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1 Potatoes

Is this even a vegetable? Anyway, if it is, it is the best. Eat it baked or fried. Eat it with so many seasonings and in so many shapes. Tater tots and fries are the best.

I love them. They make you fat, but so does McDonald's, and does anyone care about that? Nope. So, I hereby declare this potato day, and we shall feast on potatoes until we cannot anymore, meaning we will be too obese to consume one because our cheeks will be so fat they will have no other place to go but our mouth.

2 Corn

Who doesn't love corn? I was about to vote for potatoes because those are also super good, but then I saw corn. It's served so well on the cob and it's super healthy. Corn is sweet and delicious, and it's the reason why I like vegetables. I would probably have ten cavities if it weren't for corn, which I learned to love more than Sour Patch Kids.

Corn is one of the best vegetables, in my opinion. It's sweet, juicy, savory, and just overall delicious. You can eat it raw, but I prefer it grilled. No matter how you make it, corn is definitely in my top three.

3 Broccoli

Goes with just about anything and cleans out your intestines and a whole load of other things too.

Broccoli, chicken, and rice or just about any meat. Yeah!

Just about every kid I knew as a child hated it, but it turns out it's not too terrible.

Steamed with garlic or added to pasta - a fantastic source of vitamins too!

4 Carrots The carrot is a root vegetable, usually orange in colour, though purple, black, red, white, and yellow cultivars exist. Carrots are a domesticated form of the wild carrot, Daucus carota, native to Europe and southwestern Asia.

Undoubtedly, carrots are the best vegetable. They work cooked or uncooked and are literally the only vegetable capable of conquering Earth and beating Thanos. Carrots are so good that they make you see in the dark and enable you to fight off the depths of the abyss. Also, don't get me started on baby carrots. They are the best thing on planet Earth.

Whenever I need a snack but have to stay in shape, fresh carrots are my first choice. Some baby carrots with some ranch is a timeless food choice. Carrots can also be very versatile in many different stews and soups.

And we can't forget carrot cake. Obviously, carrots should be the almighty champion.

5 Lettuce

Lettuce is great. Toss it in a salad, or you can even eat it by itself! It's great on sandwiches too. It's also really healthy. Definitely a top 3.

I love lettuce. I'm a huge salad freak and can eat one like three times a day. Lettuce can also be put on burgers!

Salad is so good, and there is no salad without lettuce. I like romaine and iceberg.

6 Onions

Onions! Blimey, they're good. Caramelized, fried, roasted. Onions are the most fantastic vegetables on the planet. Please vote onions! Now, I need to point out that potatoes are disgusting and should be stripped of their gold spot on this list.

They have their own distinct natural sweetness when cooked. If you eat them raw, they taste good too. I also like onion rings. Yummy onions.

Ogres are like onions because they have layers.

They have the best texture, best taste, and I strangely like the sting. Most underrated vegetable, in my opinion.

7 Peas

I don't know what it is, but I like peas in lots of things, from my chicken to my pasta. They have such a great taste and texture and look amazing. I also like snap peas, but only when they are crispy, not boiled until they are soggy. They go really well in Asian food.

Yum! Peas and mashed potatoes are awesome, or even if you just have peas on their own. They are great in the pod or on their own. Peas are the best!

Why in the world do so many people hate them? They should be number one!

8 Spinach

It's pretty versatile, which is nice.

I like it as a filling with cheese. Or I can just say spinach and cheese is amazing.

9 Cauliflower

Much tastier than broccoli, no doubt.

10 Peppers

Peppers are so good, but aren't they technically a fruit?

Peppers are actually fruits, but they are still my first choice for a snack.

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11 Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are hated by a lot of people, which I guess is understandable because of the smell, but they are really good!

If they're raw, they're probably pretty gross. But steamed and slightly salted Brussels sprouts are delicious! Everyone should give them a try.

The people that hate it don't know how to cook it. Then again, my mom could probably make anything taste good.

12 Green Beans

To be honest with you, I love, love, love green beans. They're like a dessert to me!

Covered in margarine and Mrs. Dash, they are actually like a treat.

13 Mushrooms

For me, it is hands down mushrooms, then a tie between potatoes and onions. Some people don't like the texture of mushrooms, but for me, they're what I'd like to eat simply.

They have so many possibilities for use.

Mushrooms are good. I love to eat them every day!

14 Asparagus

You can cook them in so many different ways, and they are so tasty. They have many health benefits too. They are overall a very good vegetable. You should try them if you still haven't for some reason.

Asparagus is delicious. Eat it with soup, sandwiches, salads, even rice! I would even eat asparagus by itself! Nice taste, crunchy, and good for you! Definitely a top 5, and if not top 5, maybe even top 3!

I know I already voted for potatoes, but this is my second favorite. I love everything though, to be completely honest.

15 Cucumber

Pickles are good, and pickles come from these. These are also a good snack.

They taste good and can be turned into pickles.

I thought it was a fruit because it has seeds. It's good either way, though.

16 Cabbage
17 Beets

I love beets. Unlike many people believe, they are actually very versatile. They can be made into veggie cutlets/patties, boiled with a bit of salt, or even made into a healthy smoothie with ginger, oranges, and carrots. Beets are one of my favorite veggies.

My favorite vegetable. At home, I try to have these more than other vegetables. At a salad bar, I'd take two servings of beets and one serving of everything else.

Beets are awesome, immensely healthful, and after you eat enough of them, they turn your pee and poo red too!

18 Beans

Beans are a great source of protein, and they are delicious! My family liked to joke around with me because I pretty much lived off of pinto beans.

Black beans in burritos, black beans in cilantro rice, black beans cooked with tomatoes on quinoa or brown rice. Just go and try them. Need I say more?

Beans, beans, the magical fruit. The more you eat, the more you toot. The more you toot, the better you feel, so eat some beans with every meal.

19 Celery

The best thing about celery is that you can eat it and then wash your hands! Vote celery for president!

I love, love, LOVE celery.

I eat it all the time: in salads, raw, and in soup.

FYI, celery soup is the best food on this Earth.

Love celery! Crunchy and tasty, and you get the point.

20 Garlic

Garlic is essential in cooking. Serve it with soup, fried rice, sandwiches, and even salads. You really can't go wrong with these babies. A top 5, definitely.

21 Sweet Potatoes

Best vegetable here! Potatoes are okay but only in fries and chips. I like normal potatoes too. Peppers are good as well, but tomatoes aren't even a vegetable! I can't stand carrots or broccoli.

How the heck is this not at least number 5? I love this vegetable. This is why I first liked vegetables. People, vote for this now. Please.

I love sweet potatoes! They're like normal potatoes but with a sweet, awesome texture and even better health benefits. I always like to make my own sweet potato fries with olive oil and spices. It's healthy and delicious. It might actually be one of my favorite foods.

22 String Beans
23 Banana Peppers

They are amazing on a sub sandwich and super underrated.

24 Okra

I'm Indian, so my mom makes sliced okra with spices, cooked in just a little bit of oil. Amazing. Beautiful. And, to the rest of the Indians out there, this is not the standard stuff you get in restaurants. It goes above and beyond. Delicious.

25 Squash
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