectation of why Reese's are so low. I love this sweet treat so much my oldest son has it for a name. My biggest problem when I go to pick out candy is if it's going to be cups or pieces, but it is always Reese's.
"You got your chocolate in my peanut butter! " "You got peanut butter on my chocolate! " "YUM! " Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are by far the best candy on this list. You crave them all the time, and they never get old! I. CANNOT. BELIEVE. THEY.R. iN. THE. 22. PLACE. Life is over. Enough said.
[Newest]They are very good

15Take 5
This is the best candy bar ever... It is the most underrated candy bar. They should be selling this candy bar in more stores, I can barely find them anywhere. This is like a hipster's dream come true, haha. Its like a combination of twix, kit kat, with a awesome pretzel inside that compliments the sweetness. BEST CANDY BAR EVER.
How have I not discovered this candy bar sooner. Mere words are not enough to describe how delicious this candy is.. And I'm not even a big candy bar fan. I'd heard of the candy before but assumed it was one of those nasty candy bars no one wants in their Halloween bag. I should be mad at the person who introduced me to how awesome and underrated these are.. because this realization will certainly add 2-5 lbs.
I used to work at an independent cinema. When we started selling this candy I lost it! Where had this delicious creation been all my life? It really has everything I'm looking for in a candy... Except for negative calories.
[Newest]You want a candy bar that's sweet with caramel, salty with peanuts, covered in chocolate and has pretzel in it? Get this candy bar, live by this candy bar. EAT THIS CANDY BAR

16Almond Joy
Coconut. Almonds. Chocolate. No rage, no hate, no conflict, just pure blissful joy. A fitting and honest name for a mass-produced delicacy in an attractive wrapper. This magical delight will bring about world peace and save the planet.
They are coconut almonds and chocolate all together they should be at least number ten
Cocoanut and Chocolate. It's simply the greatest candy bar there is. I am a huge cocoanut fan as I can eat a bag as is, but then add chocolate to it and suddenly I find myself in heaven. You all should too!
[Newest]I would rather have someone take a dump in my mouth. These are horrid. Probably the #1 worst bar.

17Baby Ruth
Are you kidding? This is the bar of choice for me, Sloth, Chunk and Babe Ruth. it's the best
Don't you know that Babe Ruth is the worst it has gotta be the last
How on Earth is this not top 25? Please vote this up to where it belongs... The Goonies are mad at you guys!
Hands down the greatest candy bar ever created! Nothing can match it's flavor when it hits your mouth. Snickers may give it a run for the money, but no way can touch this candy in any way shape or form!
[Newest]This should be the very last

It might be one of the most expensive, but at the same time one of the finest and therefore the greatest chocolate you could EVER TASTE!

Yeah, Toblerone! Swiss chocolate just can't be beat. The best is with raisins and nuts.
My grandpa always used to buy me this. I was dead in the inside when he had passed away. Now I swear that I will always love this and that it will always be my fave chocolate ever
[Newest]I can not stop eating this!

19Fast Break
They is so dang good yum it is like eating a baby angel so delicious I would eat them all day om nom nom makes me drool thinking about it
The first time I ate a fast break it became my favorite candy bar! I felt bad since I had been loyal to milky ways the previous 35 years! I think it is perfection.
Absolutely amazing! Love all the nougat and the peanut butter. Kind of like a Reeses on steroids. By the way, what is nougat? I find it a little alarming that I don't know.
[Newest]"Reminds me of a romantic encounter ))!

Salty sweet, nutritious, eat it slow, eat it fast, either way it hits the spot.
Peanuts! Yummy the caramel melts in your mouth and you chomp down on those delicious nuts

What! M this should be number 3 at least. So good. Maybe I'm just crazy...
I love how it doesn't have chocolate. Such a good flavor. Try one!
[Newest]Not the best but so underrated please make this a couple spots higher

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