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I'm in love with Italian food! I can also say that it has variety from 10.000 kinds of spaghetti and pizza also sea food. I've eaten there a pizza and it only had tomatoes and mozzarella it was the best I could ever imagine it's awesome! And also let's face it everyone like Italian food!
Italian food is so good there's pizza, spaghetti and lots of other good food! But I do love tacos from Mexico they got it right! Just like the Italians I'm also Italian!
Italy best food for the pizza everything it is the best in the world not Mexico.
[Newest]Simple, healthy, delicious. Food with history and soul. Like the language. The best!
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Spicy, sweet, tasty all variety available only in India..

Pavbhaji, Panjabi, Dhosa, Pani-puri, Idli, Rasgulla.

Vegetarian best food available only & only in INDIA...
heart melting, brain storming, mouth watering, totally fulfilling, Indian food- best in the world.
Spicy, mild, medium sweet, super sweet, and everything in between. This is Indian cuisine. It's like Nike says "just do it. " Vote India.
Indian food is by far the best one in the world nothing stay near against it..
[Newest]India has the best Food! 😍😝
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Mexican food has every thing, from very spicy, to sour, sweet, all kind of eatable meat and all variety of seafood, the desserts are also tasty. The food can be eaten in a very fancy restaurant as in a food stall on the street and it taste just awesome. The ingredients are very common now and can be found in any where in the planet and can still taste just as it is eaten in Mexico, obviously if is well prepared.

In some countries, you need to go and explore the street to definitely find the real flavor of the local food, and if you eat it out side the country it is very difficult to meet the right flavor as in the original.
Man, did they get it right!
[Newest]Maybe it is nice
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The ever-popular sushi, teriyaki, tempura, and miso soup all belong to Japanese cuisine. Add to that a healthy balance of vegetables, fish, fruits, meat, and rice EVERYWHERE, and you have Japanese food!

Admittedly some people may get a little put-off by all the weird stuff Japan comes up with to eat, but I think a little adventure and mystery thrown into a meal is a wonderful thing.
The Japanese have the TASTIEST healthy food on the planet!

Ever seen a fat Japanese guy? Well I have... But he was a sumo wrestler!


Healthiest, tastiest, mouth watering food ever. Anything in Japanese is gold.
[Newest]I love Japanese food. When I went to Japan I was so happy. Japanese food is legendary
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I used to be a foreign missionary (Christian) in China so I've eaten my share of Chinese food. The food over there has a more far eastern flavor to it. Over here in the USA the flavor of Chinese food is more westernized. However I like both styles very much & I like the wide variety of food they have as well! I love lo mein & mu shu beef the most! They have the best food in the world in my humble opinion!
Yeah no offense to you whities, but what you call "Chinese food" really isn't chinese food. Even though I am half white have chinese, I still understand this culture. REAL chinese food is duck, pig blood, pig ears, pig intestines, beef with noodles and soup, also called 牛肉麵.

But things like lo mien, dumplings, spring rolls, fried rice, although I love all that stuff, is American Chinese food. If you want real Chinese food, don't go to those buffets, they suck! Go to China Town, and buy duck, it's great!

But Chinese food is awesome. My family makes Chinese food all the time, so I know what good Chinese food is!

Well, China deserves to be 1 or 2.

Well anyway, whities (no offense my dad is white, but he eats REAL Chinese food. ) stop acting like you eat Chinese food, cause you don't...
I agree Chinese food is the best you need to try that's a recommendation
China's food AMAZING! Who doesn't want sweetcorn soup, duck pancakes, and lovely spicy sweet new food to try. China's the place to eat throughout a holiday.
[Newest]China is the best of all!
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It is quite simple actually: Ottoman food covers all delicious Lebanese, Balkanise, Greek and Syrian food. More over finises with delicious Turkish coffee. Syrians are proud of their baklava and humus, greeks for their musakka and gyros, balkans for boreks and dolmas. But actually all these are parts of Turkish cuisine.
Food is taken extremely serious in Turkey. Any form of food has to taste delicious, otherwise people would never buy it. This includes the cheapest meal you could buy for $1 to fancy restaurants where a meal could cost over $100. There is no need to pay more if your goal is only eating something extremely delicious. Furthermore, this cuisine is capable of cooking every single vegetable on earth in an extremely delicious way. Finding home style vegetarian meals on streets can become a bit challenging than finding less healthier options. However, inside homes, Turkish people do eat these mastered vegetarian gems more frequently than anything else. Pretty much every nation has master cooking meat and junk food in their own style, but this nation is one of those rare ones that completed their trial and error process probably a few thousands of years ago on cooking vegetables without compromising heath compared to raw vegetables and taste compared to delicious unhealthy options.
Furthermore, being surrounded by three seas (Black Sea, Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean), fish is widely common in Turkish cuisine. Not only common, but also extremely fresh, abundant and delicious.
Another thing I can not stop without mentioning is the taste of fruits. Still growing GMO free and genetically unmodified produce, once you start eating any fruit, you just can not stop eating more before you have to go to bed. Many foreigners visiting Turkey realize how what they have been eating named as "fruits" for their entire life were nothing close to what it actually is.
Another key aspect of this cuisine is that they almost never cheat by adding sugar to meals to make it taste better. It is really hard to find Turkish recipes that have sugar listed. Most food being sugar free, the craving need of sugar of the human body has been met by a big menu of desserts. The desserts vary tremendously in Turkey, but they all have one fact in common: how could they all be so tasty? The answer is really simple: mastering sugar free healthy dishes also required their ancestors to master desserts. Otherwise, having sweet meals would have never resulted with an extreme craving for desserts.
Last topic I will mention about will be tea. Producing 5% of the worlds total tea and being a bit more than 1% of the world's population, welcoming is mostly done with a cup of brewed loose leaf black tea other than only saying "welcome". Tea is a must to try for black tea lovers. Black tea bags almost have no demand, in fact many people would kindly refuse to have a cup of tea if it is from a tea bag.
Summary: Have a tasty meal, order your dessert, drink a cup of tea, then finally eat fruits!
Think of it this way. The Ottoman Empire controlled all these Mediterranean countries and Slavic countries and took their cuisine. Throughout the years, they improved upon all the food they gained. A small shop selling food in Turkey taste just as good as any extremely expensive restaurant in countries like the United States or England. Turkish food is healthy and delicious. Nothing can compare. If you want to go to a country for food, you can't go wrong with Turkey. They understand food better than anyone.
[Newest]Best food country in the world and healthy
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7United States
Some people may think that the only things there are to American food are hamburgers and hotdogs, but my response to that assumption: Bar B Que, country cooking, and Cajun cooking. That's all I really need to say and then there also hot wings and philly cheese steaks. Also got to love the Mac n Cheese.


American food is more than burgers and grease, guys. There's tons of options. You can go down south and try Cajun foods such as gumbo, or try some amazing seafood dishes in New England. Better yet, try a pastie for food of Michigan's upper peninsula. There's the Coney dog, Detroit and Chicago-style American pizza, as well as many other foods. It's amazing, so give it a chance.


Tex-Mex, BBQ, Cajun, New England, Fusion. There's so many cuisines to try, a variety of foods, and something for everyone. All countries base their opinion of American food on McDonald's, but no American eats there every day.


[Newest]Steak is so good it's better than pizza
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So versatile, so awesome. Words cannot describe the infinite flavors from French cuisine. From savory fish and chicken dishes to delectable beef stews to the most amazing bonbons, France has it all!
France has all you need and more.
The greatest chief come and study in France... so?
Over 80,000,000 visitors per year come and taste our gastronomy
French food's the best. You haven't had god food unless you've eaten at the best restaurants in Paris. Chez Flottes has the best duck, amazing cheese, and a cheesy potato dish that's to die for. Italy's the only country that compares, everything else is just garbage.
[Newest]I personally think the food is disgusting. Deserts are bloody good though.
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Indonesia has the most-yes. MOST diverse in food. 18,000 islands, and thousands of cultures.
Indonesia has a lot of traditional foods and not damage the health of the body. Like capcay, gado-gado, sate (i like sate padang the most! Even though it is so spicy), martabak (there are martabak manis and martabak telur, I like both of them), rendang, serabi, empal gentong, soto, and many more! I can't mention all of Indonesian foods one by one. You should try Indonesian foods.
Indonesia has a lot of foods and taste, because Indonesia has a lot of spies! in every region of Indonesia it has their own taste represent the society and their culture, such as in central java most of their food taste sweet and represent their society that famous with their polite and friendly people. In Bali, the food taste unique that represent the unique of Bali itself.
[Newest]The best one in the world
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I have traveled considerably, I am not an exenophope when it comes to food - I'll try anything. However for sheer variety you can't best Uk shops... The supermarkets and specialty shops are amazing. Virtually anything I've tried abroad I've been able to buy in the UK. Sometimes with difficulty but none the less I've found it. As for Brit food, give me roast anytime... Rule Britannia...
One thing that makes me sad is that people insult English food because after WW2 we had limited things to cook with and the food was quite bad at that time. However nowadays the food is great. Another problem is foods such as egg tarts are thought of as being Portuguese when in fact an English man named lord stow created them. A lot of English foods people think were created overseas. A lot of semi English/Indian food was created with a mix of both thanks to a British born Indian woman. Some of those foods you wont even find in India.. The list goes on but I wont..
Roast dinner, sherperds pie, fish and chips, pork pie, toad in the hole, bangers and mash, cornish pasties, jam roly poly, rhubarb crumble, apple eves pudding, key lime pie, victoria sponge, scones, bakewell tart, banofee pie, custard, wagon wheels, eton mess...

The list is endless. Our food is amazing and should be first on this list
Thank you for the examples, but key lime pie is an American dessert and as for custard I'm not sure what it is, but it's not particularly English.
[Newest]I'm half English and I my general sense of hunger comes from that side since I could eat pub food for the rest of my life and never tire of it. While I've never actually been to England I'm lucky enough to live close to some of the best imitation pubs in Canada. It's a good thing they're expensive since I'd probably be a million lbs. from eating there everyday if they weren't.
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Thai food is one of the best food in this world. It have a variety of tasted. who can compared to the thai food? I wonder. Before you vote for other country, ask your self have you try the real Thai food yet.
Thai food is very tasty and unique. It is healthy because of the herbs and vegetables as well as delicious... It has a great mixture of sourness and spiciness.
I have thai meal everyweek here in Australia and yes, It's really yummy.
Last few months I've been to Thailand and I just discoverd their street foods are 10 times better!
[Newest]For the past three years the food I've eaten on my Birthday has been Thai.
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The food is amazing! Some plates are strange but the flavour is unique! Peru is famous for its Ceviche, pachamanca, anticuchos, Causa all very very good! And if you don't feel weird trying guinea pig then do it! If not try at least the sauce in the picante de cuy so good!
Peru won 2011 best culinary arts and variety so Peru has the best food biggest variety not everything is spicy or just seafood in every part of the country the is different flavor
Peruvian food best A LOT of variety not just rice and beans or beans and rice. Best food in the world
[Newest]Peruvian food is Apollo good
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Looks like people voting in this pool haven't tried anything beyond fast food... Sad. French and Spanish food should on the top of the list while I'm still figuring out why English food is even considered...
How on earth is Spain so far down on this list? Healthy and tasty.
Spanish tortilla, paella, ham, olive oil: healthy and tasty food
[Newest]I've heard Spanish food is really good. Hoping to try some soon.
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Nothing beats filipino cuisine especially when it comes to viands like Sinigang, Kare-kare, Adobo, Caldereta, etc. Best to serve with any type of rice! They also got the best street foods like kwek-kwek (deep fried flour-coated quail eggs), ice scramble (strawberry flavored ice shavings topped with milk powder, choco syrup and some candies) and many more. There's more to say but I'll just leave it for you to prove. By the way, best quality mangoes can only be found in the Philippines.
What I love in the Philippines are their exotic foods. From snakes to birds and more other kinds of weird and exotic dishes. Really tasting that you wouldn't even know what kind of meat you're eating until you asked.

Their seafood dishes are also great. Up for Philippine food!
Philippine food is a fusion of (1) the classic Southeast Asian varieties and (2) the Spanish cuisine. This combination makes for the best experience for anybody's palate. It's just a matter of knowing where to eat and what dish to taste. Lonely Planet's guide to the Philippines gives good recommendations with regard to food!
[Newest]Oh my god it's so yummy and so amazing
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Greek traditional cuisine is unique. If you don't believe it, come find out yourselves!


Moussakas, Tzatziki, Gyros, Ouzo.. So mediterranean and so healthy!
I go to Greece every single year for months at a time, and have never, EVER had a bad meal. And I'm not joking. Me and my family brought some friends with us one time and they said the exact same thing. In fact, sightseeing and the beaches come second to food, which takes up first place on my trips and is all I think about there.
[Newest]Greek food is very good but everywhere the same things are served, the lack of variety is a big minus.

There are so many types of food-just go to their dinner table and they have these tons of delicious things... Like so many types of things and I don't even know how to describe them. Versatile tastes... And very very healthy. There was actually this guy (American-as in blond with blue eyes)who had cancer and cured it by eating strictly healthy Korean food. Korean food are mostly, although not all, plant-based, and extremely healthy. That is not to say that their meats are not delicious, because they are amazing!
I been in Korea for three years and I love em. Korea not only has spicy and filthy looking food--although they do still taste good, just that a start is not easy laugh out loud--, they also have mild and soft cuisines. In fact, most of their traditional dishes are not spicy, but sweet, keep the flavor of original ingredients, look gook--use at least five colors--, use natural unique ingredients. Kimchi and Bulgogi are not just enough to explain Korean food!
Best of the best... I would say...

Best food ever I have tried.. Bibimbap, Grilled fish, kimchi, bulgogi, gabche... Different types of sweet sour pickles owo... Mouthwatering cuisines. Korea deserves to be in top ten... Best Food fresh and delicious.

Made with love, that's what gives it so good taste
Try it and you won't be able to stop eating
[Newest]I'm assuming you mean South Korea and not North Korea. Am I right?

Swedish food is something that you have to eat to understand how great it really is! Words can not make it justice.
swedish meatballs = delicious swedish foods are amazingly good and has very good style in it.
A varied diet consisting of old national classics to international cuisine. They do it right!
[Newest]Great, the fish isn't the best but I'll take all of the meatballs and deserts you can give me!

best food on earth. Especially the bavarian food is just legendary!
Just visit the Oktoberfest. Germany should be number 1!
This food is awesome I have a DEVOTION to german food!
[Newest]All healthy and CLEAN. love it

Agree.. Malaysian food is the best in the world. I went to Malaysia and shocked with their mixing culture. They had malay food like nasi lemak, Chinese food like kuey tiaw, Indian food like roti canai.. Its good to eat them
Definitely the best country for food. A melting pot of different cultures, and what you get is an out-of-this-world tonsil party! My personal favourites are the Malay dishes.
Malay, Chinese, Indians.. A lot of food here.. And originally Malaysian food are bak kut the, sate, rendang, chicken rice.. And many others food..
[Newest]All the best food in the world you can find it here

Highly creative and varied, so much more than just fish and sea products.
The regional soups, grilled fish and special national gastronomy makes it one of the most healthy and wanted worldwide.
The best use of spices in the Western world. Plus the salted Call of Duty dishes are simply a national treasure, there are thousands of them, and they all from good to great. Then you come to deserts, the Pastel de Belem, Ovos Moles, and lots of other fresh and complex delicacies will make you salivate from just thinking of them, let alone see, smell and then taste one of them!
Wine-wise, it's hard to beat a country where you can buy a bottle of decent wine for 1 Euro, and if you wish you can also have a sip ot the timeless Port and Madeira! There's a reason why Shakespeare would make characters sell their soul to the Devil for just a sip of these nectars, and why the drafting of the US constitutiuon was celebrated with copious amounts of them!
[Newest]By far in top 5, Europe best for shore.
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Although I do prefer Mexican food, I have to clear up some of the comments left here because it is making my country appear super lame. Quebec is home to the famous Poutine... Greasy and artery clogging, but EXTREMELY tasty. Then there's the east coast. If the Maratime provinces could classify as a country, they would give these other guys a run for their money. Atlantic Canada is home to the tastiest seafood you can find ANYWHERE. Lobsters, clams, scallops, mussels, oysters, quahogs, shrimp, mackeral, bar clams, dulse, crab, salmon (particularly maple-candied smoked atlantic salmon. M... ), and much more. All fresh from honest hard-working fisherman. Don't knock Canadian food until you've tried shellfish recipes from your friendly folks on the east coast!
I can not speak for all of Canada but Toronto, Canada has some of the best food your will ever taste anywhere in the world. Mass competition in this mega-city has left it with high quality cuisine at affordable prices. The food comes from all over the world because of its very diverse population of people. Very underrated because it is in Canada and Canada is a small country population wise.
Canada is um... Made up of different cultures, but we do have some signature Canadian food items, like beaver tails, and French toast. And you will never find another country that loves making their own food! And boy do we love our meat and seafood!
[Newest]I didn't expect to see Canada this high, to be honest. I have been eating Canadian food for my entire life (except for about a combined 2 weeks of travel food) and I certainly have never had anything to complain about.

Amazing food, Mediterranean, therefore fish, vegetables, spices, a little meat. Everyone will find something they like.
The food is really good there... We brought it to Canada and it wasn't a probably. (I'm Lebanese) its like we have no simple meal everything takes like a full day to make--especially the roast beef mm
I am lebanese and am not voting for lebanon because I am lebanese but the taste the food have and the history of it is delicious and interesting. Every thing is naturally made and it is so delicious so if you want to try new foods I would suggests lebanese foods
[Newest]We have the best foods

Anyone who has let ANY Iranian food touch their lips should consider themselves one of the luckiest people on earth
Proud to be Iranian
The best food is Iranian kebab and ice cream
Go on try it if you don't believe
Iranian food should be well known to those who rarely visit Iran. Why are the people go there to try when housewives never have the experience preparing Iranian food at home?

There needs to find better ways to help housewives in various countries around the world how to cook and prepare Iranian food, especially during meals. Time to roll up their sleeves, ladies at home.
[Newest]They make really really nice grilled meat as well as dips

Best of the best... I would say... Pho is not the only thing, "Bun bo", "Com tam".. They are all awesome... Should give it a try sometime!
Non fatty foods, fresh ingredients and spices, the different textures of the dish, a balance of flavour and great taste sensations m gimme!
I love Vietnam, try Pho, and you'll neva stop eating (:
[Newest]I was expecting Vietnamese cuisine to be at least (! ) in Top Ten.

You simply cannot beat the Aussie "Hamburger with the Lot" - fantastic! Also lots of fresh seafood to make our wonderful seafood platters, exotic fruits - mangoes, pawpaws, drinking coconuts etc. A great selection of multi-cultural cuisine, Chinese, Thai, Indian, Japanese, Mexican, Italian, the list is endless. No, Australian food cannot be beaten!
Australia has some of the best quality fresh foods not to mention the variety. We export top quality beef, lamb and seafood to many countries. We also have some top quality restaurants at reasonable prices without the abundance of chain restaurants common in other countries.
Foods of the world belongs in Australia. You can have anything. Pizza, Fish 'n Chips, Curry in hurry, Peking duck, juicy steaks, or the humble yet mouth watering meat pie. Bloody oath, you could even have shrimp on a barbie.


[Newest]Imagine having all of the above in one place. That's Australia for you. Probably the most multi cultural country food wise.

Sure you've never tried Moroccan food, please do and you will never regret, even French cuisine took a lot from it
Morocco is famous of its delicious couscous and tajines. You just can't get enough!
Best food eveer! Tastes really good and theyr actually mix salty and sweet tastes so it's really awesome
[Newest]The best food in the world

I agree that Pakistan should be much higher on the list. A good percentage of the food that Indian restaurants serve is often Pakistani (Muslim Versions) and not Indian (Hindu vegetarian version). But most Indian restaurants in the US have learned that an average Indian restaurant can not stay in business long in a non Hindu country on vegetarian food so they supplement with Pakistani chicken dishes. Most Pakistanis will hate me for reminding them but we all know Pakistan and India were the save country for hundreds of years so Indians consider Pakistani food as much theirs as the Pakistnais do. And we all know that if you want a "Indian" meat dish you are 100% better off having it cooked by a Pakistani restaurant with someone who actually EATS meat and can test the food for quality. People just know the name "Indian" food but we all know it is the meat varieties they love most, ie Pakistani food. Let them believe what they want. We all know the truth.
Pakistani food is a blend of every well known food countries such as Arabian, Turkey, Italy, Chinese etc. It has the strength of every nation's food. Pakistani food takes out the weaknesses of other countries and blends in such a fine way that it creates a completely different kind of taste so it shouldn't be in 50s but in 20s or top 10
I believe the variety of food available in Pakistan is enormous. Every city would come up with its own kind of food. The taste would differ as you travel. Furthermore, Pakistan being a diverse country gives us another reason to believe that we can enjoy more dishes. It is not only about curry, in fact the types of rice served then the sweet dishes and the salty ones, tremendously huge amount of dishes.
[Newest]Pakistani food is THE BEST! Now, most people would think that Indian and Pakistani food are basically the same thing but that is definitely not true. Try both someday and you'll see the difference.
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best of the world: asado steak with red wine Malbec!
The best meat of the world.. Just taste some and you'll know what I mean
They have everything there. Best meat and wine in the world plus lots of fruit and vegetables of quality. Good fish and it is a country of immigrant so you can find any cuisine of the world with top ingredients. My vote goes to Argentina!
[Newest]They have the best tasting food ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever!

Best foods can be found in Nepal.. The typical foods are just delecious.39 is not the spot which Nepal deserve. You guys should vote for the country.
Look at the Nepali dumpling- Momo once you try can't deny it, Nepali- Tandoori Chicken, Nepali- Spice! ! Ahh! I probably would put Nepal in about 4 place man U guys should go to Google and search Nepali foods! Jesus Christ! So awesome and the taste better than the look!
Seriously and Nepali foods are the best foods in the world which I will give you guys examples of go to this website and see the foods and you guys still don't vote it on top 10 that means you look at how popular the country is the the actual food only the fame.

Ireland does the best with what it has been given. So no tropical fruits grow here but Ireland grows the best potatoes and has the best dairy products in the world. Irish butter is the most delicious ever. Getting back to basics Ireland has best quality beef and pork, potatoes and dairy and the richest fishing waters on the planet. Simple, wholesome and hearty, just perfect for the climate
Noting beats a some spuds roast spuds beef and gravy our stew ain't bad either


Mm... My favourite in the WORLD! 1
Did you know that we make it home made?!?!
[Newest]As an American whose been to 24 countries worldwide the Irish homemade food will always be my favorite.

romanian people have a nice food that is called SARMALE that is good
Romanian food needs to be listed here among the best in word...

The food the desserts and the palinca and wines are so fantastic...

You should try Sarmale and Mititei, and than a great glass of Palinca and Wine and you will see what I mean... I love Romanian food...
Best food made of meat, soups, desserts everything. And drinks from wine to palinca and tuica. Awesome.
[Newest]™ We have Love in all recipes ♥

Pão de queijo and whiskey with guarana... Who ate that, knows how good it is. And feijoada, acarajé, vatapa (all dishes from there), besides the best barbecue ever, you find in Brazil! Really, if you have the chance to eat this kind of food from there, do it! You'll not regret!
Brazilian food is really fresh and tasty. We have such a big variety of flavours and influences of many cultures. Try a self-service buffet restaurant where you will find lots of different kinds of salads and delicious warm food as well. You will not regret it ;-)
Food from all countries above you'll find in Brazil
[Newest]Best food and country in the world, love Brazil!

Taiwan is the Best food in the world, The Smell, how does the food look, the design, Hygiene even in the Street and the Most Important " ITS THE MOST DELICIOUS AMAZING WONDERFUL TASTY FOOD MY MOUTH EVER TASTE", if you Go to any night market in Taiwan you will not stop eating even if you are full because the Food is So Delicious.
Prepare your to gain some weight because you can't resist the food
I think Taiwan food is Number 1 best Food in the worl
Best mixture of all cuisine around the world! Chinese, Japanese, Western style food can all find it's roots and bloom here! Night markets' the best place in the world to explore the true spirit of tasteful Taiwanese cuisine!
Best food, high quality ingredients. Delicious, fresh and plentiful. Some of the best food on the planet for sure, good enough to merit a trip to Taiwan just to try it.
[Newest]Some of the best food in the world, the smell, I just love it

Just the Best, don't have to say anymore Especially I love meat and potatoes with enough of salt and other things like that
The food is fab! Trust me!
The food is so good.

egyptian food, oh its awesome delicious molokhiya, koshary, tahina, mahshi and there is many more delicious things
fool, tehina, koshari, olas, maolohia you don't find something like this in other countries


Egypt has the most amazing cuisine in the world. We have sweet, salty, our, spicy, you name it! Should be 1st on the list!
[Newest]Guys they have fish lucky them

Sweden is way up on the list, think someone are getting their cuisines mixed up. Denmark offers a much more varied and interesting cuisine. It is true Sweden, Norway and Denmark are all Scandinavian countries and culturally we are similar but food wise Denmark is about a mile ahead of our two brothers.
I love all Scandinavian foods. While I do agree with Sweden at 16 or 15, Denmark offers less meat, more fish. MORE FISH THAN SWEDEN?! Move it up on the list! Come on my fellow Danes! Vote for Denmark!
The best restaurant in the world two years in a row, NOMA, is placed in Denmark. The food culture getting better year after year!
[Newest]Denmark is number 1 in food! '! '! They have the best food ever!

This is a joke... Most of the people which are voting here haven't eaten any other food from another country. There fore you can't say US or UK food is better... Common fish and chips with lots of fat is no food it is junk... And we can recognize Yanks and UK gents just cause of their skins... They eat almost no vegetables... Even in Australia they didn't know. Italy should be Nr 1 cause of their food culture! Switzerland with Fondue, Racelette, Züri Gschnätzlets, Berner Rösti, Lugani Getti und Polenta.. Have so many meals which taste very good.
I would have to agree. Most people have not tried many different foods. I would LOVE to say and be able to vote on every nationalities food. All are so unique and tasty in their own way!

Viennese cuisine is quite exquisite. It has so many good things such as

Apfelstrudel (an apple-filled pastry)
Topfenstrudel (a quark cheese-filled strudel)
Palatschinken (Viennese crêpes, from the Slovak palacinka)
Buchteln (yeast and butter baked good filled with apricot jam)
Wiener Schnitzel
Sachertorte (a chocolate cake)
Tafelspitz (boiled beef, often served with apple and horseradish sauces)
Gulasch (a hotpot similar to Hungarian pörkölt - gulyás is a soup in Hungary)
Selchfleisch (smoked meat) with Sauerkraut und dumplings.
Rindsuppe (beef soup)
Beuschel (a ragout containing veal lungs and heart)
Liptauer cheese

Vienna Bread is by far the greatest baking goods in Austria. Imperial Rolls (Kaisersemmel) is one of the best things I've tried.

Vienna has a long history in backing. The "Vienna Process" was developed by 1846

"In 1845 the Association of Vienna Bakers announced a contest for the production of a sweet-fermenting yeast, this prize was awarded in 1850 to Adolph Ignaz Mautner. In 1867 the Paris Exposition was said to recognize the Vienna Bakery as, "First in the world. "" -Wikipedia
Viennese cuisine!
Wiener Schnitzel forever!

You can't compare a Schnitzel from Austria with those cheap imitations that you get in the States! Not only do they not have the proper ingredients, but they also hardly know how to make it!
[Newest]Austria has some good plates but they don't have good taste and spice.

See all the countries listed above? Well Singapore has every one of those cuisines, and more!
Think Asian food, thai, chinese, malay, indian, turkish...
Then going to Western, there's food and influences from USA, Britain, France, Italy, Mexico, Germany, just to name a few.
Well, which country can you have food of various varieties within walking distance? Cheap and good food everywhere. Favourite pastime here is EATING.
got the asian food capital award


[Newest]Has Anything and everything! You people should get a life a come to Singapore ;) Although I love US and Italian food as well ;) Japanese food: honorable mention


I have to say Afghan food is the best cause I Love Afghan food and taste is absolutely great I am not saying because I am Afghan you have to try it so you can believe me.. Every single person who had tried Afghan food believe me they loved it.. And I am sure you will love it too!
Afghan food is the best, the dishes are very traditional, Mantu, Qabili Palaw, Nrange Palaw, Ashak, Bolani... And amazing deserts Haleem, Shirpira... If you had it once, you would definitely vote
Afghan food is the most tasty food which I ever had in my all live, you can never compare it with any other country’s food. It is best in being hygienic, testy, and decorated. Once you try, you will never forget its best test.
[Newest]Afghan food has amazing cuisines that have a lot of diversity which are mouthwatering and combine an explosion of flavours. I really love Afghan food and would definitely short list it into my top and I am sure you'll love it too!

As for me Hungarian food number 1 Greek, French, Lebanese, Chinese, Turkish, Vietnamese, Serbian should be top 10 as well. I think Italian and Indian are more common only because they are widely available. For example Nepal and Bangladesh have just as good food as Indian if not better. They just aren't that popular because nobody finds and eats them. Indian food is only popular because british people made it popular as an exotic food from their colony. Trust me guys please try these kind of foods just for comparison.
Delicious, but not the most popular ones. Fish soup, cabbage in Kolozsvár style, layered vegetable dishes (layered beans, layered kale, etc), paprika chicken, but most of all, the queen of all dishes, pancakes in Hortobágy style are a lot better and more pleasing to a non-Hungarian taste than E.G. goulash. And no Hungarian chicken soup that you will have in any restaurant will do justice to what it really is, E.G. when made at home with no ingredients spared.
Hungarian meat soup, goulash soup, bean soup, goulash, gypsy steak, and bejgli etc. the best
[Newest]It's the best food I have ever tasted

42United Arab Emirates
The U.A. E has a unique cuisine wich is unlike anything else the food is different and delicious and will definitely put you in a good mood the flavors of our Arabic food is amazing and you should have a chance to try it
I love eating it I don't even know why Jamaica is ahed, in the U.A. E there are lots of delicious food you should really have a taste it's wonderful and gives you a better view of rice.
Anyone ever eaten harissa? You'll never forget the taste. The sea food is awesome, especially prawn! U.A.E. has a mixture of different cuisines that all taste fantabulous.

43Puerto Rico
Arroz con Pollo, Stew with Shrimp, Pork Roast (Pernil), Cocunut gelatin (Tembleque), Roast beef Stew and my favorite, Pumpkin Flan... Puerto Rican cooking has African, Spanish, Indian, French and American fusion, tasty, flavorful and abundant...
There are so many influences in Puerto rican cooking and so many varieties of cooking styles. Its hard to judge the taste is in the palate

The best food in the planet banging

What the hell?
Bangladesh at number 39?
I went to Bangladesh recently and I have tasted their foods. Those were the best foods that I have ever tasted...
The Biriani, polao, vorta, hilsha fish, I can't forget them...
So stop kidding and give Bangladesh their rightful position..
Most important things of them all are that the foods are very pure, unlike the rest of the countries...
Bangladeshi food is pure, homemade and luxurious, catering to all. It is the number one food in the UK.
Best Pure Food with the best variety...


[Newest]This should be first

45South Africa
I travel to a lot country, I believe South Africa have the best meat
I have traveled a lot and this country should be #1. Give me a break... good food in America? One gets tired of hamburgers so quicklY!
The culture and traditions behind all the food is just so amazing!
[Newest]Barbecue food is the diet of any South African!

Do not be vain. No food as clean, exotic, original, and tasty as Ethiopian. Yummy! Archeology in a Table. Proof that when you sit for Ethiopian cuisine, you are tasting a cuisine that has been stewing and being tweaked for thousands of years.
Ethiopian food is the most delicious and amazing taste, if you happened to have bad test of it, you might ended up a bad restaurant other than that you can't get it wrong. Always testy
Awesome! This food smells incredible and tastes unbelievable. If you are a hot food fan, Ethiopian food is the right place.

The tunisian food it's a fusion of a lot of other country's food (france, italy, spain, mexico) because of it history.
It's usually spicy, and we use all kind of sauces, however there's the tipical tunisian food which is in the most a berber food.
The tunisian couscous: you have to try it! It's a berber recipe.
Tajin: simply delicious.

Algerian food is very rich with land and sea components! It offers various dishes by region and by season.
Algeria is boss why 57?
I just like Algerian food, it has a very good mixture of ingrediants, it varies from east to west, and from north to south, and it's all good.

The best restaurants in the world! I had no idea, and then I went to Belgrade with some people. I could not bealive it! Why these people don't advertise this more - I ll never know.
Ahh; Burek, Sarma, Gibanica, Šljivovica, simply unbeatable.
Amazing food, everything is fresh and tasty.

I've been so many places in the world, but Jamaican food has definitely blown me a way. Their foods are seasoned to the bone. There is just so much flavour in every bite. Amazing! Just thinking about the food now is making my taste buds get all crazy, yum! I love the jerk but there is just so many other delicacies I can't even choose a favorite. Never knew lobster could be done in so many different ways. Ok I need to stop now before I book a ticket to go back to Jamaica mon'... No Problem!
Every other country is here so why not the island of Jamaica mon! Curry goat and Jerk chicken here I come!
How is this not higher in the list, I am a Canadian who grew up in a Jamaican neighbourhood in Toronto. I love Jamaican food, I have no idea how countries like the United Arab Emirates or Finland is ahead. You gotta dig the Curry Goat, Jerk Chicken, Fried Plantain, ROTI, there is so much flavour that comes from so many different cultures, I'm disappointed that Jamaican food I'snt higher
[Newest]Jamaican food are the best all the different spicy and flavour can wait to book a next holiday there.

We have the the best of all, come and enjoy/क्रेस द्वारका
We have the best verities of food

52Saudi Arabia
The range of spices and ingredients is just incredible! Sweet fruits like dates and figs, to salty flavors like pistachios! They know how to use these ingredients in Saudi Arabia!
We are good when it comes to the sweets
I think, the arabic food is the same food in many countries. Saudi Arabaia, they use almost rice everyday and dates wich is kind of vegetable but, they do not eat the dates with the rice. However, they make many kinds of rice and cook diffirent kind of chicken and meat for example, grill chicken and meat or fry them. I like eating Saudi Arabia food too much and try it one day if you have not chance.

Best Food you could ever try. And above all it is always fresh and very healthy. WE love to play with vegetables or with meat. Albanian culture is very old and contains many flavors which are inherited nowadays.
I've tried the food in many countries but nothing as fresh as in Albania. The meat or fish are as fresh as half hour direct from the farm or sea. Loved it...
Best food trust me eat it and you will feel in a different world... All I can say is its better than Lithuanian food hands down.

54New Zealand
Freshest and tastiest ingredients
Should be no 10
England should be down here
But love japans right up there but should be in 5th place
Superb quality ingredients. Has made huge strides toward a truly "Kiwi" cuisine in recent years.

55Czech Republic
Czech is good carrot, super fruit drink lemonade water.

Out of 11 climate types in the world, the Azerbaijan has nine. This adds to the fertility of the soil, so there are many kinds of vegetables used according to seasons and the dishes. Our cuisine is very rich. We have 40 types of plov and 30 sorts of soups. Also Azerbaijan is well-known for its kebabs and shashliks, including lamb, beef, chicken and fish kebabs. The Caspian Sea has many edible species of fish, including kutum, nere, gold fish and etc. Black caviar is one of the best known delicasies in the world. Finaly, about drinks. Black tea is our traditional drink which is drunk after a meal. Sherbet is also our national drink. It is a sweet cold drink is made from cold fruit juice mixed or boiled with sugar, often perfumed with rose water.
You wont regret after trying our cuisine! Our meals is just SUPERB!
Azerbaijan's meals are very delicious.
In my opinion, Azerbaijani dishes are more delicious, if you once taste any Azerbaijani food, you will wanna taste it again and again.

Simply amazing.. Loved the croquets, French fries with peanut butter sauce, fried rice with egg, pork chops in sauce, and all the great desserts and appetizers!
INCREDIBLE sea food, the worlds 2nd finest drinking water.... amazing.
I stayed in Aruba for six month and the water is the best.

Come to Kurdistan and taste Kurdish delicious food it's amazing you should come and try at least once
I think Kurds does the best kebabs in the Middle East, you should really try it and you would know what I mean!

Wow, my native Ukraine wasn't ever here. I guess you never visited Ukraine. You would like it. Ukrainian cuisine has significant diversity and historical traditions. Ukraine is sometimes referred to as the "breadbasket of Europe. "


Varenyky ukrainian borsch. You must visited Ukraine, please! Ukraine love all country...


Ukrainian food is the best. If you die before you try it, you haven't lived
[Newest]Ukrainian soil is the most fertile black soil in the world, you can grow anything -without using fertilizer.

The chocolate and the waffles in Belgium are amazing!
Belgium should be way higher on the list because of the French fries (BELGIAN FRIES)! The food that everybody loves!
And plus the beers! The country with most brands of beers in the world!
Belgian waffles are no doubt an all day food. Belgium also made french fries!
Waffles, Chocolat, French fries (should be belgian fries as it was invented in Belgium, not France)
[Newest]French fries, chocolate, waffles and belgian mussels are THE BEST food Belgium has to be number 1


Eh, Eco meals. All natural. I suggest that the Latvian products because they are really healthy and delicious
Piradzini, ROSOLS, kefirs, black bread! The quality of food there is just amazing. Lovin' it. X
Black bread, beer and cheese with caraway seeds - you MUST taste these Latvian things.

Insane amount of restaurants, every restaurant that has decent food around the world is brought to this country, and the local restaurants opening everyday are amazing!
Kuwait is a heaven where you can get any kind of food at anytime
I have been everywhere around the world nothing is even close to the quality, variaty, and profishionalaty of the restaurants of Kuwait its CRAZY!


Nigeria has more varieties of food and fruit compared to other africa countries as a result of the multi ethnic setting. The North Hausa enjoys 'tuwo shinkafa, tuwo masara, with varieties of soups. There is Fura the nono that can make you fat within a week. The western yoruba enjoy efo with pounded yam. Ewedu with Amala. The Eastern Igbo have lots of soups (Eguci, Ufa, Ugu, Offee Owerri, Nsala, etc) with Fufu, Pounded yam or garri. The South eats lots of plantain called bole with roasted fish. The Nigeria cuisines are just mouth watering and really tasty
Nigerian food comprises mainly of soul food, they are tasty and the variety of meals are as many as the various ethnic groups... I particularly love the yoruba meal 'amala' often eaten with 'ewedu' soup, you should try them if you ever get the chance to.
Its real African food

It's delicious and healthy at the same time!
Croatian food needs more advertising. I don't know why its all the way here. The best ever! Fresh fish, meat, specialties from Dalmatia and also north Cro. Love it!

Best food in the world with people that came from all over the world and that's what makes it good (food from all over the world)
Best food in the whole wide world please rate the food higher
Incorporates cuisine from throughout the world, from the Arab countries to Eastern Europe, Israel has it all. Just come and have some Arabic style humous and Eastern European schnitzels. Israel is the best place in the world for good food!
[Newest]Awesome food very good

The dutch pancakes, cheese, chocolate, fresh herring and kale with sausage are all very delicious.
The Dutch traditionally enjoy a diet of potato's, vegetables and meat. However when it comes to dinning out and entertainment they have a wide choice of Indonesian, Turkish, Italian, Chinese, Greek and Mexican restaurants. Having said that I've had the privilege of being invited to many private functions and have to say that their catering is absolutely fantastic in both presentation and taste. At home they often socialize around a stone grill or gourmet with little pans to cook your own often marinated meats and fish along with a variety of sauces, vegetables and small potatoes or chips. Their beef Croquettes are something else if purchased from a specialist and their Huzaren salade or Russisch ei is also a beautiful change to the average meal and very different. The Dutch are also the inverters of genever (Gin) and advocaat. They enjoy a fantastic variety of beer also. I love Dutch cuisine.
What its on 83? It has the best food! All kinds of food and they all delicious!


[Newest]Its awesome I'm dutch

Best empanadas I've ever had! I've had empanadas from many countries, but Chilean empanadas are the best of the best.
Sea food soup is also top notch. You get more seafood than broth and that is great in my book because I always feel like I didn't eat enough when I eat soup. Must try the Chilean wine, of course. The parrillada will make you beg for more.
If you Haven't try Cazuela with Chilean Wine, you can't write here! I've tried Empanadas, Pastel de Choclo (Corn Cake), Completos, Curanto, oh! A lot of great food in that country. Well... You just have to try and then comment! Thanks!
Chile gastronomy dosen't exist, all there plates are copies of, peruvian, bolivian and argentinian dishes.

I'm Mexican and Love Colombian Food Very delicious and recommend it to anyone I think Mexican and Colombian Food should be the on the top
Best food in the world. Made with love, that's what gives it so good taste
Try it and you won't be able to stop eating
Haven't you tasted Colombian food?
Traditional dishes from Colombian's mom there is nothing similar

71Trinidad and Tobago
They have some of the best food combinations based on their many cultural influences, such as curry crab and dumpling, bake and shark, pealau and doubles. The names and palette combination may sound odd but trust me your taste buds would truly find it heavenly.
Trinidad and Tobago has simply the best food. Doubles, roti. Crab and dumplings, bake and shark on Maracus bay. When you bite into a bake and shark the flavor explodes in you mouth. Trust me you have to go to Trinidad AND Tobago and taste all of the provisions and delicacies.
The food in Trinidad is amaazing. Like you say - the names don't really reflect actually how yummy these dishes are. And I love that all dishes can be spiced up for those with hot palettes and made milder for those without and that regardless of the temperature it is an equally satisfying experience.
[Newest]Th best food ever

72Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka has a unique mixture of dishes which has been influenced by Sinhalese, Tamils, Moors, Malays, Portuguese, Dutch, English and the cooking in Sri Lanka is based on Coconut which is heather in all aspects. Sri Lankans eat a healthy balance meal, and still the meal is very interesting. Curry and Rice is the staple diet yet the curry could be very different from family to another. And the traditions are flowed in Sri Lanka. Inland Vegetable dishes are more popular while sea food is plenty in costal Sri Lanka, fruits are fresh and abundant trough the year


Sri Lanka has long been renowned for its spices. Since ancient times, traders from all over the world who came to Sri Lanka brought their native cuisines to the island, resulting in a rich diversity of cooking styles and techniques.
Sri Lankan Food culture is influenced by Singhalese, Muslims and Tamils. This is what makes Sri Lankan food special. Always made of fresh ingredients which include lots of spices and natural herbs that not only mouthwatering but also healthy as.
[Newest]Spicy spicy & tasty tasty..

I would say its the best but this is too low! America shouldn't even be in the top 50. It's only that high cause every 1 who's voting is American.


Ukrainian food over Russian? I don't think they should be separate. There was no Ukraine, there was Russia, so their national food is actually Russian National food!
[Newest]Best food I have tried.

Cachapa (maize pancakes), Arepa, Bollos pelones, Mandocas, caraotas negras (black beans), mango juice, empanadas, empanadas... And much more
Best food ever! Just the right amount of flavor and spices, plus, a plethora of dishes, une better de the last.
Pabellon, Venezuelan typical dish, includes: white rice, black beans, meat, fried plantains, and white cheese.
[Newest]It is the best food

Iraqi sweets are one of the best, just try baqlawa or any other sweet THey are simply delicious!
A lot of variety, Turkish + Persian + Arabian + 10000 year old recipes from dawn of history
"Dolma" one of the amazing food that I ever taste!
[Newest]Laugh out loud Iraq are the best

76United Kingdom
There is lots of different foods to try.

Really delicious! Cepelinai, patato pancake (in Lithuanian bulviniai blynai) saltibarsciai (the best soap for me in the world, but not everyone likes it from other country's) and kibinai made in trakai city.. So delicious!
Lithuania is a small country... But the real traditional Lithuanian meals are magnificent! Believe me, Lithuanian zeppelins are the best... And the beetroot soup is to die for. Skanaus!
Love the zeppelins! Cepelinai are so awesome, and potato pancakes and kibinai are next best!

Yes! Mongolian food is delicious! Especially, the meat soup! You guys want to know why we love meat? Because that's our culture and we love it! And, they have healthy foods to try, too. IF you are going to Mongolia - go to a premium restaurant, not little restaurants.
" Meat LOVERS paradise "
Everyone must try Mongolian "Khorhog, Boodog, Bantan"...
You can't stop eating yum yum...


Scotland's food is some of the most wholesome and heartiest foods you will ever find, guaranteed to put hair on your chest and courage in your heart, if you need a good meal to pick you up then best believe Scottish cuisine can offer this is abundance, not to mention the best Beef in terms of flavour and tenderness happens to be that of these Cows that are eating the fine Scotland grass, unmistakably Scottish in every bite you take
Scottish breakfast is awesome. Porridge, potato scones, sausage, bacon, mushrooms, haggis. Superb. Then mince and potatoes. The sea food, game and beef is some of the best in the world. Aberdeen Angus. Scotland deserves to be much higher than 65.
I love their shortbread its way better than USA food. Why like India there food is spicy I love Scottish food and there shortbread to mm
[Newest]Scottish salmon is amazing

ows the best is icelandic pancakes they pwn any other pancake


Icelandic hot dogs are the worlds best but I think most of the people here haven't tried them.
I like hot dogs from Iceland

Great mix of Indian, French and African cuisine. For seafood lovers, it is just amazing! Fresh seafood but also dried ones, sounds disgusting but when I tried it, it was amazing and didn't taste strong or anything. But it was certainly something new for my palate.
Best mix of food and the most beautiful country to eat it in
A misture of French and Indian with some African Influences - that has to be a good mix

Georgian food is definitely in top 10 in the world. It is so diverse and reach. It was the most popular food among 15 countries in the Soviet Union and still is...
Yum! I was been in Georgia and food is great!
Georgian cuisine is unique and awesome. How come we are on 79 place. Our food is the best. Georgian traditional food is not cream based or deep fried so it is healthier. We do have deep fried sweets but just few. I love our cuisine and you will too when you try. So come visit and enjoy the food.
[Newest]The best food I have tried in Europe!

Best latin food period. And one of the best in the world.
Fantastic, all of it, the best latin food ever.
I can't believ cuban food is all the way back here at spot 72

At Least Syria Used to has the cleanest and the healthiest food in the world! But maybe in these days it doesn't have those things, because of the terrorist, bad revolution
THERE FOOD IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Its so tasteful and exotic
The best and most healthiest food on the planet I love it so much I eat it everyday.
[Newest]Best and healthiest food, good variety.

85San Marino

Dishes like sheftalia and dolmides are brilliant


Welsh Beef Stew with leeks - The best stew ever! Lush. Welsh Rarebit is also very popular and is liked by millions.


I love a welsh cake and some cawl all welsh food

Somali food is the best
I really love somali food
I love somali food

Italian food is so cheap. It has a good marketing that's all. Everything is pasta with tomatoes, basil, olive oil. Their best thing is their cheese. This kind of pasta was popular in 2nd world war. Any Central or Eastern European country has MUCH better food than Italy. Of course you may be on a different opinion but I bet you never even tried any of their food. By the way I'm not Slovenian.
So special, good food, friendly people, beautiful nature...
Id rather have Italian food.

Turkish have no traditional food obviously all taken from neighboring countries! Armenian cuisine is as ancient as the history of Armenia, and a combination of different tastes and aromas. Closely related to Eastern Mediterranean cuisine, various spices, vegetables, fish, and fruits combine to present unique dishes. Throughout history, Armenian cuisine has had cultural exchange with its Greek, Italian, Lebanese, and Arab counterparts. Armenia is also famous for its wine, brandy and many other dishes and drinks! SO GOOD!
I agree with the post, that Turkish cuisine is taken from neighboring countries, and Armenian cuisine is very old and rich, but I wonder how in your list Armenia comes in 94th whereas Turkey is 6th?
Food is very good and extraordinary.

Yemen has a lot of different kinds of dishes that are very very GOOD, and also a lot of different kinds of bread and different ways of cooking meat that is also very good, I truly think that Yemen is one of the best countries but, sadly its not well known because of all the problems, Yet, everyone should visit Yemen someday there are great peaces to go to great food and GREAT people.
Because of it's government issues, Yemen is not widely known, however if it was it's delicious foods and goods would be at the top of the list.
A lot of countries have very good tasting food I personally love Yemeni food. I am not Yemeni but the food is very delicious. It also deserves to be looked at there is many beautiful places there as well as the food
[Newest]Yemen is yum in my taste

Bolivian food is so good! Especially 'salteñas'!
Bolivia tiene la mejor gastronomia del mundo! Deberia estar en el top 5 tiene la mejor sazon la amo!

Not many foods from there but they are all delicious!
I come from Jordan and it has one of the most brilliant kinds of food, maqlouba and some other more are my favourites. My family are indulged in the amazing culturel foods they eat!

94The Bahamas
Cracked conch is so good

95El Salvador
Need proof Salvadoran food is among the best? One word; Pupusas. That is all. I can't believe it's not included here.

Tamales! Kakik! Come on you have to like this food! If you didn't vote for this country you've obviously never tried the food before...
My dad side of the family is from Guatemala and my grandma (his mom) makes the best tamales Iin the world
If you think Mexican posole is good, the Guatemalan dish called "PEPIAN" just blows it away! Plus the variety of tameles that they have the best! I love eating the tameles Colorados with a little touch of lemon! Guatemala also has some good tasting "DOBLADAS" which is basically a hand made fluffy tortilla folded in half with melted cheese in it and the choice of meat you want, topped off with lettuce, dry cheese, and salsa.. Guatemala has plety of food, I can go on and on! But one of my favorite deserts that Guatemala has is fried platano (banana) cut in slices and is served to you in a bowl along with good tasting Guatemalan mole, toped off with sesame seeds.. Guatemala is a hidden gem with lots of good food!

97Dominican Republic
When it comes to Puerto Rico, Cuba and, the Dominican Republic they are very similar with the dishes they make. Personally, I've tried meals from all 3 but the best tasting overall had to be the Dominican food, their seasoning techniques gives them the upper hand. Dominican Republic should definitely be in the top 5, and likely most people haven't tried so they can't really vote for it. I recommend you guys in the NYC area to go try the food at the restaurant "Casa de Mofongo" in Washington Heights. Dishes to try: for breakfast try "Mangu con los tres golpes". Lunch or dinner: Mofongo, they also cook a variety of steaks and chickens which go perfect with the rice and beans.
Dominicans have very good food there beans and rice are a very famous dish with chicken
Domican Rublic has some of the most authentic dishes in Latino history gping to having sweet, to savory foods Dominican Republic has some of the best cuisine!

Ghana I believe should be among the first ten countries, because we have so much variety of food, fresh, un processed and tastes so good, I traveled to several countries and I still can't forget about GhanaIAN DISHES

Try Google Ghanaian dishes and the appearance alone will speak for itself
I think Ghana has more varities of heavy foods and I'm proud of them. Most Ghanaians travel to Europe but still misses Ghana food and yet people think European foods are best.
I travel a lot, and am surprised at Ghana's position here as compared to most countries that does not have variety of food
Ghana should be in first ten
It's delicious food are bae

In bahrain there's many tradtional dishes for breakfast balaleet (vermecili cooked with sugar then served with eggs) Rice machboos its same as kabsa.. And many other

Peanuts, that's all you gotta say

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