Top 10 Best Pizza Toppings

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1 Cheese

There's at least SOME cheese on almost every American pizza you see. Also, it's usually the only pizza I like. (I like some brands' pepperoni pizza, but not every brand.)

CHEESE, what would we do without it? I think that cheese is the tastiest and most original/unique pizza topping. The best part about a cheese pizza is that it is for everybody (well, everybody except for vegans). Vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike can sit together, (without being judged), and have the time of their life eating cheese pizza!

2 Pepperoni

Just a classic, and works so well all the time. Next to the fundamental trio of dough, sauce, and cheese, this is the best ingredient.

Pizza without pepperoni isn't pizza to me. I'll only eat pizza if it has pepperoni. It wouldn't taste the same without it. It mixes up the flavor of the pizza instead of every bite being sauce and cheese.

I like pepperoni plain too, but the thing is I hate pizza. Everyone is like offended because I hate pizza. I just hate the cheese. I rip off the cheese and eat the dough. I LOVE pepperoni plain and raw. I have a fat stomach though, but it is too YUMMY! I also can't spell, and I am addicted to burritos.

3 Bacon

I don't really know why I voted for bacon because my family is vegetarian, and we don't eat bacon, well, not real bacon anyway. We used to get this vegetarian bacon which was made of a vegetarian food product called Quorn. Basically, they were just these pink strips made of the Quorn with vegetarian bacon flavouring on them. It was pretty artificial, and eventually, we stopped getting them because they were really high in salt.

Bacon is a good thing to put on pizza. Why do Americans want to put ketchup on pizza? Because they think it will make it good. Tomato Sauce + Ketchup = Ketcuse.

4 Pineapple

I'm pleasantly surprised to see pineapple rank in the top five of this list. Pineapple on pizza, or cooked pineapple in general, usually gets a lot of flak and is disliked by most. But I love it, and pineapple is easily my favorite pizza topping. It adds so much more flavor and juiciness to the pizza, and pineapple goes great with it.

It doesn't seem like it works, but it does. The sweet taste really complements the pizza very well. Looking at the top two as of this point, cheese isn't even a topping. It's a basic part of the pizza. And pepperoni is good, but I can live without it.

5 Sausage

Sausage on pizza is HEAVEN! It tastes even better if the pizza is bought from Giuseppe's or Papa John's. I like bacon on pizza too, except that it rarely has flavor. Anyway, everyone should vote for sausage! I do not understand why sausage would EVER be fifth place when you're voting for best toppings. Although, my big sis is probably pleasantly joyful right now because her favorite pizza topping is pepperoni, which is so-called 1st place. I am never eating pepperoni again in my life!

Sausage is so amazing that I can use it on my pizza or in pasta if I want, depending on the day! It made me crave meat lovers pizza as my favorite food, and other meat toppings in general, like bacon and pepperoni!

6 Mushrooms

Well, it is a funny topping. I did some research on the "mushroom topping" and, believe it or not, it was invented in 2000 as a millennium festival, according to my research. I might be wrong, but that's what I found. And they used to eat it to celebrate, then I started to eat mushroom pizza about four years ago. I personally think it's okay, but not utterly the best. I like pepperoni too.

The first time I heard mushrooms as a pizza topping, I thought, "Eww." Because I hate mushrooms. Then I tried a pizza with mushrooms, pepperoni, and peppers, and I loved it! Especially the mushrooms, which was a huge surprise to me. Now I always want mushrooms as one of my pizza toppings.

7 Chicken

I love chicken too. I just wish there was a chicken pizza topping that could have a great Italian flavor, maybe even one that can explode the flavor in your mouth like a good pepperoni!

Chicken is the best ever topping. How can it be classed as a yummy pizza if it doesn't contain traditional chicken!

It's always one of the most appealing topping choices whenever it's my turn to choose. It goes well with pretty much anything.

8 Ham

Ham... Juicy ham. I love most all pizza toppings, but ham takes the cake, along with bacon. Let's get ham above bacon! Ham tastes better, is juicier, and is less fatty than bacon!

Crispy, and with the cheese and tomato, it melts in your mouth. Cut in little bits and mix with chopped up onions, then mix with garlic and put the pizza in the oven!

I like my pizza topped with lots of ham, two cheeses, no sauce, and grilled (and yes, I said GRILLED!). I can't live without a good pie!

9 Olives

For me? I prefer an extra cheese pizza with pepperoni and olives. Lots of people think they look yucky, but I find them to go perfectly with the pepperoni.

They are truly the best with pits. Has to be in, or they taste naff. Up there with anchovies, really. Should be top two.

They're delicious! I cannot eat pizza without olives! And they're also very healthy.

10 Onions

It's the topping I always hope for. Pepperoni is so overused and overrated. Chicken, mushrooms, and onions are the perfect trio for me!

I have acquired the taste of onions over the years. It gives a nice taste to the pizza.

It's so good - no justification is needed.

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11 Tomato Sauce

Obviously needs my first vote. Except for dough, the pizza sauce is the most fundamental component of pizza.

Just saying, I don't think I have ever had a pizza without tomato sauce on it, but that might just be me?

12 Jalapeno

Finishes off the perfect pizza topping of Double Chili beef, Double Cheese, Spicy chicken, Pineapple & Garlic oil.

While meat is good, a few jalapeno peppers add something unique to pizza. It is through tanginess that my vote extends to jalapenos.

Ah, just imagine the taste with pineapple and olives! And soft crust as the spice drifts through your mouth!

13 BBQ Sauce

Almost picked pepperoni. BBQ Sauce and Chicken is better, though. Same with Buffalo Sauce and Chicken.

BBQ sauce is actually amazing on pizza... I was lucky to accidentally discover that.

14 Green Peppers

Mushrooms and black olives make for a delicious vegetable pizza. Green peppers are very, very good too, but go light on them as they tend to overpower the other flavors. Top your fresh-out-of-the-oven pizza with cold sliced fresh tomatoes, and you'll be in vegetarian heaven!

They add a fresh, crisp crunch and a green splash of color to any and every pizza! Green peppers aren't only very yummy, they are also healthy since they're a vegetable. I love green peppers!

Green peppers would actually complement the other flavors in a good way, despite the weirdness of it.

15 Tomato

Seriously? Tomatoes are just number 16 on this list? I put chopped tomatoes on all my pizzas, and a load of tomato sauce underneath. I am disgusted. The dream food for Americans is literally cheese on bread. I, for one, put all sorts of vegetables on my pizzas.

When you bite into the pizza, the juiciness of the tomatoes bursts out. It's so good!

Cheese, tomato, and garlic on top, oh my goodness, YES! Try it. (You can avoid garlic. It is not necessary, but it gives the pizza a great taste.)

16 Garlic
17 Hamburger Meat

Yep, all you have to do is add half a packet of onion soup mix to a pound of ground beef, and you'll be in heaven!

This is a Midwestern thing that should be a nationwide one! It's the best.

18 Beef

Ground beef, I imagine, can be a finishing touch of sorts on a meat lovers pizza or something.

19 Anchovies

The best topping is anchovies. This topping was the real original topping that came out of Naples. I love all pizza toppings (except chicken), but anchovies give the taste of the great Italian food - and I am not even Italian.

Anyone who doesn't like anchovies on their pizza is boring and a philistine. The best co-topping with anchovies is onions, although tomatoes, mushrooms, goat cheese, and/or feta cheese work well too. The cheeses, in particular, will mellow it out.

Salty, delicious, perhaps a controversial choice for some, but always a winner when we make pizzas. So many pizzerias don't even offer anchovies these days, but it's a real shame. Fry knows what I'm talking about.

20 Spinach
21 Salami

I love salami on a pizza. My favorite topping!

22 Meatballs

Meatball Pizza. Everyone loves it.

23 Basil

I love basil on my pizza with fresh mozzarella and Italian sausage

24 Eggplant

LOVE this one! But to the guy who said this was healthy... um, no. At least, the kind I get is deep-fried, thinly-sliced eggplant. Which is crispy and greasy (in a good way) and savory. If you haven't tried this, then you are REALLY missing out.

Eggplant actually tastes incredible on pizza. Plus it's super healthy too!

25 Peppers
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