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1 Cheddar

I just ate cheddar cheese today with my crackers! Cheddar cheese is the best! (But it sometimes makes me gassy ) but I don't really care!

Cheese is great full stop. However; this cheese is the very definition of a versatile ingredient - you can put it on bread, pasta, pizza, chips, biscuits and so much more and on its own. Melted or unmelted, there's no denying that cheddar is the king of cheeses.

Cheddar is the universal cheese. The most popular, the best with everything, one of the tastiest. I prefer other cheeses, but this is very good. Others are more delicate and pleasing but this definitely should not be below mozzarella.

This cheese is so beloved because of its sharp taste and memorable brittle texture. It's fairly cheap, and you can buy aged cheddar as well.

2 Mozzarella

I think Mozzarella should share the first place together with cheddar. Very different flavours yet both plentiful in their flavours. I especially love Buffalo mozzarella

We knew the world would not be the same.
A few people laughed.
A few people cried.
Most people were silent.
I am become Fat, destroyer of Pizzas.

A heavenly white cheese, made to bless the soul of dairy eaters! This cheese is majestic and deserves to be on a purple colored throne.

Some brands are too rubbery, but some of the better brands are stretchy and melt-in-your-mouth. It's great on pizza and in mac and cheese.

3 Brie

Brie, I love it, France is the best in terms of quantity (number of different cheeses) and quality, concerning quantity (tonnage) it's Germany and USA. But definitively French cheeses are the most famous.

I love brie, I'm dutch and I'm what you call a kaas kop (translation: cheese head), but why is cheddar on top, it is one of the worst cheeses in the world, it is more like plastic than cheese.

It's a bit rich and creamy by itself, but it's kinda good on crackers. Mixing a little bit of this in "normal" macaroni makes for a better-tasting mac n' cheese.

Because it's a French cheese, but France has more than 400 known cheeses, and brie is not the best, but enough to be ranked in this top 10.

4 Gouda

Dutch cheese is the best, that is known by many around the world, but how is cheddar on this list, cheddar isn't even cheese by official standards.

Polish cheese. Some people can't tolerate this taste. I can't tolerate one day without Gouda.

It's dutch, not Polish or Italian, Gouda is a city in the Netherlands...

Is it Italian? Looks to be by its name, isn't it?

5 Parmesan

Should be top 3. It is amazing. Go to the grocery store and get a piece of a block of parmesan and just eat it. Use it to grate over pasta or just eat it right off the slice. It's so good.

Parmesan is the best food known to man and nothing in the entire multiverse will or has ever been better than it! Can't believe only 5th should be 1st by a mile! Go Parmesan!

Nothing more than you could cherish of its taste.

I love the strong, smelly taste. Tastes like feet.

6 Swiss

Swiss is firm and yet melts nicely (all those connecting, stretchy, strings a little like Mozzarella) only better because there is more flavor. By it's self or on crackers, toast, cold or warm sandwiches, nutty always with a hint of butter in the end, as a last subtle note.

I absolutely LOVE Swiss it is bitter and yet so delicious! I love it plain or on sandwiches or anything!

It tastes bitter by itself. But it tastes good if you put it on a sandwich or something

I love the nutty taste. I hate bland, fatty cheeses.

7 Feta

Mmm... Feta... tried it with a salad I had at tea and loved it.

Just gorgeous. My choice for any salad or pasta dish.

During the meal, delicious, the next day it's perfect!

This Greek/Bulgarian Cheese is Tasty and salty! you gotta try it!

8 Pepper Jack

In my opinion, the best cheese ever concocted. It has a sharp, spicy tang and the flavors dance on your tongue: a mixture of jalapeno infused with mozzarella and red chili (chile) peppers. The cheese with the most pop!
It pairs perfectly with grapes and garden vegetable or wheat crackers.

Quite zesty, its sweet and then spicy and savory. Its amazing on a sandwich, and I could eat a block.

Incredible cheese. It is so tasty and I love the spiciness!

Its one of the best cheeses I've ever tried!

9 American

Can't have a cheeseburger or grilled cheese unless it's American. No other kind of cheese can surpass it's classic flavor

It's perfect for grilled cheese, I just don't think I would eat it plain

Love it on a burger

10 Provolone

This along with havarti taste so good melted on top of crispy bread. Must try.

When you grill it and drip it on bread it is the best feeling in the world.

This is easily the best cheese. Why number 18? Should at least be in the top 5.

The taste of this cheese is beyond expectations.

The Contenders
11 Monterey Jack

Spicy + Cheese was a combination of flavors born in heaven.

12 Muenster

It can go on practically anything, it tastes great, it has a red skin-thing, and monsters like it. How much better can a cheese get? Go monster Munster!

I straight up by a bag of muenster and eat it by the slice. Best cheese in the whole world.

I LOVE this cheese! It's uniquely colored and tastes great! Should be first place.

This is my favorite cheese, although I think it is spelled muenster.

13 Blue Cheese

The best blue cheeses are obviously the French ones like Roquefort, Bleu d'Auvergne, Bleu de Bresse, Fourme d'Ambert, Bleu des Causses etc...
There are more than 30 different types.

And now they are made also in America, Thanks to sweet France.

This is the most perfect cheese there is! Such a flavor! I can eat it by ITSELF!

The Strongest Taste in the world, and possibly one of the best!

It's really strong and really, really good!

14 Cheddar Jack

Should be higher

15 Cream Cheese

Incomparable, yummy, flavorful. This cheese has a tangy note and a smooth texture. Delicious on crackers, or paired with vegetables or chips, and most of all spun into a delectable dip! Very versatile and can be substituted for so many ingredients in cooking. If you want to add a little texture or flavor to a casserole or dish, just add a bit of this marvelous cheese!

Goes great on bagels, but anywhere else, it's disgusting.

Very good in cheesecake

16 Colby Jack

Delicious. It is so rich and flavorful.

17 Camembert

Camembert just lets you relax. Always try it with bread. I wonder why it was ranked 14th. It's not fair. It deserves to be first. It needs that respect. I'm going to go home and create a declaration of Camembert Independence.

There is honestly nothing better than the melting buttery feeling of a slice of Camembert in your mouth. Best with crackers and is far the best French cheese ever.

Have you ever try the famous Camembert.
Just once you will never forget it.

Nice and creamy. One of the more unique cheeses you'll come across.

18 White Cheddar
19 Parmigiano Reggiano

I'm pretty sure this is parmesan with a more fancy name. Also, this kind is NOT POWDER! Who likes cheesy powder? Like what they sometimes put on Doritos? Yuck.

The real parmesan. Don't be fooled by the fake American stuff at the store. This is 1000 times better.

Epic cheese, like if Parmesan wasn't the consistency of saw-dust.

20 Cottage

The consistency of cottage cheese isn't unlike rice pudding, which might be off-putting to some, but the mild taste and wetness make it go well with sliced tomatoes or cucumbers, and it can be used to make dessert.

21 Sharp Cheddar

Has a sharp taste

22 Goat Cheese
23 Manchego

Quite an amazing taste

24 Roquefort

Clearly the king of the cheeses. Anyone who disagrees is clearly an absolute pleb de fromage. How dare you sit there and pass judgement on other cheeses when you, yourselves, are ignorant to the true heir to the moldy, moldy Cheese Throne? Viva la roquefort, viva la fromage!

Roquefort is undoubtedly the best cheese ever made. Mozzarella has absolutely no taste at all.

Roquefort is really good, needs to be more known and diffused.

25 Asiago

But only with other cheeses. On its own, it tastes weird. When eaten with american or Parmesan, it tastes downright amazing.

Asiago best cheese

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