Singers with the Most Powerful Singing Voice

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Rhydian Roberts
Delivers his songs with such emotion. Such a strong voice. Always dresses so smart(no baggy jeans)a good ambassador for all.
Rhydian is a super person, with the most wonderful voice imaginable - he gives you goose bumps! Full of emotion, and can literally sing anything. He would make singing the telephone directory seem like a masterpiece.
I don't know Rhydian but his voice is the best I have ever heard

2Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury like it or not! This is about the most powerful vocalists not your favorite. You have to put that aside and judge based on Quality, diversity, range and the impact their vocals have worldwithe. Queen are the 6th or 7th biggest selling artist of all time with a projection of 200 million albums sold worlwithe and a the best they can count definitely 150 million. Remember this was all before the digital age and they are still selling. Currently there are multiple commercials of his vocals with Queen in the USA alone. They are and were even bigger worldwithe. Google Currently using Under Pressure, Lays potato Chips is using Crazy little thing called love and I want it all on a Ford or Gm commercial and I have heard I want it all and of course we will Rock you. It's a known fact that Artists are on more commercials in other countries including actors etc... So you can imagine What Queen has going on. They have a hit musical that toured and is still running in London called We will Rock you. These lists rarely get it right. I always laugh when I watch a VH1 or any music list of any kind! The only list I ever saw was a 2009 top ten male vocalists in rock that had Freddie at #2 under Robert Plant. No way not ever. Plants great but he did not have Freddies range and power. The End
Amazing. The most powerful, beautiful voice ever. Every song came with meaning. Listen to... "Somebody to Love" or the best example, "Bohemian Rhapsody". "We are the Champions"... You name any Queen song, and there's meaning and power behind it. Freddie was the greatest singer to walk this planet. He's my hero! Freddie Mercury had a killing disease and still performed to the day he was deceased from HIV/AIDS. Unlike some singers who call in sick from a minor cold of small fever. He never had his voice distorted to sound better. He was just naturally talented with his God-given voice.
Rest In Peace dear Freddie Mercury.
The problem here is that the above votes are from the younger generation who sit at a hockey game singing along to "We will Rock You" and "We are the Champions. " They have no idea who the band Queen was let alone the powerhouse that was Freddie Mercury belting out the most amazing notes. I agree 100%, Queen's music was WAY before music became "hi-tech". Freddie's voice is REAL, not altered. Just watch him on DVD in concert.
[Newest]The best ever! Nobody else but you Freddie!
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3Josh Groban
Lennon and McCartney changed music forever. Very few people dispute that. But, this poll is about "powerful singing voices", not song writing or the ability to harmonize. Josh Groban however has an amazingly powerful voice. Everything he sings is pitch perfect and he always seems to have plenty of fuel to spare when he is belting out a song. He gets my vote.
he deserves #1 you raise me up he is very vey good
rhydian can be good but he can't race with josh groben

Josh Groban flows
Everybody's shows
His angelic voice DEFINES powerful. It defines amazing. It defines the best male voice ever. This man defines an angel sent down from heaven.

4Michael Jackson
My opinion:
Michael was the most diverse singer until now. He could sing any genre in any scale. He had a tremendous vocal range with a very clear and highly resonating sound. He also had a rare ability to belt with extreme power. Were he was singing high notes with so much power others would just cease to sing and start to shout.
This post only covers a part of his performing skills... Which in my opinion really makes him the best performer of all time.
Michael is the best singer of all time!
he has an AMAZING voice, AMAZING music, he was an AMAZING person who we will NEVER be able to forget.
Thank you Mike for giving us the music that chanced our lifes!
Amazing singer. He should be at number 1. If you don't believe me, just listen to one of his songs. Billie Jean, Thriller, Stranger in Moscow. He died too young, unfortunately. God bless his soul.R.I.P. michael. We love you. You shouldn't have gone so soon. We miss you.
[Newest]Perfect mix of powerful dynamic vocals and emotion, pretty good dancer either

5Sarah Geronimo
A very talented woman. She can sing wonderfully and dance gracefully. Absolutely awesome artist.
powerful voice and awesome expression when she sings, that can also capture every viewer.


Very great singer with superb powerful voice... She can also sing in any genre...


[Newest]She's very awesome and a great singer ever!

6Whitney Houston
She needs to be number one most definitely. Plus she has extremely incredible voice control. If you listen to her version of I Will Always Love You, then you'll see what I mean. I wish that I could sing like her and I'm a guy.
David archuleta over this powerhouse! Please. Sorry nothing against him but against the voice?
Are you kidding me? Whitney's ranked this low? Some mistake. If singing with power were a physical war, Whitney could take down ARMIES with both hands tied behind her back at her best. And within those armies would be all these other singers on here.
[Newest]Have you heard her sing, I will always love you!? That voice is powerful!

7Mariah Carey
It's Mariah Carey, most number one singles... Ever. Not to mention longest #1 song on US charts... Ever. An incredible vocal range expanding 5 octaves... Yes 5 octaves and an impossible whistle register. Cristina has maybe a 4 octave vocal range... Just saying. Continuously comes out with incredibly popular songs.
I'm not a fan of her, but I'm trying to be objective. So, I would say that she has a very powerful singing voice and she is a great performer. Young people could learn a lot from her.
She has the voice of soaring beauty. While singing the low notes, she can shift to the high notes simultaneously.

8Charise Pempengco
Charice has so far sang covers of some great singers. She did not only give justice to the songs, she slayed them. She would always put something personal, her own identity, to the song and make it her own. Because of her powerful voice, she is capable to being creative in her singing. Her original songs are also covered by other singers. I still have to wait, however, for a singer who could actually sing "As Long As You're There" --a Glee original song-- and hit the extremely high and low notes like Charice did. I still have to wait for another singer who could sing Charice's upbeat songs live like Pyramid Remix and I Love You Remix without having to grasp for breath and still manage to smile to the audience. She's got really incredible sets of pipes! I'm looking forward to listening to her live singing of her new songs like Before It Explodes, Louder, One Day, Lost The Best Thing because, again, these will show her vocal power with the appropriate emotions shown in her face and body movements.
For a female performance, no doubt Charice does the job and should be number one. See self titled album. Although, this poll isn't very accurate. Most of these claims are more opinions rather than fact. Why not measure their voices to see how powerful they really are. I know we have machines that can measure them. More importantly, the person who has the most powerful voice doesn't mean he or she is the best. I'd look for the "goose bump factor", range, power, control, crispness and emotion. But I think the "goose bump factor" is all you need- humans have this that acts as a biological sensor much like a 6th sense which tells us that what we're sensing is awesome. I call this the "endorphin effect". Try listening to Charice live or blast the volume out if you want to experience what I'm talking about. Once you do, then you'll understand. Remember "Goose Bump Factor"!
If the category is about the most powerful singing voice, charice is definitely the one... She's out of this world... Seems she not only has a built-in amplifier powered by a nuclear reactor but also a built-in autotuner as well..
If you haven't watched her rendition of 'you are so beautiful' from the david foster and friends concert last 25 dec, the song of which she dedicated to her late father who recently passed away (search on youtube... There's a lot), you have missed a portion of your life
[Newest]My God her voice is so amazing! I can't imagine! Did anyone see her performance on GLEE! So wonderful

9Elvis Presley
He could sing every thing from gospel to rock and poured his hart into all that he sang the best hands down
Weather you like his music or not, Elvis had a most amazing and unique voice. But this evaluation is about power. Listen to Elvis sing American Trilogy and then form your opinion. It will send chills up your spine.
He could match every note Michael Jackson could sing, but with power and intensity. No one, save maybe Tom Jones, comes close!
[Newest]No contest. Elvis had it all. The talent, looks, charisma, sense of humor and even his unusual name. Foe me, Elvis is #1.

10David Archuleta
Archuleta is exceptionally talented. Not only for the beauty in his voice but in the way he performs live. I've never seen anyone else give a live performance like he does. If you haven't seen him yet, you really need to. You won't regret it.
David Archuleta's voice has a unique tone, velvety and yet extremely powerful. Not to knock anyone but it was very apparent how incredibly gorgeous, rich, and booming his voice was compared to the Osmonds 2nd Generation when he sang with them once. O2G members are accomplished singers themselves but David's voice was unmistakable, instantly recognizable. I was stunned at how beautifully strong it was and how it soared above all the others'! His voice is breathtaking! David really is an amazing amazing singer! And the power of his voice also has everything to do with how it can touch the listener's heart and move you. I can't say enough about how good he is live. He is a must-hear-live kind of an artist!
I have been a fan of him since American Idol. It has always been my dream to meet him, and I got to fulfill that dream before he went on his mission, the very last concert he had actually. When he performs live, it sends chills down your body. Seeing his videos on youtube of him singing live, and actually seeing it is so different. He has been through a lot, but he still cares deeply about his fans. He is the most genuine, amazing person in the whole world. He has changed my life, as well as other's I'm sure. You would have never guessed that he has gone through having vocal paralysis, because he's just as strong as ever before. I could not be more proud of him and I am so proud to be able to call myself an Archie.
[Newest]Most gorgeous and powerful voice I've ever heard live. He completely connects with a song and sings with so much emotion. Unlike most artists, he makes the listener feel the song not just hear it. A very special quality.
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The Contenders

11Jared Leto
He has the BEST voice ever! Voice of an angel of God! He totally blows my mind when I hear him sing. He reinvents his voice and you never get tired of it! He has a voice that can be so peaceful and a voice (in a good way) that makes you wanna beat the crap out of the person that broke your heart. I'm so happy he's up here. He deserves it. I love this man!
My opinion on singers with powerful voices. Jared Leto sings with all his feelings. He consistently put heart ^^ soul in his songs. His range is awesome, his sound is hauntingly mesmerizing and his voice is powerful. Just listen to songs like Revenge, Hurricane, Modern Myth, Stranger in a Strange Land, End of the Beginning and many more.
Great voice... He can sing, he can talk, he can whisper (i love it) and of course... He can shout as louder as he want... And make our heart start beat from the begining of any song! BABY.. YOU ROCK!
[Newest]He sings from the heart. Even his talking voice makes me melt into a puddle.

12Sonu Nigam
He is the universe of music himself who can sing any type of music in world perfectly in any language with more than 70-80 voices. So don't ignore him. Please vote for him.


Amazingly brilliant singer..!
So versatile, he is just amazing
No comparison... Great INDIAN SINGER
[Newest]Amazing singer.. So damn versatile..

13Chester Bennington
I am an indian but still I am saying no one can beat chester bennington
no one no one no one no one. Numb is a best song of linkin park
really like his preformance in Milton Keynes in song The Little Things Give you away, but anyway my favourite song from Linkin Park is What I've Done, where you can hear Chester's amazing voice


His voice is more powerful than any other, I like Jared's too but he is nothing in comparison to Chester, he can scream the loudest and the longest. The Best Ever
[Newest]For Linkin Park, Chester Bennington & Mike Shinoda - The God Of Music

14Regine Velasquez
Regine can hit difficult high notes with intensive vocal power and with difficult positions like squatting; sitting, on a lapel and etc while hitting the high notes. She sings LIVE!
after more than 22 years in the music industry, she STILL continues to REIGN!


Regine velasquez superb internationally acclaim!
No one can compare to here

15Shreya Ghoshal
She is the singer that have beautiful voice ever!
She is the singer that have powerful voice ever!
I theink she should be best even though she is mean she outstanding!

16Amy Lee
I am a great fan of Evanescence, and I believe her voice is more powerful than some of the people on the list! I mean, if you just listen to "Bring Me To Life" and "My Immortal," those songs just give me chills when I listen. Also, there is one other song from her that is very unique. "Haunted". Believe me. If you want a powerful voice, than Amy Lee is probably one of your greatest options.


Have you ever heard her... live? My god! How can she have such power in an
angelic voice at the same time? Amy your the best.
One of the better female voices I enjoy hearing. She has great range and a powerful voice. And easy on the eyes too!
[Newest]I was going to vote for Bono or Thom Yorke, but I gotta give it to Amy. I mean, Lithium anyone?

Just listen to Russian Roulette and tell me you can't hear her voice shaking with power and anxiety. Beautiful.
Her best song is only girl in the world

18John Lennon
I think singers that change the world are awesome
John Lennon is so much better than Rihanna he writes his own songs and doesn't use auto-tune!

19Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga is a talented woman with a voice that compliments many styles of music. She is a classically trained pianist who can play ballads with the best of them. She writes all her songs and can play them with just the piano alone. Her duet with Tony Bennet speaks for itself. Aside from her domination of the music industry, Lady Gaga is expanding her talent into the political and social world and she has proved to be an unstoppable force.
This is about the most powerful singing voice which means who has the highest level of emotions that an artist can put out in a single note. Lady Gaga can put her emotions to her voice, specially bravery, happiness, pride, and sadness.
Lady gaga has a very strong voice that is capable of many things. She could change the world with it. When she performs she really gets the crowds attention.. He he gaga please marry me x_x
[Newest]Lady gaga has such an amazing voice, the most powerful for me

20Steve Perry
Sorry Arnel fans, but Steve Perry was and is the greatest frontman journey has been blessed with. The mans voice touches the deepest part of your soul and leaves you in a beautiful trance that you never want to come out of! Listen to his song mother father and be blown away by his powerful range, and listen to his song WHEN YOU LOVE A WOMAN. This song will tug at your heart as you try to hold back your tears! SP is a god!


Steve Perry is amazing. He has one of the best, if not the best voice ever. His voice is one I never get tired of and can recognize anywhere. Steve is the best at what he does. From the moment I first heard his voice I was hooked. There will never be another Steve Perry!
Steve is THE most powerful, passionate, emotionally moving singer in rock. There are hundreds of examples. In I Stand Alone when Steve sings "Take me in your heart" it is impossible not to. Listening to him is pure ecstasy.


[Newest]There is nobody that comes close to Steve Perry when it comes to feeling and clarity and range than the voice

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