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1 Heal the World - Michael Jackson

Its number one for a reason ya because its just the most touching song who could ever find about the world!

It is one of the awesome heart touched one song...
I salute MJ for his deep heart and hard work done in this song...

It heals the world.. Covers all the aspects of life with the meaning of the song.. So good to hear.

It deserves to be the best, cause it's about real subject, an important subject... with the lyrics and the music... it's WOW

2 Fix You - Coldplay

It makes me tear up when I listen to it.

This song is so great you just need to listen to it it will touch your hearts

Nice track by Coldplay

I love this song

3 The Winner Takes It All - ABBA
4 Hurt - Johnny Cash

This song needs to be number one it really is so powerful. The fact that this man (near the end of his life) is reflecting on his life and looking back not being happy with what he is and has achieved really is very haunting. It has so much meaning and is truly very touching.

You can't listen to this song without crying. It reflects his thoughts when he is old, and near the end of his life, looking back at what he achieved and bringing back the sad memories of his life.

This is a song that makes you really really think about life and question your choices.

There's no competition. You simply can't listen to this song without crying

5 This Used to Be My Playground - Madonna

This song makes me cry, man! And I don't cry easily!

A little bit sad but still very beautiful, emotional and so deep song

She is a nightingale

Horrible to the max

6 Chiquitita - ABBA
7 Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin

Best song ever. Though I am 16 my heart is with this song in previous century.

Probably the best song ever written.

One of the best ever

8 Day After Day - Badfinger
9 Good Life - Onerepublic

It is good to hear

10 Earth Song - Michael Jackson

This song is the number one for me since this depicts the lives of people here on earth. Furthermore, Michael Jackson's vocals here in this song rocks.

RIP. May God welcome her/his souls in His kingdom. At least his music continue to inspired people. Its an opener ones eyes to care for God's creation.

In my opinion, this song changes somebody's mind, because she is very beautiful. The world can't live with no songs like this.

This song is truly amazing and makes me tear up every time I listen to it. So many beautiful layers to this song.

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11 To Where You Are - Jackie Evancho

This song touches me more deeply than any other. And hearing her live in concert hit me hard. 'Can't help thinking about my late daughter. I almost had to get up and go out into the lobby. It gets my vote hands-down.

If all the voices ever raised were layed out to map all of creation in song,
This voice would be the first day.

To quote a line I've heard "Miss Jacqueline Marie Evancho is God showing off the power".

I am not a religious person, but Jackie Evancho's voice makes me wonder if there is a god.

12 Ovvoru Pookalume - K.S. Chithra

A very beautiful song for a beautiful women.. I love her songs especially this one.. It keeps ringing my head.. She is an awesome singer and an amazing person too.. I've heard this song 100 times.. But I won't get bored with it.. Her voice is so melodious

So nice song lets vote this song it really touch our feelings and emotions. Chithra's vocal is nice

Superb lyrics... With most heart touching song that I have ever heard... Nice lyrics

I haven't heard it...

13 Angel - Aerosmith

So sos nice I love it

This song is so touching

14 Everybody - Ingrid Michaelson

Haven't heard this before. I'm going to have to check this out now. I want to hear more.

I love her style

15 Imagine - John Lennon

The kids at this camp me and my friend went to sang this at the campfire. It was a free thought camp and it seemed to heal us all. Bring us closer together. I think everyone wants to fit in and for some people it's harder and this song just kind of glued the kids into an eternal bond with each other. And for once they all felt like they fit in

I danced to this song and it brought out the best in me. This song is truly amazing because it expresses the depth of having no war and only peace, which is something that we hardly reflect on. It is without a doubt a masterpiece of John Lennon's.

At my freethought camp we had this song and it made us all feel better because half of us were bullied for our beliefs or non beliefs and it just kind of healed us, it seemed. The kids were always happy and friendly after we sang it at the campfires

Most powerful song, I loved this and I would suggest to the new generation to listen this song. It really touched my heart and I am sure it will touch many others heart too.

16 Brave - Jennifer Lopez

I think that this song is more like hip pop than slow and touching. But that's just me and we all have different opinions so I respect others opinions I like the song though great job Jennifer

17 Vision of You - Belinda Carlisle
18 Heaven - Bryan Adams

Nostalgic memories of past is what this song recreates...

This song is cool

19 Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley

Really emotional and powerful song. Even after all these years, it's still my favorite!

20 Innuendo - Queen

One of the greatest songs ever!

Chills every time

21 Can You Feel the Love Tonight - Elton John

Best song ever

22 Coming Back to Life - Pink Floyd

Just god gifted

23 Fields of Gold - Sting
24 All the Man that I Need - Whitney Houston

We're still love you because you're awesome!

25 When the Sun Hits - Slowdive
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