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1 Strawberries

These are the best! For me, it's winter, so it's SO HARD to get a plump, fresh, juicy strawberry. I love strawberries because they are great and perfect for spring and summer. You can enjoy a variety of things with strawberries: strawberry milk, strawberry ice cream, strawberry milkshake, and loads more! BEST FRUIT EVER!

I live in California, the largest producer of strawberries in the world, and I have to tell you that there is nothing better than going to one of the farms in my town and picking them fresh. For every one strawberry in the basket, two go in my mouth. When you taste it, it's like a juicy, sweet, delicious sensation that nothing else makes you feel like. It's the best!

Of course Strawberry is the best, AKA, Queen of Fruits in Asia -
Strawberry is good for the bones, Strawberry is also a soft fruit so its good for the heart also for the muscles, Children like this thing cause its very sweet and its sugarless, Strawberries are Antioxidant, Heart Smart and also it has Metabolsm and good for the memory... Strawberries grows in cold weather and strawberries are also popular in some tales like a love story, parable, legend... so that's just all I know, STRAWBERRIES FOREVER

Strawberries are a treat. Their soft flesh, sweet taste, and basically everything about them is delicious. Just twist the stem, then pull it out, and eat the strawberry. You know today is going to be good when you eat one of these bad boys. Definitely a top 3.

2 Watermelon

I am so happy this is second! I wasn't even expecting this to be in the top 10, and here it is! Watermelon. It's so juicy and delicious. I mean, who doesn't like watermelon?! You can't eat the outside, and the ones near the outside aren't the best, but still, this is the best. They also last a long time because it's one of the biggest fruits, maybe even THE biggest. Watermelons are the best.

The tradition in some British households at Christmas is that Santa is meant to give you an orange. I love watermelons so much that when I was 8 or 9, I asked for a watermelon on my Christmas list. I actually got one! My sister asked for a wheelbarrow and she got it too. She then started trundling the watermelon around our garden and accidentally smashed the melon. Still, best fruit ever. Also, a good game idea: multiple people try to eat as much watermelon as possible in one minute, but without using your hands. Messy but fun. I know that from experience.

Nothing like watermelons at a cookout. Actually, there's nothing like watermelons in general. That amazing taste has not been duplicated yet, although there have been some tasty tries. Watermelon remains the most refreshing fruit ever.

Good for dieting because it has low calories. I think it cleans the blood. It has a lot of water. It's the sweetest fruit in Korea, except for mangosteen. It is a cool, fresh fruit. So, when I am hot and have been exercising, I will eat a watermelon and it will cool me down.

3 Mango

Nothing can compare to the magic that is a mango. They're like flowers, sweetness, and a touch of sour all wrapped into one, and it's great. Mangoes are the perfect size, have the perfect texture, color, and smell - perfect in every way. Why? Because they're mangoes, and mangoes deserve to be more loved and to have their stunningness shared.

Imagine if someone discovered a unicorn. The news would spread. I feel the same about mangoes. More people need to know about them. I could live happily if all I ate were mangoes for the rest of my life. Why? Because the glory of mangoes would probably give me superpowers to save the world after eating a lot. They're just that good.

Never underestimate the power of a mango. One day, it might save your life. Just cut it open and dive in, immersing yourself in the blissful Wonderland you've just entered - until the mango is finished, of course. Then go buy 50 more, and while you're at the store, alert everyone you see about the magic ...more

Mangoes have always been my favorite fruit. The tastes and textures of both ripe and unripe mangoes are delicious to me. The varieties of mango available make this one of the best fruits there is!

The most indulgent of fruits for me is the mango, although I'm intrigued by all the fruits on this list and hope to try many more.

I grew up loving mangoes, especially the yellow, sweet, gorgeously soft, and delicious ones, particularly Pakistani mangoes. But all mangoes are amazing as long as they are sweet. Some even taste like honey without any sourness.

I can't wait for summer to get mangoes! Also, try mango lassi. It's an Indian drink similar to a milkshake but made with yogurt and mangoes. It's simply gorgeous.

I am thankful for all fruit. They taste so good and have so many health benefits. It's as if they were made for us!

Mangoes are well-known as "the king of fruit." Not only for their delicious flavor, which ranks them as one of the tastiest fruits around the world, but also for their many health benefits. The antioxidants help prevent cancer (colon, breast, leukemia, and prostate), lower cholesterol, clear clogged pores and eliminate pimples, improve vision and protect against dryness, help fight diabetes, and improve digestion as well as the immune system. And, if that wasn't enough, they also improve sexual health. Eating mangoes alone is an orgasmic experience.

4 Grapes

Fresh, juicy, succulent, sweet... What more could you want? They're like nature's own candies, with scrumptious jelly conveniently packed into dry and robust containers. They even come in different flavors, laugh out loud. Nothing beats that satisfying crack as their fragile shell pops and sweet nectar pours outwards.

Mmm, I love red grapes! Eating a grape is one of the most satisfying moments of all time. You pull one off the stem, pop it in your mouth with that nice bubble sound, bite it in half, and happily chew and swallow the rest of your grape. You can't have just one!

Ever since I was a baby, my parents used to feed my sister and me fruits after dinner every night. This is when my sister started getting mad at me for only eating the grapes, because her favorite fruit was also grapes. I think it runs in the family, laugh out loud.

Grapes are so good. When you bite into one and the juices come out, it's like a burst of flavors. They are good for snacks, yogurt, and anything really! I recommend this if you haven't tried it yet. Because you should try it.

5 Apples An apple is a sweet, edible fruit produced by an apple tree. Apple trees are cultivated worldwide and are the most widely grown species in the genus Malus.

Apples are the best fruit ever. They are crunchy, juicy, and sweet. Apples are a delicious, down-to-earth fruit that will complement any meal. I grew up on an apple orchard, and I remember the crisp, flaky apple crumble my nana used to make. The flaky pastry was delicious, but the seasoned apples were by far the star of the dish.

It was a tough choice between apples and peaches, but I have to go with apples because they are sold all year round where I live. This allows me to enjoy them more than peaches, which are a summer thing here. I have always loved apples, especially the green ones. Red is okay, and I rarely buy yellow ones. Green Apple Gatorade is awesome, and apple pie-flavored gum is to die for.

Apples are better than the fruits you named. I eat apples, so I know. Apples are better than oranges. They are better than bananas. I can name many fruits that apples are better than. For example, lemons are a fruit that apples are better than. In China, apples are good.

Awesome! I love apples! By the way, I'm eating a Granny Smith apple right now. Granny Smith is the best! I love apples! Apples rock! Go apples! Can't get enough of those juicy apples. I love the really, really, really sour and juicy ones! Mmm! Yummy!

6 Bananas

The only fruit that is good for you when you have almost any kind of sickness, and it is also great for exercising. It's also the easiest fruit to eat because you don't have to prepare it or wash it at all. Just peel it! This makes it easy to take outdoors too. It will fill you up just the right amount when you feel hungry. It even tastes good in other things like banana bread and banana smoothies. Just amazing. I'm like a monkey because I eat so many bananas.

Definitely my favorite. I can't eat it often because my parents don't like it. We have to buy it by the bunch, which goes bad within 4 days, and I have to eat it alone because my friends make fun of me. Bananas are the healthiest fruit out there! They give us the vitamins to make us stronger. My friends will regret it when they realize they wasted their lives eating junk food. (I do like candy and chips, but I only eat them about twice a week.)

I have one every day. They give me all the nutrients I need for the morning, and the effects last all day. The peel is smooth and sleek, while the outside has a rough and weird texture. But when you bite in, all you can taste is the sweetest, mushiest inside. It feels like you're biting into heaven. Plus, the Minions love them - how could you not?

I eat bananas every day. They provide vitamins every time we eat them. You become healthier and even stronger every time you eat them. I mostly eat about five bananas every day, and I feel very healthy when I eat them. I like them most when they have brown dots on them because they are so juicy. The black bits inside are the healthiest. They appear when the brown dots come. Please rate. Thank you.

7 Oranges

You can say what you want about the other fruits, but the orange is the only fruit with a color named after it. The orange also produces one of the most popular breakfast drinks around the globe. It is one of the few fruits that taste nearly identical to its candy counterpart but is packed with nutrients. Gotta love the orange.

Oranges are the best! I eat one every single day, and they are perfect for summer. You bite into one, and the flavor explodes into your mouth, making your taste buds tingle and dance around. Depending on how you eat it, there's a different flavor. I'm going to have an orange now.

I know that it might be annoying if orange juice gets in your eyes, but oranges are juicy and sweet (but sometimes sour!). And don't forget about the orange juice. It's just refreshing!

Oranges are simply the best. They are sort of like lemons - not so sweet, not so sour, and with a tangy flavor. Oranges are the best because they have this sweet taste you can never get rid of. Oranges rule!

8 Pineapples

Pineapples are my favorite fruit. You can't beat the sweetness of a pineapple. I can only eat so much at a time because it stings my tongue, though.

My #1. Pineapples are sweet, juicy, and full of greatness. It doesn't hurt that I'm blessed to live where the sweetest pineapples are picked to perfection and eaten. No, not Hawaii. They should be higher on the list, but I guess a lot of people don't experience them at their perfect ripeness and the fact that they are tough to peel... So good.

Who can say no to pineapples? Everybody should like pineapples because who lives in a pineapple under the sea? SpongeBob SquarePants. Pineapples have the perfect taste. Everyone should love them!

I think pineapples are 100% the BEST fruit EVER! They are just the right amount of sour and sweet. They are so juicy! Once you start eating them, you won't want to stop.

9 Raspberries

Raspberries are the best. They're soft and sweet with the perfect amount of tartness. They have an amazing smooth texture that feels like it melts in your mouth. They are also really easy to eat. Unlike a lot of other fruits, raspberries aren't overly juicy or messy. Oranges and bananas have peels, apples have cores, and peaches and cherries have pits. However, raspberries can just be eaten as they are.

Raspberries taste amazing! They have just enough tartness to be tasty, and just enough sweetness to not be overwhelming. Raspberries can go in anything, whether it's smoothies, lemonade, or shakes - though lots of people favor the lesser strawberry. Definitely my favorite berry, if not fruit.

My favorite fruit is definitely the raspberry! It has a sweet yet tangy kick to it and gives you the opportunity to enjoy the eating process because of the seeds in it. Strawberries are definitely my runner-up.

Top-quality raspberries are harder to find than other berries. I love all berries intensely - more than all other fruits, which I also love intensely. But when you do get some, any variety, it is heaven.

10 Peaches

I adore peaches. It actually feels good to bite into one, not like an apple, which is too hard, or a banana, which is too soft. I like most fruits (save for melons), but peaches dominate the field. You have to love the taste, which has a sweet kick to it. Peaches are nice and juicy, making them all the more satisfying to bite into.

Love peaches: peach yogurt, peach tea, peach pie, you name it. Heck, I even like peach-scented stuff. Peaches were bad in my area last summer, though. They were all as hard as a brick. I cried like a two-year-old. I wish peaches were sold all year round where I live, but I still love them. Mmm, I want one now.

Peaches. Are. Amazing. I like to cut around the seed, then throw it away, and eat the fruit. It's like a burst of flavors when you bite into it. When you do, you know you're going to have a good day. It's juicy, hydrating, and sweet - a top 5.

The year that peaches will be truly appreciated as the greatest fruit is soon to come. They are sweet and tangy with delicious juice, beautiful color, and fantastic scent.

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11 Cherries

How are cherries number 11?! Are you kidding me? Cherries can be eaten in any way: cherry pie, cherry cheesecake, cherry cake, cherry tart, etc. Sweet, sour, red, black, seed or no seed, the cherry is the best fruit in existence. I would eat a million cherries and still want to eat more.

Cherries are good. I like black cherries the most, though. I don't like the ones in jars. They taste like cola. The seed is the only downfall about cherries. Otherwise, cherries and I agree with one another as far as taste and my stomach go.

Love, love, LOVE cherries! Nothing like ripe, sweet, juicy cherries. I like them best on cheesecake, but I also cut them up and put them in Greek fruit-on-the-bottom cherry yogurt. And covered in chocolate... oh, I'm about to faint.

I love cherries because there are varieties of them. True, they are in many foods like ice cream, lollipops, cake, and more. They are so refreshing, especially with punch at parties and on summer days.

12 Kiwifruit

It's different. Some people won't like it at first bite. "It's very sour," they say. But that's because your tongue hasn't interacted with the flavor yet. You need a few kiwis to make your tongue learn the flavor. After that, it tastes sweet and sour. There are, like, 31 people in my family. All of my cousins, aunts, uncles, grandpas, grandmas, and second cousins HATE kiwis. Out of the whole family, I was the only one who learned to enjoy and savor the fruit.

Kiwi, nothing else. Kiwi is not just a fruit. It's something magical. When you bite into it, you get a feeling that will last. Kiwi does not go to the stomach. It goes to the heart.

I love kiwi! I am eating one as I write, and it is delicious with a capital D. It is so sweet and tangy. This should have been in the top 10. Kiwi is THE BEST FOR ME!

Easy to eat, and full of Vitamin C and fiber! Also, let's not forget that they taste absolutely amazing! Source: Just ate three of those green bastards!

13 Blueberries

Why does it seem that nobody loves blueberries as much as I do? There are some really, really, REALLY good blueberries on some farms that you can pick yourself. If you don't like blueberries, you just haven't had top-quality ones. Don't settle for artificially flavored lollipops! Taste nature wrapped up in a bundle!

Every one of them is different. They have a different taste when I put them in my mouth - either sweet, very sweet, sour, or very sour. YUM! Also, they help a lot with digesting food. For example, after a big dinner, lunch, or breakfast, I eat a blueberry and it stops me from feeling sick.

Almost no other fruit beats a freshly picked Michigan blueberry. One time, my two siblings and I ate five pounds of blueberries in one day! Keep in mind, we were all in 4th-7th grade.

Everything I get is blueberry-flavored. I don't really know why, but it just seems like my go-to fruit for anything. I'd pick them over strawberries, grapes, mangos, etc. I love blueberry yogurt, muffins, pancakes, pie - blueberry anything!

14 Pear

As with any fruit, buy locally, eat seasonally, and always buy organic. Better yet, grow what you can yourself, if permissible. Nothing beats a ripe pear! Fruit cocktail pears can frighten many to never venture into the joy of the fresh variety. It requires some finesse with ripening time but once you learn what ripe pears feel like, they are number one hands down.

CONTROVERSIAL: Pears are better than apples. I said it. A good pear blows a good apple out of the water. Apples are just convenient and consistent, but nothing special when it comes to taste. Pears are underrated.

I came here specifically to see if pears made the list, and I'm pleasantly surprised. They are so juicy and delectable and don't have a weird aftertaste like some fruits. If you want that apple crunch, go for an Asian pear.

I absolutely love pears, especially Bartlett pears. They are so awesome in oatmeal with cinnamon for breakfast. Pears are so juicy, with yummy juice, and I love pear juice.

15 Pomegranate

Perfect red pomegranate: cut it open and see all those juicy seeds just waiting to get eaten. You will never get a bladder infection again (it's true, though!). I got chocolate-covered ones for Christmas. Oh boy, those were good. After they were gone, I would beg my mom to buy me some more from Wal-Mart.

Pomegranate is a treat. Cut it in half, then gently tap it with a spoon, and most of the seeds should come out. Then you eat them. It's sweet, fragrant, and delicious. I highly recommend this if you haven't tried it yet.

Pomegranate is one of the healthiest, if not the healthiest, fruits along with olives, grapefruit, and berries. Tasty + healthy: what else could you possibly need in a fruit?

Yes, pomegranate stains your clothes, but that's only because people are so excited to eat it that they spill it on their shirts.

16 Lemons

I always squeeze lemon juice into my tacos, and after that I suck on the lemon. My mum told me it was bad for your teeth, but I kept eating it. I also like the honey lemon tea my mum makes, because you can eat the skin!

NO, when life gives you lemons, step 1: eat it whole. Step 2: add ingredients. Step 3: make lemon pie and then give it to a cat and call it sourpuss. Then you eat two more lemons whole!

Lemons are the best fruit ever. I love sour things, and lemons can be put on a cake and a lot of other things. It is really good for you too, so you should get some.

Lemons rock! Think lemon meringue pie. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! What do you call a cat that drinks lemonade? Answer: a sourpuss!

17 Blackberries

Good, fresh blackberries are hard to find, but they are superior to every other fruit out there. They are excellent in a pie or just as-is. If you touch a blackberry and it leaves a lot of black residue on your fingers, you have a good one. Marionberries are traditionally considered the best type of blackberry.

I am shocked to see this back at #19. In the Appalachians, you can find wild blackberry bushes on the side of most highways, side roads, and trails in the mountains during the summer. Trust me, they are much more delicious than store-bought blackberries. They are tangy and unique. Just throw a few on pancakes, pie, or waffles and enjoy.

This is the only entry I've seen on this list where they can be found anywhere in the UK: on the roadside, in hedgerows, fields, bushes, and in the garden. The bramble may be a prickly weed throughout parts of the year, but all is forgiven come late summer!

Love blackberries! They're good in everything and even better by themselves. But if you put them in some oatmeal with some cinnamon - mm, nothing better.

18 Honeydew

How do sour things like strawberries get the to top? They're not sweet. Plums are good and oranges, apples, and lemons are okay but honeydew is just so cool and rejuvenating! Yes, it's the first thing I get at the dessert table too! Personally, I think it deserves somewhere on top of mangoes, pears, blueberries, cherries, raspberries, peaches, blackberries, lemons, pomegranates, apples, kiwis, oranges, pineapples, strawberries...all the fruits in fact! At least it should get the first runner-up., IOU HONEYDEW LOVE THIS FRUIT!

I never tried honeydew until my friend recommended it to me, and it's amazing! So sweet and refreshing, it's my go-to summer fruit!

Honeydew is not necessarily better than watermelon, but they are more consistent and intense when it comes to taste.

I hate strawberries too, but love honeydew. It actually rhymes!

19 Plum

Plums are the best fruit ever. When they are ripe, they're soft. They're also sour and sweet at the same time. They are so good!

I am 61, and plums have been my favorite my whole life! Especially black plums that are really red inside and super sweet!

When plums are ripe enough that their interior is a rosy shade of red, you're in for a real treat.

Plums are the best fruits of all time! They should be in the top ten, taking strawberries out of the equation.

20 Mandarin Orange

This is absolutely the sweetest, best fruit in existence when it is in season, and when it is small and not too ripe, but just right. The only fruits that come close to it are garden-fresh strawberries, sweet Bing cherries, and tangelos.

Amazing! They are just so juicy and just a little bit tart depending on the brand you get. If you sprinkle a little sugar over it, they become absolutely the sweetest, best fruit.

Mandarin oranges are delicious. Peel them and eat them. They are juicy, hydrating, and overall delicious. I highly recommend them, and they are definitely in the top 8.

Oh my gosh, these are the bomb of all fruits! I would order off the kids' menu (if I were allowed) and get mandarin oranges for my side every time I can.

21 Clementine

These little guys are awesome. I'll usually have three of them with lunch.

So juicy! Incredibly small and easy to eat!

Those are fruits, apparently.

Very, very tasty and fun to eat!

22 Apricot

Definitely the most delicious fruit if it's the right variety and perfectly ripe, straight from the tree.

When they are soft, ripe, and sweet, they are the best fruit you can have.

Both taste and texture unite in perfection.

This should be #1. What's wrong with you?

23 Grapefruit

Grapefruit needs to be higher on the list. What the heck. It's one of the healthiest fruits there are and also tastes awesome, even better than oranges.

Grapefruits are sour and sweet! What's good is that it's sweet, yummy fruit like candy while it's also healthy. I eat them when I get sick because they help me get all the vitamins I need.

They're so sweet yet tart that they're refreshing! I love them so much that they're my favorite, followed by pineapple and then strawberries.

These are my favorite. They should be at the top of the list.

24 Cantaloupe

Let's be honest, people, it's the best fruit for stress eating. It is not an in-the-car fruit. I'm sure everybody agrees with that. This fruit is one of a kind, people. One of a kind.

There's nothing better than taking a large bite out of a freshly cut slice of cantaloupe. The immense flavor of this juicy, slightly sweet, and enriched food makes this fruit certainly the best and, of course, one of a kind.

Cantaloupes should feel personally attacked for being behind so many boring, meh fruits like apples. There is nothing better than a ripe cantaloupe, and the work to get to the fruit just makes it sweeter.

This is amazing. Juicy, sweet I can't get enough. I wish I was eating one right now!

25 Passion Fruit

I love that this fruit is getting so much promotion all over the world! Dragon fruit is my second favorite, and both fight sickness. Both are also fun to grow! I have a passion vine with three new buds, and it's only about seven months old but is already about to produce. Dragon fruit takes longer but is even more fun to watch because it can grow up to an inch a day in stem length!

Passion fruits are beautiful. Passion fruits are fine. I like passion fruits and eat them all the time. I eat them for my supper and for my lunch. If I had a hundred passion fruits, I would eat them all the time!

Best fruit in the world. Loads of sweetness and loads of sour. It's refreshing and quenches the sugar thirst.

Nothing tastes like it! It's used in so many drinks to make them taste better. This should definitely take number 1!

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