Top Ten Van Halen Songs


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The Top Ten

No doubt jump is the best song. hagar sucks BADLY! They say jump is POP!?! Dang idiots have you listened to dlr compared to hagar! Energetic and best song!
1. Jump
2. Panama
3. ain't talking bout love
4. beautiful girls
5. pretty woman
6. runnin with the devil
7. Hot 4 teacher
8. ill wait
9. Unchained
10. dance the night away
11. Jamies crying
12. feel your love tonight
13. you really got me
14. and the cradle will rock
15. dancing in the streets
16. everybody want some!
great songs makes you want to get up and just go wild
Such a great synthesizer piece! The song that everybody recognizes!
[Newest]This song is not Van Halen.

those people who have just voted for jump are really suckers. just listen to this song and vote it
This song really rocks out! Combining Dave's Vocals and Eddie's kickass guitar technique we got one word... Panama
doesn't have the best riff or solo, but it's just incredible to listen to and sing along to.
[Newest]I think most of us can agree this is way better than Jump.

3Hot for Teacher
Rest of top 10:
Everybody Wants Some!
Right Now
Can't Stop Lovin You
You Really Got Me
Runnin With the Devil
She's the Woman

Note: not specifically in this order
OMFG!!!!! why is this not the #2 song!?!?!?! ( hands down eruption is the best) this song even is not in the top 10 either??? thats messed up


one of the songs that got me into metal. m/


[Newest]I've had a few hot teachers over the years


4Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love
This is easily my favorite van halen song, great lyrics, perfect guitar, well done
yeah the greatest intro of all time


This should be their BEST song, the solo is the best one Eddie Van Halen has.
[Newest]Intro sends chills down my spine every time. Fantastic song all around.

5Runnin' with the Devil
By far there best song I don't know why it's so low on the list
Such a cathy song should be in the top 5 at least Best Van Helen
Great bass, great intro, perfect song. My favourite song from Van Halen. No doubt about it. EDDIE VAN HALEN IS GOD!
[Newest]It. Is. One. Word:AWESOME #i ❤️"Running with the Devil"

This song really shows what Eddie Van Halen is capable of doing... This guitar solo is pure magic


The best guitar solo
The best solo ever by the best guitarist ever.
[Newest]Best guitar masterpiece ever!

My favourite song of all time. This feels less like a piece of pop-metal and more like Sammy Hagar trying to convert an audience of Roth purists to the Hagar side. And with inspiring lyrics like these and an amazing energy that pulsates from every chord, he makes a brilliant case.
Has everything: screaming innovative Eddie signature guitar work, gorgeous melody, killer Mike bass, excellent synthesizer, superb Sammy singing, profound meaningful lyrics which are extremely upbeat to the point of being spiritual and inspiring without being overly religious or dogmatic or pretentious, great hook with 'higher and higher'
Total masterpiece!
This is a beautiful song. And I think that sammy hagar is better vocalist than David lee roth. Dreams is more like a ballad than jump that is more like pop
[Newest]If there was ever one song that showed Eddie could take his song writing up a notch it is Dreams. It sounds like it could have been written for a whole orchestra. Sammy's lyrics are simply inspired. It might not be Van Halen's most popular song but I do think it's them at their finest.

8Why Cant This Be Love
Wow I'm not the only one. I mean I used to listen to Panama and Jump and to me they were just good songs but this one was the one that really got me in Van Halen and made love many others of their songs
The one that got me into Van Hale. This song is just epic.. The vocals are great and so is the music. I'm happy that this is in the top 10. For me, should be in the top 5.
I love that noise that is in the intro and chorus it is awesome! And a great peice of music great lyrics

Jump will always win a popularity contest, and it IS a great pop song. But its not what VH are all about - raw, energetic and THAT guitar. Unchained is the perfect example.
Love the opening on this song. One of my true all time favorites. Never overplayed.
My favorite Van Halen song. Starts off with absolutely ripping guitar and DLR is at his finest on vocals and lyrics.
[Newest]This and Panama are definitely the best two songs!

10Right Now
Beautiful song that makes you think about all that happens while we are busy doing something else... Not their best from the musical perspective but sure shows their talent with lyrics.
One of the best! Video is meaningful.
Just amazing! No words right now..
[Newest]The beginning is nostalgic😎

The Contenders

11You Really Got Me
Private parts howard stern turning point of the movie what song do they play? This one baby. Why? Cause the riff hits you hard and roth kills it
Great rift, awesome how it starts right after Eruption. Fantastic album!
Amazing, I love so much this song

12Dance the Night Away
How is this so low?! Eddie's guitar sounds better that it ever has on this song. It has a different more sophisticated feel to it and its hands down the best song on the best Van Halen album.
There's no way that this should be all the way down here... Such a classy song and extremely catchy
This song came on during school once. It was during the only class I had with the girl I liked. This song reminded me so much of her, and I believe it is their best.

13When It's Love
This song is amazing, not their best but easily in the top 5's... The tittle and the synth intro make you think it's going to be a ballad, but after the intro you hear those kickass guitar chords that you can "headbang" to... Then the singing starts and its still heavy, but then the chorus catches you by a surprise since it's so beautiful, emotional and it sounds like a ballad... Such a masterpiece! The guitar solo is also pretty good... Great song!


Reminds me the most beautiful moments of my life.
Truly great song better than Jump believe Me.. !

14And the Cradle Will Rock...
I chose this one cause it has a vary good solo and the bass drums and the singer tie it in so well that is speaks to me
Hands down best song off of "Women and Children First"
Have you seen Junior's Grades?

15Beautiful Girls
What the heck is this?! Sure it's not the best but it sure needs to be higher! Really catchy song that really puts you in a positive mood. Van Halen for the win!

16Mean Street
People who listened to more than three Van Halen songs know the entire Fair Warning album is the best material the band has released so far. "Mean Street" is a song with actual meaning, made to express emotions and not necessarily appeal to the masses.
yeah really great underrated song should be higher


Great guitar solo and the intro is amazing

17Jamie's Cryin'
How is this song all the way back here. It should be in the top 5

18Best of Both Worlds
Another brill song that should be in the top 10 songs
This song should be in the top 10 instead of poundcake

19Little Guitars
This is slightly better than jump and Panama. I know all three songs but the intro in this song is the icing on the cake

20Love Walks In
Awesome song, you should listen to it
One of Van Halen's best ballads

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