Top 10 Best Chocolate Bars

This top ten will show you my favorite chocolate bars, and maybe they're your favorites too. These are only chocolate bars!
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1 Kit Kat

Sweet, Crunchy, Chocolate! I've loved Kit Kat bars my whole kid life! It's perfect for me because I absolutely LOVE chocolate, and the "crunch" sound it makes when you bite into it is just so SATISFYING! I could eat this every day! Ahh... I'm in heaven.

Crunchy sweet perfection. There is a perfect balance between wafer and chocolate, yet it is so much more than a chocolate-coated wafer. The chocolate is perfection, the wafer is perfection, even the wrapper opens seamlessly without struggle. How they managed to cram so much goodness into one inch of candy bar is honestly amazing.

2 Snickers

Oh man, I love Snickers. It's my favorite chocolate bar ever because I love the combination of peanuts, caramel, and nougat covered in chocolate! It's so delicious, and it reminds me of my childhood. It's the only way I'll get some nuts!

Snickers is the best! I used to think they were pretty average. But for some reason, I recently came to absolutely love them! The saltiness is perfect.

So chewy, so crunchy, just so tasty! I ate a whole bag once and still wanted more. It hurt afterwards, but it was worth it!

3 Twix

Don't get me wrong, I love Snickers too, but crunchy always beats chewy for me. The crunch and then the burst of caramel is simply wonderful. The caramel, the chocolate, and the cookie blend together in a delicious harmony. I remember when I was five, I first discovered Twix. Over the days, I started looking for the "gold candy". In the process, I discovered Snickers, so by the end of a couple of weeks, I had eaten basically all the good candy. I was so sad, lol.

Is Twix the best chocolate out there? Well, when it comes to taste, no, but I always have nostalgia for it. Everyone in my school loved Twix, and every Halloween, I would trade it like wild. I would end up with double the chocolate bars. One time, I got a full-sized Kit-Kat after throwing in 5 Smarties. You can't beat something like that.

4 Hershey's

Hershey's rule! Hey, I am so calm about Hershey's chocolate, I am not even using capitals or extra exclamation marks. Wait a sec... what fun is it not to?! HERSHEY'S RULE! Also, if you see any comments with extra punctuation and capitals, THAT'S MINE! Read it! All mine are GUARANTEED to be funny!

The best, with its Special Dark flavor... Their chocolates are of high quality cocoa. Check out its Chocolate World. It could be the best trip for chocolate lovers ever...

Hershey's has a delicious, creamy taste and is just the best! It is also a very traditional chocolate, having been first founded in 1889. Overall, it is just the best!

5 Milky Way

I remember sneaking a piece of my mom's Milky Way at nighttime. It was hidden behind her makeup kit. I loved the candy, and if you haven't tried it, I totally recommend it!

There are so many puns that go along with this. Also, the caramel, chocolate, and whatever that crunchy thing is, together, is AMAZING!

I love Milky Way! They are the perfect mixture of creamy and chocolate caramel! It tastes like heaven!

6 Mars

Mars is basically a Milky Way bar taken to the next level. The textures are complex but pleasing, and one could devour a dozen in minutes.

I really like these. Usually, I'll come home from school and ask, 'Can I have a chocolate bar?'. Most of the time, I'll choose a Mars.

The Mars bar is clearly the best bar! That's true because it doesn't make you thirsty like Snickers. Also, you need to think...

7 Reese's

Peanut butter and chocolate! They are also huge.

Yeah, my teacher asked the whole class what their favorite candy was. The results are that 75% of the class said Reese's.

When I eat Reese's, I daydream about myself swimming in some.

8 Hershey's Cookies and Cream

This is so good, how could it not be number one? Whoever did this, I demand they put this in number one!

I LOVE Hershey's Cookies and Cream bars! I've always loved the flavor of cookies and cream in ice cream and milkshakes. So delicious!

Creamy and chunky, smooth and tasty! I like eating it so much, I could eat like 5 at once! (my weight)

9 Crunch

My favorite chocolate bar. How can something so simple taste so perfect?

My favorite, simple, nice tasting chocolate, and crunchy. Just perfect.

The best crunchy chocolate, ever so sweet.

10 Aero

The only kind of bar I've bought for at least 2 years. Aero bars are mouthwatering, very high-quality cocoa carefully cultivated by their pro-human rights factories in Switzerland, the chocolate empire of the world.

Are you serious? Like he said, these taste AMAZING. He's right. It should be in the top 3!

Is this even a question?
And should I even mention,
That forever and ever,
Aero will be the ruler.

The Contenders
11 Cadbury Dairy Milk

This chocolate has an awesome taste. I always buy it. This chocolate should be top of the list, and the Dairy Milk Silk is fantastic. Mmm.

Hello? One of the best chocolate bars ever!

The best thing I have ever tasted!

12 Toblerone

This should be at the top along with Snickers, taking the place of Twix. Some chocolates are underrated.

I can't believe this is ranked so low... Toblerone is WAY better than any other chocolate on this list!

Haven't had these in a while, but I remembered how intrigued I was at how big the packaging was. Obviously, I enjoyed it.

13 3 Musketeers

These are so good, and I can rarely find them. Thank God for the dollar store! I could eat fifty in one sitting and not even care.

There is no way that if you eat this, you will not love it.

14 100 Grand Bar

Doesn't anyone eat these? This should be #1 easily. Crisped rice and caramel is a perfect combination!

This is very good because it has the greatest crunch and caramel together! Anyone would love this great-tasting bar!

15 Butterfinger

When you eat a Butterfinger, for some reason, 20 seconds later it's like you're still eating it!

How come I was the one who found this crunchy peanut butter candy bar? It's so darn good!

I love it when it stays in your teeth, so you can lick them for an after treat!

16 Almond Joy

I love Almond Joy, don't know why.

17 Crunchie

Crispy honeycomb with rich chocolate. Too bad it's a British thing. I'd kill for these to be in the states.

These are so good. Why are these so low? People are weird for hating these.

My friend says this is overrated. I think it is underrated. Crunchies are the best!

18 Lindt

WHY is this not in 1st?! Lindt truffles are the perfect stress-eating chocolate!

Lindt is the best chocolate, but it is expensive.

Lindt is one of the best out there. I rest my case.

19 Dove

Excuse me? It's not soap! Dove is like the best chocolate in the entire universe!

This should not be so low. Dove is so creamy and smooth you can eat the whole bar in seconds and not realize it, and still want more.

20 Mr. Goodbar

Hard to find sometimes because they are all gone so fast. The best.

21 Baby Ruth

The choice of Sloth, Chunk, and myself. Amazing bar!

22 Mint Aero

Why are these so low on the list!? They're amazing. In fact, everyone in my family, including me, loves them. They should be higher on the list.

When I first tried it, I was really surprised at how easily it melts in your mouth, plus the bubbly texture. It's my favourite!

Aero and Mint Aero are the best! Too bad they are not sold in America.

23 Twirl

I just love that mixed-up chocolate inside!

These are really flaky, which is why I love them for some reason. Really nice.

24 Hershey's Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate, in general, is better than milk chocolate (except when combined with peanut butter).

25 Heath

Yes! Toffee plus chocolate is unbelievable. The low ranking is probably because many people haven't tried it. But you gotta.

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