Countries With the Best National Anthems

There are many great national anthems, but what is the best? Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

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Inspiring, encompasses the vision for future and the fundamentals the state should be based on. Now if only more citizens would follow the themes laid out in it. Musically quite pleasing too.
Inspiring and full of motivation and beautiful poetry, great tone, based on different languages (poetry is not in only urdu but it includes many local language words including Persian and Arabic, Sindhi, Panjabi, Balochi, pashtu and many other languages words.
Superb lyrics, sentiments and music - obivious really, because the only true religion islam with the best and most poetic language urdu will always produce the winner.
[Newest]Best country of the world proud to be Pakistani
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Indian National Anthem is the worlds best national anthem because it includes all religions as family members and
It was written by Rabindranath Tagore (Noble Prize Winner)
Yes... Indian National anthem is the best and beautifull natinal songs in the world... No one can compare to that...
Its Beautiful because the National anthem written by Rabindranath Tagore (Nobel Prize winner).
[Newest]I think this is the best national song. This give us a spirit that we can do anything.
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Beautiful text and inspiring music. Wherever I lived, I'll always be proud of Russia.
It's very emotional and beautiful. But, I would prefer the Soviet anthem, that's just really addictive and it's even more amazing since it has the old lyrics, the new lyrics are alright anyway.
Glorious, triumphant and you can feel the struggle of the Russian populace over the 70 years of the Soviet Union finally rupture in this emotional anthem.
[Newest]Did you people put painstaking and India first simply because you live there I live in Britain and I am not voting for its anthem India and Pakistan both have mediocre anthems but at least 20 countries are better than them both

4United States
The United State's anthem is truly beautiful. Our country has come so far, and these poetic, moving words cause us to recall the beginning of our country's history. By listening to this blissful melody, the patriotism in me and fellow proud Americans bursts out. I love every nation and national anthem in this world, but none can beat that of the USA. Lovely country, and lovely anthem.
The US National Anthem is so powerful because of the dramatic movement of the music and because of these areas of movement in tandem with the lyrics, you are actually able to experience the story that the song tells. A story of the people fighting for freedom and liberty.
Please listen to this song if you've never heard it before, not to be disrespectful but this song has meaning just listen to the words.
[Newest]The best Anthem EVER!
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Melodious and Heart touching. This national anthem includes pity to significant things of a country like German songs, wine, women. Though it sound strange to put them in National anthem, these are the things the nationals of a country closely associated and linked with. I am Nepali myself but really adore National Anthem of Deutschland(Germany).
Actually German women, wine and songs are not included in the third verse of "Deutschlandlied" which we sing as our national anthem - they are in the second verse, but we unfortunately don't sing it. We sing the third verse which says: "Unity and justice and freedom for German fatherland, for that let's all strive". I like the second verse better...
Franz Joseph Haydn's superb melody not only is a pleasure to ears, it also is very versatile both in term of instrumentational and harmonic possibilities.
[Newest]Simply stunning, classical music merged with national music

Many countries (not to name names) contain very violent and abrupt acts of war to obtain power. The O'Canada anthem promotes freedom and power through God and Patriotic love. They do not seek to fight but fight to defend. This is why I love Canada and canadians!
Hearty, strong, beautiful, peaceful, and makes people feel like family. Just like the people who live there. Plus its hilarious when our hockey players sing it.
It is cold here! O Canada! Our home and native land!
I love the anthem. It makes me fall out of the church room
When I go to church on Sundays when I go the Island, where my grandma lives.
[Newest]It's a nice anthem..

Come it's the second greatest anthem just after France.


M- E-X-I-C-O!
RICH in CULTURE... And family... And beautiful beaches.
And so many exquisite places for everyone to relax.
Lets not forget all of the delicious food... But there is nothing better than drinking a shot of TEQUILA!
The lyrics are just amazing. The meaning of thise words is so deep. It calls every citizen to protect and defend the national pride and freedom. It's an honor to sing our national anthem.
[Newest]The anthem is so beautiful and magnificent
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The lyrics of the anthem were written as poem, and a poem it is. As beautiful as it is, most of its comes not only from the history behind it, but is also expressed by the vast vocabulary that the Portuguese language carries. If ones knows or learns the language it’s a known fact, that they will embrace the beauty of it with all their heart and love.
Most people don't know Portuguese, so that's why can't see the beauty of it. The melody is also quite great I must say.
The Brazilian anthem is so pretty and talk about the beautiful things that the country has such as ocean, sky, people and all it's nature. It also talks about the history of the county. I love the anthem and the way it was written.
[Newest]Trying to learn it ☺

As a proud part-French, I choose the French National Anthem and for me it is the best anthem. It is such a powerful anthem, it is about courage, glory and about patriotism towards France, it also defies the tyrannies or Kings.

Vive la France! Proud to be part-French!
How could there be any debate whatsoever!? La Marseillaise is the best national anthem in the universe and my favorite song! MON DIEU! Who are these people that do the rankings? NO damn good if you don't think the Marseillaise is the best of the best of the best! Viva la France!
France, Russia, Germany, Canada, Australia - My top 5 in order
[Newest]The best by far... And I'm from the old enemy England

Heart touching when you actually know you know that what have they been through to free their country. The word of this songs is truly meant what they feel about their country. Also Rabindranath Tagore wrote and compose this, he is brilliant. Awesome melody, lyrics, and not boring.
Best anthem in the world. Just awesome awesome awesome... I can't explain how beautiful anthem is it!
Beautiful, written by Nobel Poet Laureate Rabindranath Tagore, the only person to write National Anthems for TWO countries!
[Newest]My mother land is Bangladesh

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11United Kingdom
When played by a powerful symphony orchestra or booming pipe organ there is no anthem in the world more stirring and powerfully moving than "God Save The Queen." It stands alone---(quite honestly I don't even think there's a close second! )
Over thousand of years Great Britain is one of few countries still having a monarchy, and the love from the population to the monarch / queen Elizabeth is amazing! They sing the anthem with proud to their country and the queen.
Powerfully expresses patriotically of a beautiful and strong age-old country. Forever in my heart. God save the Queen and her Country!
[Newest]Boring god save the queen come on

Philippine national anthem is the best anthem in the whole world, because it shows how Filipinos love their country, love their patriotism and most of all in loving their cultures.. They are willing to sacrifice just to protect their gorgeous country and of course to show how Filipinos great are in having good, peaceful, outstanding, and gorgeous PHILIPPINES..
Philippine national anthem is the best ever anthem in the world. It reflects in every heart and mind of all filipinos especially the harmonious rhythm of every scenes that happens in our beloved country which express through esthetical and meaningful words and variation of tones of our anthem. Since we are colonized by the spaniards, Americans, and Japanese, we, filipinos are already have our own nationalism which serves as our key to be free in the hands of those countries. Our national anthem Not only refers in the historical events of our nation but in every cultures and core values we have possess and learned, next is for the virtues and characters to consider including honesty, respect, bravery, unity, loyalty, patriotism, purity, disipline, courage, and gratitude. Most of all why does the Philippine anthem is the best because of the hearts and emotions which totally expressed as one country, one raise, one hand for one desires as one true filipino.
The Philippine National Anthem is one of the best anthems in the world because it shows how our Filipino heroes fought with bravery and patriotism, how they had no hesitation to fight for making their fellow country men experience peace and freedom, and how they showed their love for their motherland by sacrificing their lives. Reading between the lines shows how we are proud and love our country for its beauty and uniqueness. It reflects of the things we've learned despite the fact that we were being colonized by a lot of countries... The unity, loyalty, courage, patriotism, and religiousness of every Filipino is shown, at times of calamities, war and lost of hope we still stand and fight for our country as true Filipinos!
[Newest]The anthem shows how the Filipino people's patriotism and their love for the country. It's also a very happy anthem and you will not get tired from waking up to this song every morning.
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Makes me proud to be Italian. English translated version:

Brothers of Italy, Italy has woken, bound Scipio's helmet upon her head. Where is Victory? Let her bow down, for God created her, like the slave of Rome. Let us join in a cohort, we are ready to die. We are ready to die, Italy has called. We were for centuries downtrodden, derided, because we are not one people, because we are divided. Let one flag, one hope gather us all. The hour has struck for us to unite. Let us unite, let us love one another, for union and love. Reveal to the people the ways of the Lord. Let us swear to set free the land of our birth: United, for God, who can overcome us? From the Alps to Sicily, Legnano is everywhere; Every man has the heart and hand of Ferruccio. The children of Italy are all called Balilla; Every trumpet blast sounds the Vespers. Mercenary swords, they're feeble reeds. The Austrian eagle has already lost its plumes. The blood of Italy and the Polish blood it drank, along with the Cossack, but it burned its heart.
I love it, and I am not even Italian
I'm proud of my land...
[Newest]A beautiful tune as agitated as Italians :-)

Little country, big population, unique flag, nice anthem.
The national anthem of Nepal is the best one in the world. It doesn't compare with other national anthem.
Cause I am one heck of a Nepali Son. And I am Proud...
[Newest]The best country in the world

15New Zealand
I'm Australian, and I always love hearing the nz national anthem whenever we play each other in sport. A beautiful and inspiring song which displays unity and racial acceptance on an extremely respectable level.
Beautiful country with the great song and the people are so amazing... God Defend New Zealand! Love it!


I've listened to a lot of national anthems out of curiosity. And this is the most beautiful by far!
[Newest]I'm a kiwi... Enough said

Just open your ears and listen.
Amazing music, realization. And I've just translated lyrics - marvelous! Really, it touched my heart.
Ukrainians, you should be proud of your country!
Because I love Ukrainian freedom, love, simplicity, culture, etc.
[Newest]Goes to the core of the soul.

17South Africa
The South African National Anthem is beautiful, great in lyrics, also giving praise to God for preserving and keeping South Africa. I have to say, however, the 1st time I heard Jenifer Hudson perform the American Anthems - I just felt tears running down my cheeks. We still take the trophy though! Please search "haylea_hounsom_the_south_african_national_anthem" via and you will see exactly what I'm talking about! Suid Afrika!
The most beautiful national anthem ever. Congratulations to all the South African citizens. I am proud of courage of people who enabled the change in this great country. President DeClark. President Mandela. And all who contributed selflessly. Great.
Best National anthem of all time, bringing together people in peace and harmony.
[Newest]The Anthem symbolises rainbow nation

It has the most dramatic and patriotic feeling you could ever hope to achieve. One of the best anthems of all time. It shows the pain and sacrifice of the ancestors and the ideals that are worth fighting for. "Life in freedom or death! "shout all.
The Romanian anthem is one of the best anthems of all, maybe the best. Very inspiring, music and lyrics also will fill you good emotions.
One of the most heartwarming anthems in the world. Filled with patriotic emotions and reminders of the sacrifices our ancestors made in order for the country to prosper. One of the best anthems in the world!
[Newest]Heart touching National anthem the most touching national anthem is this

The lyric is based on a "waka" poetry from more than 1,000 years old. The difference between "haiku" and "waka" is that while haiku consists of 17 syllables (5-7-5) and requires one of the words to represent a season, waka consists of 31 syllables (5-7-5-7-7) and does not require a word to represent a season. Waka poems were often exchanged between men and women of aristocrat class in 8th to 12th centuries as love letters. (In fact, you could not be an alpha-male if you weren't good at poetry in this period. ) While the national anthem's lyric is generally interpreted to be about celebrating the emperor's reign over Japan for tens of thousands of years, it is said that in the original "waka" poetry, the author (unknown) was talking about how much he loved his partner and how he wanted to live with her for tens of thousands of years. Someone's love letter becoming a national anthem is, in my opinion, very rare.
A unique national anthem that stands out among many others. It is peaceful and inspiring at the same time. Nice lyrics, too. I love it!
The shortest and the best

I think this is the most meaningful anthem
Vote for Turkey because the anthem isn't about glory of occupying somewhere, instead, it is all about the independence war against very powerful allied forces.
Independence March, it is about struggle to achieve our independence. Being occupied by powerful armies and their understanding of civilization but always have hope and faith in our hearts.
[Newest]I am Turkish And I am proud of my anthem

As a proud Jewish Filipino, I gotta say that the Hatikvah is the BEST Anthem since it is purely made of emotions, it tells a story of pain, suffering and history of the Jewish people. It does not mention of wars nor militaristic deeds, it's just peaceful and harmonious. It is also soulful and both the music and the lyrics are simply gorgeous!

I am so proud to be a Jew! Prouder than being a Filipino (sorry.. )!
עם ישראל - י
The lyrics really represent so much emotion and pride, gotta be on the top
I was born and raised in Israel. The national anthem is just beautiful and peaceful, it's shows how hard the people of Israel worked for independence!
[Newest]Our hope and our future, our soul and hearth.

I love how our national anthem is a mixture of Chinese music and some Soviet/Russian music influence. I just love it, it's glorious and courageous.
We have the best song or anthem
It's a very meaningful, full of passion and courage, brings you the feels of energy.
[Newest]The national anthem must have the vision and its history.

( I am not a Chinese)

23Great Britain
Joke, a national anthem should be about a country and not a person I. E queen
To me is the best it is funny and makes me cry all the time I hear it this should be at the top.

The climax at the end is so uplifting and it is a song for the people, poets and warriors of the land uniting them to protect their language, unlike the English one which is all about serving your monarch and being reigned over.
A great tempo with amazing lyrics. Translate them to your native younger to see the passion behind this tiny nations anthem. Combine this with Wales being the land of song and you have your true number 1!
Search through you tube. Find a better performance than Wales rugby team singing before match against England 2013. You cannot beat the pride, intensity, passion and performance. AWESOME.
[Newest]Because it stirs the nation whenever it is played I should because its mine

My favorite anthem on this entire anthem. If asked what the anthem of Scotland is most people will say they don't know, but in fact if you've heard someone playing bagpipes most likely they're playing the Scotland anthem. It is so recognizable.
This is the best because it tells the story of how the Scots beat the King of England and drove the English from their land, makes me proud to be Scottish!
I like the Canadian one as well, but Scotland's anthem is just he best of the best. I love it so much, and I'm not even scottish.


[Newest]Either Flower of Scotland, Scots Wha Hae or Scotland the Brave should be searched in a poll and the winner should immediately be made the OFFICIAL anthem.

26Sri Lanka
Namo is a word in this anthem.
Best lyric and music
Its a best anthem ever I heard
[Newest]Best thing about this anthem is it's praising it's land and people, not any land saving god or a queen

The changes in tempo are catchy and unusual, and the lyrics perfectly sum up the ideals of liberty that the Argentine revolution stood for when the anthem was first written.
Listen, mortals, the sacred anthem. Liberty, liberty, liberty. Listen to the sound of broken chains. Give the throne to noble equity. This and la marseillese are the most beautiful anthems on Earth.
I am from New Zealand and love this anthem. So much passion! I love the flag too. A smiley sun in the light blue sky and white cloud! What could be better.

28Republic of Ireland
It is so amazing. It is really moving and inspirational the really go and get it! :) I LOVE IT SO MUCH! Not only that, the country is really inspirational and interesting too! I would love to live there! GO IRELAND! BEST COUNTRY IN THE ENTIRE WORLD! From your friends, across the pond (USA)!
Very inspirational lyrically and harmonically, not only worthy of Ireland's national theme but our one source of national pride. A Soldier's Song is my favorite song, and my source of love for Ireland.
Such an inspiring anthem in the face of oppression and for the freedom of a long suffering people!
[Newest]It's about the history of the country, it is more meaningful than most anthems. It is sung with passion in our native tongue!

Kenya's anthem pray to God first to bless the land urges the citizens to be patriotic, peaceful, unified, free, defend our homeland and be hardworking for current and future generations' prosperity among others and praises the land of Kenya... The rhythm is the sweetest in the world; smooth, heavy and with pomp. It like a large mass of water moving E. G in a large river that's not flooded at the time... watch any finals of a long distance race in the world and you'll here the sweetness for real... I love the song and above all the country Kenya.
One of the best anthems in the world! Just youtube it and judge for yourself
This is a stand-out melody with some very spiritual lyrics. It must belong in the top 20 of national anthems. And I've never even been to Africa!
[Newest]What is my country doing here.

The melody is one of the best among world's anthems - it's impossible not to feel strongly emotional when you hear it. Powerful and touching, there is no way it shouldn't go at least top 5.
Obviously people only vote on their own countries, cause this is pure inspiration and uplifting beauty
Should be on top 10, it is one of the best in the world, stirring and uplifting.
[Newest]Don't see why it's not in the top 10, it's one of the best anthems I've ever heard. This coming from a Canadian.

31United Arab Emirates
The UAE national anthem contains a lot of purity and sense of belonging for the citizens. It is a symbol for maintaining the loyalty and obedience in the heart of all generations.
A symbol for maintaining the loyalty and obedience in the heart

Best national anthem.
A hymn to the best value of life. Liberty.

I recognize you by the fearsome sharpness,
Of your sword,
I recognize you by the gleam (in your eyes)
With which you rapidly survey the earth.

From the sacred bones,
Of the Hellenes arisen,
And strengthened by your antique bravery,
Hail, o hail, Liberty!
I was really impressed when my greek friend translated their anthem to me.. Really beautiful and heartwarming..
The Hymn to Liberty... breathtaking anthem!
[Newest]Did you know Greece has the world's longest national anthem (Maybe even song! ) with 158 verses! Blimey!

The greatest anthem in the world!
A song that reflects how the Poles could keep a country alive even at times when cartography disagreed!
It's better then the Germany national anthem

One of the most inspiring and nationalistic anthems out there. If people understood the lyrics, they would understand how much bulgarians really love their country.
This ranking list is not based on the qualities of the anthems but on the number of voters - understandably countries with large population are on the top. If you look into the musical features of the Bulgarian anthem - "It Is Simply The Best! "
It is beautiful, simply beautiful.
To be honest I was quite surprised that it was this low down in the list!
[Newest]The most patriotic song, lyrics and music is making it perfect.

As an Australian I can proudly say that our national anthem is pathetic and that it is often embarrassing to see people sing it so poorly
It doesn't help that most people don't bother to learn the words
I am sorry but the national anthem is the opposite of what we are doing. It says we welcome people from other lands and we are rich and fair blah blah... we call refugees illegal refugees as if there is a legal refugee its pethetic... I can go on but a national anthem should be about the real values that ARE valued not just sang and left on the shelf!
I love the Australian national anthem! It is Advance Australia Fair.
[Newest]Australia is a grate place and it has a grate national anthem

Was made and introduced by one Indonesian young composer at that time, National Youth Congress 1928 and symbolized unity and it was made to bring unity for the people of Indonesia towards independence. For the people who shared blood and mostly everything, Indonesia RAYA - Glory for Indonesia.
Not with the lyric. But, when I hear the instrumental about this national anthem, there are something make my heart feel something different about this composition. And I cried while hearing this national anthem. And more, when I watch the video about the culture and another glories from this country which they have so many culture, that's make me cry.
The historic value of this shall never be forsaken. The song was made for unity and prosperity for Indonesia. It was made for the right reason to embrace by Indonesia. Glory Indonesia, Indonesia Raya, Indonesia Triumphant.
[Newest]This song is very patriotic

The most amazing interpretation of love for
One's country, a country full of courage, beauty,
Treasures, biodiversity, extend wildlife and very many
Wonderful things that are only felt by a blessed person who was born in COLOMBIA!
Love colombian anthem is so rich and describes pretty much all the courage and beauty that the country owns!
Beautiful lyrics. Very original. Great music, rhythm, tempo all come to together perfectly should be #1. Best national anthem in the world
[Newest]Gives me chills every time I hear it

Best national anthem by far! It's very inspiring and it really shows the love of Egyptians toward their country! God bless Egypt!
Another country's fighting, THIS IS MY PLACE! NO! IT IS EGYPT'S! That was close. Now Egypt has the best anthem in Africa.
Egypt's history will always be filled with glory... By the faithful sons and their deeds...
[Newest]Egyptian spirit expressed in music and words

Written by poets, the music is melodious and pleasant to listen to. It is patriotic yet gentle. Not a call to war, but a call to peace and love. I enjoy listening to the music and the lyrics.
It's really beautiful! The last paragraph where it talks about the native bird, the quetzal, flying higher than the condor and royal eagle is stunning. Everything in this anthem is absolutely lovely. The melody is soothing, inspiring. All anthems are beautiful but this one is a step above.
I think this is the most beautiful national anthem in the world. The lyrics make you feel very patriotic and gives you the desire to fight for this country. The melody is just so beautiful
[Newest]It's such a beautiful anthem. It has such a poetic lyrics about peace and honor

40Saudi Arabia
I wish it should have been in top 5
Each person should be like

I don't think you understood the question correctly
Denmark is the oldest kingdom in europe with the oldest flag as well.
Needless to say anyone born a viking is the luckiest and lets not forget the happiest people in the World
Kingdom Of Denmark has the best national anthem as well as the peace there in Denmark is no war that I like so much If all countries are like this then there is no war in the Earth. So no war only Peace
Denmark has a truly beautiful anthem. It is inspirational, good lyrics and a fantastic melody. Best anthem.

42El Salvador
Of peace enjoyed in perfect happiness
El Salvador always nobly dreamed.
To achieve this has been Her eternal proposition,
To keep it, Her greatest glory.
With inviolable faith, the path of progress
She strives to follow
To fulfil Her great destiny
And conquer a happy future.
A stern barrier protects Her
Against the clash of vile disloyalty,
Ever since the day when Her soaring Flag,
Wrote Freedom with Its blood
I think it is wonderful because of the instruments and the melody it has
[Newest]A piece of poetry! !

One of the oldest nations and the oldest national anthems,
Sweden is the best nation that ever will exist, we are gods among ants. That's more then enough.
Along with Russia's the most inspiring and emotional anthem.

Beautiful, traditional, easy to sing for young and old. This is in the heart of the nations people and therefore a popular song for almost 450 years!
Beautiful melody, and one that does not sound like an amusement ride song
This is the oldest anthem of the world. It is a song written during the Eighty Years' War, and this song is a acrostichon: Willem van Nassov.
[Newest]Proud to be Dutch!

45Dominican Republic
It's a little long but express too much patriotism to the country... I think this one should be at least in the top 25. It is one of the best!
Without a doubt, the best anthem in the world
In my opinion is the best reflecting the story of the nation in one anthem.
[Newest]The best anthem ever made

It is the best one from 1936 till now.
San Min Chu Yi has great text in the anthem-
It says in the song that there is one mind and one goal.

This is my national anthem. I am proud of it. I personally think it's the best national anthem, even if others think Pakistan or other countries is the best.
This is my national anthem
Patriotic song. Founding fathers' dream to be true until now.

This is the best ever in the whole world and makes me cry when I hear it. Just listen to the words.
It is good and it shows about motherland
[Newest]Ghana national anthem is the best in the hole world cause it talks about the history of Ghana. It is definitely the best of all.

One of the best anthem in the world. The meaning is very deep. Very patriotic

Ti is the best

The most beautiful song in the world. The deep meaning of the hymn can only be felt by those who have experienced sorrow and joy. The translation cannot give back the true meaning of these words which reflect, faith, hope, and determination in the past, present, and future.
This song comes from heart and even if you understand no word it still makes you cry. Because even if you have never heard of Hungarian history, you know, sou feel these people have been struggling so much and still put on a bright smile.
I'm proud to be hungarian when I hear this anthem
[Newest]The most beautiful song in the world.

52Soviet Union
Even through the time of the horrible Soviet Dictatorships of Stalin, Brezhnev, and so forth, the National Anthem of the Soviet Union remains a powerful and beautiful mark on how much the Russian people love there country so much.
This song is so powerful and touching. It just shows how much the people loved their country even through the ruling of Stalin
The most powerful and inspiring melody of all. Gives me goosebumps each time I hear it.

That Song pa cang mai

Just beautiful... Just beautiful. It really expresses the pride and struggles of this culturally rich nation
The most amazing anthem, the lyrics are unmatched and it really represents the country.
The Serbian anthem is just beautiful and really represents the country. I also think that the lyrics are lovely. "Boze Pravde" meaning "God of justice"
[Newest]Beautiful music and lyrics.

Most beautiful anthem EVER! I love the National Anthem of France and the USA as well! Its just that the Spanish Royal Anthem is so majestic, regal and powerful sounding!
March of the grenadiers, or Royal March, this anthem is powerful although not having lyrics actually.
As proud spaniard, I think this one is definitely the best anthem. ¡Viva España! ¡Una grande y libre!
The best Anthem in the World! VIVA ESPANA

God bless its people, respect, peace, harmony & unity among us are all covered in this anthem God bless everyone!
Yes its wonder full to start with God in every thing it's the way Tanzania national anthem start
It's the same tune as South African, they took it from Tanzania, it should be higher

Nigeria's anthem is undoubtedly the best in the world. From the lyrics to the tune. See this
Arise o compatriots
Nigerians call obey
To serve our father land
With Love and strength and Faith
The labour of our heros past
Shall never be in vain
To serve with heart and might
One nation bound in freedom, peace and unity. It also has a second stanza
To say the truth Nigeria have best national anthem in world is best I have ever had, I have had that of usa, Russia, South Africa India england ( of which is all about there elizabeth) and manyother countries, but Nigeria remains number one in the world, because it calls you to serve your nation with love, strength & faith, to serve with heart & might, believe me if they do this there nation calling with sincerity & genuine heart believe me this nation will be the best in world, is the sweetest among them all.
It is really the sweetest anthem ever listen because it is calling toward coming togather and serving the country with love, obedience and faith. It does not forget the effort and sacrifice of the nation's heroes
[Newest]It most be the meaningful anthem


The tune is catchy and melodic. The lyrics are short but have deep meanings. They all seem to blend together well.
Malaysia and brunei is same


Indeed.. Really deep meaning

After 1977 Islamic revolution, Iran anthem was changed and the new anthem is not comprehensive. it mainly about religious and political issues and in favour of ruling government. National anthem should be a reason for unity not separation. But people have their own anthem which I hoped to be Iran official anthem one day.
If only everyone knew the translation of it, it would be number one
More ancient and meaningful than the rest!
[Newest]I m American and I love this anthem america suck

How can someone not like this anthem it is the beautifulest thing I've ever heard. Yes, I'm only a kid but still our anthem is telling us about proud of all Croatians and every part of Croatia. Proud of Slavonia, Lika, Barania, Posavin, Istre and Zagoria. So live long in peace Croatia for all the kids and adults, for all the people and soliders that gave their lives for our liberty and independence. Support Croatia even if you are Croatians or even if you're not! CROATIA
How can someone not like it.. Have you heard it... All the pride of croats is in our national anthem :')

I'm latin American, but this anthem has some powerful inspiring music! My favorite indeed.
Nothing to add, I don't understand this ranking if they do not explain the signification
Best National Anthem... That's all I can say.

God's blessing on all nations,
Who long and work for that bright day,
When o'er earth's habitations
No war, no strife shall hold its sway;
'Who long to see
That all men free,
No more shall foes, but neighbours be.

Original text is better, but English translation is done that way to suit original music and rhyme.
Most nations sing about themselves, Slovenians sing about humanity.
Slovenian anthem is one of the best in the world. Beautiful melody and text.

It makes you cry, it's just beautiful, so strong and the changes in the tempo, it's just perfect. Freedom or death.
The best ever escalates to ritual of the spirit
The most beautiful anthem by far, it stands alone as a masterpiece of classical music in its own right, and represents the proud Uruguayan people perfectly.
[Newest]Its just the best

Lyrics and music makes you feel patriotic
Should be the first
Best hymn in the whole Arab world

The most beautiful and inspiring anthem in the world.
Just listen to the passion expressed by the players and the crowd during Chilean World Cup games. simply breathtaking, beautiful song
Nothing but breathtaking :')
[Newest]It gives you goose bumps! Great anthem.

Awesome country, awesome national anthem
Finland is such a beautiful country. Maybe the best place to live in! Finland National anthem is stunning.
Beautiful country, incredible people and a beautiful national anthem. Regards from Sweden

No violence, just a prayer. celebrating the magnificent Alps, faithful hearts, and deep love for the Homeland. It's all about God, and Switzerland. Proud to be Swiss!
I like the Swiss national anthem I think it should be in the top 10.

Jerusalem is a lot better than God Save our Queen.


I want to hear it again
Is the best. Seriously

I just invite you to listen to it then make an opinion. If you could a translation of the anthem you will like it even more.
The strongest national anthem ever!
Is the most beautiful national anthem in the world
[Newest]The best anthem I ever heard in my life

Latvia is a small countrie but the anthem is powering and beautiful. GO Latvia!
It shows the world that Russians are not so big and scary
It brings wisdom to Latvians and other nationalities

72Trinidad and Tobago
There is a change in key set so perfectly nearing the end of the anthem. Its lyrically inspiring and musically just genius. I've listened to 100 plus anthems and I must say Trinidad and Tobago's national anthem is the best.
Musically exquisite and tremendously inspiring. Perfectly depicts the diversity of this beautiful twin island where EVERY creed and race finds an equal place!
Our anthem encompasses our diverse population. "Where every creed and race find an equal place". It is beautiful and truly makes you proud to be a trinidadian
[Newest]It is a wonderful anthem that is what I think

Truly inspiring tune, pity we are so few in numbers thus not many people can fully enjoy it

Scary and beautifull in the same time. For sure one of the best anthems of all times, full of pride, in spirit of heroic history.
This is a good anthem now this is better. The flag and everything I know about this country
No word can describe the glorious feeling of awe while listening to this one! So much history and so much pride... Simply the best.
[Newest]Anthem of the Milky Way

Eternal Father bless our land
Guard us with Thy mighty hand
Keep us free from evil powers
Be our light through countless hours
To our leaders, Great Defender,
Grant true wisdom from above
Justice, truth be ours forever
Jamaica, land we love
Jamaica, Jamaica, Jamaica, land we love.

Teach us true respect for all
Stir response to duty's call
Strengthen us the weak to cherish
Give us vision lest we perish
Knowledge send us, Heavenly Father,
Grant true wisdom from above
Justice, truth be ours forever
Jamaica, land we love
Jamaica, Jamaica, Jamaica, land we love
It is a prayer for things people should need and have, while giving thanks to the most high.
This the best Anthem ever. Should be in the top 10 in fact.
[Newest]This anthem should be in the top five its amazing!


77Cote D'Ivoire

Lithuanian anthem is inspiring. Music is great as well as lyrics. I'm proud to be Lithuanian! Our anthem is just perfect. When I watched Olympics and our anthem was played, it sounded so special and unique.
Best Anthem in the world proud to be Lithuanian!
Lithuanian anthem comes from our hearts goes straight to our souls. It reaches and it will always reach all Lithuanians around the world.

I have to say that the Afghanistan national anthem is the best because there are included all of the tribes names and the music is the best, I never heard in other nationals anthems. thanks
I like my country anthem
Long live land of Ariana and Arians! Afghanistan land of Braves

Really beautiful national anthem, no need to explain, relaxing, and powerful, and of course, heart melting
If you haven't heard this song. Its beautiful. It should be on here:/


I love the Mongolian national anthem. It's very powerful and moving.

O Cameroon, Thou Cradle of our Fathers, Holy Shrine where in our midst they now repose, Their tears and blood and sweat thy soil did water, On thy hills and valleys once their tillage rose. Dear Fatherland, thy worth no tongue can tell! How can we ever pay thy due? Thy welfare we will win in toil and love and peace, Will be to thy name ever true! Chorus: Land of Promise, land of Glory! Thou, of life and joy, our only store! Thine be honour, thine devotion, And deep endearment, for evermore.
The anthem says " Dear Fatherland, thy worth no tongue can tell and it also says Land of promise, Land of glory. It says everything about this beautiful nation Cameroon
This makes me proud of my country Cameroon and it also gives me the sense of belonging
[Newest]Great anthem great people and great prospects

I think Armenian anthem is one of the best sounding ones. Always enjoy haring it, before football games, when their national team plays.
Country with amazing history with a fantastic melody.

83Czech Republic
I never heard it but it's my neighbour country although my country isn't here I'm voting for the country I know the best!
No aggresion, no god, no future plans here. Just home, our home.

A lot meaning and history behind it
The best of all these anthems.

It shows how great dictatorship is
It shows how people refues dictators, and how people can be joined and fight against opressors

86South Korea

Zambia's National Anthem is one of the best as we also remember our creator and we give him praises for we believe that without God we are nothing. Praise be to God indeed.
Land of Zambia, proud and free!
Listen to Candy sing it!
Because it is one of the most beautiful versions!
Let's vote for Zambia!

Best anthem ever! Long live Jordan! Ashul Malik!

Nothing is more powerful than the Welsh belting out in pure pride to their national anthem. Puts the hair on my neck right up! The power and the pure passion of the Welsh push them way beyond any other nation!

Land of the brave, we love our savannah.
Land of the brave.. Mother land.. Beautiful landscapes, small population there is nothing I am more than proud to sing rather than Namibian antherm

Very solemn. Powerful music. Inspires awe and love for the country.
Short and sounds like a poem.


I live in Grenada. And I have to say we have the best national anthem ever
Was the joyful anthem I ever heared

One of the most powerful anthems. It has a big meaning if you understand the lyrics
Really? 89? Albania has the most beautiful anthem. It should be in top 10!
Patriotic Anthem... With a big meaning for a great country



Very ugly melody although it is based on a beautiful poem from Abu Al Kacem Al Chebbi.

The banner if freedom

99Antigua and Barbuda


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