Top 10 Songs with the Best Richie Sambora Guitar Solos

Richie Sambora, the guitarist of Bon Jovi is one of the greatest guitarists of all time. He's of course famous because of his great solos.

You decide which one is the best!
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1 Dry County

I love this solo. It's my mobile ring. I think it's the best solo Richie ever did. He is not so long to bore and no too short to make you ask for more. It's just perfect!

Amazing guitar solo. The best he has done. It's long and difficult. definitely best solo he has done. Richie is a very underrated player but one of the best out there

One of the most underrated solos of all time played by the most underrated guitarist of all time.

The Longest & the most Difficult Richie Sambora Solo ever... 4 Incredible Guitar Solo's within 10 Minutes of Musical Excellence!

2 Wanted Dead or Alive

Woah! Is this even possible? If not it make Richie even more amazing. This is just pure talent and awesome facial expressions. Go Richie!

The way he changes guitars, his face, everything makes this solo THE BEST!

I love this solo!

3 Stranger in This Town

The Most Beautiful Guitar Solo ever played on the Planet!
Friends, please If you haven't heard this Musical Masterpiece, please Youtube the Official Video & the Extended Album Version (1991). I was born in the year this song was released & I'm maturing alongside with the Beauty of this Incomprehensibly Breathtaking Guitar Solo!
Thank you Richie! =)

This Solo may not be as Complex or as difficult as Dry County. But this solo shows that solos don't have to be extremely complex and difficult to be good.

4 Keep the Faith

Most catchy Richie Sambora Solo. Amazing Beat & Tempo... If you'r body doesn't move to the beat of this Solo, then you are not Human!

5 Livin' on a Prayer

This song is great, all of his solos are great, just that some of it are short, if Richie play it longer, it would be GODLIKE!

The most Popular Richie Sambora Solo ever! Not too long, not too short, just perfect.

Best rock song ever, with best talk box solos!

6 Bed of Roses

Richie the best ever...

7 You Give Love a Bad Name

Super hit also sad because what's happening with Richie and the band right now

8 Born to Be My Baby

Dude this is the best solo I have ever seen, other solos I skip it

9 Damned
10 Let It Rock

I just heard this and it is crazy!

Most complex of his solos on a technical basis and also great to listen to

The Contenders
11 Runaway

This song has my favourite guitar solo in it. Very long, very complex. I know how to play this whole song apart from the solo.

Best solo ever. So underrated, in my opinion.

12 Bad Medicine
13 Next 100 Years

My second favorite, right next to Dry County. Similar fret work, but still amazingly awesome!

14 My Guitar Lies Bleeding in My Arms

There's almost this pregnant pause before he starts into this guitar solo. I find myself holding my breath when it gets to this point.

You know that feeling you just can't describe, but you get it when something amazing happens?
If not, listen to this, and you will!

How can this be no.8

15 Always
16 These Days
17 Homebound Train
18 Any Other Day
19 I'll Be There for You
20 Ballad of Youth
21 Father Time
22 Thank You for Loving Me
23 Rosie

What a Beautiful Solo! Richie Sambora for sure is the Greatest Guitarist of All-time! WOW!

24 Lay Your Hands on Me
25 Good Guys Don't Always Wear White
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