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1 To Plant a Seed

The song is awesome, but after watching the video, it became one of the best songs I've ever listened to!

All their music is amazing, but this one has got to be the best.

To Plant a Seed is such an incredible song!

Favorite song by my favorite band! Great song!

2 Hope

The lyrics are just amazing, gave me goosebumps first time I heard it and after hundreds of times, it still does. AMAZING!

Intense intro and chorus, as a first song of an epic album, this song deserves more credibility.

Never heard a better chorus before. It gives such good feeling listening to that song. My favorite

Just listening to the beginning I fell in love with the song and the band!

3 To Move On Is to Grow

How is this not #1!? This is the song that got me into WCAR and it is the best so far! Vote this song it has to be at least in the top 5, top 10 at the least!

The melody, the tune, the lyrics! This is just an absolutely perfect song!

Best metalcore song ever made... I would slap myself if you don't like it...

The best song ever in my mind. It has helped me so much. I love you WCAR. You are my all time favourite band. :) Thank you for everything.

4 Understanding What We've Grown to Be

Lyrics have so much meaning and it matches the tune perfectly. Dave is great at showing his emotion and this song captures it perfectly.

"All these distractions kept me from seeing what I needed all along,
an understanding."
Amazing lyrics, this should be in the top 3!

5 A War Inside

The meaning of the song is just so intense and the singing gets so emotional towards the end it's just an emotional song and it definitely deserves number 1 because of the meaning of the song alone and not to mention how good the guitar drums piano and singing is. Check it out definitely.

My honest opinion the best song that they've ever made so great!

Amazing Vocals. Makes you want to be a better person.

Easily my favorite song about choosing sides especially on the topic it it

6 Mis//Understanding

A powerful song and I couldn't stop listening to it for weeks and you can't help but love everything about it like Dave and Kyle's Vocals, Andy's Bass and the Guitars!

Amazing song with killer drums, perfect screams guitars rock and the bass and kyle were awesome.

7 Never Let Me Go

Amazing vocals. Awesome lyrics. One of my personal favorites.

Anyone can listen to this easily and it has a very meaningful and almost saving chorus

8 Cold Like War
9 Fade Away

This song is so perfect, how is it not on the top ten?

My personal favorite song of wcar.. This song deserves to be in the top ten at least

10 Tracing Back Roots

Just the meaning of the song alone makes it so great! Powerful screams, amazing riffs, and even a heart warming ending to top it all off. this song should be in the top 10 for sure!

This song is amazing and it traces back to the meaning of the CDs. Overall my favorite

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11 The King of Silence

Great song just love the clean parts should be in top 5 at least!

12 Broken Statues

Only song by them that makes me want to thrash about but the lyrics are'nt even that hardcore! I love the song just makes me want to rock the hell out!

Probably one of the best Metalcore intros I've ever heard coupled with meaningfuul lyrics and awesome screams.

13 Glad You Came

The way they did the vocals was beautiful, I don't know how this can be so low on the list.

Such a good cover! One hundred billion times better than the original

I'm glad you came

14 Dreams

"That you are forever my brother" gives me goosebumps!
Love this song so much!

This song simply defines We Came As Romans. Pretty high on my list.

15 Just Keep Breathing
16 The Way that We Have Been

The keyboards are just epic!

17 I Survive
18 Learning to Survive
19 Tear It Down
20 Lost in the Moment
21 Roads that Don't End and Views that Never Cease

This song should be up on top for sure
It is just amazing
Also where is to move on is to grow?
Dose no one like that song or what
Its amazing

Really great song should definitely should be Number one could not stop listening

22 Everything as Planned

Clearly their best song! Can't stop listening to it!

23 Present, Future, and Past
24 We are the Reasons
25 Intentions

Extremely inspiration lyrics, this band gives me faith that music hasn't lost it's meaning. Compelling lyrics and and amazing sound make this the best WCAR song in my opinion.

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