Top Ten Hottest Men

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Jensen Ackles
Jensen's by far the hottest male in recent times. He's a clean living guy who avoids drugs, bad publicity and general dirt that most celebs seem to thrive on. With his passion for his work and fans seeping through his sparkling personality and top notch acting skills, Jensen oozes sex appeal to any red blooded female.

Even from our first meeting at the Asylum Convention in May of last year, I believe he deserves it more than any other males around. Sporting shoulders that make teenage girls swoon (Me no exception ;>) His charismatic charm and Texan accent make him a truly genuine talented actor. Good Luck with this poll, you deserve it more than anyone else. < 3
Jensen is the best and he's never nerdy either! The bitch who said that is dumb! And jared leto is ugly and rhydian is ugly too. Who ever voted for them is dumb. And jensen is the sexiest and hottest man ever. His eyes are always sexy not just when he's tired! The dumb troll who called jensen nerdybetter shut up. Jensen is perfect and wayy better than jared leto and rhydain! Jensen should be number one! He's very good looking and very nice. Jensen is the whole package! He's never nerdy when he talks about being a director! Jensen is very talented and a great director! Even when jensen was young he was hot! Now at 35 jensen is hot and sexy. He's the best man. Come on vote for jensen cause he rules! Ps I'm ebony and I'm his best fan:) some of you trolls are annoying but love jensen so much he is by far the hottest man that's fact!
Jensen ackles is the PERFECT MAN, he is THE BEST ACTOR, I think he's charming, cheerful... he's very very handsome boy and I LOVE HE :-D
I agree but jensen is a man not a boy! And jensen is awesome and I'm his awesome fan
[Newest]Jensen is the sexiest man in the world!
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2Jared Leto
The most hottest guy alive on the planet. And again he is 39yrs old. Look at his torso. The blue blue eyes. Everything about him is laired and laired you want to peel it off bit by bit. If there were a perfect man it would be Jared Leto!
Hurricane to me. Who doesn't love him. That blue hair is the coolest thing a rock musician did even now.
You know someone is hot, when you see them in a film, and you just have to Google them to see more! Hot! Ho
[Newest]Hands down to the world hottest man... I mean just look at him! His ocean blue eyes, his torso... like everything about him is absolutely perfect
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3Zac Efron
Zac efrons eyes ARE so blue and he is so
Handsome he should B # 1
He's is so sexy! If he didn't have Vanessa I would have him. He's the cutest. I love him!


He's super hot. He's the only celebrity I ever had a crush on. When he was Troy he wasn't attractive. He was cute but not in an attractive way. Now he's smoking hot and really sexy. When I came to this listI was like he better be on this list. And he is but he's in 9th place. What? Of the others onthis list that I actually know of, zacs the hottest.
[Newest]Zac efron should be at the top of this list! I've never seen a more beautiful creature!

4Bradley Cooper
He is the sexiest man I have ever laid my eyes on he is just perfection. I just want to get in bed with him for everyday for the rest of my life. I'll love him forever. Not only that he is extremely smart, can speak fluent french and can cook like a masterchef. Now that's the sexiest man alive xx
He should be number one on this list. What can I say? Bradley's smart, funny, polite, charming, and he's got an amazing lean and muscular body. I have a huge crush on him! I love his devilishly handsome good looks. His electric blue eyes, and his olive complexion just enhances them more. I love his mischievous smile too! My God, he's just perfection!
He is absolutely Gorgeous, Smokin' hot good looks and cute. Sexiest man ever! Move this man UuP! ! Also I think He should move to Brazil! But here's my number, So call me, maybe?

5Ritchie Neville
Amazing voice. Amazing smile. He is that typical prince charming that melts a girl's heart within a blink of an eye. I just remember the good times with 5ive. Sadly they are no more, but it seems that all of the boys are still present...
Looking at him just gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside because he is just so attractive but also gives off such a nice, cute, sweetheart vibe as well. His cheesy smile is so adoreable, he also has a great body, but his beautiful baby blue eyes are the real melters


Absolutely the hottest boy in the universe and the greatest artist ever heard. His blue eyes are so deep, his lovely smile and his enchanting voice make you dream! I love you Ritchie!
[Newest]Ritchie! He so handsome. He looks like a charming prince with his blue eyes, brown hair and credible smile. He's a talented singer. Love you Rich!
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6Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson is the SEXIEST man to EVER walk this earth, full stop. This GORGEOUS hunk of man SHOULD BE NO. 1. Especially in the BAD ERA, HOT DAMN! Unfortunately I was born in 1987 so I can't remember him that much then, but looking back at his presence (youtube videos, laugh out loud) from then makes me wish I was born in the 60's instead so I could've tried to GET ME SOME MJ, YUM!

He can sing, dance and entertain like no other, I've LOVED this babe since birth and I LOVE HIM MORE everyday, he so FINE with his SEXY hips (as someone else on here said), don't get me started on those deep chocolate eyes, those soft looking lips, those oh so MASCULINE wide shoulders, those delicious LONG LEGS (^^ everything else in between and under, laugh out loud) and perfectly packed-in tight butt, right down to his magic feet.

I think I'm gonna have an early night tonight, laugh out loud!

I LOVE YOU Michael Joseph Jackson, R.I.P sweet baby x
I like to describe Michael as beautiful. I don't like 'handsome' or 'pretty', because they cannot describe what is both inside and out. Yes, he is a highly attractive man on the outside... But his soul outshines any other, in my opinion.

In my opinion, due to his 100% beauty, this man, Michael, should be Number 1. However, 1 is only a number.

He is one of the very few men on the planet who can woo a woman without taking off a single article of clothing, and that says a LOT. Not only was he beautiful, but he was modest, too. He also never publicly talked about sex, unlike others. Michael Jackson= Ultimate Gentleman.

He was also intelligent. With an IQ of 164, he actually beats Albert Einstein by four points. He loved to study and become more knowledgeable, which is, as I said before, highly attractive.

He was also one of the most generous people on the planet. He gave more than 500 million dollars to charities across the world. He took his own private time to visit children's hospitals and spend time with the sick children. Why? Because of his massive heart, that just keeps expanding... even after death.

And no one could forget his incredible singing and dancing abilities. From an early age on, Michael could perfectly nail James Brown impressions. He developed his own styles of dancing that flowed together perfectly... and stimulated some people's senses.

And his singing... It reminds me of an angel. He could sing in any key. He could go high up, like in 'Don't Stop Til You Get Enough', or he could go down low, in '2000 Watts'. Either way, His voice was one of the most flexible and beautiful in music history.

This man should not have been considered the King of Pop. Not even the King of Music. Michael Jackson is the King. Simply the King. He covers too many places for me to list. Michael is... King.

Pest In Peace, dear Michael. 1958-FOREVER.
Oh Dear Goodness! Just thinking about this man gets me all Hot and Bothered! Oh; and those tight fitting gold pants; ooh wooh Hot Damn he just makes you wanna do dirty things... He is not just gorgeous with those dreamy chocolate eyes, those long long long legs, those big hands with delicate long fingers and oh my those sweet soft lips and that stunning knock-you-off-your-feet smile; he has just about the sweetest most radiant and dangerously charming personality. Not just that you gotta love a guy that can move his body and shake them hips and butt as sexily as he can. He is definitely the hottest guy I know and I love him!
[Newest]He was a real dancer...
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7Brad Pitt
He is one of the hottest guys on the planet, other than the ones I really know in my life;) Brad Pitt is just amazing, but too bad he aged.


brad pitt is the sexiest and most beautiful man in the world I thing is the best ever ok?
the guy women want and that men want to be


[Newest]He is hottest and handsome guy...

8Jared Padalecki
Don't worry, guys. Russian fans are coming. We show to all who are the hottest man on this planet.
OMG OMG OMG I can't belive he is not first with Jenson!


I agree! What is going on here? Look of who is ahead of him, I say why?
Okay this is one super hot man! Love his looks and his heart. Truly my first choice and the reason I watch Supernatural. Who am I kidding he's the reason that I am an obsessed Supernatural fan. Jared wears his heart on his sleeve and I love that I found myself caring about him, his family and his career. I wish him all the best and consider myself lucky he shares so much with the fans.
[Newest]One more Russian fan approves.
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9Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp proves that God blessed America!
Hottest, sexiest, an amazing actor and the most beautiful eyes. Have all is movies and new ones on pre-order.
Cant say anything, he just takes my breath away... Talented, beautiful, exiting... Just perfect.
[Newest]Tourist... love his accent, his style

10Channing Tatum
Channing Tatum.. He is the definition of what sexy really means... The guy is not only a handsome man but he is also an amazing dancer and a very good actor... He's just too damm hot to describe.
Channing Tatum is an amazing actor and has an amazing body... He is pretty sexy he deservers to be on top next to Michael jackson
He is my boo any ways this man has the whole package from the looks to the style to the body :) and his personality will hit you off as soon as you see him I'm telling you a orgasm will happen as soon as you see him
[Newest]He's the meaning of a hot chocolate dipped dessert.

The Contenders

11Paul Walker
OH MY GOD. He's just perfect. The sexiest guy alive.
Gawd!I wanna sex this man up soo good!!!!!!
[Newest]So hot he's on fire

12Ian Somerhalder
He's a sexy beast! Can't believe no one said Ian! Does no one watch VD?
I can't believe he's not Number1
My number 1 always!
Too hot for words! How is he not part of this list?


[Newest]HOT! He is the only decent man on this list! Those blue eyes.

13Josh Duhamel
I think he has the best skin, the best body shape and the best smile. He just seems so soft and yet so he is so cheaky!
I agree he is so hot! love him so muchh!
I'll have to admit, he's pretty cute!

14Leonardo DiCaprio
He's the hottest actor our there I love all his movies.
So sad that he dies in almost every movie.
I love you Leo!
My favorite actor - always have been, always will be& He's the most talented actor there is! Watch his movies people! &
One of the most adorable faces to walk into Hollywood. Up until now, he's damn gorgeous and I can't understand why the chosen celebrities up above aren't even good looking... Seriously... What's wrong with you people?!?!
[Newest]My sons dad looks just like him!

15David Duchovny
Okay, there is something about this man when he wears his bright red speedo's for a scene on the T.V. series. His humor is really cool! There is an attitude that just says "HOT"!
Duchovny should be running away with this one as he is smoking HOT as Hank Moody.
The man is a living work of art... And he's such a brain... Smart is so sexy

16Chris Hemsworth
HOW IS THIS MAN NOT THEMOST GORGEOUS MAN HERE?! Great actor killer smile and eyes! I mean come on guys really?!
10! He should be #1. I used to like Chris Evans. Then I liked Tom Hiddleston. Now I am all in it for this guy. But serriosly, 19?


17Mark Wahlberg
Mark Wahlberg Body is so hot I Love when he takes his shirt off and show off his chest and his six pack and in the movie Boogie Nights he showed us his huge large penis and I was so hot and bothered when I seen his penis I literally wanted to jump through the T.V. and grab him and grab his penis and give him the biggest nastiest slob oral sex ever Mark Wahlberg really is a handsome man I really think he looks more attractive now than when he was young, and his face is really dexy and his lips are beautiful, yes everybody I know he is a Racist Mark Wahlberg is Racist towards Asian People, Jews, and African American people but who cares when you are as sexy and muscular and have a big penis as Mark Wahlberg the Racism doesn't really matter he is the Hottest Hottie of the 90's including now in the 00's.
Mark Wahlberg body is a work of art every time I watch boogie nights I lay in my bed and just keep rewinding and rewinding and rewinding the sex scenes over and over and over again ha ha I like Mark Wahlberg delicious.
Hes so fit y ain't he in the top 10?

yum yum yum I love him


[Newest]No one is cuter

18James Franco
You know he should be at number one because he is so hot and also he is time magazines sexiest man alive so hahaaa
Jesus Christ. That's what he is. He looks like a God's son should look like, with that smile and those eyes and his cheeky cheeks Hole Guacamole I could die
James Franco should be number 1 I mean have seen those eyes and well that smile what more can I say he leaves me a trembling mess love him I want him NOW

19Josh Groban
Who could look into those eyes and not see just how hot he is? Part of what makes him so attractive is the way he treats his fans and the people around him. Truly compassionate and always giving to others. A genuine caring person. His celebrity has not gone to his head, that is for sure. Josh should at least be in the top ten, but I think he should be #1! And for those in the know, can we also just say battery pack? ;)


The ad by Google up top is so appropriate... "shirtless... Browse a huge selection now. Find exactly what you want today. "... ROFL So appropriate for the hottest man list...


Why the heck is he not number 1!? He's smart, funny, kind, sweet, cute, and extremely talented. Oh, and he's also INSANELY sexy!

20Louis Tomlinson
Cute and funny has a beautiful vocal ability and is one of the hottest men I seriously don't get why he isn't in the list. Keep rocking Louis!
Louis has been my favourite and cutest singer since ONE DIRECTION came along.
You are sure to be in TOP TEN only if you listen to your heart :)♥
Louis Tomlinson is in a boy band called one direction. And he is a good singers and he is the type he would never give up his dreams

21Harry Styles
Hot cute and adorable and love his curls! Has an excellent voice I want styles to be in the top ten and seriously shouldn't be here.
Despite of his oily curls. He's hot.
The most stylish person in the world he's my favorite he should be number 1 I'm not a fangirl or anything but I really like him

22Taylor Lautner
Extremely hot, makes me ache. He seems like such an honest soul. If only he were mine;P
Taylor launter so cute. all my friends love him! he should be going out with bella from twilight. <3
"I LOVE HIM" Would do anything to meet him! Can't wait for breaking dawn to come out!
[Newest]He is so hot.. Just love his looks

23Jake Gyllenhaal
Gorgeous eyes, physically fit, beautiful genuine smile, dimples, athletic build. What more is there to want?
He's so hot and perfect! Just watched "Love and the Other Drugs' and he's so perfectly perfect! I wish they could show more skin of him laugh out loud anyway he's also a nice person in real life! He's totally should be top of the list!
He's got the perfect face!


24Zayn Malik
Love him! He is the hottest man on the list and should be in the top ten Who the heck made this list was totally out of his mind because zayn deserves it.
HIS EYES! He is the only member in one direction that is hot the others are just cute. He is a mixture of Eastern and western beauty. His face is a miracle. Ahh what else can I say. Perrie is the luckiest lady in the world :(
Zayn is super hot I just can't believe his 94 with that voice hair eyes and well every thing else he should be in the to 5 at least
[Newest]Zany is way better then Louis niall and liam

25Jonathan Rhys Meyers
I just love him. too cute in august rush. and in shelter - amazing. :D
great actor, and one of the hottest men alive. my favourite.
I'd love to be Anne Boleyn to his Henry VIII. SOOOOOO hot!


[Newest]Amazing actor and sexy as hell.

26Tom Chaplin
What can I say, I am a sucker for that baby face and when he smiles, it just lights up his face! He also has gorgeous eyes that shift from green to brown. But to make up for sounding shallow, I think he has an amazing laugh and a great personality too!
The hottest man EVER. Just look at that perfectly shaped body, those long legs, his sexy arse. And that in combination with the cutest smile ever! He should be #1!


He is perfectly beautiful and his voice is sweet as honey plus he has those long, long legs
[Newest]That hair! Those eyes! GOD

27Niall Horan
Irish, Blue-eyed, and can sing! Niall James Horan is the sexiest man alive!


He can't sing, no one in One Direction can sing at all, they are the opposites of The Beatles, Of Monsters And Men, and Florence + The Machine, their voices are so auto tuned, Florence Welch is hotter than him anyway.
Those beautiful blue eyes... Oh my god... That irish accent.. :)
Cute and Irish has a beautiful smile and an innocent face. Has blue and intelligent eyes Should be in the top ten
[Newest]Don't get me started on this very talented and sexy guy. It has been my dream to mean him but I'm not rich and can't afford tickets. But anyway back to niall. His eyes, hair, accent everything about him is just absolutely perfect

28Gerard Butler
Gerard Butler blows me away. He is perfect in a manly way. What a beautiful face and body. He has both. I've never seen anyone that even comes close to his beauty. He is a phenomenen. I wish all the women with good taste could have a copy, since we can't have the real thing, unless your unbelieveably lucky like Laurie Chowela.
Gerard Butler <3 everything of him is sexy <3 best actor <3 best voice <3 best face <3 omg I love him <3 he must be the No.1
The total package. I think he would actually be worth knowing. A true work of art.

29David Tennant
No need to say it. But I say it anyway. He is sexy.
He has a really cute smile


As Doctor Who, of course!
[Newest]I rate sexiness on a scale of one to Tennant...

30Orlando Bloom
PEOPLE! WHY don't YOU VOTE FOR HIM?! He's adorable. I melt every time I see him, thumbs up if you think his butt is something you wanna squeeze every time you see it!
I'm so voting for Orlando! Awesome man! Great actor and a very hot guy!
Guys ORLANDO BLOOM! Marries the most Beautiful girl in the world MIRANDA KERR ( I still like this guys Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Gackt, Jared Leto, Jake Gyllenhaal )

31Hugh Jackman
He is awesome not only in looks but the way he talks and behaves


This man has everything! He's Handsome, he can sing, he can dance, he's funny, kind, a loving family man, friendly, he's got a sexy body, and not to mention his adorable aussie accent!
I gotta say Hugh Jackman. Only because Chris Hemsworth isn't on here yet :) But Hugh actually is extreamly attactive. Don't beileve me? Go watch Austrailia. DAYUM

32Shane Filan
Shane is the male singer in the music industry.. He has the voice and power.
Love him to bits. Indeed gorgeous!

33David Beckham
Guys... Come on where the heck is this list going...
David beckham is surely the hottest man ever... Every man would dream of being like him. He's got everything.. Perfect looks, awesome hairstyle... Superb talent... What else could you expect from a man..?
Surely I am not the only one who thinks this! So so hot!
He's Hot, Swet, Loves kid And Have you seen him in an underwear

34Ville Valo
I love him! He is the best. His songs are amazing!
I just love him. Look his deep eyes and his lanky, sexy body!
He is a good person, loves what he does not just the money and that's what matters! I love every song he sings and every word he speaks because he is so beautiful heart and soul!
[Newest]Oh My God he is so sexy all I can say is wow <3 no one like Ville vallo Oh yeah! His songs are amazing and he just takes it all wo-ho

35Enrique Iglesias
Enrique Iglesias should be number one he is so cute and I watched a movie called Once upon a time in Mexico ane enrique iglesias was so hot in it and I am going to watch him preform on the 2011 billboard music rewards tonight I can't wait he is going to look so good in what ever he is wearing I wish I could see him in real life and please every body vote for enrique to be number one.P.S. if you looked enrique iglesias up on images you would fall right in love with his gorges looks I drool in my sleep over him. love you enrique iglesias I am your number one fan and please come to Maine I really want to see you
What... Who made this list, enrique iglesias is the BEST of all, No body's ever made me feel the way that he does
He's an all-rounder a singer, a song-writer, an actor
He is the hottest, sexiest, most handsome guy alive in this whole universe
His eyes are hypnotizing, mesmerizing and the just can't be defined in a couple of words,
Enrique should be number 1#
If you don't believe me just type 'Pic of Enrique Iglesias' on Google and then you'll know by your self
Enrique must be number 1 He is so sexy and cute.. Look him in his all video... He is one of of the the cute and handsome singer in hollywood... So enrique should be no. 1
[Newest]He's the sexiest man walking on the earth! Just look at his smile! And the older he gets, the sexier he becomes!

Not only is Gackt outwardly attractive, he is infinitely inwardly attractive. There has never been nor will there ever be a man with so much charisma, talent with such outward beauty to match. He seduces you with his eyes, charms you with his smile and makes you beg for more with his incredible no-nonsense body. He is indeed the hottest man alive. No questions asked.
He's already passed through such hard times. He's already suffered a lot, but he's is still able to smile. He's still extremely nice with everyone around him. He's definitely a really strong man. He is beautiful inside; even more than outside, belive me. His appearance is, obviously, unbelieveable, but there are more things about him than just this. So many thing more that I can't even write here.
He's beautiful. And brilliant. And loyal to those he loves... And funny without trying. There's NOTHING sexier than a man with all of those qualities... All wrapped in one gorgeous package
[Newest]He's hot and sensual! His voice is the best, deep low sexy voice that every women want to hear! He can play almost all music instrumental! And when you see him smiling, you'll just fall in love with him!

37Chris Evans
Very Hot in F4 and what a body
Well of course he was hot in Fantastic 4, he was the Human Torch!

38Adam Levine
What on EArth! Adam Levine is by far the hottest man on this planet! And he's not even in this list-_- beats me
Hottest man ever should move him to 1


What the hell why is Adam Levine not number 1! Why is he number 32!

39Hrithik Roshan
Hrithik is the most handsome man in the world with his great moves, Greek god looks, solid personality & we not forget his acting!
He's so hot man nd wht a steel body of hrithik awesome guy of the world
he should be on 1 of the list man.. he's to hotty... in kites nd Dhoom2..
his beautiful eyes are hypnotizingly gorgeous
[Newest]Great looks, perfect dancer, really hot, excellent movements control, great actor too.

40Liam Payne
Yes, he is young. But did you see his muscles? He doesn't drink while the other boys in his age get drunk. He works out. His cuteness makes him hot. He deserves to be in the top 10 hottest man. Go, go Liam
He is tall and handsome. His face looks fresh and cheeky. Love him very much! And so deserves to be in the top ten

41Pierce Brosnan
I wonder why none of the James Bonds are in the list. This one is the best James Bond, and I hope he tops in the list. All depends on you, Bond admirers! :)
He is the sexiest man over 50 and the best James Bond.

42Justin Timberlake
Justin timberlake is the sexiest man get lost girlz you are all dumb justin is the best I adore him so much love him anyday sexy boy. GO J.T. your the prince of pop best singer ever.
Really hot and the sexiest singer in hollywood!
Only looking at him makes me weak<3
He's perfect.

43Adam Lambert

44Benedict Cumberbatch
When I saw how far down he was, I died. Way hotter than everyone on this list


The best eyes, cheekbones & hair of any my of these guys.

45George Clooney
If only I am few years older...
Because, I am only 14 yrs. Old..
George clooney is so sexy!
He completes my day, each time I see him..
He's always makes me melt when i see him! He's so sexy!!
he is bloody gorgeous. he is the sexiest man alive
[Newest]All time classic ❤️

46Greg Pritchard
Greg has the total package! A beautiful man inside and out! Love his voice, stage presence, personality, and sweet spirit. A genuine gem! And yes, Hot!


this guy is unbelivably perfect... he's so hot!! great stage presence
beautiful on the inside and the out!
google and youtube him!
Come on guys and gals greg needs your votes he is still the hottest male singer going


[Newest]Well he is such a well dressed lovely young man and he is a very sexy guy

47Gerard Way
Oh my gerard! I love him! He's so sexy and I love him! Like I'll be feeling sad and I'll just look at a picky of him and everything will be alright! White hair, black hair, blonde hair and red hair he can pull of absolutely anything! Long live Gerard Way and his sexiness!
Proud Member Of the MCRmy
sexy front man and amazing singer of the best band ever, My Chemical Romance
Gerard is THE hottest man in the entire history o' life

48Brandon Flowers
Hottest man alive and the way he sings... Aw I melt!

49Vin Diesel
Vin is probably one of the muscliest men around.
Vin diesel is my favorite he is cool!

50Ben Affleck
HE IS so HOT! Too bad he's married... With kids
He looks just like adam sandler


51Chace Crawford
HE IS MY GOD! I Love Him so Much... He Is Hot As Hell And Her Smile Makes Me Wanna Jump From Happiness!

52Ryan Reynolds
he is so fine he is lovely in every way yum yum xxx I love him xxxx


omgcryan reynolds is so hott u should see him on Amityville Horror his body is... ugh! i love him so much he is the hottest guy in the world and everyone knows that.
He makes my top ten! Funny, hot, and a beautiful body... mmm

53Jacob Hoggard
YES! Jake is the hottest guy imaginable, he is not only hot and sexy, he's an inspiration, a hero.!

54Christian Kane
Christian is the hottest, sexiest actor, musician and cook. He is very talented. He is humble and is proud of his heritage. He expresses emotions in the songs that he writes. When he acts you can just look at the expressions that he shows, they tell a story on their own without him saying anything. He is thankful for his friends and fans.
Christian is so sexy, he can sing with a voice that makes your heart melt, he can act fantastically, he can cook with such talent, his eyes can tell you so many stories without him even having to say anything and his smile can make you melt so much.
Christian is the hottest sexiest man in the world. He is a very talented actor, musician, cook, and etc. His baby blues just make you melt. He is perfect.
[Newest]Can't think of any one but Christian Kane who should be #1 on this list!
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55Salman Khan
Salman in top ten hero number 1
He is rocking in world's sexiest eligible bachelor
Salman is number one in world
Salam is the most sexiest, he deserve to be under 10, and still he is bachelor, he is best in bollywood

Salman is the most sexiest, he deserve to be under 10, and sitll he is bachelor, he is best in bollywood, his fame in evergreen and he will rule the industry for years to come
[Newest]Salman khan is the dashing hero of the world

56Robin Thicke
I'm wondering who a lot of these people are/


57Misha Collins
Why the heck is Misha way down here? He's the sweetest and most dedicated person alive. He thrives on helping others and getting others involved. Plus he's a great daddy and he's a gorgeous man, oh did I mention his beautiful personality too? Let's face it the Supernatural men are the best actors America could offer us, they should be role models for the other Hollywood stars.
Its Misha's heart that makes him so attractive, so hot. Well, his blue eyes help, as does his amazing sense of humor, along with him being a great daddy, and he actually happens to be incredibly hot. The whole package is just awesome.
How can you not love Misha?! Not only is he gorgeous with eyes so blue and a smile that can melt a glacier, but he's also hilarious with a heart of gold. He needs to be moved up!

58Ross Lynch
Ross lynch is very sexy
I love watching austin and ally he and laura should totally be togeather. by the ways love you ROSS!
He is so cute. I adore him. love ya, Ross! #loverossandr5

59Jesse McCartney
He's so perfect, his voice, looks and personality are just amazing, love him

60Tom Hiddleston
Tom Hiddleston is a beautiful person inside and out. He has a killer smile, beautiful eyes, and an extremely infectious laugh. Although he may appear to be thin, underneath that shirt is a toned physique. The way that Tom carries himself gives off a vibe of confidence, not to be confused with arrogance, because there is not an arrogant bone in his body. He is a down to earth actor who takes the time to acknowledge and appreciate his loyal fan base. He deserves to be higher than 134, without question! #HiddlestonersUnite
Tom is the perfect balance of funny and clever.He does these incredible impersonations and he really tries very hard to give each of characters depth and complexity.He charm the socks off anyone with his smile, adorable good looks and wit.
My totally straight brother says that Loki is prettier than most women.True story
The eyes, the smile, the voice, the way he stands, walks and moves. There isn't anything about him that's ordinary. AND he has his own army!
[Newest]I wish he were a bit higher up, but his position is still good I guess.

61Cristiano Ronaldo
Best looking in the world best footballer in the world best body in the world what more could you want
He is so sexy! I love him very much1 how come he is not in the top 10? Guys what's wrong with u?
OMG....hes te HOTTEST guy i've evvaaa in luv wid him.......even luv te way he plays footie!!!!!.......hes THE best.....!!
[Newest]I am guy and I would love to date him!

62Edward Norton
The man is simply gorgeous

63Nicky Byrne
He's like an angel... !
He's go an amazing voice, he's so handsome and he's in one of the best boy bands over the world!

64Mark Ruffalo
Holy CRAP true he's 45 now but GOD I CABT HELP IT BUT DROOL WHEN I WATCH 13 going on 30 or Just like heaven *... * this guy is so dreamy

Search in google images for Eunhyuk and you will fall in love with him if not then watch his songs in Super Junior
Eunhyuk is the sexiest man ever!
He is dancing machine and he can put his charismatic when he is on stage..
Eunhyuk oppa is very amazing dancer, he isn't only good dancer but good looking too. I love Super junor and eunhyuk oppa. Hwaiting!
[Newest]EUNHYUK best dancer and amazing person he brings happiness

66Logan Lerman
Logan Lerman is the hottest guy ever. His cute blue eyes, his hair, and geeky personality, which makes him more hot. Logan Lerman should be in the top tens.
He is so hot and adorable and cute, he should be number one! I can't understand why he's not in the top ten!
49?! Logan should be up higher than 49! Maybe 4 or 9.
[Newest]Really? 58? Are you kidding me he's so hot

67Brett Hollands
Brett is handsome in a kind of unearthly way... some sort of everlasting perfection beyond mere mortals... And when you think this is all too perfect for real human beings, Brett's mesmerizing eyes pull you back in the 'here' and the 'now', in a self-assured blend of manly sensuality and magnetic hotness!
Brett Hollands is not only an incredible supermodel. He is also one of the coolest and most generous guys I have ever had the chance of knowing. He is absolutely one of a kind!
Brett isn't just impossibly hot and handsome, he also has an incredibly sexy voice and he's a real gentleman through and through
[Newest]Brett is the definition of handsomeness!

68Jack Davenport

69Jimmy Fallon

70Jeffrey Dean Morgan

71Ryan Gosling
I'm sorry, how is Michael Jackson hotter than Ryan Gosling?
Even I, as a guy, can see why when fall for this guy.
I can't believe Ryan isn't on this list, so I get to do the honors of putting him on it! I hope he gets high o the list because he really is pretty hot!

72Chad Michael Murray
Just go watch one tree hill or a cinderella story. Watch how your life turns upside down after obsessively falling in love with this flawless guy.
Chad is the one of the hottest if not the hottest guy to ever walk the earth.

73Yoshiki Hayashi
I've yet to find a man on this earth that manages to successfully temper Beauty and Colossal Dorkishness. Yoshiki-san is quite possibly the most beautiful man I've ever laid eyes on--and the cutest.
he is the most sexy drummer and pianist of the wolrd, your body is perfect and your hands are magical, And when it transforms in the battery... there is no way of not loving it. 1313
Yes! So true in my book I think he is the sexiest drummer ever so amazing I admire him for him beautiful music he writes and creates!
[Newest]Handsome, humble, talented, gentle, generous. The perfection in human form.

74Denzel Washington
What a perfect combination of beauty, sexiness, intelligence, talent, charm, a sun-like smile, smoldering emotions, voice, sex appeal... Age cannot wither this MAN... He just gets better with the years!


This man will be hot when he's a hundred. Smile that lights up a room? Check. Eyes that make you go all wobbly? Check. Sultry voice? Check, check, OMGAWD Check!
He was my Future Husband before I knew who Benedict Cumberbatch was. No one walks with the swagger of Denzel.

75Will Smith

76James Marsden

77Liam Hemsworth
How on earth is he not in the top tens?

78Morgan Kelly

79Darren Criss

80Kirko Bangz

81Idris Elba

82Dick Van Dyke

83Collin Farrel

84Paul Newman
I met him in person once & he was even more beautiful than on screen. The first movie star with killer abs.
Mr Newman ALL THE WAY!,

85Billie Joe Armstrong
He's so cute he's so cute he's so cute! Love you Billie Joe Armstrong... Green Day forever... Someday I will meet him in my life.. My biggest dream!


All I have to say is WOW! He is one of the most sexiest men alive, and with his voice its not even fair! His smile is so intriguing, he's like the kid that's done wrong and everyone knows it because of that smirk on his face! And I gotta say, he's even hotter in person.


Billie Joe Armstrong is the hottest man alive! I mean, have you seen those green eyes?! He has a great body for a father of two. His hair is so fluffy! I love him. He should be number 1! He is a beautiful man inside and out
[Newest]He is definitely the hottest guy I have ever seen! Love him!

86Kevin Zegers

87Robert Downey Jr
Hello everyone? He's the sexiest and coolest man EVER. He is so charismatic!

88Tom Daley
Why is he so far down!?!? This all wrong! He should at least be top 10! I guess
-winning an Olympic Medal,
-having a gorgeous body,
-and dedicating so much hard work for something you want to do, other than being an actor or singer, just isn't enough...

Which it obviously SHOULD!
Fit English diver and came first in the 2012 olympic games!
When we first saw him my entire family said he was cute.


89Max Schneider
Stop kidding yourself. Max is by far the hottest

90Austin Mahone
You're so hot austin! Love your music and talent. I ❤️ Your muscles, you're the hottest on earth.
Austin is so cute.
I'm not a fangirl or something, but he's just so amazing <3.

91Billy Unger

92Paul Wesley
The vampire diaries' #sexyWesley? No one? :/ He's hilarious, he's super hot, biceps and all, and hair! This Polish American wins all hearts.

93George Harrison

94Josh Hutcherson
he's so cute! I love him! and his eyes! and his hair!
[Newest]He is so CUTE! I wish was higher! Love ya josh!

95Robert Pattinson
Most photogenic guy in the universe, smolders with sexiness and has anyone watched him walk...
Yes, this guys that is well known from being a vampire in Twilight Series, No one can beat his shining grace when it comes to romance.
Gorgeous. Simply love him so much and he is also such a diverse actor; doing so many different films genres.
[Newest]I just love him, his acting, his eyes, his smile and everything about him... Robert, you are my hero now and I Love you so so much... You are the best and no one can beat you... ROBERT rocks...

96Tom Cruise
Guys... Come on where the heck is this list going...
Tom Cruise is surely the hottest man ever... Every man would dream of being like him. He's got everything.. Perfect looks, awesome hairstyle... Superb talent... What else could you expect from a man..?
he is listed that down so fools could not see him hottest man most handsome man with beautiful and sexy eyes and sexy smile


Even though I am a man, I will say that Ross Lynch is uglier than crap and Tom Cruise is extremely dang handsome.


[Newest]Hey guys why is he 94?

97Heath Ledger
What the hell is wrong with u people HEATH LEDGER is the hottest most gorgeous sexyman ever i dont what movies he's been in either and he has gorgeous hair
Hottest guy ever
you will be missed deeply
Heath Ledger has got to be the hottest guy alive! I love his hair and eyes.. so cute, not to mention his smile!
[Newest]He's got the physical and acting appeal.. Truly genius!

98Shia Labeouf
He's good looking, funny, and a talented actor. He may have some rough edges in his personality, but he is still likable.

99Michael Fassbender
A very talented and underrated actor how can someone don't, love him he has the most amazing smile along with those stunning eyes he's seriously the most beautiful ginger ever.
Handsome, sexy and talented in a non-conventional way. Overall, a fairly gifted man...

100Patrick Dempsey
Patrick Dempsey is one of the most handsome people I have ever seen. He's nice, cute, quiet, affectionate, sensitive, and dreamy. If I ever date someone else I hope he looks just like him. I guess you could say I want him to hold me, kiss my cheek, love me, just like Patrick Dempsey. Most favorite actor of all time hope to meet him one day.
Totally hot. Absolutly fantastic actor. My heart just melts whenever I see him.

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