2019 NFL 1st Round Mock Draft Collaboration Pt. I (Rawisgore & PackFan2005)

Hello folks when the off-season ends we still try to be active as humanly possible welcome to the mock draft panel of experts also known as The Sports Analysts from the Past, Present, and Future look to showcase some of our beliefs heading into this years draft. Like previous years there’s gonna be headlining names in the days to come. While Most experts do a dozen mock draft which is overkill why not make our own ultimate mock draft seeing how it all plays out in theory. With that said casual fan, or a die hard I hope you enjoy.

Goodell: The NFL Draft is officially Open!

Rawisgore's Mock Draft

Arizona Cardinals: Kyler Murray QB, Josh Rosen proved that he is not the future of the Cardinals and Larry Fitzgerald is only going to get older so this could be Arizona's last chance before they reach reset mode.

San Francisco 49ers: Josh Allen edge, Although they get the excuse of Jimmy G being injured there defense did no favors but Josh Allen can be a huge step forward with his speed and able to strip the ball from the QB.

New York Jets: Nick Bosa edge hard to believe but this could be the jets chance for success all they need is to fix that defense they got a QB with potential a powerful rusher like Nick could be what they need.

Oakland Raiders Quinnen Williams DT: At this point they are in the rebuilding era of there franchise but the got 3 first round picks and starting out with.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Devin White LB: Since the Bucs have made it clear that they will not need another QB the only other option is to get the best linebacker in the draft.

New York Giants Rashan Gary DE: The Giants defense was a no no in 2018 so when they fix that then maybe just maybe Eli Manning will be back to his 2011 self.

Jacksonville Jaguars Jawaan Taylor T: You got Nick Foles so now you need the offensive line to protect him and if you do that then you might make if back to the AFC championship game.

Detroit Lions Montez Sweat edge: So many defenses that need work but the Lions need the most help as a viking fan I saw them crumble every division game they played minus the packers so they need to fix it fast.

Buffalo Bills Andre Dillard T: If the Bills want to get back to the playoffs they need to build up the offence a little more.

Denver Broncos Dwayne Haskins QB: There is high chance that Joe Flacco will not work but Flacco still has some skill where a young QB can learn from better then to send a rookie in a game they are not ready for Dwayne can throw deep but he is slow but he could be just like Tom Brady.

Cincinnati Bengals Cody Ford the Bengals need to protect Dalton all of the other AFC north teams look promising so they need to step up in order to compete.

Green Bay Packers Ed Oliver DT: The packers need to work on there defense it was been a joke for years now that most of their defense stars are gone like ha ha and Clay Matthews they need all the help they can get.

Miami Dolphins Clelin Ferrell DE: The Dolphins had the 4th worst defense in the NFL in 2018 and Ferrell who has 21 sacks since 2017 could make it better.

Vikings and Falcons swap, Minnesota Vikings: Jonah Williams G Minnesota's O line was the worst in the NFL they need a Guard who can give Kirk at least 4 second inside the pocket and Jonah could be the answer.

Washington Redskins: D.K. Metcalf: Quick name one notable receiver on the Redskins maybe you can name one but now that the Redskins got Keenum he needs some Wide Receivers to carry him through the season.

Carolina Panthers Jonathan Abram S; Well the Panther season was disappointing, most see Johnathan Abram as a pass rusher or a extra linebacker but that could be what the Panthers need.

New York Giants Daniel Jones QB, No one knows how long Eli will actually stay with the Giants but we do know it won’t be long before he joins Peyton in the retirement home so get a QB who can learn from what's left of Eli talent, Daniel Jones can scramble and he is great under pressure.

Atlanta Falcons Christian Wilkins DT: The Falcon defense has a habit of choking leads and it's not just the Superbowl so in my opinion the defense needs to be the priority for the Falcons.

Tennessee Titans: Brian Burns Edge: The Titans pass rush is not good besides you already got Marcus Mariota, a kinda above average QB but barely but he still works so work on the defense.

Pittsburgh Steelers Byron Murphy CB: Bryon Murphy is a smart knows the plays and the game he may not have the height but he has the awareness to make up for it.

Seattle Seahawks Noah Fant TE: Fant provides an extra weapon for Russell Wilson to throw to especially when that position was decimated by injury.

Baltimore Ravens T Greg Little: Little is athletic can stop the rush from the linebackers and good with blitzes if the Ravens are going to abandoned there defense they better make the offence as perfect as they can.

Houston Texans Deandre Baker CB: Good pass coverage and aggressive like some CB Baker is small but wow he can jump.

Oakland Raiders Irv Smith TE: Mostly a blocker but he can also be good when the defense is doing man coverage and has decent speed.

Las Angeles Chargers Jerry Tillery DT: Tall, powerful and can quickly flatten a QB has huge upper body strength could make sure that the chargers don't get blown out again.

Seattle Sehawks; Garrett Bradbury C: As a former Tight End you can imagine Bardbury has agility and amazing grip strength.

Green Bay Packers Riley Ridley WR: When Riley is most compared to Julio Jones that must mean something now that the Packers let Cobb go they are going to need someone to replace him and I do not mean the other random receivers on the Packers Ridley is a tough and competitive player and at his best in mid pass areas.

Los Angeles Rams Miles Sanders RB: I know this is a shock but think about it Anderson is gone so you need a spot there and Todd did not look like himself in the playoffs so better safe than sorry but he was the vision and the power as a NFL Runner should he is quick to process any opening he can find.

New England Patriots Drew Lock QB: Tom Brady is not getting any younger so you need to find a replacement soon Lock has a opposite style then Brady he is a mobile QB but he can throw the ball deep and he is fearless when he throws down the field.

PackFan2005's Mock Draft

#1. Arizona Cardinals
Selection- Kyler Murray (QB, Oklahoma)
In my opinion, Arizona drafting a quarterback is a terrible idea. I believe they already have their future in Josh Rosen. They just need a few pieces around him like a tight end to succeed. But, I have them drafting Murray anyway. I don’t support the Cardinals taking Murray, but hey, they have to make Kliff Kingsbury happy somehow. But passing on pairing Nick Bosa with Chandler Jones? That’s questionable.

#2. San Francisco 49ers
Selection- Nick Bosa (EDGE, Ohio State)
Due to their division rival already giving up on their 2018 first round pick, the 49ers happily take Bosa to pair with Dee Ford and DeForest Buckner. He is arguably the best defensive player and player in general in the draft. Despite San Francisco having more interest in Quinnen Williams, I still say that they take Bosa.

#3. New York Jets
Selection- Quinnen Williams (DT, Alabama)
Williams only played two seasons at Alabama, but after a great 2018 season and an amazing combine performance, Williams gets up to #3 overall, and the Jets suddenly have a formidable defense. The quarterbacks of the AFC East will have to be chased around by Leonard Williams and Quinnen Williams. Quite the duo there.

#4. Oakland Raiders
Selection- Josh Allen (EDGE, Kentucky)
First off, I find it hilariously sad that the Raiders as a whole team in 2018 had less sacks than Allen in his senior season at Kentucky. This tells you that Oakland’s pass rush is inept, and Allen may be their Khalil Mack replacement. What is concerning is that Allen only has one year of proven success, so he truly is a boom or bust candidate. Despite this however, the Raiders will probably take anything they can get at this point to improve their pass rush.

#5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Selection- Devin White (LB, LSU)
#5 may be a bit high for an inside linebacker, but after losing Kwon Alexander in free agency, Tampa Bay has a hole at linebacker. I would have them taking a cornerback, but NO cornerback is worth taking this high. If they end up doing something like that, then... I don’t know what to say. White would bring immediate improvement to one of the league’s worst defenses.

#6. New York Giants
Selection- Montez Sweat (EDGE, Mississippi State)
Like Devin White, this may be a bit high up for Sweat, but the Giants desperately need pass rush help. Considering I can’t name any of their pass rushers off the top of my head, that’s how I know their situation is bad. Sweat had a beast mode combine, but his heart condition may concern some NFL teams, even though doctors cleared him to play in college. Sweat would be the start of the rebuilding of a brand new Giants team.

#7. Jacksonville Jaguars
Selection- Jawaan Taylor (OL, Florida)
When you take Ereck Flowers in to be a starting offensive lineman, that’s when you know your offensive line SUCKS. The Jaguars need an offensive line so Nick Foles stays alive in week 1 and beyond. Leonard Fournette needs space to run as well. Taylor is, in my opinion, the best offensive lineman in the draft, and the Jaguars would put him anywhere on their offensive line. They had better draft another offensive lineman in round 2 as well, because if not, Foles should fear for his life. Yet they still somehow do not have the worst offensive line in the AFC South.

#8. Detroit Lions
Selection- Rashan Gary (EDGE, Michigan)
Despite the Trey Flowers signing, the Lions need edge rusher help badly. With the 8th pick, the Lions stay local and select one of the draft’s best edge rusher prospects to pair with Trey Flowers. Both of them are a big upgrade over the injury prone Ezekiel Ansah. Matt Patricia, a former defensive coordinator, knows how to get the best out of his defense, and having once coached Flowers in New England, will certainly have Flowers and Gary working together to wreck havoc on the field.

#9. Buffalo Bills
Selection- T.J. Hockenson (TE, Iowa)
Yes, a tight end in the top ten. While drafting a tight end in the first round, let alone the top Ten hasn’t done teams much good over the years, I believe the Bills will see what a game changer Hockenson is and take a chance on him. What sets him apart from his college teammate Noah Fant is his blocking ability. Fant was used primarily as a pass catching tight end, which explains why his stats are better than Hockenson’s. However, Hockenson is an athletic tight end that can catch and block, and believe me, if the Bills want to get their slow running game going, they need a good blocker. Plus, Buffalo needs to continue adding weapons around quarterback Josh Allen, which they already have done in Cole Beasley, John Brown, and drafting Robert Foster and Zay Jones. A new tight end would be welcome after releasing Charles Clay.

#10. Denver Broncos
Selection- Drew Lock (QB, Missouri)
The second quarterback of the draft to come off the board, Lock is exactly what John Elway wants. Lock has a great opportunity in Denver, to sit behind a seasoned quarterback in Joe Flacco and eventually gain chemistry with who is presumably Denver’s future #1 receiver, Courtland Sutton. Maybe Lock can be their best quarterback since the Manning era ended after the 2015 season.

#11. Cincinnati Bengals
Selection- Dwayne Haskins (QB, Ohio State)
Back-to-back quarterbacks come off the boards at #10 and #11, and Haskins ends up not moving too far from Ohio State. Once projected as a top ten prospect, his stock has slipped over the past few weeks, which has prompted me to drop him as well. However, the Bengals stop his slide and get Andy Dalton’s future replacement. Haskins has only had one full season as a starter, which is concerning, so they have him learn from Andy Dalton. Plus, Haskins gets to pass to receivers like A.J. Green, Tyler Boyd, and John Ross. It’s a rookie quarterback’s dream.

#12. Green Bay Packers
Selection- Ed Oliver (DT, Houston)
In the likelihood that Oliver slides out of the top ten, Green Bay should swoop in to take him. While defensive line is definitely not one of their biggest needs right now, it may very well be after the 2019 season. Mike Daniels is scheduled to become a free agent, and the Packers have to extend players like Kenny Clark and Blake Martinez next year. With limited cap space, they may have to let Daniels go. Enter Oliver, who is small, like Daniels, but uses his size to his advantage, and he has big speed too. Never too early to shore up on future positions of need.

#13. Miami Dolphins
Selection- Brian Burns (EDGE, Florida State)
Burns is a raw edge rusher prospect. #13 may be a bit high for him, but the Dolphins desperately need an edge rusher after Cameron Wake’s departure. Well, to be fair, they need help at almost every position, but I see them going edge rusher here to start their rebuild. They will have a good defensive nucleus with Xavien Howard, Minkah Fitzpatrick, and Brian Burns.

#14. Atlanta Falcons
Selection- Christian Wilkins (DT, Clemson)
Despite Atlanta resigning Grady Jarrett, they still need help on the interior. Since Quinnen Williams and Ed Oliver are off the board, Wilkins is the best defensive tackle available. He was a part of that powerful Clemson defensive line with the likes of Clelin Ferrell and Dexter Lawrence. He can be a game changer with Jarrett and Tak McKinnley on defensive line.

#15. Washington Redskins
Selection- Marquise Brown (WR, Oklahoma)
The first wide receiver off the board is not who you would think. The reason I have Brown going over D.K. Metcalf is because Brown is more of a defined #1 receiver. He got to play with Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray, two Heisman winning quarterbacks. Metcalf shows great athletic skills, but is raw and was not the best receiver at Ole Miss during his time there (A.J. Brown was). The Redskins will finally get a #1 receiver in drafting Brown, starting a mini rebuild. The question is, who will be throwing to him in 2019?

#16. Carolina Panthers
Selection- Clelin Ferrell (EDGE, Clemson)
After the retirement of Julius Peppers, the Panthers are lacking a playmaker off the edge. Ferrell can solve this problem, as he totaled 27 sacks throughout his college career. While they could go offensive line here too, an edge rusher is a more pressing need as of now.

#17. New York Giants
Selection- D.K. Metcalf (WR, Ole Miss)
After trading Odell Beckham Jr to the Browns (for some reason), they have a need at wide receiver. Enter Metcalf, an athletic receiver who can learn behind Sterling Shepard and eventually become New York’s #1 receiver. Still, the Giants will have a long way to go even with this selection, to become contenders again.

#18. Minnesota Vikings
Selection- Jonah Williams (OL, Alabama)
The Vikings DESPERATELY need an offensive lineman, especially a guard. Yes, Jonah Williams is a tackle, but because of his short arms and size, the Vikings could put him in at guard with free agent signing Josh Kline. Minnesota would take anyone at offensive line. Trust me.

#19. Tennessee Titans
Selection- Andre Dillard (OL, Washington State)
Dillard is the best offensive tackle in the draft, yet I have him falling to #19 to the Titans. They need another stud offensive lineman to get Derrick Henry going.

#20. Pittsburgh Steelers
Selection- Devin Bush (LB, Michigan)
The Steelers are lucky Bush falls to #20, because they have a hole at inside linebacker. I hope Ryan Shazier can make it back to the field, but for now, the Steelers take Bush to do his job. If Shazier comes back, then you have one of the best inside linebacker duos in the NFL with Shazier and Bush. It is a win-win.

#21. New England Patriots (Trade with SEA)
Selection- Daniel Jones (QB, Duke)
The Patriots move up with the Seahawks, giving them much needed draft picks. Moving up to #21, the Patriots select their quarterback of the future in Daniel Jones. He gets to sit behind arguably the greatest quarterback of all time in Tom Brady. It seems to have benefited Jimmy Garoppolo, so why not Jones? He’s a Bill Belichick type of project, and I see him shaping Jones into a future pro bowl quarterback.

#22. Baltimore Ravens
Selection- N’Keal Harry (WR, Arizona State)
The Ravens have pretty much the worst receiving group in the NFL, and their top receiver is Willie Snead. Yeah, that should say something. Harry was one of best wide receivers in Arizona State history, and the Ravens get the benefit of drafting him to bolster their receiving crew. Lamar Jackson needs a good receiver. He cannot just run all the time.

#23. Houston Texans
Selection- Dalton Risner (OL, Kansas State)
Anyone with arms and legs are welcome to the Texans offensive line. Look, DeShaun Watson is a highly athletic quarterback who can make plays while under pressure, but you absolutely CANNOT have him getting sacked 62 times in a single season. You cannot have him getting injured every season. Risner is the first step in the rebuilding of Houston’s offensive line, which has never really been good.

#24. Oakland Raiders
Selection- Greedy Williams (CB, LSU)
Oakland continues to bolster their defense in the first round by selecting the draft’s best cornerback. They need him to be “greedy” with the ball. See what I did there? Yeah, that joke sucked. Anyway, after signing Lamarcus Joyner, the Raiders continue to make their secondary stronger.

#25. Philadelphia Eagles
Selection- DeAndre Baker (CB, Georgia)
Back-to-back cornerbacks are taken, with the Eagles taking Baker. They got injury riddled at cornerback last season, and recently, their top corner Jalen Mills was arrested. Baker fills in a void that the Eagles desperately need to fill.

#26. Indianapolis Colts
Selection- Jeffery Simmons (DT, Mississippi State)
Like many have said, Simmons is a top ten talent, but since he tore his ACL earlier this year, his draft stock has plummeted. He falls all the way to #26, and the Colts, who need interior defensive line help, scoop him up. He probably will not be able to play until later in the season, but Indianapolis will be just fine with that. As long as he is as good as people say he is, the Colts will be satisfied.

#27. Oakland Raiders
Selection- Noah Fant (TE, Iowa)
With T.J. Hockenson going #9 overall to the Buffalo Bills, his college teammate, Fant, finally gets selected by a team in need of a quality tight end. The Raiders let Jared Cook go in the offseason, and Fant looks to be his replacement. While he is not a blocking tight end, Fant can certainly catch and make big plays. It is exactly what the Raiders need to pair alongside Antonio Brown and Tyrell Williams.

#28. Los Angeles Chargers
Selection- Dexter Lawrence (DT, Clemson)
The third Clemson defensive lineman to go in round 1, Lawrence is huge and ready to anchor the Chargers’ already great defensive line. Pair him with Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram, and you will get results.

#29. Seattle Seahawks
Selection - Rock Ya Sin; CB, Temple
Choosing between Rock Ya Sin and Byron Murphy the Seahawks go with the more underrated prospect. Their defense is still trying to rebuild based off the recent trade, and it doesn’t look like Seattle is contending at the moment, especially now that Frank Clark is gone. To actually get Russell Wilson back to the Super Bowl, they have to improve their secondary. Ya Sin is the person to help with that.

#30. Green Bay Packers
Selection- Cody Ford (OL, Oklahoma)
The Packers use their second first round pick to get offensive line depth. Ford can play guard or tackle, and with Bryan Bulaga on the last year of his contract, I say they would probably move Ford to offensive tackle. Great selection for the Packers.

#31. Los Angeles Rams
Selection- Jaylon Ferguson (EDGE, Louisiana Tech)
Ferguson is projected as a late first rounder to mid second rounder, and it is clear that I have him going in the first round. The Rams need an edge rusher, and despite re-signing Dante Fowler and signing Clay Matthews, they need an instant playmaker. Ferguson is the way to go.

#32. Seattle Seahawks (Trade with NE)
Selection- Nasir Adderley (S, Delaware)
The first round ends with the Seahawks selecting an Earl Thomas replacement after their trade with the Patriots. Adderley is an underrated safety prospect, and made a name for himself over the last few months. He also has great defensive back roots, as his grandfather’s cousin was NFL great Herb Adderley, a hall of fame cornerback. Nasir Adderley will help Seattle’s secondary tremendously.

To Be Continued...