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1 Cookies N' Cream

Cookies and cream is the greatest ice cream I've ever had. It's vanilla ice cream and crushed Oreo cookies mixed together. Put them in a blender and enjoy. Thanks for letting me share my opinion.

OMG. Cookies and Cream will forever be my favorite ice cream! I love it so much. I just purchased like three batches of them last week. They're so good!

Cookies and cream is the best flavor ever because it's just like cookies in milk. It is so creamy and delicious that it tastes kind of like whipped cream in your mouth. The cookie chips inside the cream are so realistic, they don't even taste like fake Oreos. Maybe they are real Oreos?

I have to say, this is the best. I won't pass on chocolate, but cookies and cream is by far the best. The creamy, rich yet subtle flavor of the vanilla balances out perfectly with the crunchy, perfectly sweet cookies.

2 Mint Chocolate Chip

My entire family adores this flavor. It's rejuvenating, yet sugary at the same time. The minty taste adds to the coldness of the ice cream, whereas the chocolate chips improve the dessert's sweetness. The other flavors like strawberry, mango, yam, durian, coconut, vanilla, chocolate, coffee, red bean, lychee, orange, grape, or even caramel are just... well, plain and normal.

In my humble opinion, all the other incredible flavors like Cookies N' Cream, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Rock 'n Pop Swirl Sherbet, Birthday Cake, or Rocky Road will never be comparable to Mint Chocolate Chip. Maybe it's because I think that ice creams taste better with a minty sweetness. I like to eat it when I'm feeling down or bored. It's nice to enjoy along with a book, some music, games, or TV, on a rainy day, in a comfy bed, with an air conditioner and some privacy. All to yourself.

Thanks for voting for Mint Choc Chip, guys!

Mint Chocolate Chip is the perfect flavor for any sort of person, even for those who just despise life. In my opinion, plain flavors such as strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, yam, pineapple, grape, mango, or orange can never top this. Cool, cold, rejuvenating, sweet, and lovely are all packed into this one flavor.

This is the best flavor ever! How in the world is vanilla beating this? It's the best of both worlds: mint and chocolate! I always get this flavor or chocolate fudge brownie, which somehow didn't make the list either. All I'm saying is that if you don't think this is the best ice cream ever, you've never tried it.

Mint chocolate chip is an amazing flavor. It has been my favorite since I was a child. I remember asking for mint chocolate chip ice cream, and they gave me chocolate. I was so angry at him that I threw it on the sidewalk and walked away. I'd choose mint chocolate chip over chocolate any day!

3 Chocolate

Chocolate ice cream is basically the only ice cream flavor I will eat. It is honestly the best flavor. Because it is so simple, the chocolatey flavor can really be highlighted. Unless you don't like chocolate, this is basically a win-win. I love the variety such a simple flavor can have. Chocolate ice cream can be really rich and dense or can be milky and light. Either way, it is an amazing flavor. I like it plain so the flavor can really shine through.

It's like frozen heaven. I always choose chocolate when I go to an ice cream shop, especially Cold Stone. I love it there! I always pick the darkest chocolate, and some places even add brownies and chocolate chips or fudge. It's just the best thing ever.

I love chocolate ice cream and have loved it since I was in diapers. I could rank all the different chocolate varieties for you: Haagen-Dazs' Chocolate (not Belgian Chocolate) would come out on top, then Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie, and then I would still be counting.

Milk, dark, Swiss - it doesn't matter. All chocolate is good. It's awesome with toppings but still great without.

4 Vanilla

It is the authentic ice-cream flavor that elevates this flavor to a higher ranking. The simplicity of the flavor is what makes your taste buds crave more. It's original. It's nostalgic. It's more than just basic. It's the mother of all flavors. From a scientific evolutionary perspective, we are drawn to the taste of simple things without many additives that make these things lose their taste. The taste of regular vanilla ice cream is the closest thing to our natural taste buds, as it is the closest to the taste of the most essential nutrient for all mammals: milk. Vanilla is by far the most original form of ice cream that reminds us of simple times, of comfortable lives, of VANILLA ICE CREAM!

Some people here are nuts! If you go on Google and search for the most popular ice cream flavor in the world, you'll see VANILLA. What ice cream is usually in sundaes? That's right, VANILLA! It's a classic and goes with everything. Does McDonald's have chocolate ice cream cones? Do you see other flavors of ice cream on top of apple pie and cake? No, you don't. Vanilla is superior. Strawberry is too artificial most of the time, and chocolate is too strong and is hard to scoop out of the tub. Other flavors don't accommodate toppings well. But with vanilla, put some hot fudge and whipped cream on it, and you have heaven. It's smooth, creamy, and you don't have to worry about artificial flavoring. People who don't like it probably had bad ice cream. They need to give vanilla a chance. This is coming from a chocoholic who would never eat vanilla cake. LONG LIVE VANILLA!

A major use of vanilla is in flavoring ice cream. The most common flavor of ice cream is vanilla, and thus most people consider it to be the "default" flavor. By analogy, the term "vanilla" is sometimes used as a synonym for "plain." Although vanilla is a prized flavoring agent on its own, it is also used to enhance the flavor of other substances to which its own flavor is often complementary, such as chocolate, custard, caramel, coffee, cakes, and others.

Vanilla is the ultimate flavor of ice cream! It has this basic flavor that you're almost always in the mood for. I found a site that shows the flavors of ice cream that were bought the most, and vanilla was number one! I hope it can be number one on this site too!

5 Cookie Dough

When I first tasted this one, it made me feel all warm inside even though it was cold. It reminded me of when my dad and I baked cookies for our family.

Best ice cream ever! As a kid, who didn't love eating raw cookie dough and vanilla ice cream? It's the perfect combination of cookies and ice cream without having hard chunks of actual cookies.

I love cookie dough. It tastes great and really gives that chewy flavor, which makes it great. As a kid, I loved being able to taste the cookie batter before putting the cookies into the oven to heat up. It was a flavor that kind of stayed with me. When I can, I always order a cookie dough ice cream.

I have no idea which of all those flavors with "cookie" in the name is the one sold as "cookies" in each Austrian ice cream stand with the exact same logo. So, I'll just go with this one. The one I mean has yellow ice cream with cookie flavor, plus some soft cookies and chocolate in it.

6 Strawberry

When I saw the strawberry on one of the ice creams and tasted it, I fell in love with it because it tasted just like strawberries.

Strawberry ice cream is the best. There are no other flavors that I would choose. It's got a creamy taste with sweet strawberries to make it better! Everyone else in my family likes different flavors, but really, strawberry is the best!

One of the BEST ICE CREAMS EVER! I love it so much that I always pick this flavor at the ice cream shop. My mom likes chocolate, and she keeps buying chocolate, but I'm like, Nah, strawberry's better. And I'll never stop buying strawberry ice cream whenever I see it at markets and shops.

Strawberry ice cream is the best! Those of you who have not voted should vote for strawberry ice cream because it is so tasty. Vote for strawberry ice cream! If you're thinking about voting for other ice cream flavors, think again! So vote for strawberry ice cream now!

7 Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Many people say this about their favorite ice cream flavor, but this time, it's true. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is the best ice cream flavor, seemingly ever! I have no idea how Cookie Dough is ranked higher than this. Adding the chocolate chips makes everything better: the taste, the crunch, the experience! The taste is simply like taking vanilla ice cream, which is basic, and throwing in the good stuff, such as chocolate chips and yummy cookie dough! What's better than that? Nothing, in my opinion. :D

I find Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough more addicting than Vanilla ice cream. What do you expect? My parents keep buying Vanilla ice cream, and once, they bought four tubs of it. Even at my cousin's house, they have lots there, and they have been bribing us to have more so they can clean out the freezer. The Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (CCCD) is so chewy and delectable. It is only fair to put chocolate chips in the cookie dough because the Vanilla ice cream is used as a base. They complement each other well.

What kid does not love the taste of raw chocolate chip cookie dough and ice cream? The two best sweet things in the world are mixed together to create a heavenly treat that's super yummy, very creamy, and can be eaten anywhere, anytime! I don't know about you, but in my opinion, chocolate chip cookie dough is the best and should be number one!

I love chocolate chip cookie dough. It is just so delicious. The flavor is so sweet. What's better than vanilla ice cream with chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough?

8 Rocky Road

Wait. Chocolate ice cream is just Rocky Road without marshmallows and almonds. Cookie dough is disgusting in large quantities like that. Chocolate chips? How about chocolate ice cream with marshmallow? Vanilla is sort of bland. Strawberry is good, yes, but not as good as this at all. That leaves Cookies & Cream and Mint Chocolate Chip, and even with those above this, it should be in third place, but it is in eighth. What?

Dreyer's Rocky Road (the original Rocky Road ice cream) is still the best of the best. It has a perfect blend of perfectly roasted almonds and "how-do-they-do-it" squishy marshmallows. If there are marshmallows in Rocky Road, they are usually very hard from being frozen. And don't go for Rocky Road wannabes that only offer a marshmallow ribbon - that's not true Rocky Road. Rocky Road is chocolate ice cream perfected!

Rocky Road is definitely my favorite ice cream. Actually, it's about the only ice cream I eat because I don't like ice cream that much. One thing I hate about Rocky Road, though, is that sometimes it has peanuts instead of almonds. It just isn't Rocky Road without the almonds.

This is so good. With marshmallows and everything. It's not my favorite, but it's still so delicious that it should be illegal. I love it so much! It should be second.

9 Coffee

I am highly disappointed in this list. Literally, the best ice cream flavor ever isn't even in the top 10. Yet, a flavor that tastes like complete garbage, such as strawberry, is in the top 5. And what is cookies n' cream doing at #1? It's a great flavor, but it can be too overwhelming at times.

If you want coffee ice cream, just put coffee in milk, add a tiny bit of sugar, and freeze it. Let it melt a little, and you've got coffee ice cream, albeit with a different texture. I'm not really a fan of this ice cream because I'm not a fan of coffee.

This flavor is extremely exceptional. Only coffee lovers tend to like this flavor. The ice cream tastes amazing and is generally appreciated by people with an open mind. I love this flavor so much!

This should be number 1. What is the best flavor of ice cream in the entire universe doing down here? I think everyone should at least try coffee ice cream once or twice because, once you do, you're going to want more.

10 Neopolitan

I love the three different flavors in this one, but the one I really enjoyed the most was the strawberry flavor. This is because chocolate isn't one of my favorite ice cream flavors.

Why? Why do you do this? Why 12? Why not 1? I mean, seriously, Neapolitan has three flavors in one. Do you want me to name them? Okay. Chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. If you don't like a flavor but your friends do, well, get this type of ice cream in a tub, and you and your friends can chow down. AND if you get this on an ice cream cone, it's like having three scoops. And it is delicious too.

Chocolate tastes great. Vanilla tastes great. Strawberry tastes great. So when you put three great things together, what do you have? An EXCELLENT thing.

Neapolitan is my favorite as it has three great flavors all in one. It should be in the top three, not number 13. Some of the above flavors should not even be considered ice cream.

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11 Birthday Cake

Uh, hello?! Ever heard of birthday cake? It's only the greatest kind of ice cream (closely behind cheesecake) of all time. The taste has the perfect balance of sweetness and coldness.

Chocolate is overrated, as well as vanilla. Think of the flavors that actually taste good, not what everyone else picks!

*GASP* (Runs to the kitchen, grabs a container of ice cream, places four scoops inside the bowl, and begins to eat.) So, you have to say that you want to try this.

Birthday cake ice cream is amazing. The kind I get is this delicious vanilla ice cream with cake frosting inside. It is DELICIOUS. I suggest you try it. It is amazing!

Blue Bell birthday cake is the best ice cream ever assembled by human beings. If you disagree, you have never eaten it and you need to go to a doctor for never trying it.

12 Peanut Butter Cup

Oh my gosh, peanut butter cup ice cream is so delectable! The rough deliciousness of peanut butter tastes tantalizing when paired with delectable ice cream. Taste this transcendent type!

I love peanut butter cups. I love ice cream. Combining them is heaven's gift to me. Peanut Butter Cup, or any peanut butter ice cream, came from the gods themselves.

Amazing is all I can say. Although, you do have to try a few. There are some that just don't do the flavor justice.

Not sure if this counts, but screw it. Turkey Hill peanut butter ice cream tastes unbelievably good.

13 Chocolate Chip

I love chocolate chip because it's mostly vanilla, with just enough chocolate to make it perfect!

When you just don't want vanilla but you also don't want chocolate, Chocolate Chip is perfection!

One of the most classic flavors of all time: Chocolate Chip. You've got to love it.

This is way better than MINT chip! Vanilla and chocolate make a classic combo.

14 Caramel

Caramel is the best ice cream, and every time I have it, it blows my mind! Caramel ice cream could never get old. It's THE BOMB! I could eat it ALL day. I'd just have to brush my teeth REALLY well.

I love to get the last scrape at the bottom with tons of caramel. I hate thinking about ice cream when I have none.

THE BEST! No question. Melts in your mouth and tastes like heaven! Can be eaten in all four seasons. Everyone loves caramel!

It is so yummy when it's in my tummy. I love it a lot. I could kiss it just for that caramel taste in my mouth. It feels awesome!

15 Cake Batter

Ok, what the heck is this doing at 11? It is really, really good with a creamy vanilla and butter kick to it. Whenever I go to Time Out Frozen Yogurt, I usually get cake batter. It tastes a little like cake, and I adore cake. It is one of those flavors that are not that common at ice cream stores. I love it more than chocolate and cookies and cream. It has that yummy taste similar to cake frosting. I love cake batter, and it is my favorite.

Cake batter or birthday cake, whatever you like to call it, is by far the best ice cream I have ever tasted in my entire life. Marble Slab and any other place that sells it is the place to go. Perfect, perfect, perfect. My sis worked at an ice cream place during the summer, and I told her to tell me when they had birthday cake ice cream in. That stuff is seriously the best!

Cake batter is delicious, so ice cream makers did us a treat and invented a version we could eat a bowl of and not get salmonella. I love cake batter, especially with milk on the side. (I must say, it's extremely rich usually.) It isn't my very favorite, but it's certainly second or third.

I LOVE cake batter cookie dough. Who didn't love licking the bowl of cake batter after mixing it? This is perfect when topped with sprinkles. Or you can ask them to make a milkshake with it. HEAVEN! It is the best, no matter how you have it.

16 Chocolate Fudge Brownie

This amazing ice cream was part of my childhood, first from Ben and Jerry's, and now in my father's kitchen. This is my all-time favorite flavor. Once you put hot fudge on it, I am in chocolate heaven! I am hoping Dad can make this ice cream for my birthday.

Should totally be in the #1 spot! It is basically chocolate on chocolate. How could you not love it!

Love this flavor, bruh!

I love this flavor despite it basically being diabetes ice cream.

17 Cotton Candy

If you live in Cali and you love cotton candy ice cream, you won't believe this stuff at Ventura County Harbor. Dude, you need to go to Coastal Cone and try their cotton candy. I literally think they scooped it from the clouds of heaven. I also heard they sell the same thing in Rite Aid. Look for it in the ice cream section. It's called Thrifty's Cotton Candy. Literally scooped from the clouds in heaven. Dude, you need to try it.

I just had this today, and I really enjoyed it. I haven't had this in a long time because I used to have it all the time when I was little. I recommend trying this underrated flavor. It's way better than actual cotton candy, which is too sticky and difficult to eat.

I love this flavor. It is by far my favorite! It's like you are eating cotton candy, but it is more solid. You must try it. Most people think that I am disgusting when they find out that I like this flavor, but that's only because they have never tried it before.

This used to be my childhood favorite because it was pink and purple and tasted super sweet. Now my favorite is mint chocolate chunk, but I still love cotton candy.

18 Mint

How is this number 5?!?! Mint is the best of the best! It's so refreshing! Unlike chocolate, you don't have to have a glass of water after eating it. It's so good that I have to hide the mint ice cream, or else it will be gone the next day. Mint cheers me up when I'm upset, and I eat it all year round!

Mint is super refreshing! It's calming and unique, unlike many other ice cream flavors. Only people with truly accepting taste buds like this flavor. It's sweet yet not too sweet, like vanilla or chocolate. It's perfect with chocolate chips to make an exceptional balance of flavors!

It's awesome! With a cool, refreshing taste, it's dreamy! I just love mint. I like mint chip even more! It has mint ice cream with chocolate chips in it! You gotta try it! Rocky road is okay, but it needs more simplicity - too many toppings. Anyway, mint is the best! I love mint! Everyone should vote for mint!

I had mint at Baskin-Robbins once. It was so good that I never had second thoughts about my favorite ice cream flavor after that. Chocolate used to be my favorite, but I got sick of it because it became too sweet. In fact, I haven't eaten ice cream, cake, or candy made of chocolate since then. This is a truly mint condition flavor.

19 Chocolate Peanut Butter

I'm not sure if this and 'Peanut Butter Cup' count as the same flavor. Either way, peanut butter and ice cream are a match made in heaven.

YUMMY! This ice cream is the best. Try it! You will instantly fall in love.

My mouth is starting to water already.

Even my username for most websites is Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream. JK.

20 Bubble Gum

I love bubble gum. It brings back so many childhood memories! Hands down, bubble gum ice cream is the best. Even after you're finished, you can still blow a bubble while you dump your cup in the trash.

Bubble gum is the best ever! When you're having trouble deciding what flavor to choose, try bubble gum. You can never go wrong with it.

This is the best flavor ever! This should be in 1st place, but instead, it's just in 35th place. Please, please, please make this change.

If only you could blow a bubble with bubblegum-flavored ice cream.

21 Moose Tracks

I used to eat this when I was a little kid, and that trend has continued into my young adulthood.

This is an amazing flavor. The combination of the fudge and mini peanut butter cups is awesome!

It has so many good flavors: nut, caramel, chocolate, and vanilla ice cream!

This ice cream is definitely my favorite. Why isn't it higher?

22 Butter Pecan

Oh my gosh, my mom bought this stuff for one of my family members' birthdays, and it wasn't the usual Breyers ice cream that she buys. It was so good! I don't remember the name, but what I can recall is that it was in a white container. The flavor was different. I can't really describe it well, but it was, I guess you could say, like heaven. I think it was the 365 brand or something. I don't remember.

This is the best ice cream yet. I can eat this ice cream all day with no problem. One day, I bought 60 pints and ate them all in one day and didn't even throw up, not even once. But then the next day, my mom got mad at me because I made a mistake in her restroom...

I didn't see this one on the list. How could that be?

Butter pecan or butter pecan? Whichever way you want to pronounce it, your tongue will dance in your mouth. Get some!

So good the Wu-Tang Clan made a song praising it, along with French vanilla, chocolate deluxe, and caramel sundaes. At least I think they were talking about ice cream...

23 Double Fudge Brownie

How is this number 17? Double fudge brownie is the bomb. This should be number one! A chocolate lover's dream. It's so creamy, so chewy, and so delicious! There are so many good variations of this flavor. My two favorite desserts put together, and a close second is just normal chocolate.

It is the best ice cream of all time! It's at the top of my list, tied with chocolate chip marshmallow ice cream, which is also very delicious. Never, ever miss this flavor in the ice cream store!

So tasty, and the fudge texture is great! The brownie is still warm and gooey with the ice cream.

Yum! You can't top that! So much chocolate in one bite!

24 Strawberry Cheesecake

YES! It is the best flavor! I never get tired of it, and it's very reliable. I also like cherry cheesecake-flavored ice cream, but strawberry is good too! If you haven't tried it yet, you definitely need to. It usually tastes just like cheesecake, which I love!

I had this in a gourmet shop with my friends, and it was creamy and sweet with swirls of strawberry in it. There were four of us, and three had that flavor. I usually don't like cheesecake. It's a bit too cheesy. However, you couldn't even taste it, and it was DELICIOUS.

The creamy, rich cheesecake ice cream, with fresh strawberries and graham cracker bits, is the best flavor ever!

Cheesecake is my favorite cake, but I was surprised to learn that there was an actual ice cream flavor of the cake. I got a tub of the ice cream flavor and mmm... it was so good! Strawberry cheesecake is my favorite ice cream flavor. I really recommend it! - IceBearRules

25 French Vanilla

It's a classic twist on regular vanilla. It adds a little flavor. It's so plain, and so good!

Only flavor made with real eggs. Most expensive to make. Yum, yum!

Best EVER, but it's the same as vanilla. Should be #1!

Better than Cookies & Cream. Should be first!

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